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"It seems I cannot find a break from anything,"

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a character in “Rogue of Thedan”, originally authored by Siryn, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Acele

Age: 25

Race: Human

Type: Rogue

Description: Image

Acele stands at five feet and five inches, an average size for a human. She has long brown curly hair, sharp green eyes and a soft face. The only stony part of her expression is held in her eyes and her lips which often turn into a frown. Her leather armor is tough, holding many buckles and belts that hold her daggers and other weapons.

Strengths/Abilities: As a rogue, she is a master of stealth. Rogues hold a special power that allow them to manipulate darkness. It is not magic, it is a technique. She is very nimble, and can utilize anything around her to help her gain the advantage in a fight. She fights dirty, using tricks and anything at her disposal. An ability she likes to use is from vials of clear liquid that she'd bought in Thedan. The glass is thin, and when shaken the liquid turns black. She will then crush the glass and the liquid turns to smoke that will use her forward momentum to propel her faster into whatever direction she is going.

Weakness: She is small and not very strong. A man could easily overpower her, if she weren't fast enough. She is not used to magic, and so magic users have a terrible upper hand against her. She is the type to jump into battle without thinking her actions through and can be fatal if she's not careful.

Personality: She doesn't easily trust anyone, but her two friends Thalion and Rissien, are close to her, and she to them. She will do anything for them. She has a hard exterior, is cold to others but that doesn't mean she won't help if it is needed from her. She watches her back constantly, an old habit picked up from her last profession.

Orientation: Straight

Equipment: Her twin daggers that are sheathed on her lower back. She has throwing knives across her abdomen sheathed in a special harness for each knife, and she has a belt of little glass vials that is her shadow liquid.

History: Acele was originally from a city called Keydon. There she witnessed a close friend of hers being attacked by a man. She had stepped in to help her friend, but as she fought with the man, he had manged to twist around her arm and pierce his own chest, making it look as if she'd stabbed him. The guards had been coming and had seen her as the knife was driven into the man's chest. She was arrested on charges of trying to kill a man. Her friend did not help her. Acele managed to flee the city before her trial, she found refuge in another city and if it hadn't been for Faine, she would have been clapped in irons the moment she walked into the gates. She worked for Faine for two years as a master thief, her skills as a rogue were very useful to him. One night as she was carrying out an order to take out a rival guild leader, she was almost killed. Upon finding a note that told her of Faine's treachery, she confronted him. He didn't tell her anything, and she was forced to flee or die. She left the city, killing Faine's other rogue in the process. Acele made it to Thedan where she met Thalion, her lover, and his friend Rissien. She has been with them since, working to help clear Thedan of it's evils before the city falls.

So begins...

Acele's Story


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#, as written by Siryn
"You're sure?"

"Positive," Acele answered him, staring straight into his deep blue eyes. Thalion leaned against the table and gave a heavy sigh. He ran one hand through his long black hair. The rogue watched him. Next to the elf the young man named Rissien set down his mug of ale.

"So, this rogue that you killed before coming here is back. She just tried to kill you and you can't do a damn thing to her. Did I get all of that?" Rissien asked, his voice clipped.


"This definitely proves to be a problem. Adan's already taken three other women in the city and we still haven't found where he is hiding," Thalion replied, his voice heavy. Acele looked between her two friends. The Red Dragon was full, the noise level rowdy and it was hard to hear each other. She leaned forward, resting her arms on the table, her eyes scanning the crowded inn. Her old guild leader had tracked her to the city of Thedan and now he was on her trail. It was only a matter of time before he confronted her personally and had her killed. Her encounter with Thyra, the dead rogue, a few hours ago was proof enough that Faine had gotten stronger. He'd gotten some sort of magic, magic that didn't sit well with Acele.

Her finger gently tapped the wooden table as she sat there trying to figure out what to do. They were in the middle of trying to uncover the whereabouts of Adan, the crazed mage who was stealing women. Something about Elaine didn't sit well with Acele either, though she didn't tell the other two in her company. Armen hadn't stopped trying to woo her over to him, much to the annoyance of Thalion, and there was an even stranger occurrence during Thedan's nights. Ghosts were plaguing the cities streets, a strange fog coming from the abandoned portion of the city would roll out over the city and with it, the ghosts. To make it worse, the ghosts would attack anyone they came across.

"Do we know where Faine is?" Rissien asked.

"No," Acele replied shortly, her eyes narrowing to glare at the table. There was so much going on she could hardly keep it all straight. The three of them couldn't possibly handle all of Thedan's problems alone. She lifted her head to look at Thalion. His deep blue gaze was steady. She found herself regaining her confidence as she looked at him. They would get through these problems, no matter what. Their first concern was Adan, he held precedence over Faine and the strange ghosts.

The setting changes from City of Thedan to Thedan


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#, as written by Siryn
Red Dragon Inn: Acele

Darkness had covered the city. The moon shone brightly down into the street. Acele leaned against the windowpane, watching the streets below. Behind her, the sound of a chair moving was the only thing that told of Thalion's presence. Rissien had long since left and gone to his own room. The rogue gave a soft huff of irritation as she stood there.

"That's not going to do anything," Thalion called softly. She didn't turn around, knowing full well what he meant. She was trying to solve all the problems at once, and worrying if she was ever going to get to the bottom of anything. Acele tapped her fingers against the glass, leaned forward and then shoved off the window. Turning, she crossed her arms over her chest to level a cool stare at the elf. He was leaned back in the chair, his broad sword held in one hand, the blade shoved in the floor between his legs.

"I would rather be out there trying to solve our problems, than be stuck in here doing nothing."

"You can't go out there the ghosts will kill you."

"You don't know that," she retorted.

"Acele," his voice took on a different note as he let the chair drop on all fours and opened his eyes to look at her, "Magic is bringing them out to haunt the cities streets, magic is not something to be underestimated."

Acele glowered at him, her jaw set hard as she resisted the urge to grind her teeth. The elf held his ground, though. He was one of the very few to win out against her. She was finding it difficult to argue with him, that made it irritating, but at the same time, more attractive. The rogue turned away from him, giving a sigh of frustration as she knew she'd lost that battle with him.

"We will go in the morning, Adan is our priority."

"I know."

A hard knock came to the door. It was fast, almost urgent. She lifted an eyebrow as she turned to look. Who could it possibly be? she asked herself. Her hand reached to her lower back and twisted around the hilt of her dagger. Thalion got up slowly and reached for the door, his hand still gripping his weapon. Once the door was opened, a frightened patron came stumbling inside. Thalion grasped the woman by the shoulders as she fell. Her face was pale and in shock, fear painted clearly on her face.

"Please! Help me!"

"Take a deep breathe, calm down. Now tell me what happened," Thalion ordered her smoothly. The woman trembled in his grip, but she seemed to compose herself better before continuing.

"My son, he hasn't returned to the inn. I've heard of the curse, I fear he is dead! Please, you must help me find him!"

Thalion looked up from her face to Acele. The rogue gave a nod. He released the woman and put his blade over his back, "Stay here. We will find your son."

They left Acele's room and went to Rissien's where Thalion gave the wood door a hard knock. The young man answered a few minutes after, his eyes blurry with sleep but filled with concern, "What's going on?"

"A woman's son hasn't come back to the inn. We need to find him."

Rissien wasted no time and in a few moments they were down in the inn's dining room and out the door. The innkeeper yelled at them as they left, concern in his voice as he tried to call them back. Chilly night air spread across Acele's skin. She could feel the dreadful curse of Thedan's nights. The white fog had already layered the street in a thin blanket. She reached behind her back and drew out her blades.

"We have to do this quickly."

Faine and Thyra

"Blasted night curse," Faine growled as he and his guild ran through the streets. Behind them, there were several ghosts trailing them, intent on having their blood. The guild leader hadn't calculated his timing quite right and for that he'd lost several of his men to the swords of the dead. The only one capable of fighting off the onslaught of the slow ghosts was Thyra. However, that was only because she wasn't truly alive. Her form faded next to him and she was running next to him. Her familiar cool features unaffected by the threat that glided after them.

"There, Faine," she said pointing to a lit building just down the street and tucked away from the rest of the houses. It was on the edge of the city, but still well within the walls to be considered a part of Thedan. He growled a response to her and bolted for the door of the lit house, thick smells of bread filled the air. He shouted to his men as they followed, a few more falling to the dead's blades. In the end only five of his men survived. He ushered them inside.

Together Thyra and him pushed the door closed and barricaded it with whatever table was near by. Damn things, it's a bloody blessing they can't get into houses. Course that's just as strange anyway, he thought. The sound of Thyra's blades coming free caught his attention. He whirled around to glare at who it was that had got her worked up. A young woman was staring at them in confusion, she looked as if she'd gotten frozen in place. Then there was a man who didn't look all that pleased to see him and his thieves guild barging into the shop. Faine glowered at the two.

"Now then, keep to yourselves and there'll be no trouble," he threatened, his hand on his sword.


A terrified scream filled the air. This alerted her of the boys presence. He wasn't too far from Acele and her companions. They rushed down the street towards the scream. There was a crash, another cry of terror and then the young boy was bolting from a side street right at the rogue. She was already in a head long rush, and couldn't stop herself from running into him. She sheathed both daggers, reached out and picked the boy up into her arms as she threw herself to the cobblestones. As she came down, she felt a rush of air over her shoulders and back. Rolling, she came up with the boy under her, one hand on his shoulder to keep him down, the other reaching for her blade. Acele had just barely missed getting her head taken from her shoulders by a ghost that slowly lumbered towards her.

She withdrew her dagger and raised the weapon to catch the ghost's sword as it came down at her. The blade rang across hers, surprising her that the ethereal beings weapon could even hit hers. Drawing her other blade she got up from where she straddled the terrified boy. Rissien yelled to the child to run to him, and he did so. She let him go to the warrior, knowing that Rissien would protect him. Now that they'd found the child, they needed to get off the streets. Staying locked up in a house seemed to keep the ghosts at bay, yet another hint marking the strange occurrence to be linked with a form of magic. Acele dropped down, twisting under another lumbering swing. Her blades shot out, cutting across the ghost's abdomen. Her weapons seemed to catch, as if hitting the being, but then went straight through with no harm.

The rogue twisted around as the ghost turned to face her. Two more entered the battle, one going after Thalion, the other going for her. Acele narrowed her eyes, adrenaline fueling her. She let her body take over, instinct running her attacks rather than pure thought. She was nimble, ducking and dodging as she fought. Her blades ringing against the ghost's. However, nothing she did would cut them down. She'd ran her daggers through each of them several times, yet nothing destroyed the creatures. As she turned to block another heavy swing, the ghost's blade sent a sharp vibration through her arm. Time seemed to slow for Acele as her eyes widened with the next sound. Her dagger gave a sharp crack then shards of steel showered the cobblestones as her weapon gave way. Her heart nearly stopped and she almost forgot that she was still fighting. Barely ducking another swing, she backed away from the ghosts. A shout behind her took her attention.

"Here! In here! Quickly," Rissien called from down the street. He'd found a place to hide from the ghosts. An abandoned house not to far away. Thalion's heavy weapon rang out as he batted aside one of the creatures weapons and rushed to Acele. His strong hand gripped her arm and dragged her with him. Once inside the house, Rissien and him moved an old heavy table in front of the door. All the while, the rogue stared at her broken dagger. Warm hands wrapped around hers, taking her attention.

"We'll get it fixed. How long has it been since your weapons have seen a blacksmith?"

"Too long I guess."

"You're lucky then to still be alive. Get some sleep with the boy. Rissien and I will keep watch."

The setting changes from Thedan to City of Thedan


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Though it seemed that the heat of the sun had set but moments ago, he could feel the pale energy of the moon already high in the sky. Air about him was disturbed, it was thick with an unnatural presence. It was like wading through a thick fog of ill intentions. It seems the stars had been correct about there being bad omens in this place. Xin Hai walked calmly to the gates of the city. Oddly enough, he could detect no souls guarding the gate. He expected a town to be more in guard in the dead of night than in the safety of day. The dark was feared by many, but being blind made it define his very existence. Not many people seemed to realize that. It was no matter, he knew something was wrong. He came to the gate and placed a hand on it, it was shut tight. A small breeze picked up, causing leaves to stir from the ground and dance into the air, brushing past Xin Hai's face. This caused him to look up, and notice the top of the wall. Though his faced seemed to not betray a thing, a nearly invisible smile tugged at the corners of his lips. Xin Hai lowered himself into a squatting position and took several deep breaths, then leaped into the air. The air below him seemed distorted as he propelled himself upwards. He did a quick front flip and landed on top of the city wall silently. The moon was at his back as he gazed upon the town. It seemed his omen about a fog of ill omens had been taken literally, as an odd fog spread throughout the city. It was filled with an intent of harm....but something more. in Hai would have to get closer to examine it properly. He prepared himself and dropped into the city.

He walked through the city streets at a calm and even pace. He could hear distant noises throughout the city, though none of them held any interest to him. He believed he was walking down one of the main streets. He wanted to go deeper into town. He was rather thirsty so he was mainly looking for the community well. He heard the clanging of metal on metal, there apparently was a battle happening somewhere. This city was filled with emotions. He could mainly feel confusion and fear washing over him like the tides of the great sea. He wondered what would cause so many people so much fear. He seemed to get his answer as he rounded a corner. Stomping about was what seemed to be a horde of restless souls. He simply gazed at them through his third eye, unsure of what to make of them. There was something off about them.....besides the whole fact that they were ghosts. They seemed to lazily limp about. They were by far the slowest spirits he had ever encountered.

It wasn't long until one of them noticed him. It turned to him and made a terrible wailing sound. It seemed to have alerted it's fellows to his presence. They all turned and started to slowly make their way towards him. He turned to face them fully and he spoke in a very calm voice. "I urge you spirits to find your peace through other means. For if you face me this night.......your passing will not be a pleasant one." His words seemed to have no effect. They still approached him with the intent of harming him. But....there was still something odd about them he couldn't yet identify. The first one raised it's blade high and brought it down onto Xin. Xin simply side stepped the attack. The ghost then slashed at him sideways.....and he dodged once again. Xin made his way through the crowd of ghosts, dodging each one of their attacks with a constant fluid motion. He was like water, instead of trying to overcome obstacles, he flowed around them. He could see the intention of each one of their attacks clearly. But, as he moved through them, the fear and confusion seemed to grow. He found this odd, but he decided not to dwell on it.

When he fully passed the group, he spun around to face them. He then placed both of his hands behind him on the same side and a faint purple light seemed to glow from them. He then thrust them forward towards the group of spirits. "KYAH!" From his hands a slightly visible wave of purple was emitted. It blew past the spirits, shattering windows and blasting hanging signs from their hinges......yet the spirits seemed to be unaffected. "......That always works against spirits" Xin said in disbelief. The ghosts them started to move forward towards him. It wasn't until then did he truly see the ghosts. Chains......shackles of will could be seen through his minds eye. They were wrapped around their necks, wrists and chests. They were all weighing them down to this plane. Forcing them to rise and lock away their will. "Know wonder they are moving so slowly." This was done by an abomination of a Sorcerer. To knowingly enslave the will of the dead........was monstrous. Xin then realized that the fear and confusion......was coming from the ghosts. They were scared and didn't know why they were even here. "You poor souls..." in said with genuine emotion in his voice. "I will break your will rest again. I make a vow to Lo this night, that I will free you from your doom." He put himself into a combat position, his forearms suddenly started to glow with a purple energy.

The energy then faded....then the closest ghost struck. He raised his arm to block the incoming blade, which it did. There was a clang and his armed flashed purple when the blade made contact with it. He then made an open palm and pierced it through the ghosts chains on his arm. The rest of the chains seemed to be unraveling. He made another quick jab at the collar on it's neck, shattering it. The ghost then soon shot itself back into the mist. After he had done this, the others chains glowed suddenly and they all let out another wail. They started coming after him faster than before. He began running backwards while deflecting their attacks with different parts of his body. They seemed to began to glide places and attack with a greater fervor. They also seemed to be in a lot of pain. This slightly angered Xin Hai, but it was quickly swat away by his vow.

The main reason why he was running away from them backwards was that he detected a lot of innocents nearby. He wanted to draw them away to a quieter place. He was forced to stop when he sensed more spirits behind him. He was now surrounded. He only sensed one innocent in a house near him. There were three others in the house, two of them had a strand of love connecting there true selves. It wasn't particularly strong, but it was definitely there. The third was connected to both of them by a cord of friendship, one definitely stronger than the other. Xin decided this was good enough. He took a defensive position and waited for them to attack. All was still for what seemed like hours.....then.....they came. They rushed him, blades singing through the wind. He blocked and dodged at different intervals throughout the fight. It was obvious that the horde of ghosts were in control, pushing him around like a cork in white water. Still afloat, yet in no control. He managed to shatter a few of their chains throughout the confusion of battle, but not enough to give him a break. To onlookers, the battle was a cacophony of sparks and wails. Several of the ghosts had flown back in to the mist from which they came, but it was still a battle that not in his favor. Xin Hai quickly realized that he was going to have to resort to other methods in order to win this battle. He quickly ducked an incoming strike, then the air seemed to distort around him. Xin Hai then shot up high into the air. He then landed a mere 20 feet from the group.

Xin Hai then did something very unexpected. He sat down and crossed his legs in a meditative position. He then placed his hands together in a praying position and opened his mouth ever so slightly. A sound then started to emanate from his throat. It started quiet but then grew louder. It resonated throughout the surrounding area, through the very stone and wood. Windows shattered from the pitch of his voice.(It sounds like this). The sound was deep and almost ethereal sounding, almost like it couldn't come from a person. The ghosts seemed to detest the noise and charged Xin Hai. When their blades came to strike him, they were met with a bubble of purple energy. They all took turns bashing away at his shield, but it held strong. He continued to chant ans loose rocks and broken pieces of glass began to levitate and rise into the sky.

The ghosts all lifted their weapons into the sky to strike a final blow. But, before they could lower their weapons, his shield exploded. The swirling purple energy shot out and grabbed the spirits chains and dragged them into the sky. He continued his chanting and the now floating ghosts chains began to glow wild. After a few moments, all of their chains exploded in a white hot light that was only visible to Xin. They all disappeared and returned to the fog. Xin stopped his chanting and laid back on his hands. He was covered in sweat and he could feel something in his mouth. It's coppery taste was familiar to him, blood. He spat it out of his mouth, then stood up. He dusted himself off and decided he really needed a drink.

He knew that there had to be a lot more ghosts out there, but he would do them no good like he was now. He looked over to the place where the four souls resonated. The houses threshold was weak and near dead. It was definitely abandoned. Therefore, no courtesy was required. He simply walked up to the door and opened it. He stood there silent for a moment, making sure there were actually people near him before he spoke. He could hear the breathing of three people.....but he knew that there was a fourth person.....why could he not hear there breathing. "Excuse the intrusion, but could one of you please direct me to the nearest well?" He said with a very placid tone, as if nothing had even happened.


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#, as written by Siryn
Sounds of battle could be heard from outside the abandoned house. Acele stood quickly, her hand gripping her only use-able dagger. The other she had stuffed into her belt. The rogue pushed the young boy behind her as she listened in the gloom. Her ears picked up on the sharp crack of the ghost's weapons. Someone was outside. In front of her, Thalion and Rissien both had their weapons in hand, readied for an attack. There was a sound of something... deep and guttural. The noise shook the windows until they eventually broke. Acele dropped down next to the boy and held him close to her. When the sound stopped there was a brilliant swirl of purple light that only lasted for a moment. Then darkness took over.

Thalion reached over and began pulling the table away from the door. Rissien and him had moved the table and were just about ready to go outside to see what had happened when a man walked inside. Acele's breath caught as she pulled her blade up in front of her face, on the defensive immediately. Thalion and Rissien eyed the man as well, uncertain of his intentions. He looked strange to her, with cloth wrapped around his eyes and most of his body.

"Excuse the intrusion, but could one of you please direct me to the nearest well?"

Acele raised an eyebrow at the man's request. After all of the commotion from outside in the street, he didn't seem the in the least worn out. What just happened? The rogue thought to herself as she slowly lowered her dagger. Thalion cast her a side long glance before looking back to the clothed man.

"Well, you could probably use a drink after all that fighting. Mind telling us your name?" Rissien asked, a wry grin on his face as he sheathed his sword. Acele frowned at the young man.

"You should wait till morning before venturing out on the streets again. Those ghosts aren't going to leave anytime soon," Acele said, her voice a bit colder than Rissien's.

"Stay with us until then, we can take you to the tavern we stay at. The inn keeper is most hospitable," Thalion offered, a frown crossing his lips as he looked over to Acele, who only rolled her eyes at him and turned away. The elf then closed the door once more and with Rissien's help, put the table back in front of it.


He could feel the fabric of his magic being torn apart by something very powerful. His jaw clenched as he fought to keep control of his magic. Eventually, he had to release his hold on those that were lost to him. Anger coursed through him as he released his hold on the artifact. The mist still emanated from it, still produced his curse, but many of the ghost's that he controlled were lost to him. He let the other creations walk the streets without his control. They were blind puppets, and he only wanted the control of the few that he'd lost.

The elf was a problem, as was his friend. He would do anything to kill them both. As of yet, all of his attempts had failed. He crushed his hand into a fist, nails biting into his skin and drawing blood. Magic curled along his arm and hand, growing into a powerful force until he let it go into the rock behind him. The stone shattered at the force.

"My my do we have a temper," the sweet voice purred to him from the darkness. He turned slowly to face the opening to the room he was in. The catacombs in the graveyard were quite large. Very few people could navigate the tunnels easily.

"Spare me. Do you have anything for me?"

"No, nothing yet."

"Then why come," he growled at her, turning away to stare at the relic.

"To make sure my relic is still intact, and also to warn you that there are some very powerful people in town."

"Then take care of them."

"Adan, you know I have my own priorities. We wouldn't want to go starting fights, now would we? Besides, that guild has a pact with me that they must finish. Especially if he wants his precious rogue to continue walking this plane of existence," the voice purred to him, an underlying threat in the sweet tones.

"You could deal with that wench easily enough. I don't understand you," Adan hissed back.

"My deal didn't say I needed to get rid of her. He needs to get rid of her. Besides, I'm not done in this city yet."

"You mean you haven't found it yet, have you?"

A soft growl from the darkness behind him confirmed his suspicions. His lips pulled into a smile. So long as he knew that she hadn't found what it was she was looking for, he still had the upper hand. At least, for a while. Adan turned away from the relic that gave off the powerful curse and moved towards the darkness that led into the catacombs. He was finished for the night, and with daylight soon to come, he needed to get back to... other details of his work. He didn't say anything more to the woman in the darkness, only walked right passed her and into the tunnels.


Daylight flooded the city, allowing the inhabitants to leave their homes without fear of the ghosts. Acele's first order of business was to get the child back to his mother at the red dragon inn. The group made their way there and left the child with his mother. Her next mission was to repair her dagger which had been broken during the fight. She eyed the jagged steel, angry still that her blade had given into such pitiful creatures. There was no magic from the ghosts either, which made her loss of the weapon even more painful.

Rissien stayed at the inn with the strangely dressed man, so Thalion and her left to find a blacksmith. It wasn't long before she came upon the shop that looked very promising. As they entered, she could feel the heat from the fire burning at the back of the shop. Her eyes searched for the blacksmith, and soon she came upon a very short and stocky man with an eye patch. An eyebrow raised as she looked at him, and he glared back up at her. She produced her broken dagger to him.

"Is there anyway you could repair this for me? My other one needs work as well," she said, drawing the matching weapon. She handed them both to the dwarf who eyed them. As they waited for him to give them an answer, a voice called to Thalion from the front of the shop.

"Thalion, it is good to see you."

Acele groaned as she recognized the voice all to well. Turning her eyes set upon the only other elf in the city. At least it was the only other elf that she knew of. Her eyes narrowed at him. Armen smiled at her as she glared at him.

"You shouldn't glare, my dear. You're much more beautiful without such a terrible look on your face," he told her with a smile.

Thalion crossed his arms over his chest, a slight tinge of anger in his voice, "What do you want, Armen?"

"Why must it always be like this, Thalion? Can't I come and say hello to a dear friend?"

"You never just say hello," Acele growled softly.

"I came here to tell you of an interesting find I've made. The problem to the cities ghosts lies in the graveyard. The catacombs to be more precise," Armen said, ignoring Acele completely.

"How would you know this?"

"I don't trust you," Acele said right as Thalion spoke.

"I have my sources. It is a relic of sorts, very powerful magic. Thought I would pass it along to you, Thalion," Armen then proceeded to speak to Thalion in the elven tongue, and judging from Thalion's angered expression it wasn't something that sat well with him. Thalion responded in kind, but his voice was thick with anger. Acele crossed her arms over her chest and watched Armen leave. Something about his showing up didn't sit well with her. It didn't matter that he'd given them valuable information.

"He wants something," she muttered, then turned back to the dwarf, awaiting his demands.


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The air was quiet in the house for a few brief moments as the strangers seemed to process what was going on. He could feel that the one in the back, the one defending the innocent, held no small amount of dislike for him. she seemed to be wary of him, more so than the others. He heard a blade sheath itself and one of the men speak. He was not one of the lovers and seemed to be in higher spirits than the other two. "Well, you could probably use a drink after all that fighting. Mind telling us your name?" the man said, something suspiciously humorous in his tone. Xin cocked his head to the side, wondering what joke he wasn't getting.

"Of course. I am called Xin Hai. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Xin said in his usual calm tone. He put his fists together and gave them a half bow, out of courtesy.

"You should wait till morning before venturing out on the streets again. Those ghosts aren't going to leave anytime soon," The on at the back said, her voice a bit colder than the mans. he could now tell that the one at the back was in fact a woman. Though this information was irrelevant, it was still good to know for the sake of manners.

"I thank you for your advice. It seems wise with circumstances being how they are. I shall try to find shelter, then." Xin said in exactly the same tone. He had immediately recognized the coldness in her voice and he did not want to make her feel uncomfortable. He simply stood there waiting for them to answer his original question.

"Stay with us until then, we can take you to the tavern we stay at. The inn keeper is most hospitable," The third one suggested. In actuality, his tone almost sounded as if he was telling him to do it, either way made no difference to Xin. When he spoke, he turned to face him fully. The odd inflections in the mans voice and that guarded tone. His soul emanated a deep hollowness near it's core. He seemed to have marks on him that held both pride and shame on him. There was no mistaking it, this man was an elf.

Xin gave him a nod. "That is most kind of you. I accept your offer." Xin then simply walked in and went to the left wall. He walked right up to it and sat down, placing his feet upon his thighs. He took off his hat, revealing that the cloth wrapped around his entire head, including the top of it. He placed his hat next to him, then leaned his back against the wall. He laced his fingers together and stayed in that position. "May Lo lift your thoughts to pleasant peaks." was all he said before becoming completely silent.

The next morning arrived, and Xin had not moved a muscle from that spot. When the others began to stir, he grabbed his hat and stood, waiting for the others to make their move.

Soon enough, they were walking down the streets of the town, everyone seemed to be happy and going about their day, completely ignoring the troubles they truly faced. They eventually came to a place that had the energy of a hearth. A warm place to feel safe. Most likely an inn. They called it the Red Dragon inn. They entered and almost immediately returned the innocent to his family. He sat at one of the tables, crossing his legs on the chair. He requested a cup of water and the waitress brought it to him, he could feel her discomfort as she placed it in front of him. He thanked and she left. The two lovers had left in seek of a blacksmith to repair the woman's blade. He was left with the friend. He sipped his water, one hand wrapped around the cup and the other held underneath it. He angled his head slightly towards the friend.

"If you do not find it too offensive, might I inquire your name?" he asked with genuine politeness in his tone. He took another sip of his water. "And if it is not too much at once, why do the people of this city ignore the abomination that happens at night. Do you know why this happens?" he asked, a faint hint of concern in his voice. Other than that, placid as a frozen lake.


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The morning had been a good start of the day for Thugrir. He needed it after the former night's madness. Some damned Goblin Offspring walked around smashing windows in while he probably battled the Ghosts. Thugrir had been lucky to remember to close the shutters before he went to bed in his house above the smith but not before cursing the vigilante for not caring for people's property. Other then that the night passed without too much trouble, not counting that drunken man that decided to sing the national anthem untill someone shut him up.

Thurgir had managed to get himself a nice hot breakfast before he opened his shop. He barely had enough time to get the right temperature in the fire before his first customers entered. The ''customers'' were a group of rich spoiled boys looking to buy the most expensive weapon he offered. They weren't too happy when Thugrir refused to sell anything but the normal steel swords he usually made for the city guard. After threats of their father ruining his life and driving him out of business he had chased away the boys with a roar followed by him raising his hammer. That was too much for the boys who couldn't get out fast enough. Thurgir knew the chances of them actually sending their fathers on him wasn't that high as with most humans they had more coal then fire in their smith. He pondered if he'd get to work on the latest order of weapons for an upper class Mercenary Guild that were getting ready to leave town for adventuren glory or death. Death was certain if Thurgir didn't finish the last blades.

He sighed. The problem of being the famous Blacksmith was that people came to him for weapons of the quality any human could craft, like swords for the city guard or shovels. Too many shovels, especially during the spring. But a Blacksmith never rests and he shook the thoughts out of his head and got to work on the Mercenary order. He only had to stop when the the bell rang as someone opened the door. He didn't know why he bothered having that damned bell, he rarely heard it when he was working and when he wasn't he could see the people enter.

'' I'm in the smith'' Thurgir called out and put the steel back in fire before wiping his hands on the cloth. People had several times remarked on the fact that he never wore glowes when working the fire. Thurgir claimed he wanted to feel the steel in order to shape it better.

'' Good morning Master Thurgir'' Sophira called out as she entered the smith, she hesitated a little when a wall of heat hit her in the face. Sophira was the barmaid over at The Red Claw Inn and always the bringer of good news or food. It didn't hurt that she was cute too, for a human lass of course. She wore her ordinary big white blouse that hanged loose over her body and a skirt reaching her knees. Her hair was in a messy ponytail on the back of her head.

''What ye want lass?'' Thurgir asked and tried to sound as friendly as he could. Other people reacted in a negative way to his bitter tone and harsh words but when you've known him for a while like Sophira you learn he always sound like that and he don't really mean any harm.

Sophira showed him a basket with bread, ale and some meat that was left over when the breakfast was over and people left for work. He gave her a broad smile and walked over and took the basket from her. The reason for Sophira to come over with food was that Thurgir forgot to eat when he worked the smith and since he had a rather close friendship with the people over at The Red Claw Inn and the fact that he came there to eat breakfast and drink during the evening every day they didn't mind sending him some free food from time to time.

''Look at me. Too busy making a living so I forget to stay alive'' His chuckle was deep and it made Sophira smile as she handed it down to him. She growed up around this harsh grumpy dwarf and it wasn't soon before she towered over him as a child. She used to make fun of him for it but he didn't mind and it wasn't untill her teens that she realized people could get into a lot of trouble for teasing Dwarves about their height, weight and lack of beard. Women not included.

'' Well would be a shame if our patron died from hunger because of us wouldn't it? Don't answer Master Thurgir, I need to get back to the Red Claw before lunch starts. Remember to eat now'' She said and gave him hug before making her way out of his shop, not forgetting her obsession with touching everything sharp or deadly before she reached the door.

'' Bah.. I won't forget, I ain't that dull yet lass'' He said as the door closed behind her.

Sure enough, he forgot the basket on the shelf as he got back to work and didn't stop untill he heard people walking in. He put down the blade, wiped his hands on the dirty cloth which didn't really help to remove the soot from his hands. He made his way out of the smith and into the room where the customers waited for him. He looked over them with his one good eye as the human woman handed him her daggers. He already knew what she wanted with them and he didn't listen to what she said, he was busy examining the daggers. He took them with him and walked behind the counter where he placed them upon it.

''I'm sorry lass I don' repair others handiwork'' He said and gave the daggers one last look. It was good quality for something human crafter but the daggers looked like they had been neglected care for a long time. It pulled a little in the corner of his mouth, something close to a smile as he got the musing thought that the quality of this blade was like his table knife.

He looked up only to see the woman's companion, an Elf arguing with another one he hadn't seen when they came in. Even if they spoke their own tongue he knew they didn't like each other. Elves didn't really like anything. Depressing sods to Thurgir. Not that he was any better though.
He looked up on the woman and awaited her response while he felt on the edge of her one ''Good'' blade.


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Duncan was aching all over. But he was refreshed for the most part. After the sun had risen and that cursed fog had dissipated Duncan had all but completely collapsed, luckily some of the city-folk had been watching Duncan’s ordeal from their windows. When the danger had passed a number of them came to help him and even let him sleep for a while in one of their homes. They had apologized profusely for not opening a door to him during the night, Duncan was a little annoyed that they hadn’t but he didn’t let it show.

After a couple of hours he thanked the people for their charity and went about the day. He had removed his helm and a great deal of his armour, it was pretty banged up after last night. The ghosts had managed to get in a great number of hits, his plated armour had taken the brunt of the assault but now it was covered in heavy denting and deep scratches. He decided to find a blacksmiths first, then to find an inn for the night. Duncan did not want to repeat last night’s little escapade any time soon.

After wondering the markets for a while, he eventually got directions to a Dwarfs blacksmith just up the high street. Around this area there were obvious signs of battle, shattered windows and roof tiles smashed upon the floor. It would appear Duncan was not the only one who had problems with ghosts last night. Although whoever fought here...seemed to have been a lot more destructive if not anything else.

He found the Dwarfs blacksmith a little up the road, he entered as an Elf man left. Duncan didn’t as much enter as fall into the Dwarfs shop. He looked as if he had been beaten to pulp the night before. He had a slight black eye, he walked with a limp and was obviously quite sore. There were two others in the store who already seemed to be engaged in conversation with the owner, so Duncan politely and quietly stood a little behind them, but standing was suddenly very difficult so he moved to lean against the wall. He just wanted his armour back, he felt exposed without it. And if he was going to help this city...he had a feeling he would need it.


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#, as written by Siryn

She bit her lip as her worst fears came true. The dwarf could not repair her weapons. Both her and Thalion had little coin to spare, and she needed those daggers. Especially since her next move was going to be investigating the catacombs. It would be best to do it during the day, destroy the thing that was causing the curse and be free to move around at night, which was her preferred method of work. Acele turned to look up at Thalion, then heard the door ring and turned slightly to look at who came in. The man looked terrible. Limping as he came in, and barely able to lean against the wall as he waited. She lifted an eyebrow as she watched him for a moment longer.

"What would you suggest, Master Dwarf? I need my blades. Do you have any for sale?"

Next to her, Thalion gripped her shoulder for a moment, signaling his leaving her side. He walked over to the man leaning against the wall. Acele could hear his soft voice from across the room offering the man assistance. Half of her concentration went to the conversation behind her, while the other half listened to the dwarven smith. Thalion offered to take the injured man back to the Red Dragon when he was done with the smithy. Acele's lips turned into a small smile, it was just like the elf to offer help to just about anyone.

Red Dragon Inn: Rissien

He tipped the cup back to take a long drink of his ale. Across from him was the man who called himself Xin Hai. Rissien liked him. He was relaxed, calm and seemed friendly. Something that the young warrior admired dearly. A smile crossed his face as Xin asked for his name.

"Rissien. I'm originally from Keydon, but I'm here on business. Thalion is the tall elf and Acele is the little rogue. She's a bit of a handful, enjoys getting into trouble more than I like, but we keep her. Acele's got a deep past, its not something she talks about though, but I can tell by the way she carries herself. Thalion and I have known each other for a couple years here in Thedan. We both are seeking the same thing. Adan is our target, he's a crazed mage in the city. He enjoys taking women, but to what end I don't know. Seems no matter what we do, he's always one step ahead of us. I hate it," Rissien frowned as he gazed down in his cup, "Ah, but I'm sure you don't want to listen to our problems. We have plenty of them, I assure you."

The young warrior smiled brightly at Xin and drained the remaining contents of his ale. Raising the cup, he called the barmaid to bring him more. While he waited, he looked over to Xin, "What brings you to Thedan, Xin?"


Faine and the guild had left the bakery just as the sun had risen. He finally found a place to settle the guild, and once that was done, he ordered Thyra to seek out Acele. Her lips pulled into a smile as she wondered around the streets. Faine had told her to use any measure to get Acele to turn herself over to him. Thyra had plenty of ideas to make it work. The crowded streets didn't prove a challenge to her to navigate, as it was she was walking in between the plane of the leaving, and the one of the dead. In that state, those without power, wouldn't be able to see her. It made scouting missions all the more easy.

She retraced her steps to where she'd encountered Acele and almost killed her. From there, she made her way up the street. An inn named the Red Dragon looked promising to her, so she slipped into the doorway and just stood there, surveying the room. Her eyes landed on a man she'd seen with Acele, the young man had his back to her and was holding a conversation with another man wrapped from head to foot in cloth. She cocked her head off to the side as she surveyed the two for a while longer, but after a moment, the one in cloth turned his head and it seemed that he was looking directly at her. Thyra's heart jumped and she glowered at the man before quickly sneaking out of the inn.

She moved further up the street. Passing shops and crowds until she heard a familiar voice. She flattened herself against the wall and peered inside. Found you, you wench, Thyra thought, a smile of victory crossing her features. She watched the other rogue converse with a dwarf who was handling one of her weapons. Thyra shifted to get a better look, her gaze catching that of a broken blade. The rogue grinned as she watched. Acele had broken her blade, thus making her useless in battle. That was going to make things all the more easier.

Closer to Thyra was the elf that followed Acele. He was speaking to a wounded warrior leaning against the wall. The rogue started making plans. There were many possibilities of getting to Acele. She thought about threatening the elf or the young warrior back at the inn. However, both of them knew about her and would most likely fight against her instead. She turned her eyes to the dwarf. He didn't know a thing about the woman he spoke to, she could easily overpower him. The last option was the clothed man that the young warrior was speaking to, but she didn't care for that idea. Something about him caused chills to spread across her skin. Thyra made her decision. Slowly, she slinked away from the shop and headed back to Faine.


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Duncan sighed as the young elf approached him, his initial worry was the elf was going to try and mug him. Duncan really wasn’t in the mood for a fight right now, but he was in luck, strangely enough the elf offered him assistance at some Red Dragon Inn. He needed to find an inn for the night and thanked the man for his assistance although his voice was a bit wobbly with a swollen cheek.

“Wow you Thedan lot are quite helpful, once the sun comes up that is.” He commented

He stood back onto two feet to face the man directly, this Elf looked like a fighter. Whoever the young girl was, she looked quite handy with a knife herself. Warriors perhaps? Maybe they were trying to get rid of the ghosts? Maybe they were some righteous band of mercenaries who...Duncan was thinking too much again. He offered to shake the Elfs hand

“Names Duncan, Duncan Redheart. And if you could escort me to this Red Dragon inn, I would be most grateful”

Duncan looked towards the blacksmith and waited for the young girl to conclude her business before limping his way to the counter.

“Don’t suppose you do repair jobs on Plate armour? Mine has taken a bit of a beating...”

The setting changes from City of Thedan to Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop

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Thurgir chuckled and scratches his chin under all the thick bushy beard. He gave the girl a funny look and gestured against the shelves weapon stands, gazing at his own creations as he realized how many people actually died because of him. Then he remembered how many lives he would save with them too. The old dwarf realized there was still customers waiting, one newly arrived looking to get his armour fixed up and the girl who looked almost devestated over the fact that he wouldn't reforge her blades.

'' Look 'ere lass, yer' in a smith! 'Course I got blades for sell.'' He stepped down from the plattform behind the counter that made him in almost the same height as most of his visitors. As soon as his heavy boots hit the floor only the top of his head was visible. He grumbled and snorted as his hand grabbed an old wooden box, scorched by a fire from it's place under the counter. It was filled with knives, some new and some old. Then he pulled something out wrapped in velvet before he got up on the platform again. The box hit the counter hard as he dropped it on it. The velvet wrapped item was carefully placed on it as his eye wandered to the beaten stranger. If it wasn't for the question about the plate armour he would have assumed one of the Alley Gangs had gotten their hands on him. He surely looked the noble type.

'' I can 'ammer out a few dents Lad, just let me finish 'ere and I'll make yer' strong as a wall again'' He answered the man's earlier question as he started laying out the knives from the box out for the girl to observe and try.

He knew better then to bother a customer when it was examining the goods. A good smith answers the questions when they come, not before. A deep rumbling in his gut reminded him of the basket that lass Sophira left for him.. and she told him not to forget to eat. Which he now realized he did. He was deep in his own thoughts but his one eye watched the woman. He wouldn't want her to think he'd completely lost interest in her. To be honest he hadn't been interested in her and her Elven follower when they walked in and so far he wasn't impressed by them. He doubted he'd make much coin from them this time. They looked dry as a Ubjin gold vein.

''Take yer time Lass'' He muttered under his breath as he felt the hunger reminding him once again and he felt how he couldn't wait to get a sip of that ale.

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#, as written by Siryn
Acele's eyes wandered the array of daggers that the dwarf had set out for her. She reached out for each set, her fingers settling on the hilt of one with a long elegant curve to it. The edge was jagged from the hilt halfway down before it came into a nice sleek curve. The rogue looked to the velvet wrapped weapon and let go of the curved one to see what was inside the cloth. She unwrapped it to reveal a beautifully crafted blade. Acele took hold of the blade, feeling its weight that fit perfectly in her hand. She turned it around to get a better look at the blade. Perfect, she thought.

The rogue placed the dagger back on the velvet cloth and looked at the other blades for a replacement for her old weapon. She was sure that if one blade had broken, the other was not far behind it. After looking at all of the blades, she settled for the one with the elegant curve. Taking both that dagger and the one in the velvet cloth she turned back to the dwarf. A slight cringe took hold as she feared the price of the blades. Looking back to Thalion, she nodded to him once letting him know that she was ready to buy. The elf gave her a smile. She was still disappointed that her old blades were not going to be repaired, but at the same time, getting replacements was probably a better idea. Handing the chosen weapons to the dwarven smith, she waited patiently for his declaration.

"Once this is done, we need to return to the inn and talk to Rissien. He's going to want to know about the relic that Armen told us about," Thalion said to her. Acele nodded.

"I want to destroy it during the day, today if possible."

"Agreed, the sooner we take care of this problem, the easier everything else will be."

Thalion fell silent as the dwarf gave the price of the weapons.

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Thurgir's eye followed Acele as she examined the daggers one by one. She seemed to know what blade she wanted and that would make Thurgir's job a lot easier. It was no surprise that she eventually moved to the dagger wrapped in velvet, and judging by her expression she had found the blade she was after. Thurgir smiled to himself and waited for her to pick another blade to replace the other one. She was bright that one and Thurgir liked that she didn't pair one of his fine blades together with some human crafted table knife. As she handed him the chosen blades he spoke up after snorting and spitting on the cobble floor behind him.

''Ye' got a good eye for daggers I'll give ye that, hopefully ye' got a good sum of coins for 'em too'' He chuckled as he took two matching leather scabbards and oiled the blades up. He slid the first blade into it's scabbard but the one that was wrapped in the velvet he held up.

'' This one 'ere... Is Himmeldutteir.. Heaven's Daughter in yer' tongue. Most people don' remember it but it was used by a Rogue named Ilayna the Just to murder Stansor the Greedy 50 years ago.'' He gazed of into nowhere as he remembered that day when the young Ilayna came in and asked for a weapon that fought for the good of the people and justice. A task which he had taken on with pride. She had promised to return it to him once she had brought ''A Soul to Justice'' and she did, which seemed strange to the Dwarf as she paid a good price for the blade.

'' It wun't' go away for free I'll tell ye that Lass. But I can promise ye' it can take care of all yer' problems'' He didn't let the blade slide into it's scabbard. Many men and women had hesitated to buy it after it's price and the curse that people said the blade carried. A curse Thurgir said was nonsense but had quit sharing with people as they never had the guts to challange faith. Now Thurgir had a feeling in his gut that could just be the fact he hadn't had his lunch or that he felt the Girl could do great things with the right blade.

The setting changes from Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop to Thedan


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#, as written by Siryn
Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop: Acele

Acele raised an eyebrow as she let her eyes settle on the blade that the dwarf held. She liked its name, Himmeldutteir, it was beautiful and held a kind of deadly grace that she admired. Upon hearing the name Ilayna, her eyes lit up. She knew that name well, having heard stories when she was younger. Her heart skipped a beat at the knowledge that she'd just held the infamous blade in her own hands. Acele reached to her belt where her coin purse was, she lifted it gently, measuring out the weight of how many coins she had. Most of what she'd stolen from Faine had gone to the Red Dragon Inn for her staying there for the past several weeks. However, her eyes lingering on Himmeldutteir, she wasn't about to let the fine blade slip away because of price.

She untied the pouch and laid it gently on the table, "This is all I have on me, if you require more, I have a little more back at Red Dragon Inn," she told him leveling her steady gaze on him.

Red Claw Inn: Adan

The inn was bustling with the local merchants and city goers. He sat in the corner of the inn his eyes watching the crowd. He was looking for something specific. A beautiful woman to be precise. His business was in need of another woman, someone he could sell for coin, after he'd made her his puppet. Adan took a sip of his drink as he leaned back in the chair. It wasn't long after that he spotted what he was looking for. She was beautiful, a barmaid by the looks and she had a gorgeous smile. Her hair was up in a bun with pieces of the curly locks falling around her face.

Adan watched her until it was apparent that she was leaving at the end of her shift. He then got up and left the inn before her. He walked slowly knowing that she would be upon him soon. Humming was what told him of her approach. She easily sidestepped him and started walking ahead, except that he let his magic unleash onto the cobblestones, pulling one up and tripping her as she went. The basket she was carrying fell from her arms as her hands shot out to catch herself. Adan moved quickly to her side.

"Are you alright, miss?"

She turned to look up at him then gave him a weak smile, "I'm alright. Should probably watch where I'm going next time."

Adan helped her to her feet, giving her a smile as he did so. He walked over to the basket and replaced the contents of it back inside. It was mostly bits of food left over from the cooks kitchen. He wondered where she was taking it, but then brushed the thought aside. He handed her the basket slowly, holding her gaze in his.

"Your eyes are very beautiful."

She looked down and took a slow step backwards. Adan's magic slowly twisted around his words and reached out to her, "Let me walk you home, it is the least I can do."

She took another step backwards, but her head nodded in agreement, she's a strong one, perfect, he tried again, lacing his words with more power, "What's your name, miss? Allow me to walk with you."

"Sophira," she replied softly, her head lifting to look at him. Her eyes had dimmed slightly from the power he held over her, but there was still fire there. He smiled at her, holding out his hand. She let go of the basket once more and reached for him. Once his fingers caught hers, he led her down the street and towards the abandoned part of Thedan where he resided. The basket rolled in a slow circle, the contents of food long forgotten in the street.

Thedan: Faine

"Good, very good Thyra," he hummed in pleasure. She'd done her task well, scouting out Thedan for the rogue that had escaped him. All that was left to do was to get her to surrender to him. Of course, that was easier said then done, she wasn't weak hearted. Acele was ruthless when she had to be, and that was the dangerous part. However, she was prone to blind rage and fighting first before asking questions. That was her weakness, and it was what Faine planned to use against her.

"But first, we have a smaller detail to attend to."

"What is that?" Thyra asked, her voice hollow and cold. Probably and effect of her already being dead, but then, Thyra had always been cold in life too.

"The wench stole our gold. I think it's about time we replenished our chest, don't you?"

Thyra's lips turned into a cruel smile. She was standing against the wall of the home they'd taken over, her dagger in her hand as she wiped it down with a cloth. Faine turned to the rest of his meager guild. The few that had survived the ghost attack the night before.

"The little girls shop that gave us shelter. I believe we should visit her again, and... thank her, for her hospitality."

The setting changes from Thedan to Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop

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Judging by the expression on the girl's face Thurgir knew she wouldn't walk out of here without that blade. The fact that she seemed to be willing to pay anything for it wasn't too bad either.

'' Well this 'ere is one of me' masterpieces ye' know. 200 for Himmeldutteir and 50 coins for the other blade sounds fair doesn't it?'' He said and gazed out the window behind the female then he turned his eye to the clock behind him.

He frowned. Sophira used to pop by the shop at this time to give him some leftovers from the Inn. Not that he worried about her, although she was a young lass growing up on a tavern had made her capable of fending of most drunken sods. His eye wandered over the Elf and eventually back to the woman.

'' If ye' got the coin you got yerself' two new blades from the famous Thurgir Gloryhammer lass'' He chuckled as he awaited her response, hoping she was ready to pay the hefty sum of coin for his blades and she did the great things Himmeldutteir was capable of. And judging by the discussion between her and her Elven companion they were up to something, nothing that Thurgir cared about but if she was risking her life her chances improved with his work and a life saved is a generation saved.

The setting changes from Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop to Thedan


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#, as written by Siryn
Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop: Acele

Though she winced inwardly at the hefty price of two hundred and fifty coins total, she didn't let it show on her face. Instead she opened the coin purse and dumped out the contents. Her eyes scanned it and a slight frown appeared on her face. She was short by eighty coins. Behind her, she heard Thalion moving. A moment after and he produced the required amount. Pushing the coins back into the purse, she handed the leather bag to the dwarf.

"Thank you very much for your services, Master Dwarf. Your blades will be well taken care of, that I promise you," Acele told him, and she truly meant it. Once the exchange had been made, Acele gladly took the two blades and their sheathes. Stepping away from the counter, she undid her old belts and replaced it with the new ones. The daggers fit right where her old ones were. There was a little adjusting to be had as the two blades were different in size, but once she figured it out, they were perfect.

"I will head back to the inn. I know you wish to help the warrior. I will meet you at the graveyard when you can."

Thalion nodded, "Just be careful. Don't leave without Rissien."

Acele rolled her eyes at him, not in anger, but out of habit. She knew he was looking out for her, she also knew of how he felt about her and she felt the same. Though she hadn't really told him. Acele was sure he knew though.

"I won't," Acele turned and left the shop. As she left, she walked past an basket with the contents of food spilled out. Her eyebrow rose as she passed it. There was no one else around. Sounds from the Red Claw Inn filled the air ahead of her. The rogue didn't like the feeling she got as she passed the abandoned basket. She made a note to investigate that further after she'd dealt with the graveyard.

Once at the Red Dragon, she spotted Rissien with the clothed man that they'd taken in the night before. There was an addition to the small table as well. A blonde haired woman with yellow eyes was watching her approach. Acele frowned deeply.

"What do you want, Elaine?"

"My, my, that's how you greet a friend?"

"You're no friend of mine. Rissien, Thalion and I were told that an artifact in the graveyard-"

"It's not an artifact, its a relic. Its in the catacombs," Elaine said sweetly, interrupting Acele, who turned an icy glare at the mage.

"Let me guess. Armen told you as well?"

"Armen told you and Thalion?" Rissien pipped in. Acele only nodded, her attention on the sorceress who only gave a sweet innocent smile. The rogue growled softly, but decided to ignore the woman. She turned her attention to the man dressed in cloth.

"This is Xin, Acele. He will be coming with us to the relic," Rissien supplied for her. She nodded curtly.

"Good, from the destruction I saw last night, I'm sure he will be a great help. Let's go."

"Where's Thalion?" It was Elaine who asked.

"It doesn't matter where he's at, he'll meet us there."

Next to her Rissien buried his grin in the rest of his ale before slamming the cup down and standing. He knew of Acele's dislike towards the sorceress, and it seemed that every time the woman came around Elaine always managed to push those buttons. Acele led the way out of the inn and towards the graveyard. Elaine hummed while they went, Rissien walked next to Acele and Xin followed behind. Acele ignored the mage, instead turning her attention to the young warrior.

"If we destroy it today, it'll be one less thing to worry about and our nights will be freed once more."

"Agreed. Lets just hope this thing isn't dangerous to us during the day."

Acele nodded. They soon entered the graveyard. They spread out, looking for a way down into the supposed catacombs. A few minutes later and Elaine called to them. She was standing over the opening to a dark hole. Reaching behind her back, the rogue pulled both her daggers free. Himmeldutteir rested easily in her hand and she felt a strong sense of comfort at holding the elegant blade. Acele then went down into the darkness.

Sinead Nermia's Bakery: Faine

He pushed the door of her little shop opened. He hoped to find her alone, but if there were others inside, then they would just be casualties. Faine didn't care either way. He needed gold and the young elf was going to give it to him. As well as a warning to the rogue that if she didn't come to him, he would turn the city into his personal playing field.

"Well well, we meet again, little elf," Faine said slowly, an evil grin on his rugged face. He stalked towards her, ignoring the fact that her eye color changed completely. Faine got right up to her and took hold of her face in his large hand. He pushed his dagger right against her cheek, his smile never fading.

"I have a request. Two actually. Your gold now belongs to me. If you don't I will make your life hell, I promise you. The second is to find a woman named Acele. Get her to come to me. Do that, and I won't come after you. Disobey me and I'll kill you."

Behind the elf Thyra materialized from thin air. Reaching over, the rogue took hold of the woman's hair, bringing her head back. Faine let go as Thyra took hold of the elf. A blade stopped cold against her throat.

"Don't try anything, girl. Besides, you can't kill something that's already dead," Thyra whispered coolly.

The setting changes from Thedan to City of Thedan


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#, as written by Siryn
Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop: Thalion

“Wha- What jus- Who the hell is Sophira? What did I just get dragged into?”

Thalion gave a short shrug at the warriors words. Duncan returned his attention to the dwarf and finished paying for the repairs to his armor. He didn't like the sounds of things. There was a chill in the air that he couldn't shrug off. The girls announcement was less than comforting and his mind went immediately to Adan. His jaw clenched tightly, eyes narrowing slightly as he glared at the ground. He barely listened to the rest of the conversation around him. His thoughts were on the crazed mage. If something had happened to the girl, he feared how much time she had left. Thalion didn't come out of his thoughts until Duncan stood beside him once more. The warrior laughed slightly, Thalion only caught the last bit of what was said.

"...I hope it doesn’t hurt as much as last time. Is there any truth in what the young lady says though, or she just another pretty mad thing here? What did you think she was talking about?”

"I think that we need to hurry. There is a high possibility that her words are true, and if they are, I fear the worst for the girl. There's something else plaguing this city other than just ghosts at night. His name is Adan. My friend Rissien and I have been chasing him for two years in Thedan. He always slips away. We've turned this city upside down several times and always he's no-where to be found. The man is a master at hiding. But sooner or later, all powerful beings must come crashing down," Thalion growled out the last bit.

"Once your armor is fixed we will head to the graveyard. I'm sure Acele has already begun her search for the artifact. From there, we will search for Sophira. If I am correct, then once we've found the artifact that's causing the curse, Adan will surely come to us."

Sinead Nermia's Bakery: Faine

Faine turned slowly to the little elf, his eyes glinting dangerously at her words, "But what?" he whispered softly, a deadly edge to his tone. Thyra pulled the girls hair harder, the edge of the blade drawing a thin trace of crimson.

"Do you intend to try to protect her? Do you even know what she is? Acele is a killer, a thief, a rogue who does not know her place. She won't protect you, if that's what you think. She only protects herself. Don't try to flatter yourself, elf," Faine turned away, ordering his men to finish taking the gold that she had.

Thyra pulled the girl closer to her, her lips brushing against the elf's ear, "Don't try it. What do you hope to accomplish hu?" The rogues voice was a whisper, cold and hollow, definitely inhuman, "Fighting will only get you killed. Fighting me will do nothing. There's nothing more you can do, girl. I'm already dead. Don't try to flee either, there's no where you can hide from me. You won't even be able to leave the city," Thyra's threats lingered coldly in the air. She almost wished the girl would retaliate, that way she could shed some blood. She was eager for a fight, itching to sink her daggers in flesh, especially Acele's.

Faine turned back to the two women, his cold eyes glaring down at the elf, "When you find her, tell her that if she doesn't come to me, I will tear this city apart. I will burn it to the ground."

Catacombs: Acele

It was pitch black, but she didn't mind the darkness. In fact, she welcomed it. Of course, being a rogue, she preferred darkness over daylight. It made things so much easier. However, she wasn't sure how her companions were fairing in the dark, so she kept her pace slow. Behind her she could hear Rissien struggling to stay upright in the darkness.

Rounding a corner, Acele backed away and bumped into Rissien as a torch next to her flickered to life. It was an eerie green color, throwing off it's odd light into the corridor. She gazed at it uncertainty for a moment before continuing on. As she went, more torches burned their strange green color.

"Must be magic. I hate mages, why does it always have to be a mage... why?" Rissien's voice echoed softly behind her.

"Don't say such rude things, Rissien. I'm a mage, remember?"

Acele rolled her eyes. The sorceress hadn't been invited to come, but she'd come anyway despite the rogues clear dislike. The rogue moved quickly through the eerie light. Her senses dragging her through the corridors. Though she wasn't entirely sure where she needed to go, she had the strange feeling that she was moving in the right direction. Sooner than she expected, she came into a large round room. At its center was an altar. Symbols carved across the walls surrounded the small altar and the statue that sat on it. The statue looked like a woman with a staff larger than herself held in one hand. In the other there was a ball. Aside from that, the woman was wrapped in an elegant gown that hugged her features.

Acele slowly sheathed the curved dagger onto her lower back. She still held Himmeldutteir in her left hand as she walked towards the statue slowly. Her eyes flicked from one side of the chamber to the next as she stealthily made her way across the room. As the rogue approached the statue, she reached out her free hand to grasp the relic. Her first plan of attack was to smash the damned thing upon the floor, and if that didn't work, she was going to try out Himmeldutteir's strength.

"Acele..." Rissien's voice held worry and concern as well as a hint of fear, "I don't think you should touch it."

"How else will I destroy it?" She whispered back, though she did hesitate for a moment. Her hand reached across the distance and grasped the statue. As she was about to remove it from the altar and throw it upon the ground she found she couldn't move. A moment after and blinding pain erupted through her. At first she couldn't breathe, or cry out from the intensity, she only crumpled forward, her dagger falling from her numb fingers. Then she screamed.

Rissien rushed across the room and wrapped his arms around her waist. He dragged her from the statue, prying her fingers from the cool white stone. Once she was freed, she fell limp in his grasp. His heart jumped to his throat as he held her.

"Acele? Acele!?"

His attention was caught by the statue giving off a slight glow. The glow pulsed, growing brighter. When it pulsed again, the air seemed to be pushed at them in a powerful rush. Thrown backwards, Rissien tightened his grip on the rogue's body only to drop her upon impact against the wall. He slid down onto the floor, stunned. From the statue a pulsing, ghostly being emerged. It was large, almost human aside from it's clawed hands and feet. Rissien couldn't quite bring the thing into focus as his head was pounding. Slowly, he managed to get to his feet and draw his sword.

"This would be a nice time to help, Elaine," he called weakly. He eyed the beast, then looked to Xin who stood still watching the thing too. When no answer came to him, his eyebrows came down and he looked into the hall. The sorceress was not there.

Abandoned Area: Adan

"You won't be leaving the catacombs alive, fool," the mage cursed as he let his magic release into the reflection that he'd summoned. It was like a mirror, except made from pure magic. The edges were fuzzy, while the middle was clear and sharp. He watched as the foolish little rogue had tried to take the statue and destroy it. Then there was Rissien, the young warrior who had been hunting him along with the elf. The only thing that disappointed him was that Thalion was not there to die as well. However, Adan would settle for the elf's good friend and lover. Then there would be nothing left for him, and his grief would be his ultimate downfall.

Adan weaved his magic tightly, letting course through the mirror into the being he'd summoned. He would crush them easily, and once that was done, he could go back to working on his many women. They needed to be made into thoughtless puppets in order for him to sell them. That took time and a lot of energy. His eyes glowered at the mirror. He wished to be finished with this en-devour soon, thus leaving him with as much energy as possible for his other tasks. The creature took it's first deadly swing at the group and Adan's eyes brightened with satisfaction.


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Xin Hai liked this man. He seemed pure in his intentions and is susceptible to good humor. Xin Hai got his water refilled as they sat there in a continued silence. Soon, a woman entered the tavern, her intentions sighted on Rissien the moment she saw him. Even though Xin was facing the other way, he could tell. When she spoke to him about Thalion and about finding information about a relic.....there was something impure about her intentions. It was obvious that Rissien thought of her as friend, but the one called Elaine was obscured. Even stranger was that she had made no comment about him and seemed to recognize him as she if she expected to find him here with Rissien. Xin did not like this at all. He would have mentioned something......but it would have been rude.

Soon enough, Acele entered and the disdain between them soon became evident. The arrival of Acele caused something to stir within Elaine......something Xin didn;t believe was very good. He still, however, remained silent.

Soon they were on their way to the graveyards to search the Catacombs for traces of the cause of the wandering spirits. When they arrived, they agreed to fan out and search for the entrance. Xin Hai saw the entrance the moment they set foot on the soil, yet Elaine seemed to happen to wander in that exact direction. Her true self to be trying to put on a show. She was leading them into a trap.......or she might just like being important, her mind was too clouded to read properly. So Xin Hai remained ever quiet.

As they maneuvered their way through the Catacombs, Acele decided to lead. It was apparently dark so they let the one who wanders in the dark lead. Xin Hai did not remember what darkness looked like for their was no light to compare it too. he could see they were being led into an Antechamber. Smack dab in the center was a relic emanating a will of dark intent. The artifact itself was not evil, it was simply a tool. Though, Xin could tell, the will behind it was the same as the last nights. Right before Acele grabbed the relic, He could feel Elaine's presence leave, then, they were trapped. Acele was blasted back with a great force, knocking her unconscious. Xin Hai raised his arms in an X shape to block his body, though he slid back on the floor due to the force.

Then, standing before them, was a creature of pure will. A golden shackle connecting from it's chest back into the relic. He could also feel the eyes of the puppet master on them. The source was constantly shifting, so he didn't know what to make of it. He simply stood straighter and faced the creature.

"I know you know not what you do, so i speak to your manipulator. Divert yourself from this course of violence, and the chain will stop here. Allow us to leave with the artifact and all may be for..." Before he could finish his sentence, the creature struck him with great speed and strength, catching him completely off guard. He was sent flying across the room into the stone wall. The wall cracked when Xin hit it, he then immediately fell to the floor.

After a few seconds, Xin slowly got up and brushed himself off. He then saw that the creature was making a direct strike at Acele and Rissien. He immediately put his hand out and the creatures claws connected with a thin purple wall of psionic energy. It crack slightly, but held strong. He addresed Rissien. "I apologize, Rissien. I should have mentioned earlier that Elaine's intentions were not pure. Then Acele might have been spared her fate." Xin said loudly, yet seemingly emotionless. He then pushed the creature back slightly with his shield, then went into and odd stance and opened his mouth. The ethereal sound that came out this time was much higher in pitch and lighter in tone. His limbs began to glow with a purple light, as did his head. He then stopped abruptly and leaped in front of Acele and Rissien.

Xin then suddenly locked on to where the eyes were staring at him from. He turned his head and it seemed he was looking directly at the puppet master. He then said, with a deep emptiness in his voice. "Remember, you brought this on yourself." He then turned and faced the Creature, limbs glowing.

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#, as written by Siryn

A sneer pulled at his lips as he watched from his flickering mirror. His arms were outstretched before him as he controlled the beast that trampled everything in its path. The relic stood on it's pedestal, almost lifeless. It's power returned to normal after his releasing his own twisted magic from its solid form. He had no need for the artifact anymore, it had served it's purpose, harnessing his power and creating a diversion to bring the cursed elf and his friend to their doom. Of which, he was about to enjoy fulfilling.

The creature swiftly turned to face the clothed man who challenged him. It seemed that who ever that man was, he could clearly see Adan where Rissien could not. There was also the fact that this new addition to the group seemed to be very powerful. Too powerful. Adan's eyebrows crunched together as he focused his power directly into the ghostly creature. A swing at the group caused rock to turn to powder. The dust engulfed the three of them, obscuring his view of everything for a few moments.

Another swing into the area where he'd seen them produced a yell that satisfied him. From the dust, he caught sight of the young warrior dragging the woman from the debris. She had succumbed quickly to the trap, he was sure she was dead after having his full power pushed through her petite body. Rissien gently laid her down on the other side of the altar, trying to keep her out of harms way. He turned to face the creature, and Adan put all of his focus on the warrior. It was a mistake, but he didn't realize it until the end. The glowing man had been forgotten, the strange sound that he had emitted finally took it's toll.

Power reverberated through his connection with the creature. It rushed up his arms and into his chest. Breathing became difficult. Adan's eyes widened as he realized that the clothed man had used the creature to attack him directly. However, it was too late to reverse the mistake. With his concentration on Rissien, his last will of killing the warrior carried to the ghost and the thing blindly attacked. It was too late to turn it around to fend off the impending doom that lingered dangerously behind it. Fear and rage pulsed through the mage. He gave his last command, ordering his creation to tear down the catacombs before he let go of his magic that directly controlled the creature.

He let go of the mirrors magic as well, the smoke whisked away into nothing. Adan stood for a moment longer before stumbling backwards, completely spent of all his energy. There was nothing more he could do, including his business. Angered, he left the room and made his way towards his study where books of magic awaited his attention.

Catacombs: Rissien

His eyes had widened when Xin had created a shield of sorts to protect Acele and him. He hadn't expected the monk to be so powerful or so quick. For that, the warrior was highly thankful.

"I apologize, Rissien. I should have mentioned earlier that Elaine's intentions were not pure. Then Acele might have been spared her fate." Xin yelled before jumping in front of them.

The warrior was stunned by his words, but he was more in shock about the power that the man wielded. He had seen powerful mages, ones like Elaine and the crazed Adan, but Xin was something else entirely. Rissien concluded that he was very happy to have Xin Hai on his side rather than vice versa.

"Thank you, Xin," Rissien muttered though he wasn't sure if the man heard him. The monk then addressed someone else other than the creature that tried to kill them. It was at that moment, that he realized the ghost was indeed being controlled by Adan. This knowledge drove his hatred for mages even more. A powerful swing from the beast sent rock tumbling to the ground. He shielded Acele as best as he could, however another swing cut to closely and Rissien's voice cried out in the dust. Sharp rock cut across his face, but the cause of his cry was from the ghosts arm sending him hard into the floor. Breathing was painful and he was sure a few ribs were cracked, possibly broken.

Wincing, he reached for Acele and managed to drag her out of the dust. He then turned, her dagger in hand, and faced the creature. The weapon felt heavy in his hand, the handle didn't fit well at all, but it was a weapon and it was all he had. The creature went wild then, as if it had lost control and rocks rumbled all around them. Rissien found it hard to keep his footing. As the ghost lifted both arms in a wild fit, the young man took his chance. He hefted the dagger, and threw it straight at the enemy. The blade hummed through the air. His aim was off, but it hit the ghost none-the-less. To his utter surprise, the weapon stuck. Well, what do you know, I got lucky, he thought, a wry grin unfolding on his face.

He wasn't sure exactly what happened next, but the thing gave a terrible cry before leaning forward and shrinking down to a normal size. The half man half beast looked upwards and its face seemed... relieved. Then it disappeared from sight. Rissien let out a sigh as the dagger he'd thrown clattered to the stone floor. Looking over to Xin he flashed a smile.

"Wasn't that exciting?" he asked, then he gave a laugh that turned into a groan of pain and he doubled over slightly. When the pain in his chest subsided enough, he looked back to Xin, "Are you alright? You took a pretty hard hit earlier," he asked softly. He had just barely been grazed by the thing and it had broken his ribs. Rissien would be amazed if Xin was unscathed. Of course he would be happy if his friend wasn't hurt that was always a plus in battle, then he could put all of his worry towards the rogue.

Thurgir Gloryhammer's Shop

Thalion nodded his head towards the woman, a smile on his lips as she worked quickly to give Duncan his remedies. He was happy to know that she was a healer, but he was also happy to hear that she knew how to handle herself in a fight. He had been doubtful of her wishes to come with them, but he knew that kind of determination. It was similar to Acele's when she set her mind to something. It was near impossible to change that woman's mind.

Thinking of Acele, her beauty and her deadly grace, put him in an eager mood to leave the shop and get back to her side as quickly as he could. The elf could only imagine what kind of trouble she could possibly get herself into. After taking the little cloth that had been handed to him, he tucked it away safely in one of his pouches and turned his attention to the dwarf just as Duncan went over and asked about his armor. It looked to be nearly done, but Thalion was no black smith. So he leaned against the wall and waited.

"I'm sorry about your sister, Sophie. We will get her back, I promise," he said and turned his deep gaze towards her to let her know that he meant every word he said. He'd already lost his sister to the mad man, he would not lose another woman to him.

The setting changes from Thedan to City of Thedan


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“My sister, Sophira, has been taken by a powerful sorcerer who has been plaguing the city for quite some time. If you are willing to come help us rescue her, I would be most grateful.” the young healer spoke.

"This sounds rather exciting" Selket said with a smile. She observed the knight fix his newly repaired armor about himself and they all set out the door. The graveyard was a bit of a walk from the blacksmith's shop and once there, they quickly entered the catacombs beneath it. The elf rushed into the dust and it would seem that something rather important was done here that he was searching for. As they went further in, voices could be heard from the gloom. There seemed to be someone injured and as they came upon the scene, the elf rushed to a young woman's aid. She was laying unconscious in another man's arms. She expected the healer to tend to the young woman's injuries. The elf and the warrior spoke in rushed voices. As Selket looked around, she saw a man wrapped in cloth standing to the side. He seemed rather strange but to each his own she supposed. The elf took the woman from the warrior and they were soon out back on the streets.

They dropped the woman off at an inn and were on the back streets, searching for the wizard who took women. It took a while, but they eventually arrived at an assuming abandoned house. Upon closer inspection, a glowing rune could be found and the warrior, Rissien, confirmed that this was the place they were looking for. "Lets go. Once you're inside, fan out and search for any women. If you find Adan, kill him." he spoke brusquely. Selket heard the knight speak of his disgust for the wizard and she nodded in agreement with him.

The knight spoke again after bowing his head “So...I got round of drinks for whoever kills this sod, and another round for breaking whatever is responsible for the ghosts. Shall we enter?” Selket gave a slight chuckle. This man would soon find that nobody could out drink her except for perhaps the stout dwarf who had arrived with them.

She walked in behind Rissien and the elf, Thalion, and drew her bow. It would be best to be prepared at this point.

The setting changes from City of Thedan to Thedan


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#, as written by Siryn
Red Dragon Inn: Qaida

Her eyes opened slowly, the world they saw was blurry. It took a while for the rogue to adjust her focus. When she could see properly she sat up in her bed, only to have her room spin. Closing her eyes, she reached up and pressed her hand into her forehead. It took her several minutes more to actually get up out of the bed. Once she was up, she slowly got her belt back on and checked both her new daggers. Both were intact, so she sheathed them and made her way to the door.

Once she was down in the bar, she caught the attention of the innkeeper, "Olrin, where did Thalion and Rissien go?"

"I don't know, lass. Last I saw they was leavin' with a large group o' people. Something's going to happen, I can feel it," Olrin said, then began muttering under his breath and left the rogue to her thoughts. She left the Red Dragon and made her way down the street.

As she was walking, her senses pricked up, the hair on the back of her neck stood. Her eyes narrowed and she slowed in her advance to take a good look around her. Up ahead of her, she caught the form of Thyra moving swiftly into an opened shop. Acele felt anger well inside and she quickly moved to the shop. The smells of freshly baked goods filled the air as she got closer. The moment she was inside the doorway, she drew her daggers, ignoring the elven woman that eyed her from across the counter at the back of the shop.

"Did you see anyone enter?" Acele asked coldly, her eyes flicking to the woman before she slowly moved into the room.

The moment she got to the counter to speak further with the girl, she felt the presence of someone behind her. Acele ducked just in time. She felt the air brush past her hair, and heard the sound of steel hitting glass. She pivoted while she was crouched down, swinging her leg out to catch Thyra off guard, and also letting her blade's lead the attack. Both daggers barely missed the rogue, but her foot did connect with Thyra, bringing her down.

Acele rolled to get the upper hand, but as she came into place, the other rogue had already moved. She got up, followed Thyra across the room, her blades slashing and stabbing. Steel scrapped across steel as the two women fought furiously. Thyra's lips were curled in a smile.

"Faine want's you back," she taunted.

"He want's my head."

He'll do anything to get it."

"He can try," Acele cursed back.

Thyra lifted an eyebrow, "Is that so?" Then the rogue disappeared, "Would this be enough to convince you?"

Acele's heart stopped as she whirled around to where Thyra's voice had come from. The elven woman was held against the rogues body, her blade against her throat. Acele glared at the woman.

"Taking hostages, threatening me with that is what he's stooped down to now is it?"

Thyra sneered at her, "You want her to live, you'll come with me."

"Oh, she'll live," Acele muttered under her breath, her eyes had spotted a small area where Thyra was exposed. Almost the entirety of her left shoulder was opened. If she aimed right, she would miss the elven woman and take Thyra down in one shot. Acele knew she was fast enough, but she was doubtful of her aim, especially just waking up from being knocked out. She had already felt the effects of her weakness. Fighting Thrya, her reflexes were still slow. However, if she did nothing, the girls life was surely over.

"You can have me," Acele called, distracting the rogue just long enough, "When I'm dead," her hand shot forward, her dagger sailed through the air and sunk deep into Thyra's shoulder. The rogue gave a scream of pain and surprise, let go of the elven woman and stumbled backwards.

"You wretch!" Thyra yelled, then she disappeared, the dagger falling harmlessly to the ground. Acele moved towards the counter, her eyes on the elf.

"Are you alright?"

Abandoned Area: Thalion

They all moved into the two story home. The wood creaking slightly underfoot. Cobwebs and dust layered the furniture and stairs. The whole place seemed like a eerie ghost house. Thalion moved slowly, his broadsword held before him. The elf looked to the others behind him and motioned for Thurgir and Sophie to move down the hall in front of them and for Duncan to look into the rooms that were right in front of them. He moved to the stairs with Rissien and Selket following him. Once upstairs, they began opening doors, Selket on one side, Rissien on the other while Thalion slowly continued forward to the end of the hall.

"Thalion!" Rissien called softly. The elf whirled around to see what it was. Looking inside the room, the three of them gaped at what they saw. An altar stood in the center, a large cauldron off to the side, books strewn across a table behind the altar and blood staining the walls and floor.

"What the..."

"I'm not liking this," Rissien whispered to his friend. Thalion nodded in agreement. Putting his hand on the young warriors shoulder, he gently led him from the room.

"We have to keep searching," Thalion reminded him.

They moved on, further down the hall, until finally they reached the last door. Thalion opened it slowly, his heart in his throat. As soon as the door was opened, the air in the room thickened, making it hard to breathe. The elf knew that feeling and jumped backwards. Whirling around, he grabbed the small woman, shoved Rissien aside and slammed up against the wall with Selket pressed against him. Magic flooded the room, expanding out into the hall. The heat of it burned his leather, the pressure from the blast held him tight against Selket and the wall. Once it faded, he looked down at her.

"Are you alright?"

"Thalion! You bastard! I'll have your head on a silver platter!" Adan's voice echoed from the room.

Turning he glared at the doorway before moving into the room. Adan stood there eyeing him cautiously. Rissien soon entered the room, his sword drawn and ready, Selket right behind him with her bowstring taunt.

"You can try," Thalion growled back.

Adan raised his hands, the air shimmered around them. Pressure built again, but Thalion charged this time. An arrow flew right passed his shoulder, straight and true. However, Adan had his power all around him and before the shaft could pierce him, the arrow shattered. The floor of the room shook and a moment later, the three of them fell through to the first floor. Thalion knew the commotion would have alerted the others. All he had to do was keep Adan there so they could kill him.

Coughing from the fall, he rolled to his side and stretched his hand to reach his fallen sword. The blade trembled, then shifted. The elf's gaze narrowed at the weapon. He realized that Adan was trying to call the broadsword away from him. Thalion rolled to his stomach, his hand just barely brushing the hilt before the blade was wrenched away from him.

"What a fine blade, Thalion. Now you get to die on it," Adan growled.

Thalion turned onto his back, just barely missing his own blade slamming down into the floor and debris. Weaponless, the elf had to fight his own blade and try to kill Adan.

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Sinead sat, cluching the bleeding wound on her neck. Elves were known to heal much faster than common folk, but this wound was deep, but not yet deep enough to end her life. It ran down onto her green dress, staining it a crimson colour. A groan of pain burst from her lips as she picked herself up from the floor, a few drops of blood dripping onto the floor. 'Oh, that's just great for buisness! She groaned once more, and shuffled her way up the dusty stairs to her home.

Sineads home was normally a cozy place, welcoming all who entered. But as of now, it was a cold, dark place. Embers were burning in the fireplace, barely lighting up the dark room. Surprisingly, nothing was broken, just a few things shuffled around. Sinead ignored this, and made her was to the small bathroom adjacent to her bedroom.

"Uhhhnng Sinead moaned as she pulled her hand away from her sticky neck. Crimson stained her skin, contrasting with it's pale color. Her nose was met with a thick copper smell, and she bit her lip. Sinead suddenly remembered how she had gotten her neck so mangled. 'It must've been when I jerked away from that...girl. My neck must've caught on the knife, and cut it. With another small moan, she slowly pulled her dress off her back, attempted to keep the cloth away from her tender wound. Her eyes shifted between a deep grey, and a horrid black.

The wound was cleaned quickly, and she realized the would was deeper than she had hoped. The wound had slowly started to close itself, turning a puckered pink colour. A soft cloth rolled around her neck, covering the wound with a sterile whiteness. The pain ceased, and Sinead sighed, greatly relieved. She closed her eyes tightly, a yawn escaping from her lips. With a jolt, though, she flung the door open to her home, bounding down the stairs.

"My bread!" She yelled, throwing the oven door open. She had remembered in the nick of time, the bread a golden brown color. A grin fell across her face. 'Still got it. A small [/i]ding[/i] sound resonated thoughout the bakery, signifying that someone had entered.

"Hell-" She was cut off as the woman in front of her began to talk, eyes cold. "Did you see someone enter?" She asked, hands clutching a pair of daggers. Sinead but her lip, her brow raised. 'Could she be talking about the two...No...

"Well you're going to have to be more-" She was cut off one more a another woman appeared in the doorway, a sly grin across her face.

"S-Shit!" Sinead exclaimed, motioning towards the door. The thief threw a dagger at the woman, barely missing her head. Sinead threw her hand out, catching the dagger with quick hands, thankful for her swiftness. She buried the dagger in her palm, hiding it from view. The two woman were wrestling on the ground, curses shouted between the two of them. 'Is that one girl...Is she the woman the man was talking about? She wondered, frozen in her spot.

A blade was shoved against her throat, the third time that day. Instead of screaming, Sinead sighed heavily, gripping the blade tighter in her hand. Words were exchanged between the two woman, but Sinead paid to attention, her ears ringing in concitration. Suddenly, the woman across from her threw a blade at the Theif, and Sinead reacted quickly as well, shoving her hidden blade in the thief's upper thigh. A yell rang through the bakery, and her neck was released. The blade was left in her hand, coated in crimson. It fell to the ground with a clatter.

[b]All you alright?[/i] The other woman asked, eyes filled with concern.

"Yes, don't worry about me. They seem to like this place though..." She paused, laughing softly. "Question is, are you alright. You look a bit...out of it."

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#, as written by Siryn
Acele slowly slid her dagger back into its proper place. Her headache had come back and she found it slightly difficult to stay standing. Reaching out, she took hold of a chair and brought it out so she could sink into it with a heavy sigh. Resting one arm on the table, she reached up and rubbed at her temple, brushing her curly locks of brown hair out of her face. The rogue looked at the elven woman standing on the other side of the counter.

"I'm fine," Acele told the girl, "Could I have my other blade please, it should be near you."

Acele waited for the elf to retrieve her prized weapon. To her surprise it was stained with blood. Her old daggers never once managed to draw blood from Thyra, at least not after she'd killed the woman a couple months ago. Taking the dwarven dagger, she took out a clean cloth and began carefully cleaning her weapon. As she sat there, deep in her work with the blade, her thoughts roamed around why Thyra had come into the shop.

"What's your name?" Acele asked her, she was interested in how this elven woman had gotten caught up in such a situation. "How did you come to know Thyra? Did someone threaten you? Even so, just having her see you is enough to put you in danger. Damnit Faine..." Acele whispered the last part to herself then looked back up to the elf, "I'm afraid your little shop isn't going to be the same anymore. I'm sorry for all the trouble."

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"Ah, yes. My name is Sinead, and your's?" Sinead paused, as the woman spoke, taking this moment to move the platter of fresh bread off of the counter. Her eyes had settled on a light grey color, almost dissapearing among the whites of her eyes.

"Would you like some bread? Best in all of Thedan." She added the last part with a chuckle, wanting to break the heavy tension between the two woman.

"Well, I actually didn't know this "Thyra" until today. She was with a man, and they stormed into my shop, demanding..." She trailed off, unsure of weither she should tell the woman what had happened. With a sigh, she trudged on.

"They were demanding gol. That woman kept going on about how I couldn't kill her, and that she was "Immortal." The man...Well, he pretty much forced me to...go seaching for this woman. I think her name was, that can't be right. Amele? No..." She suddenly smacker her forehead, remembering the woman's name.

"Her name was Acele! Said if I didn't find this "Acele", that he would burn the village. I was damn near ready to kick 'em were the sun don't shine, but that one girl, Thyra, was it? Well, she had a blade shoved against my neck..." She trailed off once more, her hand tracing patterns against the thick cloth on her neck.

"Well, this isn't very important. My shop'll be fine. Won't even miss the gold they took." She smiled softly, placing her hands in her lap.

"Well, were are you from, might I ask?"

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#, as written by Siryn
Sinead Nermia's Bakery: Acele

Acele declined the offer for bread, shaking her head as she sat there. As she waited for Sinead to finish her story, the rogue already knew what it was that had happened. Faine had threatened the girl, told Sinead to find her and bring her to him. She shook her head in disgust.

"Well then, Sinead. I'm Acele."

Abandoned Area: Thalion

The fight brought the attention of the rest of the group. Rissien attacked the crazed mage full on while Thalion continued to dodge his own weapon that was being possessed. Adan wasn't using a lot of magic, therefore the elf figured that he was drained from something. What that was, he wasn't sure, nor did he care. Thalion was thankful that the mage wasn't at full strength, he didn't wish to see what could possibly happen to the others if things were different.

"Give up, Adan!" Rissien shouted as he lunged once again at the mage, sword swinging in a downward arc. His blade grazed the mages arm, drawing blood. Adan hissed at him in rage.

"Fools, I'll kill you all."

"I doubt that."

A moment after and the sound of an arrow loosing filled the air. Thalion could feel that something had changed in the room, the atmosphere was different as the shaft was loosed from the bowstring. Adan looked towards the sailing shaft that glowed. He immediately swung his hand up over himself in a high arc, his lips formed words quickly that Thalion didn't hear. The arrow went through thin air as the mage disappeared. The moment the mage was gone, the elf's broadsword dropped to the floor, lifeless as before.

"Well, that's just great. Usual," Rissien complained as he stood there with his sword point down, leaned forward. He slowly stood straight and sheathed the weapon on his hip.

"We'll get him, Rissien."

The young warrior just shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave the room. Thalion knew his friend was upset. He wished he could do something to ease the frustration of losing Adan once again. The only thing he could do was make sure that they caught the damn mage next time. After retrieving his sword, he sheathed it on his back and left the destroyed room as well.

"Did any of you find any women?"

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Sinead stood, eyes widened in shock. Stiffiling a gasp, Sinead made her way around the counter towards the woman opposite to her.

"You're Acele? He's after you?" A stiff silence filled the air, causing Sinead the bite her lip in cocentration. "H-hang on a moment." With that, Sinead made her way up the stairs, and into her home. Making her way into her bedroom, she flung to door to her closet open, revealing a large wooden case. Inside lay a longsword, handcrafted by Master Thurger himself. Pulling on her sheith, and laying the sword inside, Sinead made her way back down the stairs, coming back to stand in front of the woman once more.

"Well, what do you suppose we do now?"