A'vaileth Voideie

the world's best assassin secretly, her assassin name is Zero Brokenbreeze. Vampire.

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a character in “Rotherion”, as played by MidnightMacbeth1


She wears all black clothing except for her mask. She has blades stashed wherever she can fit them. She wears knee high black boots, long black pants and a sleeveless, black shirt. She wears black gloves, and a long black cloak. She always has her hood on. She wears a black and red wolf mask. She has bands on her teeth make sharp iron teeth shoot down. She can also do that with her nails. She has short black hair with a white stripe on her left side. Her eyes are bright blue.
She sees everyone as black and white, only as prey. But if you get to know her, which nobody has in years, she can be a very enjoyable person to be around. She walks with immortal grace and her footsteps are always unheard. This is due to the fact that she is also the worlds best assassin, Zero Brokenbreeze. Due to the fact that nobody has ever seen Zero and lived to tell the tale, nobody knows what she looks like.
She uses an assortment of blades to get her through trouble and she always comes out on top. She trusts her claws the most.
She was a scared little child. Her parents were saints and she was always afraid they would catch her stealing or doing something else bad. she eventually ran away from home and was trained to be an assassin. She fought her master to prove that she was the best and she came out victorious within a few seconds. When she became the world's best assassin, she cut her long white hair to be short and fluffy, leaving a stripe white and dyeing the rest black. She lived that way ever since.
But soon she had gotten bored of just killing and started taking jobs for money. That's where she is now.

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A'vaileth Voideie's Story