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Isolde Nox

0 · 337 views · located in City of Lucis

a character in “Rulers of Night Re:Start”, as played by Aka~Kitsune


Isolde Nox


Appears 19/20

Pureblood Vampire




Hair colour:
Light blonde - Platinum

Hair style:
Shoulder length - wavy

Eye colour:
Pale blue

Skin tone:
Ivory tones


Body shape:
Athletic - slim - Slight curves

Both ears are pierced
Tattoo of family crest on left shoulder blade
Few faint scars from training/missions

Clothing style:
Normally wears dark colours. All clothing that Isolde wears is practical for her own comfort. In her down time she may wear t-shirts or even tank tops along with jeans or gym wear type clothing. On missions or when working, Isolde will wear anything that wont get in the way of movement. It is rare anyone will see Isolde in anything but dark tones such as black, grey, dark reds and blues and often white. Shoe wise she will wear anything comfortable but often she will wear black slightly worn combat style boots with no heel. On her left wrist she wears a leather cuff bracelet to hide one of her more deeper scars.


In terms of personality, Isolde is a person who hides the reality of herself behind a mask. Isolde in reality is quite the thoughtful person, be it her actions or words will they will all be honest. Despite her ruthless past profession she does hold compassion for many who have become special to her. Although there is few times she does not adorn the finely painted mask, Isolde at these times is prone to smiling a true smile even if briefly. Confident but rarely choosing to involve herself in the matters of others, Isolde will find herself often in the background. She does although like messing and teasing people out of amusement. Despite all of this, Isolde has other parts to her personality. Her mask allows her to be perceived as respectful to all even if she harbours a dislike for another such as towards humans or hunters. She finds them to be naturally weaker and their futile struggles through the hunters to defeat them is irritating. Though there has been a few humans who she has not hated and has in fact liked. While she is naturally respective to those she cares for or respects, she is able to hide her negativity behind a well crafted smile and polite façade. Of course, while the mask hides a lot of her emotions it also hides the Vampiric side to her full of sadistic and bloodthirsty instincts. Isolde has a cold side that makes her able to ignore the calmer more compassionate voices in her consciousness that to her clan and herself is considered weakness. Some of these traits such as control over instincts are clan taught through rigorous training.

Being busy
Violin and Piano
Classical music
Physical training

The treaty
Optimistic people
Being woken up
To much down time
Loud noises/people/music
Bitter foods

Bites her nails when nervous/feels anxious
Likes to collect small trinkets
Listens to classical music when stressed

Being isolated from her family


Running (exercise)
Playing Piano & Violin
Collecting trinkets
Irritating hunters

Weaponry - Knives/Throwing knives/Short blades
Poison creation/knowledge
Quick thinking - battle sense

Fire Manipulation

Father -Darius Nox. Head of their family and as such the head of their clan. Her relationship with him is not strong, though her loyalty to him as her clan head is. He was always distant and so they never really bonded except through her love of training for the family profession/skills.

Mother- Cristina Nox. Isolde loves her mother dearly though she does not show it easily. The woman basically raised the Nox children alone while their father was constantly off with business. She is a lovely and warm figure that all the children, including Isolde is highly protective of as she is not an assassin like the rest of them and has not received as strict training as them.

Brother(twin) - Henry Nox. Her older by a few minutes twin. The two of them are in a constant rivalry about their skills at fighting and assassination. The two do hold some sibling love for one another but it is mostly the need to out do one another.

Younger Brother - Zeros Nox. Her younger brother and someone she and Henry are highly protective of. Though he received the same training as them, he never adapted and developed the skill to control himself and his emotions when necessary. So the twins tend to be overly protective of him as if he is a child much younger than his actual age.

Reika Kurohime - Reika is a information source the family uses occasionally, though Isolde does use her as an informant much more than the rest as they have developed some type of friendship





So begins...

Isolde Nox's Story