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Runaway Town

Runaway Town


Have you ever wanted to runaway? Thought your life was so bad that you needed to just escape? Did you really pack that bag pay for that train ticket and just run? What would you do if you didnt have to run...

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Have you ever wanted to runaway? Thought your life was so bad that you needed to just escape? Did you really pack that bag pay for that train ticket and just run? What would you do if you didnt have to run, that you could be given something that would take you to an alternate world where all the runaways could be together, as a family, where nothing could go wrong...or could it?

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"Anabelle move over, its fucking freezing out here!" The gruff voice of her father caused her to immediately feel sick to her stomach as 18 year old Anabelle moved her small body over for her large father to take over the space. Her body was sweating from having so many of layers of clothes on, underwear sweatpants, a bra and a long sleeved shirt and thick woolen socks adorned her petitie frame. The heavy blanket that laid atop of her made her sweat even more but she knew she couldnt risk exposing her flesh to her father. The greddy look in his eye would come back and he would want to take her again. To do what he said, but worse. Her cheeks buldged in a mental gag as she rememberd the tasted of what he made her do the last time he did this.

Curling up to the wall her bed was flat against she tried to block the world out, to imagine her father not being in the bed next to her, his hands roaming her body looking for any trace of skin, but as he found none his anger sprang forward. "You whore! What are you trying to do? Strip me of the rights to see your flesh? TO STOP ME?!" His voice grew in volume. "You see if your whore of a mother was around we wouldnt be having this problem now would we? But she left us you see, she left YOU with ME!" With a loud tearing sound Anabelles clothes were torn off her body and tossed to the floor, her cries muffled by her fathers hand against her mouth making her lips swell as she tossed her head frantically side to side.

Hours later as the chainsaw snore escaped her fathers throat, Anabelle silently cried to herself. The burning between her legs was a raw pain that had now turned dull as the blood began to dry on her creamy flesh. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut her fists clentched to her stomach and her body as close to the wall as she could get. Only a few inches sepereated her from her fathers body, a heaven to her at last. As she lay there her mind could only scream "If there is a god, or some being, please help me! Please get me out of here!"

Little did she know, her life was about to get much better.


The next morning birds chirped, lawn mowers up and down the street buzzed loudly and the muffled sound of her parents arguing down the hall were not the reasons why Anabelle woke up that morning. The fact that the bed was cool where her father laid the night before. Feeling disgusting and relieved at the same time she flung herself out of bed landing on her feet quietly; being in gymnastics sure had its perks sometimes. Grabbing her sheets and blanket she flung them to the floor and happily began to remake her bed. Fresh sheets, a new blanket the soft material under her skin. Everything would be great, it was already starting out that way anyways. As she cleaned up she noticed something gleaming on her dresser. Walking over she gasped as a locket was there on a silver chain. It was pink in color and a circle with her name engraved in silver and a diamond gem in the center. Reaching down she picked it up and looked it over. The latch on the locket wouldnt budge for the moment, which to her didnt matter and she slipped it over her neck and smiled wide. It was probably just another one of those "I'm sorry" presents her father left her like it was his job.

Looking back on the dresser she noticed an envelope addressed to her in her mothers handwriting. Picking it up and walked back to her bed and got in it, relishing the feel of the freshly cleaned sheets and pillow. Fliping the envelope over she noticed how the seal was made of wax, the letters RT sticking out like a sore thumb in the deep red wax. Pulling it apart she slid her fingers into the paper and grabbed a letter what she would read would change her life forever.

"My Darling Daughter Anabelle,
Tonight I witnessed what you have been trying to tell me for years. The brutality of your father towards you. I am so sorry I never believed you. It is my fault that you are his victim since i keep running away from ghim. I am not going to runaway alone anymore.

I have a secret to tell you. At midnight tonight I will visit you in your bedroom, and I will show you this secret. Your father is leaving for a 5 day business trip today. I will see you then.

Your Mother

What would happen later would be amazing, as she drifted off to sleep once more. Hours later the grandfather clock stuck midnight, twelve long rings as her door silently opened.

Her mother stood by her bed and gently shook her daughter awake. "When you are fully awake whisper to yourself 'I wish with all my heart I can escape to Runaway Town' when you arrive ask the man in the big black jacket to take you to the town hall. He will not take you until a few others have arrived. I will see you there my sweet." Anabelle was jusst grabbing everything and as soon as her mother dissapeared she jumped outof bed and threw on some clothes. Whispering the words to herself a blinding light surrounded her and the sensation of free faliing slid underneath her body when suddenly she landed with a thump on the ground a slightly large man in a black coat stood in front of her.

You must be Hannah's daughter, welcome to Runaway Town, we will be waiting for another person or two and then we will be on our way, take a seat!" His slightly chubby arm pointed to a bench and as Anabelle took her seat she could feel everything inside of her change. Now all she had to do was wait for a few more kids.


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Earlier that year

A thick haze of smoke swept into Angels vision, making her eyes tear up and her mouth go dry. She could feel the intense heat against her skin as she crawled her way into Helens makeshift cubby of a room, where the fireseemed to be comng from. She screamed as she saw her older sister, crying and naked, but Angel was too young to understand. Reaching out she took Helen's hand, ignoring her fathers raging screams of pain as he bathed in the fire. Angel smiled at Helen reassuringly, grabbing the emergancy kit in one hand, she let the older girl take the lead.

Then they left, the ashes covering thier cothes and bodies, thier faces streaked black an hair filled wih white ash, as if it had been snowing, the girls scurried away before the ambulance coud come. They ran off into the night, and even though Angel was too young to realize it, she had escaped what would son have been something bad for her as well as Helen. Both girls had bright smiles on thier faces, despite the hardships they would face in the future.

A year after the fire.

Clutching her bear with whitening knuckles little Angel Laurelis screamed as she fought the need to cry, she was nely seven now, and had been living on the streets most her life, she and Helen had found a permanant home withen a church, where they promised no to call child services, if in turn they did work for them. But now, that was over, Helen was no where to be seen, and Angel was in a mess, her clothes scrapped in a heap around her feet, her eyes watering and screams erupting from her swollen lips. Three men holding her down onto the cold cement ground.

Not once did they stop, or regret what they had done to the street bound seven year old,and she found herself crying with fear. She clutched her only possesion close to her, the ittle white and raggidy bear that Sister Davis had given her. Angel knew that death was right around the corner, she could feel it in her bones. Wth one las hopefull burst she screamed at the top of her lungs, and she was sure the busy people on the streets must have heard her.

Like the brilliant shining sun a real Angel swept from the street, a girl, older than Angel with ash blonde hair and ivory eyes. It was Helen. Angel cried in delight, kicking the nearest man as she cried out for Helen. Hope soared on a doves wing as she gained enough energy to help Helen fight the men, who were by now to afraid that the older girl would call the cops. They all scattered, each going differt directions, leaving the seven year old and sixteen year old to pant heavily.

Angel said not a word as she slipped on her dress and clutched her bear tighter, but it was good for her not to talk. To talk would make her weak, and she wouldnt be a weak girl.

Helen left?

"Dear child, do come down from there right this instant!" Sister Davis cursed at Angel, who swung precariously on the edge of a book ledge that was only reached by the use of latter. She smiled wickidly, grabbing the ladder with two hands and nearly sliding all the way down it. Once she came to halt infront of Sister Davis she knew something was off. Way off to be exact. She examined the way Sister Davis mouth twitched down into a grim frown, and the glassy, almost dead look in her eyes as she handed the little girl a scrap of paper that seemed to be tearing at the edges, she held the paper, a letter adressed to her, and read it aloud.

"Dear Angel baby,
Please dont think bad of me, I dont want you to be living on the streets, I dont want you to
Live this life while I sit back and watch from the side lines. Your eight years old now, and it saddens
me to see you like this. So ive left, please dont cry baby, ill always be by your side, forever and always.
Ive made arrangments for Sister Davis to adopt you. Im never coming back baby, but dont fret, ill
never be far, just look in the sky and youll see me. I love you Angel, I always have.
Your Loving Sister/Mother,
Helen D. Laurelis."

Angel couldnt even muster up a look of greif as she felt the hot and sticky tears slide down her pale face, she looked towards Sister Davis, a look of mixed emoion and shock in her eyes as she formed the words with her lips, but no sund came. "Helens gone?" She whispered, tears choking her. Suddenly, she fully understood the meaning of gone, she read and re-read the letter, and finnaly looked up, this was not Helens handwriting, it was someone elses."but what about Helen?"


That night Angel lie awake in the familiar church room, unable to close her heavy eyes. Without realization she looked up into the sunroof, through the glass and to the bright moon. A shape seemed to suddeny be floating down from the heavens itself, and a whisper wrapped itself inside the young girl mind. "Angel....Angel baby, come on darling, wake up" She hadnt realized she had truly been asleep, so ith sleepy eyes she opened them up, t see nothing, but hear a whisper float around her. "When you wake just whisper you want to be in runaway town, then you will be there, I love you baby" With the whisper was gone.

Angel woke to th sun on her eyes, without hesitation she whispered the words that needed to be spoken, and found herself whisked away by a man, to town hall she went, and there she saw anoter girl, older, but who reminded her so much of Helen, then again, everything reminded her of Helen. "So your Helen's little sister" the man said it not as a question, but as a statement. He motioned to a chair, "sit" and she obeyed, getting cozy in besides te girl.

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[OOC] Runaway Town

This is the auto-generated OOC topic for the roleplay "Runaway Town"

You are a person, more likely to be a child or a teenager, who is in a bad home life. You could be being abused, or just in that stage in llife where everything for you is just to hard. You want to escape to leave this wretched home of yours, to find something better, but you dont want to end up as a failure.

One night you just scream it into the empty sky wishing to be taken from this terrible place you call home. That night you find a gift, a individual gift to each person, with this gift is a letter, a letter of instructions on how to get to Runaway Town, a place where noone else but the runaways know of.

This town is a home, a home just like yours, except life is nearly perfect. Everything you left behind is gone, your reality warped, and you can go back anytime.

Why the hell would I go back? You would ask this wouldnt you. After a little while in Runaway Town, people in the real world begin to notice your gone.

Its best to go back for a day or two then go back.

But wont I miss out on things?!?! Sure, life does go on, but each child is given a communicator. This communicator allows you to keep in touch with the others from runaway town.

so whos with me? Shall we "runaway" together?