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Dahlia Montague

Insane WIP

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a character in “Romeo and Juliet- The Continuing Story”, as played by yourbunnyboo2



【The Basics】

|Full Name|
Dahlia Lola Montague

"Oh my gosh nobody calls me dahlia"


{i]"Strictly Di- wait can I say that?"[/i]


【Deeper Down】


|Quirks & Habits|
Lola runs her hand through her hair when she's either annoyed or just tired. She does it so often that she no longer even bothers wearing her hair in a updo

She tends to giggle when she feels awkward or when she's guilty of something

Lola has a habbit of forgetting people's ames. Sometimes she does it mid sentence. She knows their names she just can't seem to remember it right that second. So she often calls eople "Honey, Love, sugar, daling, sweetheart, or babe"


|Likes & Dislikes|
Sweet Coffee
Fast cars
Bad boys
Credit card limits
Mom cars
Teen Mom "Seriously it's bad portrayal"
Wearing her glasses
Short hair
Black coffee
Gaining Weight
Changing diapers

Gymnastics: As a child Lola wanted to run away with the circus and be a contortionist. So her mom signed her up for acrobatics, gymnastics, and any dance class available.
Yoga: When she got pregnant she did yoga to relax her. She just does it everyday now.
Fashion designing: She loves fashion. Her room along with maniquins, sewing machines, and a design board, is filled with schetches and old schetch books.


Ricky Jr:
While most moms young moms tend to be stressed and crazy and generally blame their children, Lola isn't like that. She sees Ricky as the best part of her life. She loves coming home feom Work and seeing Ricky. She loved being pregnant and she loves being a mom. She constantly worries for Ricky though. She has been known to get in fights with moms at the playground over Ricky.
Sonya Saint:
Not to soon after Sonya realized her son had married into a Mafia family and therefore her gandchild was part of a mafia family, Sonya tried to take custody away from Lola. Lola fears that one day Sonya might take her baby away. Especially now since Ricky has a new Fiancee.




【Back to the Past】


|Family Members|
Amara Montague [mother,43]
Amara is a home body for lack of better word. Though her kids were mainly aised by their aunts ,uncles, and grandparents. She tends to spoil her children and keep them on loose reigns. She isn't liked by the Montague family but they begrudginly accept her for the sake of her children.
Simon Montague [father,46]
Simon is the opposite of his frivolous wife. He tends to keep his son and oldest daughte on a tight leash, though he excessivly spoils his youngest daughter and tolerates her bad behavior.
Julian Montague [brother, 25]
Hulian is the ladies man. He can charm any and every female he comes in contact with. He, like his father and mother, excessively indulges in his sisters whims. He protects her fiercly and like his father would do any and everything for his family. He plans to join the mafia as his father did.
Bella Montague [sister, 25]
Bella is considered the rebel, though her indiscressions are not as bad as her little sisters. She doesn't associate with the mafia business. She is passive and have very liberal feministic ideas that tend to wory her family.
Ricky Saint Jr [son, 5]
Ricky is the youngest member of the Montague family. He is loved excessively by his family. His mother and grandmother spoil him excessively. His closet often rivals most adults closets in price.
|Relationship History|
Ricky Saint. Ex Husband
Lola and Ricky started dating her sophmore year of high school, while Ricky was a Junior. Ricky was the star lacrosse player and always a stater on football. Lola was a flyer for the Varsity cheer quad. It was a match made in high school hell. However they did love eachother alot. Lola lost her virginity to ricky her Junior year. Lola got prgnant during spring break of her senior year so they of course did the right thing and got engaged. They had a shot gun wedding though few could tell. They got divorced abot two years after that . Her and Ricky are still good friends and he takes great care of Ricky Jr.

【A Little Something Extra】

|Theme Song(Optional)|
|Sample Post(Optional)|

So begins...

Dahlia Montague's Story


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December 31, 2013

It's the clock is approaching mid-night as both household looked at the clock, it's a family dinner today where everyone was required to be present. It have been a family tradition for each household to host such an event, with glamorous lights and classy music, it is also a day to remember those who died trying to protect the honor of the family.

Today was the day that Capulets are not welcome in the Montague's house, nor are the Montagues welcomed in the Capulet's house. However, each character is doing something as the new year approaches, unsure of their fate in the new year.

(OOC: You may begin writing about what your character is doing at the party, sorry about not getting this post up sooner, I was gone for a while but I am back :) )