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In a city where a tyrant rules and corrupt police roam, the resistance makes it way. So called runners deliver packages to outposts where data transfer is too risky.

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2073. Ensei city. Ensei city is controlled by the tyrant Elias Brent and the corrupt police force enforces his will. People are forced to have an implanted identification chip and protests are brutally put down. People who lean towards the government get richer while all others get poorer. The people feel that they have no chance against the government. Those who were able to afford it moved away while those stuck here just work and live or join the resistance. Due to surveillance of networks, the resistance has the runners who are cybernetically enhanced people who deliver packages to outposts. At least their legs must be enhanced so that they can dodge and outrun the police. Those who take shortcuts over roofs and over walls are normally enhanced to a higher extent to avoid sustaining injuries. Due to the danger of being a runner, many runners either wear masks or change their appearance after each run. But there are those who went rogue and started fighting back leaving piles of corpses after each run and enhancing themselves to military grade parts or even advanced parts, enhancing their speed and strength, even allowing them to have a concealed weapon like a gun or a blade. They have created a separate faction of the resistance called the fighters. Runners and fighters aren't doing well with each other and avoid the other. But with each day, the police fear the resistance more as the fighters become more violent.

Runners: Runners are mostly cybernetically enhanced to where they can run at speeds of up to 80 mph. More enhanced runners even do parkour over rooftops and walls while sustaining a high speed. Due to the risk of being identified, they have removed their identification chip and either wear a mask while on the run or constantly change appearances.

Fighters: Fighters are runners who have gone rogue. While the runner faction depends of hacking and cyberterrorism, fighters rely on their own strength and inducing fear into the police force. Fighters have enhanced themselves to military grade cybernetics that greatly enhance their speed and strength. They often carry a concealed weapons for when they dont use their fists. They can move and react very fast, dicing enemies with a blade or being able to see the trajectory of bullets sometimes even catching these. When facing cybernetic enemies, fighters often salvage parts from defeated enemies. Nevertheless they are still part of the resistance.

Ensei city: A metropolis of 10 million. Some buildings are 200 floors high. Most of the rich live in high rises while the poor live in three or four floor container housing. Most stores are within the residential areas while bars and workshops are generally in the core city.

Character sheet (using it is a must):

Faction (Runner or Fighter)
Appearance (no pics of celebs! Use either animated, CG or description)
Extent of enhancement (such as just legs, legs and arms, full body or even from head to toe)
Weapon (if fighter and available)
Alignment (while everyone is on the same side, this determines if your character avoids violence or is completely evil and crazy. Please describe.)
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No godmoding
At least 100 words per post.
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#, as written by Aniihya
It was dark in the city, the soft breeze was warm. A couple vehicles pulled up in front of a slum. A man stepped out and said: "You are to vacate this location immediately. If you do not do so, we will have to use force." He made a signal and a bunch of armored policeman moved forth. They broke into the shacks, tearing people from their slumber and their homes. People who didn't cooperate or couldn't cooperate because they were still half asleep got beaten. The units didn't care if man, woman or child. When once man fought back and policeman pulled his gun. Suddenly something flashed past him. His gun suddenly fell apart. A female voice then suddenly whispered in his ear: "You guys better run or I will salvage parts from you all."

A tall female cyborg with blue hair stood next to him wielding a long blade. "Kill her!" The leader said. Suddenly the woman disappeared and reappeared behind the leader. "I sense lots of enhancements in that body of yours. Let me help you take them out." At that moment, the man's artificial skin fell off revealing a metallic skeleton that soon after fell into pieces, separated exactly where each piece was held together. "So little brain left? No wonder he didn't think right." The woman said.

The policemen started to panic and shot wildly around them. A flash moved through them with bullets potentially harmful to bystanders falling on the spot. The rest of the team either suffered the same as the leader or were cut up in a way the woman could removed the cybernetic parts.

"What a shame. They were too easy. Thats police chief from last week at least somewhat could keep up." The woman said.

One of the slum dwellers then asked her: "Who are you?" "Just your friendly neighborhood resistance guardian that goes by the nickname Lone Wolf." The woman said with a smile. She disappeared. Soon after a number of men came by with bags and took the cybernetic parts with them.


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Character Portrait: Foxtrot
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"Pffffft 'Just your friendly neighborhood resistance guardian' if she's friendly you must be Buddha, Foxtrot. The way she cut up those guys with no mercy"

Ignoring India's remark, Foxtrot slurped down the last of the udon's soup and crushed the plastic bowl into a pebble in his right hand. The snow around where he dropped the pebble thawed and evaporated from the heat generated when he compressed the bowl. The weather in the city has always been wacky, snow in some places, while blistering hot in the others. Most of the slum dwellers couldn't afford climate control, so they suffered through all sorts of climates. Foxtrot could sense the people shivering from his hideout on the roof of a 80 story building. Thing's weren't as bad when he was younger, but he knows how it's like to live in those slums.

"Hey are you even listening? I'm the most advanced arm you'll ever see for centuries, I'm made of organic living things too, I have feelings ‘yknow. Be grateful I’m your right arm, if I could attach myself to someone else, I’d prefer a pretty girl, not someone mean like you. This is plain abuse, using me as a trash compressor.”
Even music couldn’t drown out India’s ranting, so Foxtrot gave in and said, “Look I’m sorry…”

“Call me hyung at least, I’ve been around longer than your parents.” Despite the subject of his parents being a touchy subject, but this was India he was dealing with, “I’m sorry… hyung. Just helping the environment any way I can, you understand.” Satisfied, “I’ll forgive you this time, you’re my cute little bro after all, but only if you treat me to BBQ and we get to watch the show I like later.” Letting out a sigh of defeat, Foxtrot got up to check the instruments; wiping the snow off the monitor, “The pollution counter went up again despite yesterday's drop, I forgot it was trash disposal day today." India was quiet for a moment, recording all the instrument data, but started up again, "Can we pleeeeeeeease raid a police base today? It's so boring being on standby, and recording weather information all day, even though that's our job. At least lets go pick up some chicks, they don't have to be upper class."

It was always fighting and girls with India, but he was kind of right, this was pretty boring and wasn't doing much to help the overall cause. Sure monitoring all this information allows the resistance to effectively evacuate the civilians in case of a disaster, but like fighting the with the police officers on a daily basis to protect slum dwellers, they'll always come back, or strike elsewhere. The resistance seemed to have come to a stalemate and having been making any slightest gains lately, and vital info runs have been becoming fewer and fewer. There was simply too many things to worry about and Foxtrot didn't want to be bothered with those things right now. "Okay, fine, we'll accept the next moderate level thing that comes up, gotta get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day right?"

If an arm could look happy, India would be a very happy looking arm.

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Character Portrait: Meg Woods
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Character Portrait: Aeris Tredant
Aeris Tredant

"Destroy and salvage. that's what I do."

Character Portrait: Meg Woods
Meg Woods

"I will fight until the end."


Character Portrait: Aeris Tredant
Aeris Tredant

"Destroy and salvage. that's what I do."

Character Portrait: Meg Woods
Meg Woods

"I will fight until the end."

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Character Portrait: Aeris Tredant
Aeris Tredant

"Destroy and salvage. that's what I do."

Character Portrait: Meg Woods
Meg Woods

"I will fight until the end."

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