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Rune Factory: The Forgotten Land


In a Forgotten Land, a small town is on the verge of dyeing off as it's land has been losing it's life around them. Cause of this, beasts have become more savage then usual, fighting even among themselves for food cause it's so scarce. With so much trouble, people have begun to leave this town, leaving only afew left. If things continue it's path, even those that have stayed to try to live in their home land will be forced to flee aswell. But then following events begin to take place that might help restore this once flourishing land to the way it once was, when several people come to this town, "drawn" to it. Will life be able to return to the land once again?

So mainly you should have a clue of the game "Rune Factory" to get an idea how this works. But the story will concentrate on more then just one character like the game, but a group of characters that work to restore this land. The beasts will be more violent then in the game though, since the lack of food makes them desperate to hunt it down. Also, the Half-Beast race that is introduced in Rune Factory 3 will be accepted, but I'll only let a max of about 3-4, since they are rare to begin with.


The town has a large wall sorrounding it, defending it from the beasts that are starting to run wild outside. In the center is a large tree that shows the land's life. At this moment, the tree has abit more then all it's leaves fallen with some branches dead.

Around the town has 4 different regions that each relate to a season. Each region has a shrine deep within it. It is belived that these shrines are connected to the land itself.

Blossom Forest is the spring related region. When the spring season arrives here, the trees would fill with cherry blossoms. But as the land died, so did the trees, taking those cherry blossoms with them. Now the forest's trees are all withering away.

Sol Savannah is the summer related region. It's usually very hot there, but life flurished near the small river beds and oaises around there. But as the land died off, so did life there as the rivers dried up and the savannah turned into a desert wasteland.

Windy Range is the autumn related region. The constante breeze that blew through there made the leaves during the fall dance about the rocky terrain. But as this region's life faded, the trees began to fall from the increasing wind as the breeze turned into powerfull winds.

Icy Peek is the winter realted region. Despite it's cold weather on the mountain tops, it had a nice view of the landscape the snowy and ice terrain. But as the land began to die away, the place became a constante blizzard, dangerous to just set foot there now.

Character List
(You can recommend jobs not on this list to add to it, since these are just the ones needed to get the town running)
Mayor- NPC (since I doubt someone will want to play an elder XD)
Medic-Sister Mary Alice

Character Sheet
Race: (choice from human, elf, dwarf, or half-beast)
Occupation: (what job they take up in the town)
Weapon: (what they use to fend off beast, if they use anything)
Skills: (any special skill they have. if half-beast, what they turn into)
Bio: (information about them)
Appearance: (how they looks. pic or very good describtion)

Toggle Rules

-Romance is allowed
-keep things in PG-13.
-be creative
-and DON'T just post and leave without warning

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"This land and it's's almost like it's in pain."

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