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Romantically Challenged



a part of Romantically Challenged, by Angel-Chii.

the town and beyond

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the town and beyond


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OOC- ((I am only doing this once, all other OOC questions or comments should take place in the OOC section. In any case, I will just go ahead and start the beginning of the RP. Any one else should create a character and when accepted-jump in. ))


Shuffling into the room, Uncle Bill tapped Dean's shoulder. The youth was asleep in his bed and it was about time to get up and go to college. Still Uncle Bill was a bit unnerved at this. How in all of hell did Dean make it through High School? It was a mystery. And he wondered why he was here in his grease, ripped jeans and red and black plaid oxford, trying to wake up his nephew? If Dean didn't give a rats ass why should he? Because he made a promise that he would care for him, from his brother.

"Dean, wake the hell up!" Uncle Bill growled. Then he saw a Poland Spring water bottle peeking from underneath Dean's bed. A thought crossed his mind, then he bent over and retrieved the half-empty plastic bottle. He opened it, then splashed its liquedy contents over Dean's head.

Bill stepped back as he watched his nephew stir and push himself from the bed. "What the fuck?" Dean muttered, shaking his head. The light silvery strands of his hair stuck to his forehead.

"Rise and shine boy, you got classes now. GET UP!" Uncle Bill said as he smiled, then turned and left.

"Ugh," Dean moaned as he fell back into the bed.

Once he went through the morning ritual of showering and changing his clothing, Dean was ready to hit the streets. Getting his worn bag and old iPod he headed to the door.

"Hey, what about breakfast?" Uncle Bill called out from the kitchen.

"Can't. No time," Dean said as he swung the door open.

"But you can't just leave like that with out eating boy-"

The door slammed shut behind Dean, cutting off Uncle Bill's protests. Plugging the ear buds into his ears, Dean turned on the iPod and started to listen to "Enjoy the Silence" by Anberlin. At least his iPod provided a little comfort.

And off he went, down the street to the college which was about thirty minutes away by car. Since Dean had no job as of yet, he didn't have a car, but he did have a license to drive. So the city bus was his other alternative.