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Blue Yaiden

'Am I really doing the right thing, hunting wolves?'

0 · 169 views · located in Our world, the year 2650

a character in “Running Paws”, as played by Syshil


Name: Blue Yaiden
Eyes: Blue coloured
Fur: Black
Scars: none
Bodytype: slim but also strong.

As a human she has black hair, and blue eyes aswell. As a wolf she
is around 4 years old. In human form she is 22 years old, making her a strong, young woman.


Blue has a very strong protective instinct for her owner, Quent Yaiden, who's a wolf hunter. Due to the fact that she is a crossbreed between a germanshepherd-like dog and a wolf she has developed both sides of this nature very well. She is a strong fighter in most situations, trained to kill wolves by Quent. However, when she could be in a pack, she is able to show her more caring side.


During her life as a dog she used wearing a spiked collar.


Blue is a black wolfdog who was a pet to the family of Quent Yaiden. After the destruction of her home and family in the village of Kyrios, she travels with Quent, hunting wolves under the belief that they were responsible for the tragedy. She lives her life as a pet dog, unaware of her wolf bloodline. Upon meeting a small pack of wolves at Freeze City, the wolf in her is awakened, and unable to continue hunting her own kind, she leaves Quent to travel with the pack to Paradise.

So begins...

Blue Yaiden's Story

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#, as written by Syshil
I let out a slight growl as the wind started to blow harder, snowflakes torturing my face and eyes as i made my way back to the city. We, my human and I, had been out, searching for wolf trails in the snow.... and like most of the time, we hadn't found anything.
'Come 'n Blue, we are almost there' Quent, my human, spoke with his harsh voice as we reached the city wall, going trough the gate into the streets. There, the wind was much less and i shook my fur wildly to get rid of the snowflakes that cooled me down.
I looked up at Quent as he put his hunting gun back where it should be, on his back. My human had a rough face and cold eyes, showing that he had seen much in life... to much to be honest. I knew he would never think back about the horror that had happened a few years ago..... the main reason why we had left home.
Those terrible wolves! They were only the servents of death!
I felt a slight tug at my spiked collar as Quent started to walk again, and i followed him obediently. His footsteps were loud and clear, mine were barely hearable. When we came across a building, i could see my reflection in on of the windows. Like always, i was surprised about the fact how fast i had become an adult...
I had long legs and had a slim body figure. My whole fur was black as the darkest night, and i had two shiny blue eyes which i was named after. A grey, metal spiked collar was around my neck, a leash leading to Quents left hand. My reflection showed a beautiful female dog... however i had sometimes wondered about that. My teeth were larger then normal dogs... my tail was bushy and my paws large. I shook my head slightly as like i wanted to shake the thoughts away, following Quent towards a café. He kneeled down and put my leash around a small tree, patting my head and telling me to stay before he went in.... like always, he would turn towards whisky to drink away the failures of this hunt.......

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#, as written by Syshil
I was about to lay my head down on my paws. I was about to close my eyes and drift into a sleep trough the cold, harsh weather... when i saw a creature standing not to far. It was a creature of avarage hight... wagging it's tail playfully... it was a wolf.
My eyes snapped open widely and I let out a bark, my long fangs showing off as i stood ready to leap forwards... to kill the animal with a strong bite... but my leash kept me in place as i growled lowly at the animal...
How could i let quent know something was wrong?! Music was comming from the café... he wouldn't hear me! I looked back at the young wolf and lowered myself, angry and stubborn... My spiked collar and leash keeping me away from the kill...