Kenji Fuwakawa

Farewell as you Burn in Hell...

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a character in “Ronin Bancho: An Exchange of Violence”, as played by JayZeroSnake


My Name is Kenji Fuwakawa, And You Killed My Father I'm an 18 year old teenager standing at 6ft with black spiked hair, caucasian skin, and an athletic build that has some muscle to it. I dress in a gakuran, modified of course, long coat, baggy/high waisted pants, a headband, and some wristbands/wrist wraps.




You'll have to see me out on the field for that one. My mannerisms however, aren't very comical…I can say that much.

Theme: Dohyou No Eiyuu



Cell Phone, Key Ring, Candy Cigarettes

I'm well versed in Kyokushin Karate, And Wing Chun. For grappling, I prefer Judo. My sword style is Ichimonji-Ryuu (Straight Line Style)


Techniques- (As Of Now)



Shushinkyaku (Step Kick Lunge): The user kicks at the ground (Or any solid object) in a special method, and flies forward in a dash.

Kyuusoken (Rushing Fists): A Barrage of punches. Retains strength and accuracy, making it capable of striking areas as small as pressure points at high speed, while keeping punching power that could break even stone.



Zan Gan Ken (Straight Line Style, Stone Cutting Blade): The user can use any sword, or weapon similar to a sword, like a stick, or a ruler even, and cut through hard materials.

Saishouha (Flying Cyclone Blade): With a flick of the wrist, The user can toss a weapon in a spinning motion, like that of a boomerang.


Kenji Fuwakawa isn't just a full blooded japanese boy, but he's also a hot-blooded one! Since a young age, he's had fighting ability after incidents at school regarding bullies, and has trained first in boxing and wrestling as a little boy, and advancing to martial arts at 9, in the prestigious arts of Kyokushin Kaikan and Wing Chun, along with his most recent accomplishment, a second dan in Judo, and completion of his Ichimonji Ryuu sword training, all by his father. His father then once demonstrated the fighting style called 'Zangyaku Ken,' the Violent Fist, and Kenji wanted to learn. However, his father said no, and decided for the first part of his training, he'd visit the man who taught his father the Zangyaku Ken, before learning the rest with his dad.

Now, he's traveled to Okinawa, eager to not only learn Zangyaku Ken, but to refine his current arts, and protect people from the threats of the more dishonorable delinquents.

So begins...

Kenji Fuwakawa's Story