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Roarhaven Asylum




"Roarhaven; home to England's most psychologically insane and damaged citizens." - Nurse.

ImageRoarhaven... That's where you ended up when you were deemed psychologically damaged by society's standards. You see it in a different way though, don't you? You see life in a completely different light to the rest of the world. People fear what they don't understand, so they fear you. And how do people deal with their fears? They lock them up, they hide from them. That's what happened to you. You were cast from your home and locked away in Roarhaven, and nobody cared. Why would they? You're just insane.

Roarhaven's not a nice place to spend the rest of your life, no matter how damaged you may be mentally. They abuse you, tease you and deprive you of the things you need to survive; food, water, hygiene. You were dragged from a life of comfort, or at least a life of what you might now see as freedom, and shoved into a cold, dark room. No one loves you anymore, no one cares. You're just another living, breathing piece of shit. That's how the nurses see you anyway. Their anger and hatred towards you is almost twisted. How are they not the ones being locked up at night or strapped to a bed? Most patients wonder about that... but it's not their place to question the rules, and it's most certainly not their place to speak their mind.

You're different though. Everyone knows it, even the staff members have realised. That's why they keep a close eye on you. They see you with.. him, and they start to wonder what you're really up to. Hushed voices speak of freedom. He speaks of freedom, almost as if it's easy enough to reach out and grab. It peaked your interest and now you wonder... What if it really is that easy? What if no one realised because they were too scared to act out? He reached into your mind, switched on your curiosity like a light. Your chance to escape lies with this man... Though you're not sure if you can trust him, can you really pass up the chance to regain your freedom, to be free of the abusive nurses and unsuitable living conditions? No more Roarhaven, no more chains. No more 15ft walls to keep you in... No more.

The only question now is whether you will follow him blindly or stay set in your ways?

Roarhaven's Daily Schedule

Patients are woken up at precisely 6:30 in the morning. They are given five minutes to shower and get changed before they are let out of their cells.
Breakfast is served in the cafeteria at 7:00, and the patients will be left to eat until they have finished. They are then taken out for activities.
Rooms available to patients in the morning include the Lounge, the Courtyard and the Library. None of which are particularly interesting.
Meetings with each patient's 'Mentor' will take place any time from 12:00-14:00 in the afternoon, in the Observation Rooms.
Dinner is served at precisely 18:00, and all patients will be escorted from any room they are in to the cafeteria by the on-duty nurses.
Patients are left to do as they wish until 21:00, which is their curfew time. They will be escorted to their rooms and the doors will be locked.

Roarhaven's 'Rules & Punishment' System

1. Patients may not speak their mind in regards to staff members or the Rule System. Punishment is to be whipped and an early curfew.
2. Talk of freedom or life outside of the Asylum will not be tolerated. Punishment is to be temporarily muted or isolated from the other patients.
3. Each patient may only have three personal belongings each; any other possession must be provided by the Asylum.
4. Violent/Aggressive or bipolar patients who are at risk of harming others must be handcuffed and watched closely at all times.
5. Patients must be in their rooms by curfew when the doors are locked. Any patients caught outside during curfew will lose all of their 'privileges'.
6. No coloured clothing/hair, piercings or body art. Piercings will be ripped out, body art will be removed and hair will be shaved.
7. Patients are provided with clothes, otherwise known as 'rags', which are dirty and old. Any other clothing seen will be removed and burnt.

Patient Hierarchy

Like every group of people, there is a certain hierarchy amongst the patients that keeps them in their place without being too obvious. At the top of it all is, quite obviously, Sir Walter (as he's most commonly known). His talks of freedom gained him many followers and rumours state that he was the first patient to have been admitted to Roarhaven, having been there since he was a young boy. Not many question his leadership, save for a few here and there. There's no official order. Sir Walter reckons that the crazier you are, the higher up the food chain you are. It's strictly survival of the fittest.

I won't be setting a limit to the number of characters that can be submitted. They'll be added here as they are accepted. I will stop accepting characters when I think there are too many, if this roleplay becomes fairly popular. I'd also like to keep the ratio of men:woman fairly even, so please keep that in mind.


Sir Walter | 29 | Male | Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Mild OCD | RawkFist.

Elena Crook | 20 | Female | Borderline Personality, Sadistic Personality | RawkFist.




1. A high level of literacy is expected from all players, IC and OOC. Anyone with a disability affecting this rule will be excused.
2. No unnecessary OOC drama or petty arguments; take it to PM's and don't let it get in the way of the roleplay.
3. All FC's must be human. Any characters with CGI or Anime face claims will be ignored or simply just rejected.
4. This is a mature roleplay, meaning that swearing and (mild) sexual content will occur throughout the story. You've been warned.
5. Characters are limited to two per account. Each character is only allow three major disorders and a limitless amount of minor ones.
6. Plot bunnies can be placed by anyone, with my permission beforehand, before the main plot comes into action.
7. Password is 'Roarhaven'. Reservations made without the password will be rejected until the problem is corrected.
8. Roarhaven Asylum is for those who are too dangerous to live amongst humans. Characters can't be completely nice and innocent, otherwise they'd be elsewhere.
9. There is a certain hierarchy amongst the patients, and this must be respected by all players. The crazier the character is, the higher they are.

Character Sheet Guideline

This is not the sheet I'm demanding that you fully stick to. Optional information is marked with an asterisk, anything else must be filled out. You may add your own design to make it look pretty if you should wish to, but it's not mandatory. The detail is where it counts. I'm not asking for reams and reams, but not one-liners either. Add anything you think is relevant to your character and that should be enough. Additional information may be added if it is not already in the provided CS guideline:

Code: Select all
Patient's Full Name ||

Nickname(s) ||

Age ||

Gender ||

Known Sexuality || **

Nationality ||

Previous Occupation || **

Mentor Name ||

Eye Colour ||

Hair Colour ||

Complexion ||

Body Build ||

Distinct Markings/Scars ||

Personal Possessions ||

Associated With || (Any friends or family in the Asylum?)

Psychological Disorders || (Don't just list them; go into more detail)

Personality ||

Habits ||

Likes ||

Dislikes ||

Life Before Roarhaven || **

Any questions: Ask in the OOC Forum, or if you're shy then PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Character Portrait: Alexa Grannis


Character Portrait: Alexa Grannis
Alexa Grannis

"You want to meet Rag Doll?"


Character Portrait: Alexa Grannis
Alexa Grannis

"You want to meet Rag Doll?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Alexa Grannis
Alexa Grannis

"You want to meet Rag Doll?"

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Re: Roarhaven Asylum

Hi, I would like to reserve a spot for a female patient, I have yet to decide what she might be like.
I believe [b]Roarhaven[b] shall be successful. c:

Re: Roarhaven Asylum

How high up is Rag Doll on the pyramid?

Re: Roarhaven Asylum

Hello, I would like to reserve a spot for a male. I'll be posting him soon. I still haven't thought of a name, but I will let you know when I do.


Re: Roarhaven Asylum

@CyberGlowfly - Thanks! I'll take a look at her now. c:

@KOKIA - Sounds good. I look forward to seeing your character.

@Psst - Yes. Mentors can't be made into their own characters though. No sheet is required for them, they're NPC's because they only have such a short part in the story. Visits to your character's mentor is strictly a 'how you doing, you okay?' sort of deal. No personality is required either, just the name for now.

Re: Roarhaven Asylum

Would we need to rp both our main characters and our mentors?

Re: Roarhaven Asylum

Hello there! ^^

I'd like to reserve a female patient spot if that is alright with you. :D I haven't quite decided on the name and FC yet... but I will get back to you on that once I have.


Re: Roarhaven Asylum


I would like to reserve a spot for a you 10 year old girl named Alexa Grannis, though she is commonly known as Rag Doll.

I believe that Roarhaven Asylum will be a very successful role-play.

Roarhaven Asylum

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