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Raenie Hallow

''Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect, it just means you have decided to live your life despite it's imperfections. So be happy cause life sucks, but you're doing just fine. :)''

0 · 130 views · located in A big house in the middle of winter

a character in “Romeo X Romeo”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


Name:Raenie Hallow
Nickname: RaeRae, Nini, Hallie
Age: 15
Role: Boy 1 This is the boy who’s uncle’s house the boys are staying at…
Sexuality: Homosexual
Description: Image
Personality: Cadwynn is a very sweet and caring boy, he loves making everyone around him happy and helping anyone in need. He is known for putting others before him self. He has a very happy-go-lucky aura around him and generates nothing but happiness and always aims for the highest goal achievable. He is quite competive when he does things with others but trys hard not to be. He is very sensitive to things and usually doesn't keep things from anyone at all. He never shows any emotion but happiness around others, which he is very good at.
Likes: Singing, reading when he can't sleep, making others happy, kittens, cuddling, sweets (CAKE!), staying awake
Dislikes:Having to sit still, someone around him being sad, dogs, snakes, darkness, being left alone, being hot, spicy things, having to sleep.
Fears: Being alone for the rest of his life. Or darkness and what lies within it.
Secrets: He slipped into depression earlier in his life and tried hurting himself, and due to that now he has sleep terrors and insomnia
History: Raenie has lived with his uncle all his life since his parents both died. His mother died during birth and his father, who was a soldier, died in war, so he was sent to his uncles. His uncle cared for him as his own and loved him very much.
Favorite Movie Genre: Staight up romance movies

So begins...

Raenie Hallow's Story