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Miranda Stone

"I am not affraid of any ghost."

0 · 117 views · located in Waking Mountain

a character in “Road trip to Waking Mountain”, as played by Bella Enchated


Miranda Stone


Face Claim - Vanessa Hudgens
Age - 19, 20 on July 27
Height - Short standing at 5"3
Eye - Chocolate Brown outlined by dark lashes
Hair - Dark Brown, Wavy
Body - Hourglass Figure, Skinny, Fit
Cheek Bones - High


Image Stomach
Image Back
Image Wrist


She doesn't really have a main personality. Her personality can change in the blink of an eye. If shes around people she doesn't know she tends to be shy and quiet, when she is shy there's always has a light red blush settle into her cheeks. When shes around friends, or her crush, she normally doesn't hide anything and gets, loud and crazy, well she is always crazy. When shes in a bad mood she can break anything, or anyone, very easily. She is known to show off anything from her name to her body, wearing tight clothes and short shorts. She can be very helpful and caring no matter what mood she was in, show her what is wrong, give her a name of a stray animal, she will drop what shes doing and help.


Growing up, Miranda didn't have many friends. She would always be found with he older brother and hos friends looking off into absolute nothing. Her parents would abuse her and make her do everything around the house, saying she was the biggest mistake they ever had. Her brother helped Miranda escape home with everything she needed to go to one of his friends who moved, home. She was caught a few days later by her mothers friend leaving the state. boarding a plane to her freedom. When she arrived home, her mother made her clean all the floors with nothing but a small toothbrush. Her brother left her when he turned 18 and moved out to live with his new love. Her mother saw it as Miranda's fault and cut her. Miranda's screams could be heard miles away. Her brother heard and rushed home to see Miranda laying on the kitchen floor. He stomped into the living room where their mom was seating reading a magazine. He came back five minutes later and picked Miranda off the floor and to the hospital not saying a word. They both left everything and moved states to where they are now. She is now putting her past behind her and is ready to find Mr. Right and forget about her mother.


  • Friends
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Flirting
  • Having fun
  • Being Crazy
  • Swimming


  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Hurting Innocent
  • Bullying
  • Arguing
  • Boredom
  • TV, Repeats

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So begins...

Miranda Stone's Story


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The day is young and the Road Trip is planned. Heading to Waking Mountain to bust the so called hauntings and solve the murders. If any of that is truly real. So pack your bags and meet me out front of the WaistHigh Park.

Ciel had brought van that was loaded up with Ghost catching equipment. He was just finishing up the last few touches just before it was time to go.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ciel Lindbergh Character Portrait: Miranda Stone Character Portrait: Alessa Silver Character Portrait: Joseph Swain
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Ciel glanced over his shoulder over at the girl who approached him. He had a screwdriver in his mouth and a wrench in his hand. "Mie mew meem muu" He muffled with the screwdriver in his mouth as he shock her hand and laughed taking the screwdriver out of his mouth. "Sorry about that, I had to finish this up. Nice to meet you too."