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Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair

"A princess in disguise, but when have I ever truly been a princess?"

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a character in “Rough Beginnings and Happy Endings?”, as played by MissNessa


Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair
"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."

Physical Appearance
Mirabelle is not the type a person who would get a second glance if someone were to pass her in the street. She is average looking with long jet black hair and bangs that cover her face. She is not unattractive; it is just there is nothing that stands out about the girl. However, her piercing black eyes are the girl’s best feature. The eyes have a gentle hue about them even though they are plain it color. Kind, pained eyes are how they could be described, soul searching eyes that see way more than they should. They stand out because of her extremely pale, smooth skin. Her dark, thick hair goes down to her waist and hasn’t been cut in years. Her style is simple wear, that is comfortable, but she would love to try on the amazingly detailed ball gowns her mother wore, sadly she isn't granted nice things. She doesn’t play around with her hair at all and it is always straight, and down. The girl doesn't wear make-up because she was never taught how to, but fortunately she was blessed with smooth, clear skin. Mira is very petite getting her small figure from her mother. She stands about 5'1 and while she might have gotten her mother's small frame she did not inherit her chest genes. If one was to look at her they may gather that she has a sickly appearance seeing as she is ghostly pale, and naturally skinny, but not in a cute way, more like in a twelve year old boy way. While her appearance is lacking, it was how her father discovered that the girl was not his blood. The black hair, the dark eyes, the plain appearance she is constantly being reminded by her ‘father’ and her reflection that she is not his. She doesn’t even look like her blonde haired, blue eyed mother. She feels out of place and unattractive because of her looks, but Image while she can't see it, no one would say the girl wasn’t pretty in her own way.

If one would pick one word to describe Mira it would be the word, unconfident. When one is berated all their lives, is it any wonder that they are insecure? She doubts her actions often and when she tries something new to impress her parents it ends in failure. The problem with her insecurity is the fact that she is extremely loyal. The loyalty to her parents is incredible, and even through the verbal abuse. The girl would do anything for her parents, even denouncing herself as their daughter and succumbing to the life of a lowly maid. She is a people pleaser and she seeks her parent’s approval above all. Her parents, however, cannot stand the girl. It might be different if she had the grace of a princess, but she was born lacking the etiquette and no amount of walking with a book on her head would fix it. She is a natural klutz, and quite absentminded. If there are stairs she manages to trip, if she is holding a delicate object, it will somehow manage to embrace the floor. She tries hard not to be so klutzy, but it is engraved in her soul. Her absentmindedness is another problem. She tends to zone out in her own little world thinking about nothing, yet everything. This has caused her trouble in punctuality and in her studies. Her parents had gotten her a tutor and she would spend all day learning, but with her absentmindedness, and the fact she lacked confidence in her schooling did not sit well with her parents. However, she works hard, and she is determined to gain her parents approval.

Mira is overwhelming agreeable, she lacks the power to say no and many times was used by her own maids, labeled a push-over and taken advantage of. Using the bait, “Your parents would want you to,” people could walk over her and back and she would smile with her eyes cast down. Mira, because she is so quiet, is highly observant. She notices things people would otherwise look past, but keeps it to herself. She had many lonely days to watch her maids and menservants and she would notice things in her soberness. Yes, she was naïve in some aspects of her life, but she wasn’t ignorant to the ways of her help. She knew she was being manipulated a lot, and she knew the tone they used when they were lying to her, but she ignored it. She wasn’t going to stop them from pushing her around, she just quietly did as she was told, watching in background. Because she is observant, Mira is a caring person. She cares about people’s well-being, and would graciously put other peoples needs above her own. She has a heart of gold, and while she is a people pleaser her passion are the animals. She loves all animals, but especially horses. She grew up in such solitude that her only companions were the horses in stable. Whenever she had a chance she would leave the castle and ride the horses at night, the only sound was the galloping horse, and she felt peaceful and happy during those times. Now with everything you know about Mira, you will not be surprised to find out she is painfully shy. Her social skills were tremendously limited during her years so she is not an experienced speaker. She avoids speaking unless necessary, and her pale skin makes her blushes even more apparent. If one would take the time to get to know her she is relatively easy-going girl who tries to make the best of a lacking deal. A smile masks the pain and none would know it better than her.
To sum it up, Mira is an unconfident, loyal, clumsy, absentminded, push-over who is observant, and caring, but painfully shy.


Averting eyes
ºMira gets uncomfortable when she has to make direct eye contact for too long, to avoid it she looks down avoiding any contact.
ºMira has a habit of humming when she is alone. She finds it comforting because it fills the silence.
Biting lower lip
ºWhen Mira is thinking hard about something she tends to bite her lower lip. She doesn't realize she does it, but it helps her thinks.

ºMira has always feared disappointing her parents. While this happens often, she tries her best to redeem herself. She can't stand that she will always be a constant disappoint so she fears if she doesn't change that is all she will ever be.
ºMira has never been around other men her age so naturally she fears their presence. She doesn't know how to talk to them or what to do with them. Honestly, people, and public gatherings, in general tend to make the nervous girl uncomfortable.
ºAnother fear the girl has is of the dark. The girl cannot sleep unless she has some light on. The strange thing is, she loves being outside at night. Only if the stars and moon are out. She despise utter darkness, but then again who wouldn't

ºMira problem is that she wants to please everyone at the sake of her own sanity. It is good to help other and the golden rule applies, but when you knowingly know that you are being used why would continue seek acceptance? She has gone all her life trying to gain her parent's approval that she does not even know who she is and what she is living for aside from trying to please her parents. She would do anything and that attitude and her parents knowing they could use her was her downfall and continues to be. Another problem Mira has is her self-esteem issues. The girl has been berated so much that she has come to believe the lies her parents told her. Her guilt eats away at her and until she erases what she has been engraved to believe, she will never be free to live.

ºMira excels at horseback riding, while she is not familiar with the technical terms she did teach herself to ride at a young age.
ºMira does not cry. This may not seem like a talent, but she growing up the way she did meant tears would only lead to further trouble so she trained herself to avoid crying.


Mirabelle Ivy, a name given, not by her mother or father, but a simple maid named Cordelia, that helped raised her in the castle. When the Queen was pregnant with Mira she had told the King the child was his, and he had no reason to doubt his supposedly faithful wife. However, the day she was born, December 20th, would show that his “faithful” wife was no more than a common adulterer. The girl was born on a frigid, snowy night; it was a long labor, and no one was more excited about a child then the King, however as soon as he laid eyes on his daughter he knew she was not his. The head full of black hair, the dark eyes staring up at him. No, the girl was not his. He confronted his wife, angrily, and she, knowing his temper, concocted a horrid lie that ended in the death of her lover. She told him she had been visiting the town and the man grabbed her and raped her. The Queen hid the attack from him because she was ashamed. Now, the king wasn’t ignorant of the things that go on in his castle, and he knew that the Queen was not telling the truth, but he was angry. Someone was going to pay, but the Queen and her child, could be useful to him in the future so he fulfilled his blood lust by killing the man who impregnated her. Image

The announcement was already made that a girl was born to the king and queen, but that was all that was known. The servants were all sworn to secrecy and if anything about the birth leaked their death would follow. Some of the townspeople thought the girl must be sickly given the fact no one had seen her. While the townspeople pondered, the girl grew up in isolation. While she was surrounded by maids and other royal staff, she was never allowed to leave the castle grounds. Mira did not know what she did to garner such disgust by her parents. She was just a confused girl who spent her days reading in order to pass the time. Her parents either ignored her or uttered horrid things to the girl’s face. Even the servants looked at her with hatred. The only one whom she felt close with was her maid Cordelia. Even with the maid taking care of her, the woman did have other priorities she had to attend to and could not always be with the girl. Mira was alone, and she didn’t understand why. It was the eve of her tenth birthday when she found out the truth by her own mother.

She had heard there was a grand party going on in the ballroom and while she was ordered to stay in her room, she couldn’t help be a tad curious as to the happenings going on below her. She avoided all staff and the small girl made her way to the festivity. She was hiding, but her eyes drank it all in. It was a beautiful arrangement, the music, the lighting, the dancing, the woman were dressed in astonishingly detailed gowns and they all looked perfectly sculpted, the men were incredibly dashing in their suits and the way they held themselves. She could only pretend that the party was for her. She imagined they were all there to celebrate the girl’s tenth birthday and all were anxious to meet her. She would be dressed in a beautiful gown and greet everyone and thanked them all for coming to celebrate the occasion. Her imagination was cut off by reality when her mother spotted her. The Queen dragged her away from the grand ball, and demanded to know why she was out of her room. The girl couldn’t lie to her mother and told her she just wanted to see what the party was about, adding that it was her birthday tomorrow. The Queen laughed cruelly and drunkenly then told the girl no one would want to celebrate a mistake. The drunken Queen told the girl about her affair and how she was not a real princess, but a tragic accident. She told Mira what the servants thought of her; how they thought the Queen was raped, how the King despises the girl. How her birth caused the death of her lover. The pathetic girl just stood there while her mother rambled on about her regretful existence. Mira should have been surprised at the admission, but she wasn’t. She had heard talk, and knew bits and pieces, however it still hurt. She decided that day she was going to do whatever possible to gain her parents approval.

A few months after the incident, it was announced that the Queen was pregnant with a son. Unlike her birth, the townspeople were privy to the news of this delivery. There was so much excitement and hubbub around the new prince that Mira could not help, but feel resentment towards the unborn child. However, when the boy the born she had a change of heart; she loved her baby brother and while she was not allowed to see him often, she treasured the moments she had with him. Prince Roland Augustus Sinclair should have grown to despise his sister by following the examples of his parents, but he didn’t—he adored his big sister and thought it unfair at her treatment. He was treated as a prince should be treated, and spoiled by everyone. He, being still young, was being groomed to become the next king of Vera, but he would shirk orders to stay away from his half-sister, who would stop him, he was a prince after all. Mirabelle understood that she would never have what her brother had, love and affection from her parents, but having the cheerful child’s acceptance made her mostly solitude life bearable.

When it was announced the Prince of Amaris needed a bride to become king, her mother came to her. Mira, foolishly thinking that her mother was asking her to become the new bride, told her she would do it. The Queen laughed, of course, and told her that she would be the handmaid to a girl whom they hired to play the part of her daughter. Obviously they couldn’t send Mirabelle out there, with her looks people would know instantly the secrets of the Sinclair family—and that could never happen. Mira would no longer be her daughter, but rather a servant to this new princess obeying whatever request was needed of her. It was a perfect opportunity to rid themselves of the girl and make her useful. Mira was shocked that her parents had denounced and replaced her, but she did not question it. She agreed quietly, with the hope that if she did well as a maid her parents would finally accept her. She wouldn’t know her delusion was clouding the harsh reality. She was no longer a princess, but a lowly maid—she would never gain their acceptance. She has spent her whole life trying to gain the acceptance of others, she does not know how to accept herself.


ºSeraphia Sinclair
She is the picture of elegance, but while she is pretty on the outside her heart leaves nothing to be desired. She verbally demeans anyone she deems beneath her, especially Mirabelle, and yet can turn on the charm when necessary. While she shows love to her husband and son, the only person she truly loves is herself.
ºWinston Sinclair
A man who is all about business and securing his assets. He treats people as pawns and he will not hesitated to get rid of them if they cause problems. He does not claim Mira as his daughter, but no matter what how cruel he is she will always know him as father. It seems he cares for his son, but in the end everyone is a pawn to him.
ºRoland Sinclair
The half-brother of Mira. He is a mischievously playful nine year old boy. While he is a fun loving child, he can be wise beyond his years, and takes looking after his sister seriously. He is a gem in the eyes of his parents and heir to the throne.
ºCordelia Rose(deceased)
She was the handmaid of Mira and Roland. She was the one who actually gave Mira her name and did most of her upbringing. She died of natural causes two years ago, and is missed dearly by the siblings.


So begins...

Mirabelle Ivy Sinclair's Story