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Sona Watlane

You call that challenge? I call it usual day.

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a character in “Room Mates”, as played by Sona


Name: Sona Walane


Full Name: Alexander Nikolaevich Sona Watlane

Age: 18

Personality: Cold most of the times, but he blushnes easly and there are rare moments he'll be very shy. He cares for the people he knows although he doesn't want to show it

Eye Colour: Emeral Green

Body type: normal to muscular

Romantic Status: Single, straigh

Likes: Music, Matirial arts, cooking, skating, parkour, cats, hard challenges

Dislikes: going out every day, noble girls, dogs


Sona was bored in russia where he began to learn matirial arts, he loved them since he was a little boy. Later in his life around at his late 13 he began to teach himself parkour, it seemed risky and dangerous to him and yet he loved a hard challlenge. He was a normal boy in school but girls seemed like approaching him more and more, but he kept that cold face and kept telling them to leave him alone but in his inside he liked it. His mother died when at his 15 birthday and since then Sona was acting really cold to everyone, since his mother was his most precious person in his life. His father tried to approach him and make him feel better, but Sona kept his heart and mind closed to himself only.

Theme song: Headstong by Trapt (

So begins...

Sona Watlane's Story


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"Awesome." Nina said. "Tell you guys what, you guys decide the details and you can fill me in when I get back from college. Wish me luck." Nina added getting up from the table. She went around the room hugging each person individually before going out the door with a wave. Today was starting on a positive. She was making good time and she had a party to look forward to later.


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Olivia blushed a bit when she realized she was not alone, but she answered Tyler in a clear, concise tone. "No, I'm not sure where they are," she answered, taking another sip of her soda-whiskey. "And, uh, I'm sorry you had to see that," she added, rubbing the back of her head. She wasn't usually embarrassed but she had a feeling Tyler had gotten a good laugh out of her cover of the song. Then, responding to Sona, she asked, "What?"