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Sun-Yi Choi

"Leader, Sun-Yi here!"

0 · 979 views · located in Seoul, South Korea

a character in “Rookies”, as played by Kuukakulily




{ Given Name }
Choi Sun-Yiㅣ최 순이
{prounounced : Cho-ee Soon-EE}

{ Stage Name }

{ Nickname(s) }
Sunny, Sun, Clutzy, Eomma (Mother)

{ Birthday }
22ㅣMarch 8

{ Nationality }

{ Sexuality and Romantic Orientation }

{ Group/Role }
RadiantㅣLeader, Main Vocalist

{Face Claim}
Hwa-Young RyuㅣT-Ara


{ Height & Weight }
Sun-Yi is 5'5" and weighs 101 pounds.

{Hair Color/Length}
In her trainee days she wore her hair long, black and straight. When she joined Radiant they changed her image, chopping her long locks off into a bob and dying it a lighter color of brown. She quite likes this length and finds it very light in comparison with her original style.

{Eye Color}
Sun-Yi's eyes are a dark chocolate brown. She was blessed with perfect eyesight so she doesn't wear contacts of any type unless required by her stylists.

{Distinguishable Facial Features}
Sun-Yi's only noticeable facial feature is her Aegyo Sal.

Sun-Yi was always more adventurous and tomboyish than her twin sister and as a result she has a few childhood scars. Thankfully these scars are easily covered by clothing and she does not have any on her face. Sun-Yi has a matching comet-shaped birthmark with her twin. Sun-Yi's is on her inner left forearm, while her sister's is located in her inner right forearm.

{Physical Description}
Sun-Yi is said to resemble Park Shin-Hye by her peers and it's not entirely untrue. They share the same large eyes, delicate nose and generous, bow-shaped lips, but the similarities end there. Sun-Yi has larger eyebrows, at least in comparison with other idols. She also has Aegyo sal, which are the puffy "bags" located under her lower eyelids. Unlike many idols these days, hers are natural and she has not had any plastic surgery.

Sun-Yi has a small, lithe frame. This combined with her innocent-looking face makes her seem like her style would be cute and naive, however that is not the case. Sun-Yi aims for a more mature and respectable image in both her style and demeanor. Her clothing and and makeup often reflect this. Stylists play up her large eyes and apply minimal makeup and dress her in more demure clothing than the other members. Her shorts and skirts are never too short and her blouses don't reveal any cleavage.


∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ RandomㅣShe has random moments of quirkiness.
✦Nail BitingㅣShe has a terrible habit of biting her nails. She's often scolded for it.
✦Hand TalkingㅣWhen she speaks, she often talks with her hands as well. She's never still.

∞ Likes ∞
ImageImage♥ FoodㅣSun-Yi loves to eat anything and everything. Despite all this eating, she has problems gaining weight.
♥ DramasㅣSun-Yi has an unhealthy obsession with watching dramas.
♥ SingingㅣSinging has always been Sun-Yi's passion in life. When she sings, she feels weightless and invincible.

Image∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Schedules | She doesn't like that her life isn't in her control, but knows it is a necessary evil.
✖ ColdㅣSun-Yi is very sensitive to the cold and despises it with a passion.
✖ ComparisonㅣShe doesn't like being compared to her sister and her group.

ImageImage∞ Talents ∞
✔ SingingㅣSun-Yi has a powerful voice that draws you in. She can sing nearly any type of song and only struggles with rap.
✔ PianoㅣShe was encouraged to play from a young age and is very accomplished at it.
✔ LyricistㅣSun-Yi is a surprisingly accomplished lyricist. She collaborates and has written many of Radiant's songs.

ImageImage∞ Fears ∞
✘ FailureㅣSun-Yi has worked very hard to get where she is. Failure is not an option.
✘ RejectionㅣSun-Yi has had her fair share of rejections despite her talent. They always seemed to prefer her twin.
✘ HeightsㅣEver since her sister accidentally pushed her out of a tall tree when they were little, she's been frightened of heights.

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ ClumsyㅣSun-Yi is so clumsy she trips on her own feet.
✘ Horrible DancerㅣHer clumsiness makes her very bad at dancing. She lacks the coordination.
✘ Terrible CookㅣNo one ever trusts Sun-Yi to cook because she always burns it.

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ In Love| Sun-Yi is hopelessly in love with SHINee's Onew.
⌛ InsecureㅣSun-Yi is scared of the responsibility thrust upon her in being the leader of the group.

{ Personality }
Sun-Yi has a very magnetic and approachable personality, while still being demure and respectful. Being the leader of Radiant, she is expected to be the most responsible member of the group. She cares deeply for her other members and always makes sure their need are met before her own. This has led to her being known as the "Eomma" or mother of the group and she wears her title with pride. She enjoys being depended on by others as it makes her feel useful.
Even though she is the most responsible member of the group, she is also the most quirky. She is prone to random outbursts of awkwardness. She almost always embarrasses herself in interviews and variety shows. She has a very bubbly disposition and show aegyo often for fans and the cameras.
Because of her clumsiness and lack of coordination, she does not dance well. She does her best to make up for her shortcomings and is one of the hardest workers in the group. She is often the first to arrive for training and the last to leave.
She is very respectful to her sunbaes in the company and her elders. This makes her a very well-liked individual by many, if not all, of her peers. She is also a kind person to the trainees and many of them look up to her, not only for her vocal ability, but for her likable personality as well.


{ History }
Sun-Yi was born the younger of twin girls on a chilly spring day in March to Choi Jin-Hyuk and Choi Sun-Hyo. Though her family was by no means rich, she and her sister, Sun-Hwa grew up in relative comfort in Incheon. Her mother was a folk singer and Sun-Yi and Sun-Hwa gained their love of music from her.
Their mother encouraged them to learn an instrument and both girls chose to learn the piano. Sun-Hwa was a decent player, but she never became as accomplished as Sun-Yi did.
Both girls were scouted by YG Entertainment after being featured on a local television program with their mother. YG saw more potential with Sun-Hwa at the time and recruited her for training. A year passed since Sun-Hwa's training began and Sun-Yi was gaining more attention singing with her mother. SM seized the opportunity to steal Sun-Yi away before YG could get to her and she began her training immediately at the age of fourteen. She's been in training for eight years and only recently debuted with Radiant.
While in training, she came to have a crush on fellow trainee Lee Jin-Ki a.k.a Onew of SHINee. They have similar interests and personalities but she has never told him and she probably never will.
Radiant has been well received by fans and critics alike and Sun-Yi looks forward to many more successful years with them.

{ Other }
Singing Voice
Shannon Williams
Speaking Voice
Also Shannon Williams

So begins...

Sun-Yi Choi's Story