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Harry Bailey

"Well I don't care!"

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a character in “Rookie”, as played by TheThirteenth




You made me miss an explosion?!Why would you do that?!

Full Name:Harry Merett Bailey

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Dark brown hair,fairly light complexion and single chin.Flat-like cheeks and blue eyes.
Personality: Harry is a particularly snappy person,with a sort of defensive aggression too,tending to say he doesn't need help when he usually does.Oftentimes,Harry overdoes the arresting part of the job.He is quite joking though,and can be friendly.Sometimes.Not a lot.


TO(Training Officer): Officer Cooper

Bio: Harry was never really interested in a police career,or any job of the type really.He spent a lot of time drawing,as a child,and had only a few friends,institating a more bitter feeling in him as he was left behind numerously or trodden down on,etc etc.In his teen years,life for him had become meaningless and terrible until he found what he COULD do to channel his anger.A police career!He took a lot more interest in it and became some part happier.
And now,Harry is a Rookie,training to become an officer.

Theme Song:

Pull over,I'm too hungry to chase you down!

Likes:Disaster scenes,danger,joking around,Johnny Cash,80s Rock.

Dislikes:Boring speeches,reading (ironic for me),having to explain things,lengthy things.

So begins...

Harry Bailey's Story

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Tessa stepped out of her car into the parking lot looking at the station, she grabbed her bag from the back and headed in. She headed straight for the women's change room and grumbled a little putting her uniform on, the bullet proof vest was uncomfortable, she hated them even at the academy, her dad had told her she would get used to it as time went on, tightening her pony tail and closing the locker she headed out and into the large room that they had their morning meeting in, where everyone went in, was told what was happening what they were doing, and who their partner was for the day, though she heard that didn't change very often, and it definatly didn't change for a rookie since rookies were always with their training officers.

As soon as Tessa stepped in and took her place she looked for her fellow rookies who had come over to four with her, but was having trouble spotting them, she sighed irritably looking back at the front. A man walked in a little after her in sort of street looking clothes with a badge at his side, she assumed that he was one of the two detectives for the station for the simple fact he wasn't in uniform. The station Sergeant stepped up to the podium at the front and started speaking to them, saying things about basic patrols, he listed the rookies and who their training officers were. "Officer Tessa Hill, your Training Officer is Officer Perez." Tessa looked over at the man who smirked and waved at her, she sunk down in her chair a little.