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Genieveve Calvin

"Call me Eve"

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a character in “Runnin'”, as played by anything14



NAME: Genevieve “Eve” Calvin

AGE: 19



PERSONALITY: The best word to describe her is tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. She can be cold, blunt, and independent at first glance, but is actually a very kind, loyal, and caring girl. Eve is also extremely stubborn, hard working, and determined, with perfectionist tendencies.

Her poor excuse of a father ditched before she was born, leaving her mother to raise her. The two grew very close. Eve was heart broken when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, but was hopeful up until the day her mother passed away. While she heard stories of the infamous uncle Scott, she has never met him, and resents going to go live with him.

So begins...

Genieveve Calvin's Story


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The North Pole

It was early in the morning. Scott Calvin had been sleeping quite peacefully with his wife Carol, when he had been awoken abruptly. A small Christmas Elf that went by the name Hannah had come in and told him that he had to get up. It was then that he remembered what today way. He had his sister's funeral to attend as well as bring his niece back with him to the North Pole. He could remember the look on Bernard's face when he'd spoken to the Elf about bringing the young girl there to live. The Head Elf had argued with him for some time on the subject. At long last, Bernard had given in. It was a rare thing to see the Elf give up during an argument. It wasn't like him. He was going to make sure to speak with him as soon as he found the time after he returned with Genieveve.

Scott quickly got out of his bed and headed to the bathroom. Once in there, he quickly stripped and stepped into the shower. He remained in there for some time. He allowed the water to run over his body, fully awakening his mind. Once he was finished, Scott stepped out of the shower and quickly dried himself off. He had to admit that he was quit nervous about meeting his niece. He'd seen her when she'd been a baby but his sister had moved away after giving birth to the girl. He'd not seen either of them since though he had made sure to send cards and presents. He could only imagine what the girl was going through.

By the time he was ready and came out of the bathroom, Scott realized that Carol was up as well. She approached her husband, smiling. "Are you okay?" she asked softly, enveloping him in a gentle hug. Scott returned the hug, sighing softly. "Yea..I think so. I just can't believe that she's gone." he said trying to keep his emotions in check. Now was not the time to be breaking down. Scott gently removed himself from his wife. "I just hope that bringing Genieveve here is the right choice. Bernard wasn't happy about it..I'm not even sure how she's going to take everything once we get back." Carol smiled at her husband. "I'm sure that she'll handle it just fine. Give the girl some credit." she said. The two left their room together and walked through the workshop together. The elves were all hard at work..and if Scott had to guess, it was all thanks to his Head Elf. Scott had been hoping to see Bernard before he left, however, he did not see his friend anywhere.

As the pair were walking, Scott heard a voice. "Are you planning on going there looking like that?" Scott and Carol both turned to their right, stopping in their tracks. It was Curtis..of course it was Curtis. "What do you mean, Number Two?" Scott asked. He'd dressed as any normal person would who was heading to a funeral. "You still look like Santa. You can't go there looking like that." the young Elf said. Scott realized that he was right. How could anyone believe that he was Genieveve's uncle when he looked to be her grandfather? "You're right..I suppose I should see Quentin. Curtis, while I'm gone I want you to make sure to be helping Bernard..that means no fighting." Curtis scowled at Scott but said nothing.

Scott made his way to Quentin's area of the workshop..the room where he spent almost all of his time inventing. He entered, Carol having left him to check on a few things. "Quentin, I need your help. Do you have anything that will disguise my appearance will I'm top side?" he asked watching the Elf work. The small being seemed to think for a few minutes. "I believe that I do have something..mind you it will only last for twelve hours. I created a serum..all you have to do is drink it. You'll look like you did before you were Santa." Quentin poured out the dosage and handed it to Scott. "I'm only have twelve hours. After that you'll start changing back." Scott nodded and thanked the brilliant Elf. He quickly drank the liquid and began feeling himself changing. It only took about a minute for his appearance to fully change. Once he was sure that he was finished changing, Scott made his way out of Quentin's space and made his way out to the stables. Of course his wife was already there, but so was Bernard.

"There you are, Number One! I was wondering if you were still angry with me." Bernard looked at Scott for a moment. "No..but that doesn't mean that I'm happy with you bringing the girl here. It's against all of the rules.." Bernard said, beginning to go into one of his rants. Scott quickly interrupted him. "But you let Charlie come up. Genieveve is family, too. She's got no one left. Besides, I'm sure that you'll like her." Bernard only scowled at Scott. The Human sighed. "Bernard, try to chill out. Everything will be fine. I'll be back in a few hours and nothing will change." There was a silent understanding between the two. Bernard knew that he was in charge while Scott was gone..and Scott knew that he could trust Bernard to take care of everything. Scott kissed his wife goodbye and quickly got onto one of the Reindeer, Comet. The two quickly took off, flying away from the North Pole.


Scott had arrived at only a few minutes before the Funeral had started. He'd had to land off in the woods, leaving Comet there, hidden. Had he been able to land at the church, he would have been there a good thirty minutes before the start of the funeral. Scott was surprised that they were doing the funeral and the burial all in one day. It was unusual but he was glad for it. He would be able to return to the North Pole that same day. He slowly made his way into the large church and made his way to the front pews, where family should be sitting. He immediately spotted Genieveve. They had no other family. His parents had died a few years before. He gently sat down, leaving a good amount of space in between them. He'd been about to say something to her when the Pastor began speaking. The man spoke for a good hour and there were many tears shed during his speech.

At last everyone went outside to the small cemetery that was located right behind the church. As inside the church, Scott was near Genieveve. He was silent and the Pastor spoke again. The burial didn't last very long. As the two stood, watching as the woman was lowered into the grave, Scott spoke. "Genieveve..I'm so sorry this is how we had to meet. I've been so busy with work lately..and before my current job I wasn't very much a family oriented person. I'm sorry. I know that the last thing you probably want to do is live with me, but it won't be too bad. Would you maybe want to go and grab something to eat before we head home?" Scott knew that there was a small diner very close to the church. Walking there wouldn't seem strange at all. Then, they would be able to return to Comet and head back to the North Pole. He waited for the girl's response. He hoped that once they did reach the North Pole, Bernard wouldn't be too hard on her. She had, after all, just lost her mother.