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Galan Erilich

Exiled Pictish Prince

0 · 704 views · located in 500 BCE Scotland

a character in “Road to Ruin”, as played by Zombicide93


Name: Galan Erilich
Age: Late twenties
Gender: Male
Tribe: Caledonian
Location: The Northern Caledonian Forest
Parents: Talorc and Erma
Class: Prince (Exiled)
Magick: Animal Empath
Appearance: Image
Height- 5'8''
Weight- 180 lbs
build- Strong/ toned.
One-handed war axe
Picitsh one-handed broad-sword
BIO: Galan is (well..was) the Heir to the throne of the largest , mysterious and most feared group in Scotland: The Caledonian Picts, the Savage warriors of the Northern Forests. As a Prince, Galan has fought more battles than most Celtic Champions have seen and personally, the Pict has killed more enemies than most Celtic Warriors.
Unfortunately, there are those even in the Picts who lust for power, and because of this hunger, Galan's uncle, Drest, killed Galan's father and hung the murder on the Prince, branding him a traitor and Exiling him, to the West lands, near the Cantae where he is hunted by his former Tribesmen for sport.

other: The Picts are the most feared and respected group in Scotland. Their ways are a mystery and MOST Tribes learned their lesson a long time ago and stay away from the Caledonian Forest, though some still choose to intrude and pay with their lives.
The Picts fight with unrivaled skill and savagery, mixing brutal attacks with acrobatic feats and quick reflexes, overpowering an opponent if they can't out-maneuver them.
Tribal Appearance- The Picts tend to mainly wear animal hide and whatever skin is visibile is painted in a dark or light blue with the Woad plant, a flora that numbs the skin to pain offering a fearsome appearance which led many to give them the nick name "Blue Demons".

So begins...

Galan Erilich's Story

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He had been following this strange group for some time now, completely undetected, for he had learned long ago how to blend his scent and body into his environment so that not even the horses sitting up wind from him could catch his smell.
Still, even with the precautions he had taken, Galan Erlich stole a paranoid glance over his shoulder, searching for the other Pict's he had escaped two days ago.
He knew they would eventually find him, he could avoid anyone but not his own people, but here, being so close to the Celtic village, he hoped they wouldn't come so close into Tribal lands. One Pict was easier to hide than a dozen.
Again, Galan turned to study the group. All of them smelled of magick, except for the blonde-giant who eyed the others.
The man next to the giant, in the lead was one Galan knew he had to be wary of, for he had the look of a expert traveler, his gaze overattentive and hawk-like. When that man was on watch at night, Galan had to retreat deeper into the shadows of the trees to avoid being spotted.
The two that the Pict found most intriguing was the young, black-haired warrior and the even younger, beautiful flame-haired woman who rode in the saddle with him. The warrior was more of a curiosity, his hair not a natural color for a Celt or a Pict, as well as the cold-blue of his eyes. The woman however, had a smell of powerful magic, and he noticed her pulling out a strange object in the past day or so, but never revealing it among her companions,
What are you hiding?, Galan thought to himself, climbing out of his tree and waiting for the travelers to pass by.
The Spirits had guided him to this group for a reason, and he had a feeling he would find out soon enough.