So they have 3 sentries? Give me three arrows.

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A rather tall man, Jon has short black hair mostly covered by a dark brown, wide-brimmed hat. He wears a black t-shirt, which covers up much of other upper-body clothing and accessories. A thick leather band crosses his chest chest, securing his quiver to his back. His pants are dark brown and slightly baggy, causing them to partially obscure his two leather boots. Under his shirt and pants he wears hardened leather armor, which doesn't provide much protection but can soften most attacks. His shirt is large enough to cover the armor without stretching too much. Around his neck he wears a thin rawhide necklace attached to a small latched box, which he rarely (if ever) removes from his neck. From a wide belt with many pockets and buckles hangs a small money bag. He appears to be a shady character, at first glance, and is around 29 years old. An eye-shaped marking revealing him as a rune-bearer is located on the small of his back.

Height: 6'1
Hair: Short, black
Age: 29
Clothing: Black t-shirt, brown pants, leather boots, wide-brimmed hat, belt
Armor: Hardened leather
Accessories: Necklace and pendant, money pouch


He's rather gruff and silent, but when anyone asks for help he'll generally agree. He's the kind of guy who sits in the corner and waits until there is something that needs to be done, but if it takes too long he'll go out and find something productive to do. In combat he prefers stealth and sticking to the shadows while playing a supporting role in direct combat.


Besides his leather armor, he carries a quiver and a strong longbow named Fenny. He keeps a small steel dagger in his boot and a small pouch of money on his belt. He has the Rune of Vision.


No-one knows much about Jon- not even his last name. He drifts around the kingdom of Aur, never sticking in one place for long. People say that he's going around for glory, but others think he actually wants to help others out of the goodness of his heart. Despite this, the few people close to him know that he was born in a small farm in Aur, and that his parents accidentally abandoned him during a raid when he was a baby. He was raised in an orphanage far from his family home. When he was still young a woman spotted the marking on his back. She saw some type of meaning in it, so took the boy into her hands to raise him for greatness. Despite this, they led a very nomadic lifestyle. As they passed through various towns he managed to come up with a decent education, but he was taught to detach himself emotionally from others to protect himself from the pain of loss. He set off on his own when he was around 15 years old. Now, as the war begins, he feels compelled to travel the world and protect the innocents who may be harmed by the different armies. As he travels he keeps an eye out for other rune-bearers- perhaps to find some type of kinship with others, but he himself doesn't know the reason.

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