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Geneviève Le Beau

"Life isn't cruel, the ones who control it are..."

0 · 275 views · located in France

a character in “Royals de France”, as played by WrittenInScars





Age: Sixteen
Nicknames: Eve - Evie - Gemma - Amy
Birthdate: June 1, 1719
P.O.B: France
Residence: Palace of France
Nationality: French
Mother Tongue: French
Known Language(s): English
Role: Youngest sibling of L'Aurore and Charlotte (not married)
Secret: Has fallen in love with Lucas Landriault
Face Claim: Emma Roberts

She is often believed to be rather kind-spirited. With a heart as pure as hers, it'd be a shock if that "belief" were not true. She is a very pleasant person to be around, always having something interesting to say and a way to twist conversation from any inappropriate topics - this brings out her innocence. She loves to hand about in the villages, dressed as a nobody and spin around. She likes the feeling of freedom, but this takes nothing from her responsibility. She was raised a Princess, and would always be one. She knew that. Although for her day dram obsession, she was just as realistic as any other. However, she is far from perfect. Like everyone else, she too has quirks, faults and fears. But mostly of all, she has dreams. She's not truly very religious, but she believes there's a greater force out there, protecting us all. This is shown by the fact that every night she pokes her head out her chamber window and wishes to the stars, Of course, it's quick - considering that heights is a large fear of hers.

Love - kindness - people - animals - nature - chocolate - day dreaming - bugs/insects - reading - peace - fairness - generosity - family - responsibility - respect - children.

Hatred - death - loss - pain - murder - crime - gossip - lies - chaos - drama - selfishness - carelessness - the non-imaginative.


Geneviève is 5'6" and weighs 95 lbs. Her hair is naturally brown but has been died blonde, shown by the brow highlights that occasionally show themselves in the summer. She has warm, brown eyes, pink lips and no dimples.

History: Geneviève grew up in the Palace of France, cause to being born into the royal family. She was born on June 1st, 1719 on a bright, sunny day. Her first name means: white wave, and her middle name means: most loved. Her mother had thought these names were perfect for her third daughter, who also turned out to be her last. She was quite lucky, having not been married off and so far had the choice of who she could be with. She'd been best friends with Lucas as a child, and had never really felt anything other than friendship towards him. But then they both grew up. It was then that she realised she'd began to take more of a... Liking to the actions of her best friend, she'd began to feel things when he held her hand, and whispers secrets into her ear. It confused her greatly, and so she kept herself from him for a while; to figure out her mind and feelings. Her only conclusion was that she'd fallen in love with her best friend, and when she saw him after a week or so- she discovered just how right she was. Geneviève kept it a secret, not wanting to ruin what they had as friends.



So begins...

Geneviève Le Beau's Story