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Danielle Greenlee

0 · 158 views · located in The World of Vale

a character in “RWbY: A New Semester, A New Team”, as played by jackrules158


Name:Danielle Greenlee

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: green

Equipment: Her weapon is a cutlass that transforms into a pistol.

Semblance: When angry she triggers a brief burst of energy that allows her to hit harder, she currently has little control over it and when she does use it, it wears her out.

Appearance: Danielle has long red hair and a cat's tail. She's a faunus and proud of it and makes no attempt to hide who she is. She has beautiful sea-green eyes that many have told is one of her best features. She wears fairly modern clothing, usually a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when she can. She has a modest chest size and a toned athletic body.

Personality: Danielle prefers to be called Dani, she has a particularly nasty temper especially towards humans, even more so towards humans who treat faunus like lesser beings. She's incredibly loyal and deteremined to be the best. THis often leads to problems when she's not the best she tends to beat herself up about it or lose her temper.

Backstory: Danielle and her parents were poor for the longest time. Her parents worked as servants for the Schnee family and they often returned home with little money nor any energy to spend any time with their beloved daughter. Growing up near and around the rich family's she experienced first hand how horribly humans treated her kind. After years of saving up they were finally able to move to Menagerie where her parents opened a shop and began living more comfortably. Danielle still angry about the mistreatment of faunus joined the white fang and began joining peaceful protests fighitng for better lives for them. After a while she'd had enough of protesting and decided to become a huntress to prove that she was just as good. Before she left the group they gifted her, her weapon which she calls Silver Fang.

So begins...

Danielle Greenlee's Story

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Danielle exited the building groaning carrying her history book with her and sat down next to Violet and Ida. " I love history class and all but I swear Oobleck talks so fast that I can barely keep notes" She said tossing her notebook on the grass a few feet in front of her.

Her cat tail flicking around showing her frustration. "You guys haven't seen Veronica yet have you" She said her team leader's name with tone of disgust like she had just taken a bite of something really gross. No sooner had she said that than the voice of the rich girl that lead team VVID. Dani clenched her fists, she had wanted to be team leader, she wanted it so bad she could taste it and she wanted to prove herself to everyone she knew and this school that a faunus was good enough.

"So what are we talking about?" Veronica asks with a smile.

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Character Portrait: Ida Elden Character Portrait: Violet Vanek Character Portrait: Danielle Greenlee Character Portrait: Veronica Denton
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Violet nodded in greeting and Ida replied with a bright "Hey, Dani."
Violet was shaking her head "no" to Danielle's question when Veronica approached. She went momentarily stiff, glancing at Danielle With a look of dark understanding. With a small grunt of greeting, then went back to drawing. There was absolutely no way that she was getting dragged into a conversation with her leader.
"Nothing really; we all just got here," Ida said, intending to broker peace between her teammates. The tension was palpable. Still, if they were going to be on a team, they might as well try to get along. It really just pointed out the flaws in the way teams were made. She glanced at Danielle's tail before continuing. "Why don't you join us?" She put her things on her lap, clearing a space. "I could try and tell your fortune."