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Leonard James Brooks

0 · 211 views · located in Roarhaven Asylum

a character in “Roarhaven Asylum”, as played by Saferia


Patient's Full Name || Leonard James Brooks

Nickname(s) || Leo, Lion.

Age ||18

Gender || Male

Known Sexuality || ** Bisexual

Nationality || Native American

Previous Occupation || ** High School

Mentor Name || Darwell Davison

Eye Colour || Dark brown, almost black

Hair Colour || Black

Complexion || Leo has nice dark olive skin and no blotches on his complexion.

Body Build || Leo is more on the muscular side, but has a lean body.
Distinct Markings/Scars || None

Personal Possessions || Leo has a eagle feather, dream catcher, and a turquoise necklace.

Associated With || None

Psychological Disorders || Hypochondriasis -- You are probably more familiar with the label for the person: "hypochondriac." This is someone who is perpetually convinced that he or she has some dread disease which, if not treated promptly, is going to lead to their demise. If their own diagnosis is not confirmed by the doctor, hypochontriacs are likely to ask for a second opinion or to decide that, well, if it's not THIS, then surely it must be THAT. The disorder may be maintained by a strong fear of death, although being the center of attention and concern of physicians, friends, and others can provide its own source of motivation.
Schizophrenia- Disordered Thought -- Thinking is irrational and disorganized.
Hallucinations- Voices. These voices may be critical of the person, and in some cases may tell the person to do certain things.

Personality || Leo has a very fractured personality. He is very fidgeting and he talks to himself. He is also very skittish and has a hard time concentrating on anything in the real world.

Habits || Leo has the bad habit of biting his fingernails until they bleed. He also likes to play with his feather, constantly.

Likes || Music, Kids, His feather,

Dislikes || Chains, sickness, dark places

Life Before Roarhaven || **
Before Roarhaven Leo lived on a reservation with his family and friends. But when Leo turned ten he started to hear voices and started basically going crazy. His family and friends not having a clue about what was going on. Thought he was cursed and sent him to
Roarhaven. They never visit or write him afraid that they will also get the "curse".

So begins...

Leonard James Brooks's Story