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Loghain Talos

"Are you sure? My blade begs to differ."

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a character in “Rogue of Thedan”, as played by Methodical


Name: Loghain Talos
Age: 24
Race: Human
Type: Mage
Description: Image
Loghain is fairly tall, with a slim yet toned body, tanned skin and long orange-brown hair. His voice is kind, yet commanding, and his eyes seem to hold an immeasurable amount of sorrow, although he doesn't try to show it.
Very strong - Years of training and fighting have made Loghain very strong, able to best most men he meets in hand-to-hand.
Powerful magic wielder - Loghain's preferred brand of magic is ice, as he has created a very powerful form of ice magic. He can create large ice spikes and spires at will, that drain the enemy's stamina slowly the more they are exposed. The ice also takes on an orange color.
Excellent swordsman - Loghain is a deadly force when wielding a sword, as it is his primary combat method, even before magic.
A bit gullible - Not much to say here, he just tends to believe what he is told, unless he has obvious reasons not to.
Refuses to fight women - It's just how he was raised. Loghain is very respectful of women, and will avoid fights with them as much as possible.
Afraid of swimming/water - A traumatic childhood experience has left Loghain traumatized to the point where he simply will not and can not swim. He also dislikes being wet in general.
Personality: Loghain is kind, but blunt, and to the point. He doesn't screw around, and when he fights, he means business. He also is very hard to anger, but once you're on his bad side, watch out. He also has a very odd sense of humor, tending to find the funny side in all the wrong situations.
Orientation: Straight.
Equipment: Aside from his Fur cloak and daggers, Logain wields a giant greatsword, that's is almost taller than him, and very wide. The blade is engraved with various flowing designs, and has an orange crystal at the bottom. The enchanted crystal not only makes the sword lighter, but it allows magic going into the sword to be amplified, and more powerful.
History: I'd like this to come out in the story, if that's okay.

So begins...

Loghain Talos's Story


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"Here is the meat you requested." Loghain said, handing the sloppily wrapped package to the butcher, who grabbed the dripping paper hastily, and wiped the blood it had dripped on his counter.

"Thank ye lad, did you have much trouble uh,' it?" The older man asked. Loghain nodded.

"I haven't used a bow in quite a while...I considered lopping its head off," He motioned the blade on his back. "But that wouldn't be very sporting, would it?" he said with a weak smile.

"Aye lad." the butcher chuckled. "Here's yer pay." The butcher handed the man a generous handful of coin. "Have a good night." Loghain nodded, and exited the shop. He considered going back to the inn he was staying in for the night, but decided that being in the butcher's shop had roused his appetite, as he hadn't eaten since the morning, and, while the inn was comfortable, it's food was...less than reputable. He decided to find a decent place to eat.

As he wondered down a street, looking for a place to sate his hunger, a wafting smell caught his attention, and as he moved further along the street, he heard faint singing. He tracked the source of the delicious smell to a small, but charming bakery, and decided to eat there. He considered leaving his sword outside, but couldn't bear the thought that it may be stolen by a passer by, and entered the store with the giant blade still comfortably resting in it's fur sheath, on his back.

He browsed the shelves for a few seconds, then approached the counter, where a small elven girl worked, tirelessly kneading and baking. "I'll take anything that's loaded with strawberries." he said with another faint smile.

The setting changes from City of Thedan to Thedan


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#, as written by Siryn
Red Dragon Inn: Acele

Darkness had covered the city. The moon shone brightly down into the street. Acele leaned against the windowpane, watching the streets below. Behind her, the sound of a chair moving was the only thing that told of Thalion's presence. Rissien had long since left and gone to his own room. The rogue gave a soft huff of irritation as she stood there.

"That's not going to do anything," Thalion called softly. She didn't turn around, knowing full well what he meant. She was trying to solve all the problems at once, and worrying if she was ever going to get to the bottom of anything. Acele tapped her fingers against the glass, leaned forward and then shoved off the window. Turning, she crossed her arms over her chest to level a cool stare at the elf. He was leaned back in the chair, his broad sword held in one hand, the blade shoved in the floor between his legs.

"I would rather be out there trying to solve our problems, than be stuck in here doing nothing."

"You can't go out there the ghosts will kill you."

"You don't know that," she retorted.

"Acele," his voice took on a different note as he let the chair drop on all fours and opened his eyes to look at her, "Magic is bringing them out to haunt the cities streets, magic is not something to be underestimated."

Acele glowered at him, her jaw set hard as she resisted the urge to grind her teeth. The elf held his ground, though. He was one of the very few to win out against her. She was finding it difficult to argue with him, that made it irritating, but at the same time, more attractive. The rogue turned away from him, giving a sigh of frustration as she knew she'd lost that battle with him.

"We will go in the morning, Adan is our priority."

"I know."

A hard knock came to the door. It was fast, almost urgent. She lifted an eyebrow as she turned to look. Who could it possibly be? she asked herself. Her hand reached to her lower back and twisted around the hilt of her dagger. Thalion got up slowly and reached for the door, his hand still gripping his weapon. Once the door was opened, a frightened patron came stumbling inside. Thalion grasped the woman by the shoulders as she fell. Her face was pale and in shock, fear painted clearly on her face.

"Please! Help me!"

"Take a deep breathe, calm down. Now tell me what happened," Thalion ordered her smoothly. The woman trembled in his grip, but she seemed to compose herself better before continuing.

"My son, he hasn't returned to the inn. I've heard of the curse, I fear he is dead! Please, you must help me find him!"

Thalion looked up from her face to Acele. The rogue gave a nod. He released the woman and put his blade over his back, "Stay here. We will find your son."

They left Acele's room and went to Rissien's where Thalion gave the wood door a hard knock. The young man answered a few minutes after, his eyes blurry with sleep but filled with concern, "What's going on?"

"A woman's son hasn't come back to the inn. We need to find him."

Rissien wasted no time and in a few moments they were down in the inn's dining room and out the door. The innkeeper yelled at them as they left, concern in his voice as he tried to call them back. Chilly night air spread across Acele's skin. She could feel the dreadful curse of Thedan's nights. The white fog had already layered the street in a thin blanket. She reached behind her back and drew out her blades.

"We have to do this quickly."

Faine and Thyra

"Blasted night curse," Faine growled as he and his guild ran through the streets. Behind them, there were several ghosts trailing them, intent on having their blood. The guild leader hadn't calculated his timing quite right and for that he'd lost several of his men to the swords of the dead. The only one capable of fighting off the onslaught of the slow ghosts was Thyra. However, that was only because she wasn't truly alive. Her form faded next to him and she was running next to him. Her familiar cool features unaffected by the threat that glided after them.

"There, Faine," she said pointing to a lit building just down the street and tucked away from the rest of the houses. It was on the edge of the city, but still well within the walls to be considered a part of Thedan. He growled a response to her and bolted for the door of the lit house, thick smells of bread filled the air. He shouted to his men as they followed, a few more falling to the dead's blades. In the end only five of his men survived. He ushered them inside.

Together Thyra and him pushed the door closed and barricaded it with whatever table was near by. Damn things, it's a bloody blessing they can't get into houses. Course that's just as strange anyway, he thought. The sound of Thyra's blades coming free caught his attention. He whirled around to glare at who it was that had got her worked up. A young woman was staring at them in confusion, she looked as if she'd gotten frozen in place. Then there was a man who didn't look all that pleased to see him and his thieves guild barging into the shop. Faine glowered at the two.

"Now then, keep to yourselves and there'll be no trouble," he threatened, his hand on his sword.


A terrified scream filled the air. This alerted her of the boys presence. He wasn't too far from Acele and her companions. They rushed down the street towards the scream. There was a crash, another cry of terror and then the young boy was bolting from a side street right at the rogue. She was already in a head long rush, and couldn't stop herself from running into him. She sheathed both daggers, reached out and picked the boy up into her arms as she threw herself to the cobblestones. As she came down, she felt a rush of air over her shoulders and back. Rolling, she came up with the boy under her, one hand on his shoulder to keep him down, the other reaching for her blade. Acele had just barely missed getting her head taken from her shoulders by a ghost that slowly lumbered towards her.

She withdrew her dagger and raised the weapon to catch the ghost's sword as it came down at her. The blade rang across hers, surprising her that the ethereal beings weapon could even hit hers. Drawing her other blade she got up from where she straddled the terrified boy. Rissien yelled to the child to run to him, and he did so. She let him go to the warrior, knowing that Rissien would protect him. Now that they'd found the child, they needed to get off the streets. Staying locked up in a house seemed to keep the ghosts at bay, yet another hint marking the strange occurrence to be linked with a form of magic. Acele dropped down, twisting under another lumbering swing. Her blades shot out, cutting across the ghost's abdomen. Her weapons seemed to catch, as if hitting the being, but then went straight through with no harm.

The rogue twisted around as the ghost turned to face her. Two more entered the battle, one going after Thalion, the other going for her. Acele narrowed her eyes, adrenaline fueling her. She let her body take over, instinct running her attacks rather than pure thought. She was nimble, ducking and dodging as she fought. Her blades ringing against the ghost's. However, nothing she did would cut them down. She'd ran her daggers through each of them several times, yet nothing destroyed the creatures. As she turned to block another heavy swing, the ghost's blade sent a sharp vibration through her arm. Time seemed to slow for Acele as her eyes widened with the next sound. Her dagger gave a sharp crack then shards of steel showered the cobblestones as her weapon gave way. Her heart nearly stopped and she almost forgot that she was still fighting. Barely ducking another swing, she backed away from the ghosts. A shout behind her took her attention.

"Here! In here! Quickly," Rissien called from down the street. He'd found a place to hide from the ghosts. An abandoned house not to far away. Thalion's heavy weapon rang out as he batted aside one of the creatures weapons and rushed to Acele. His strong hand gripped her arm and dragged her with him. Once inside the house, Rissien and him moved an old heavy table in front of the door. All the while, the rogue stared at her broken dagger. Warm hands wrapped around hers, taking her attention.

"We'll get it fixed. How long has it been since your weapons have seen a blacksmith?"

"Too long I guess."

"You're lucky then to still be alive. Get some sleep with the boy. Rissien and I will keep watch."

The setting changes from Thedan to City of Thedan


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Siedan smiled as the bell rang 'Ding!', and alerted her that yet another customer had walked into her midst. A large, broad shouldered man made his way through the door way. Siedan noted that his hair was a peculiar color, a reddish-brown type colour, and it was quite long. He had a large sword in a sheath at his back, but Siedan barely took notice of this. Siedan quitely said "Hello" to the stranger as she kept kneading the dough, and he began to browse the shelfs, eyes scanning over each assorted bakery treat. Soon enough, though, he walked up towards the counter, eyes gleaming.

"I'll take anything that's loaded with strawberries." The man said to Siedan. She smiled and nodded knowingly.

"Strawberries are good, arn't they? Well, over here we have-" She was cut off by a group bouning into the bakery, the door slamming behind them. Siedan could feel the angry and terror running off of them, and her eyes changed from a light grey colour, to a horrid black color, her pupils dissapearing within the iris. She was angry.

"Now then, keep to yourselves and there'll be no trouble," Siedan crossed her arms, eyes narrowed.

"Excuse me? You're the one who barged into my shop. I suggest you reconsider your words, sir." She spoke, her accent thick. She paused, looking over their dirty clothing, and their expressions before speaking. "Ghosts?" She asked, coming out from behind the counter, moving around the man in front of her.

'Filthy creatures." She commented, leaning against the dusty counter. Her anger difted away slowly, her iris turning back to a darkened grey mixure.

"Don't mess with the shelves, and we'll be fine." She said calmly, turning her back to the guild, and focusing on the man once more.

"Now, where were we?" She asked, trying hard to forget the group of people taking up space in her bakery. "Ah! Yes, strawberrys'" She turned to one of the shelves, pulled out a large cake coated with an emmense amount of strawberrys, and set it on the counter.

"This good?"