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Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?


Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up."


Everyone loves a good romance story, right? If you didn’t why would your eyes draw interest in the title and cause you to check out the story. There is just something about a handsome, young man wooing the heart of a little lady, and of course the lovely happy endings. It is just grand. We are all waiting for our happy endings, some of us have found it, some still looking, would you believe me if I told you that happy endings don’t exactly come from happy beginnings. You are probably thinking, ‘duh random narrator’ and I would reply something crass, but I will refrain. Anyway, yes it is true, happy endings come from difficulties, and confusion. The dreaded, does he/she like me syndrome. We have all had that horrid disease when the only cure is confrontation and the results could lead to a broken heart. Sigh. Any who, this is not our story, but rather a story that involves a stern prince who prefers ruling the country rather than his heart, a fake princess who is graceful, and poise but she is afraid to live her own life, a fake maid that is actually the princess whose self-esteem is crashing with the replacement of her title, and a the prince’s guard/assistant who is quite the charmer, but living with a broken-heart. I digress so now I will begin.

Once upon a time, there was a kind Queen, named Cassandra, who married a dashing King, named Winston Carrington, the two ruled the Kingdom of Amaris, and all was peaceful. Wars were quenched, problems vanished and the King and Queen were leveled headed, decent people whom everyone loved. The love for this perfect couple grew when they found out they were having a child, twins in fact. Months later, their perfect children were born, Prince _______ and Princess Charlotte. The twins were different as day and night, the prince was quiet and contemplating, while the princess was happy and care-free, but no resentment was there, they loved each other dearly as siblings do. Skipping to five months ago, the dashing King and the lovely Princess were heading off to another kingdom to check out a prospective husband. The Princess, before she left, went to seek out her Brother’s guard, and promised him she would tell her father that she was secretly in love with him. The guard declared his love for the beautiful princess and watched her leave with her father; he was not expecting her to never return. On the trip, King Winston, Princess Charlotte, and his men were ambushed. One man escaped, he told them at least twelve men attacked, and let him live so he could tell the Prince and Queen that the kingdom would belong to them in due time. That man was found murdered in the woods a few days later. The prince’s guard was heartbroken that the love of his life was murdered; he vowed to find the men who killed his one true love. The Kingdom of Amaris was devastated, war was not something they were familiar with, and their lovely princess and dashing King were dead. Councils decided that the Prince would become the new king, but before he could become king he must first marry. He managed to evade marriage for five months, but last week it was decided that he would marry a princess from Vera. The council would give him the summer to get to know the princess, at his castle, and then at the end of the summer he was to wed. A loveless marriage, he knew, but he had to do what was right for the kingdom.

Wipe your tears, now I will tell you story from the Kingdom of Vera.


Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Vera, there was a vain Queen, named Sera, and a ruthless King, named Thomas Sinclair. The Kingdom was not as peaceful as Amaris, but it was ruled by the iron hand of King Thomas, and no one dared cross him. However, the vain Queen tried. She had an affair with a man from the village, maybe it was love, but the attraction came more from lust. She found out she was with child and told the King it was his. When the child, a girl, was born it was obvious it was not his, and he became furious. Queen Sera was frightened and told King Thomas that she was raped while taking a trip to town, but she did not tell him because she was ashamed. This angered the King further and he ordered the execution of the man who defiled his wife. This was done in secret and while the Kingdom knew the King and Queen had a new daughter, they did not know she was a product of an illicit affair, a bastard child. In fact, they have never seen the Princess, and never heard a name, some wondered if she was real, but sadly she was. Now, the child did not have a happy life, berated by her father, and mother. Her father’s anger, because the girl was not his and her mothers’, because she had caused the death of her lover. She would try so hard to get her parents affection, but to no avail; she was locked in a loveless castle. The birth of her younger brother added more resentment and isolation from her parents, but the young boy did not look down on his half-sister no matter what his parents told him. Two months ago it was known that the Prince of Amaris was looking for a bride and when her parents told her she jumped at the chance to finally honor her parents. The cruelty of the matter was that she was not going to be the bride. They had hired a girl to be their daughter. This girl was stunning, and poised. Her manners were exceptional, and carried herself as a princess should, unlike the clumsy princess. She actually looked like the Queen and King, unlike the true Princess. When Princess Mirabelle looked into the eyes of this girl she saw that the girl was the right choice to play the part of the princess, but she also saw a hint of sadness in the girl. The King told the Princess that she was going to accompany the new Princess and become her maid. It was a perfect plan to get rid of the Princess who disgusted him daily. The quiet Princess agreed knowing that this is what she had to do to honor her parents.

Now each one of them have had rough starts, but could these four actually get their happy endings?


Expand on these characters. I have give basics, but I would a lot more detail. Also I have not paired up who they will fall in love with, time will tell.

The Prince (21): A workaholic prince, trying to honor his father. He spends his time ruling the country he has no time for the affairs of the heart. Determined / Stern / Quiet

Mirabelle Sinclair taken by MissNessa
The True Princess (19): She was sent by her parents as their fake daughter’s maid. It was a cruel plan by her parents, but she obediently agreed. Low self-esteem / Clumsy / Shy

The Prince’s Guard (20): While the prince is brooding, the guard (assistant) handles the social parts disarmingly all while being equipped to take down anyone who harms the prince. Happy / Charming / Bold

The Fake Princess (19): They hired a professional actress who has had training to become the perfect princess. She is tired of faking it through life, but doesn't know how to change. Poise / Beautiful / Elegant.

Toggle Rules

1. Literate: I am not a grammar nazi, and I misuse punctuation marks like they are going out of style, but I want juicy paragraphs. We all have writer's block, but if I see one or two sentences a post I will kill off your character. I would like to see a couple paragraphs per post. Less is not more. Hopefully, by carefully screening the profiles, we will not have such a problem.

2. Be active: I have a job, you, hopefully, have a job or school, but I would like you to be active. If there is only two of us role-playing, and no one else is participating, deaths will happen. If you have decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Alaska let me know so I do not have to conjure up a freak lightning storm that murders your character. Post every couple of days.

3. Input: I would like to hear your suggestions. Whether it is a new character idea or new chapter focus, tell me about it! I may be the GM, but every character is important. If you have ideas for a back story for your character that you don't want anyone else to know yet, pm me. If you have an idea that you do want people to know, pm me as well. I am an open-minded person.

4. God-modding: Your character is not perfect, for goodness sake they live in a world of imperfection so act like it. Do not try to read the mind of other characters (including NPCS) because that is just silly, and freaking annoying. Also do not try and take over another person's character without permission.

5. Keep it Clean: Cursing is fine, but do not overuse it, be a little more creative than that. I understand romance will take place, but this role-play is not a place for your lust bucket of porn. Thank you.

Character Sketch
[As long what I require is filled out it does not matter how it is designed on your profile.]

The traits are for you to build your character. Do not limit yourself, but do not ignore the traits. They are there for a purpose. Be as detailed as possible. This is who you are portraying make it beautiful or tragic as long as it is detailed. If you want to compete for a role, I will choose the more detailed, and better worded profile.

Nickname: [optional]

Physical Appearance: [Picture [Anime] & Description]
Personality: [detailed]


Song: [This is purely for enjoyment purposes. It is also optional.]

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Character Portrait: Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair


Character Portrait: Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair
Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair

"A princess in disguise, but when have I ever truly been a princess?"


Character Portrait: Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair
Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair

"A princess in disguise, but when have I ever truly been a princess?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair
Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair

"A princess in disguise, but when have I ever truly been a princess?"

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Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Alright, I'll be making the character tonight, since I was working on another character ,haha. ^.^

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Ah, great! I'll be submitting him tonight then!

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

BespectacledBeauty, if you would like to join as the prince go right ahead. So far no one has even created a sketch for him, and I looked at your past sketch it looks well done. So if you would like to try for him go for it. ^_^

*Also I added a young prince of Vera (half-sibling of the true princess) who will be played by me in the future. He will just add some extra fun to the group later on.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Hi everyone! This roleplay is really beautifully set up. I'd love to join if I could take the Prince's spot? If it's not already reserved that is. Or is it a first come first serve, or 'may the best character sheet' win sort of thing?

Not sure if it was actually verified on the Intro page. Apologies if I missed it.

After scanning the OOC a little more thuroughly, I have a better understanding of how you're choosing now. Afraid I only joined a few days ago though so I only have one character in another role play and her sheet isn't even finished yet ><;

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Wow, I was not expecting three people to sign up for the fake princess. It is a competition between ShadowedxLove, Luna Delta, and Miss Nomer. When you are all finished (or after an appropriate amount of time has past) I will decide, and please, no hard feelings for the ones who are not chosen. It's going to be tough because so far they are all good. You guys are making my character look bad, haha. I will try to finish her by tomorrow. Also, we can't start without the two male characters so let's get it started. ^_~

Also some helpful tips. The fake princess will not need to change her name because no one really knows the true princess' name so the f.p does not need to switch names with the r.p. If you have some back story of why the f.p doesn't use her real name and she does happen to go by an alias that is a.okay. Another hint, the f.p looks similar to the King and Queen of Vera. This means light hair color, whether blonde or light brown. I did specify that this girl looks like the King and Queen and they do not have dark hair color which is why the real princess' hair is jet black (appearing to look more like her deceased father).

If you have any questions feel free to pm me or the obvious, ask me here.

Peace out~ ^_~

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Yes, as soon as the other person sends in their character I will look them over and make a decision. ^_^

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Meh, it's no big deal, have fun everyone!

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

I sent my character in a while ago. Will you be pming the person that got the spot?

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

There are two people competing for the spot at the moment. Annnd,maybe it wasn't clear, but I am playing the True Princess, so please do not make a character that is already taken by me, ha.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Was the fake princess reserved? It's no big deal as my schedule is a mess, but if it's open, I'd take it.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

SlightlyInsane: Yep, they basically have everything we have now, but it's not our earth. Think of it like a different dimension, there is no America or anything like that. The lands are divided by kingdoms and ruled by kings and queens. Let's take out the gun use though, and revert back to weaponry that are more premodern (swords, katanas, bows, can't think of anything else, ha) style. PreModern weaponry, but modern technology.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

@Nessa- That's understandable. I too character stalk. ^.^ And as clarification on the use of modern technology, will characters be walking around listening to their iPhones or were you referring more to weaponry use?

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

suffacate: I noticed! Very sneaky, haha. You seem like a good RP'er though, I can sense these things ^_^

Any who off to work on my character. It will probably be finished by tomorrow, but I am quite slow at these things.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Oh, I'm sorry I don't have any past posts or characters for you to go off of then!
Haha. My other account was getting too clogged up with characters, overwhelmed I think, and many of them were very old and not a good representation of how I made characters, so I decided to restart.

I promise though that you'll get a good character from me, haha.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Q: When exactly in time does this take place. 1700's? 1800's?
A: It is not exactly specified what era the kingdom's are in. Honestly, it isn't earth as we know it, but it does have the modern devices we have today.

Q: For all that are requesting reserves: that is fine, but I will be picking the more elaborate skelly, and I judge how you will RP by how your skelly is made. I want this RP to be literate and I am looking for certain people. I am also stalking your past skellies and RP posts, don't judge me. ^_^

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

It looks like a great roleplay! I'll have to check back later though because I might be too busy to join another one. :3 I'll make sure to make a reserve then if spots are still open.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

This sounds wonderful. ^.^

I'd love to reserve the Prince please, I'll have the character up by sometime tomorrow, since I have work tonight.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

The plot is very intriguing. I would be interested in participating as the faux princess or the guard.

Re: Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

Can I reserve the fake Princess? Also from the way it seems this roleplay does not take place in modern day if so I apologize for the misunderstanding but if not then when exactly in time does this take place. 1700's? 1800's?

Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?

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