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Colleen 'Collie' Williams

0 · 215 views · located in Romance/LaGretto Academy

a character in “Romance Academy”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Full Name: Colleen Rosa Williams

Nickname: Collie, usually, though she has been called other names.

Age: 16 - Sophomore

Personality: Colleen can be nice, when she tries. But, apart from that, she would probably be considered as... okay. Not that she complains, or ignores, or whispers behind peoples backs - though, to be honest, she probably does do these things. She just tends to insult people without realizing it, and then laugh at their reactions, or teasing someone about something playfully, to the point where it just gets annoying. But, we all have flaws, don't we?

Apart from that, Collie is a sweet girl. She tends to put others before herself - well, on most occasions, at least - and is always there to listen to your problems or give a helping hand. If someone is mean to her, she'll let it slide. But if someone is mean to her friend.. their dead. She is fair, too, and hates for people to be left out, or for someone to get more than another. Not to mention, if you be mean to her friends, you are dead. You have to get even, right? She can also be biased towards friends in some situations but... overall, she is a pretty fair person.

You do not want to go near this girl when she is in a bad-mood. Her... less nice side comes out to play. She is most likely to snap at anything you say, or just ignore you. You'll probably be called a variety of 'nicknames,' most of them meaning idiotic, or something along those lines, and prepare for some glares or eye rolls coming your way. Then there is her hyper mood, which is probably just as bad. She tends to laugh... alot. Like, I mean alot. As in... all the time, alot? As soon as someone says something mildly funny, she will be laughing for the rest of the day. Or, at least, until she calms down. She also tends to be more annoying, jumping around the place, singing, saying random stuff and asking random questions.

There are two things that Collie is absolutely terrible at - comforting and flirting. She's the person who, while everyone is saying, "Are you okay?" or "You'll be fine" or even "They're in a better place now," will be skulking around the back of the group, awkwardly. When it comes to heart-to-heart conversations, she is a great listener and great secret-keeper, but when it comes to comforting? A big no-no. And flirting is pretty much the same. To be honest, Collie isn't really sure what to do. How are you supposed to flirt? You can't just go up to someone and start fluttering your eyes, making you look like you have some sort of eyelid spasm! She is actually pretty good at talking to boys - yes, even cute ones - as she can act as if she isn't nervous, when she is dying inside. But flirting? Nope.

She is actually a pretty good actress. Not that she has been in many performances. No, when I say acting, I mean lying. She can get away with almost anything, by saying the right things. Though, it's usually her big mouth that has gotten her their in the first place... An example of this would be when she was thirteen, and her and her best friend were talking to a cute guy in their class who had liked their friend -- and I mean really liked, not just a small crush - for years, via text. They had told him that their friend liked him, which was true, and the two started going-out. The problem with this was... Collie had pretty much set up the guy she liked with another girl. And no, she did not just like him because he was cute - that was just a plus.

Height: "I'm not really sure, because I don't take out a measuring tape every day and measure myself, do I? But.. short, I suppose..." Hannah is 5'2, which, for her age, is most definitely considered short. She has been teased about this before, but nothing cruel, just playful teasing, and it would be considered one of her insecurities, even if if it just a small thing.

Weight: "Well, I would say, between 110lbs - 120lbs? That's just a guess, though." Hannah weighs 113lbs, which is due to her small height, and her inability to put on weight, even though she eats like a pig.

Hair: "Um...well, it's black. That's about it." Hannah's hair is a silky midnight black, always has been, always will be. Well, sorta'. She once dyed a blue highlight in her hair.. but she only kept that for about a month. It hangs in waves around her shoulders, and falls to just below her chest. She has a side fringe that hangs over her right eye.

Eyes: "Um... brown?" Hannah's eyes are a golden brown, and are symmetrically placed on her face. They have a mischevious glint to them, and are framed by long, dark eyelashes and thin eyebrows.

Build: "Um, small. Yup. Small." Hannah has, being both short and slim, a small build. She is one of those girls that never seems to grow, and never adds weight, though she admittedly eats more than she should.

History: Colleen was born to Elizabeth and Jared Williams on April 7. She was the youngest of the Williams, and to be honest, she was always the most spoilt. She had a pretty good life growing up, she will admit. She was the first and only daughter, as well as being the youngest, so for a while, as you could imagine, she was showered with love. She had two older brothers, too -- Edward, aged twenty, and Jacob, aged eighteen. They are those kind of brothers that will hekp you through everything. Well, Edward is, at least. Collie's relationship with Jacob is more of a good-natured teasing contest, and they pretty much annoy the shit out of each other on a regular basis.

As a child, Collie and Jacob's relationship was the same. Aged five and seven, the two were wrestling each other on the bouncy-castle at parties. Age fourteen and sixteen, the two were teasing each other about the opposite sex. And during all of this, Edward was standing at the sidelines, making sure it didn't get out of hand. Yes, unlike his hectic siblings, Edward was always responsible, and serious one.

Other: I read the rules, by the way. They were Lovely. And I just realized now that i called the brothers Edward and Jacob... ironic.

So begins...

Colleen 'Collie' Williams's Story