Juri Harumo

"Sorry ladies, but I'm gay"

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Juri Haruno
|| 19 || Male|| Writer ||


Eye Color: Lavender

Hair Color: Black

Body Type: Slim

Skin Tone: Tan

Height & Weight: || 161 cm (5'3ÂŊ") || 45 kg (99 lbs.) ||

Birthmarks/scars: three pink stars above his right eye brow

Choice of Clothing: His attire consists of a long-sleeve shirt, enough to cover and cloak his hands. Juri
shirt has an opening on the left side of his body, just below his arm. In addition, there are two large square-like holes on the bottom portion of his shirt that reveal his left and right abdomens. He finishes his outfit with a white hakama, black sash, black tabi socks and a pair of low-heeled open-toe shoes


About Me
Personality Traits: || Protective || Cheerful || Laid Back || Sassy ||

Likes: || Cooking || Writing || Warmth ||

Dislikes: || Spice || Dogs || Spiders || Cold

Strengths: || Is able to work in quiet places || Is a good cook ||

Weaknesses: || Hates cold weather || Strick parents || Loud people ||

Flaws: || He sometimes acts in a childish manner || Has no filter ||

My Dream:
" My dream is to become a writer, and make a living"

My Story
Close Up
History: Juri Haruno was born in a wealthy family, but his family was suffering from major health problems, he's not sure why, and how it dragged onto the family. Once his mother was diagnosed with something he wasn't so sure of, he was in a different location at the time, and wasn't able to aid her, as his sister was the only one able to, but nothing helped she still held her own, hoping to recover. Juri was quite the praise in his family on his dad side, despite his feminine look, they still worship him like some sort of god. He was sort of satisfied with this, though he wasn't satisfied when his sister was denied from her own family. Though she always seemed lively, which concerned him a little, but didn't bother. Juri would come back at the age of 17 hearing that his sister was suffering from terminal illness, but not bad like his mother, which was surprising seeing that the same results happened to his mother didn't happen to her, though it is only a matter of time where the illness could get worse. by the time he reached 19 he visits his mother, and tells her how much she is worried about her status. His mother tells him that there is a spirit known as the hell butterfly, she explains that the black butterfly is the weapon that only the males in the royal family had weild. Not much else is known about the hell butterfly, except that it affects the women in the family in a bad, and good way.

Where I was born: Tokyo, Japan

Family: || Misaki haruno ||

Friends: || Kai

Pets: || None ||

Spirits: || Hell Butterfly

Romantic Interest: || Men ||

So begins...

Juri Harumo's Story

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Misaki Haruno
Misaki's eyes slowly opened before she closed them shut again. Why was it so bright in there? She sat up, rubbing her eyes before stretching her arms out and yawning. Misaki shared a room with her two best friends, Sora and Kiyomi. Misaki's tired self didn't bother checking if her two friends were still lying down beside her. She got off of her futon and stretched out her whole body. Sometimes, Misaki missed sleeping on a bed but to if she were being perfectly honest, she enjoyed these futons better. Only the rich people had beds in this time (although, her and her family were rich), so it was common for people to be sleeping on futons.

In the other room, her brother and her brother's friend Kai also shared a room. She was told that there was recently a wall inserted in the one large room, which split it in two. Misaki remembered that that day their neighbors were taking them to a harvest festival. They wouldn't arrive at her house until around noon, which gave her time to do whatever she wanted. They had actually just moved in the day before morning and they spent all of that day unpacking the big things, so there were still boxes to be unpacked. Misaki walked in the hallway and realized why it was so bright. The door had been left open all night. That also explained the chilliness. She pulled the door shut and walked back into her room.

Misaki dressed herself in light blue overall shorts with a white button up blouse underneath. She pulled her long purple hair back into a high ponytail and slid on some white thigh high socks.. Misaki pulled out her beige combat boots and set them by the door, for when they were going to leave. Misaki made her way into the small kitchen they had and also opened the back door, letting in the fresh air into the musty kitchen. She pulled out some pots, cooking utensils and plates and began making breakfast.

Misaki put the plates of breakfast down on the table. She didn't want to make too much, since there would probably be more to eat at the Harvest Festival. She was so excited! Although Misaki was immensely shy, she was excited to see all the people of the town. She served a large bowl of rice, a pile of tamagoyaki and another medium sized bowl for the miso soup for the 5 members of the household.
Breakfast is ready!
Misaki didn't call out too loud, she was afraid she'd wake anyone that was still sleeping up. She kneeled down on a pillow at the kotatsu table and pulled her chopsticks apart, then began eating, while she waited for the others to pile in. Misaki wondered what the Amagasa family was like while she ate.

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Akio Amagasa

There are many ways someone can wake up in bed or in his case a futon, but getting woken up by a blaring alarm clock, the sunlight shining on your eyes, and having a happy and energetic puppy who was jumping all over you and licking your face was one such way to wake up. Akio slowly moved his arm over to the side of him and did his best to locate the alarm clock, eventually his hand came to rest on top of the alarm clock and shut it off. After turning off the alarm he began to stretch his arms and legs while trying his best to keep rotating his face so the puppy would not keep licking it.

After his morning wake up routine, he slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes with a smile. Today was a special day, the harvest festival was today and he was exited to say the least. But for now he had other matters to attend to like making breakfast for his younger brother and sister and make some food for his puppy. Putting on a pair of blue jeans and placing his white shirt around his neck, he made his way over to the kitchen where he grabbed a cup next to a dog food bag and took out a cupful of dog food and dumped it into a nearby dog bowl.

Once he saw the puppy rush the dog bowl, he walked over to the sink where he washed his hands and gathered some pots, pans, and cooking utensils and began to make breakfast. After he was done he served a plate with three pieces of toast on it, a big bowl of rice for the three of them, and a plate of broiled eggs for whoever wants some. [color=green]"Breakfast is ready you two, better get it before the flies do!" Akio called out before taking a seat on one of the chairs and began to wait for his family to arrive, all the while exited to meet their new neighbors.

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Nanako Amagasa

Nanako could hear her brother calling her to breakfast, but his voice just seemed so far away. Maybe she could just go back to -- nope. The alarm had went off. There goes that plan. She rolled lazily off of her futon onto the cold floor, causing her cat to hiss and move away. "Give me a cuddle, Strider" she muttered to him affectionately, reaching her arms out towards him. Strider the cat promptly ran away. So rude. Nanako sighed and sat up, weighing her choices. She could go back to sleep, but if she did she would definitely receive a rude awakening from one of her brothers, or she could get changed and do things. Sleep or things, huh. Asking the real questions. "Things it is..." she told herself, somehow mustering up the motivation to be productive. Changing into a blue t-shirt and shorts, she yelled down to Akio, "I'll be down in a minute!"

After finishing up, Nanako walked downstairs and grinned when she saw that Akio had already made breakfast. "I knew there was a reason you're my favourite brother!" She told him while pouring Strider some food, and then sat down at the table. "So... Uh, do we wait for Koi?" Nanako asked, almost salivating at the food. Almost, but not quite. Ah, she was so hungry!

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#, as written by pyou
Kiyomi Hayashi

Kiyomi wasn't ready to wake up yet. She felt something scratch lightly at her face and make its way to her forehead. She groaned softly and continued to lightly sleep, refusing to open her eyes. The light scratching traveled onto her left cheek, and a soft sensation brushed her chin. Opening one eye, she was met with the blank stare of Yata, her bird. He had been walking around on her face all morning supposedly. It startled her and she shot up, practically flailing her arms around, causing Yata to let out a scratchy squack and flap his wings like mad. It wasn't like him to be out of his cage so early. Yet again, he had developed a way of escaping.

He landed on the back of her neck while she was slouched over her lap and he lightly pecked at the back of her head. "Stupid bird..." she said groggily. She didn't mean it of course. Kiyomi often said things she didn't mean. She moved her hand to her shoulder and Yata walked along her arm and she stood up. Yata traveled to her wrist and chirped dryly at her. "What are you pouting about?" she asked him, hardening her glare. It softened a little when Yata flew from her wrist to sit on top of her head in her messy morning hair. Without bothering to get dressed, she walked out of the room while she slouched. Kiyomi was pretty grumpy most mornings, and acted crabby.

Yata chirped a few times before taking off from her head and flying the rest of the way into the kitchen, landing on the cushion next to Misaki. He hopped around on it for a little while as if to fluff it up for Kiyomi. Kiyomi walked in, circles under her eyes and her hair a mess. Her lips were pressed into a flat line and she plopped down on a cushion across from Misaki. Yata loudly squeaked as if he were disappointed with Kiyomi's choice of seating. He might as well just wait for Sora, Kai or Juri to take the cushion he so kindly fluffed up for Kiyomi.

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The boy, or should I say sleeping beauty, didn't feel like waking up, it had sound like his sister, and associates. His right leg was pointed straight, and his right bent slightly, his mouth opens. and closes, as he was grabbing on to the pillow as if he was comfortable, indeed it was bright, and still in the morning time. Juri Haruno doesn't like mornings, so he decided to sleep until someone wakes him up, eventually someone will. There was quite a conversation going on, he was half asleep, and half awake pretty weird combo isn't it?

Soon juri would wake up, walking on the smooth floor with his bare feet, and walked through the house. He had wondered what will today be like, a waste of time? amusing? interesting? or maybe lucky? lucky as in lucky to find a fancy boyfriend and what not along the way, but he doubt's it. Juri would make it into the kitchen seeing everyone eating, he began to yawn, and stretching for a long period of time, then stopped.