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Ida Elden

0 · 347 views · located in The World of Vale

a character in “RWbY: A New Semester, A New Team”, as played by Tellukka


Name: Ida Elden

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hair: Wavy red

Eyes: Dark brown

Gear: Silver goggles to protect her eyes. Her weapon is an arm cannon that propels dust powered explosives for long and medium range fighting. It works as a bludgeon for melee combat.

Semblance: She can slow down time for herself, meaning that from her perspective, she is moving at regular speed, but the world is slow. For the outside observer, she looks like she's just exceptionally fast for brief periods, a maximum of 10 seconds at a time.

Appearance: Ida is utterly average in terms of build and would be one of those girls that you look at, then look away and immediately forget if it weren't for her face. It isn't beautiful, per say, only that she has a perpetual knowing expression, like she knows all there is about everyone and everything. She wears a sleeveless shirt above shorts, both black. The collar of her shirt is high and covers up her chin sometimes and high on her chest, there are two open panels. There are two green belts that sit on a diagonal, the top resting on her waist, crossing in the middle, and then reaching the low apex at the thigh joint. She wears sheer green tights the color of her belt, and black knee high boots. Finally, she wears black elbow-length gloves.

Personality: Ida has incredible situational awareness and keen observational skills. She enjoys the company of other people. Quick to smile, slow to anger, and doesn't care a smidge about what other people think of her. She wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and generally will, which makes her relatively easy to manipulate. She enjoys the outdoors, fortune telling, and general excitement. She is an energetic girl and is always moving slightly.

Backstory: Ida is from a prosperous family who own a chain of shops around Vale. She spent a great deal of time hanging around with a dubious man in town who made fireworks and other explosives. While experimenting at "work" when she was fifteen, she accidentally caused an explosion that shredded her left side with shrapnel and cost her her left eye. Still, her family managed to find the money to get her a synthetic one. Instead of scaring her away from explosives, it just gave her some necessary respect for them. Recovering set her a year behind in her studies.
Since birth, she wanted to be a hunter. There was no particular reason that she could discern, just a strong calling, so she went for it. Throughout her whole life, she never thought of any other career path. The most likely reason is a combination of wanting the adrenaline rush, physical activity, and a constructive use for her hobbies.

So begins...

Ida Elden's Story

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Violet sat cross-legged on the grassy ground of the quad, notebook on her lap. She had gotten out of class not long ago, so she decided to do some homework and be free for later. She huffed quietly. History was never her favorite subject. "This is so asinine," she muttered, turning the page to check her notes.
Ida was beside her, shuffling around some tarot cards. She, too had her notebook, but had no intention of opening it. "It's not so bad," she replied, selecting a trio of cards and inspecting them. A frown creased her face and she slipped them back into the deck. "At least it gives us time to recover. We can't be training all the time."
Violet turned the page back. She doodled absently on the paper. "No, I guess not." That still didn't help the fact that she detested the structure of the entire class. "Do you think we'll be ready?" She finally asked, not looking up.
Ida shrugged, laying back. "We'll see. The cards don't look good for me, but who knows about all of you?"

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Danielle exited the building groaning carrying her history book with her and sat down next to Violet and Ida. " I love history class and all but I swear Oobleck talks so fast that I can barely keep notes" She said tossing her notebook on the grass a few feet in front of her.

Her cat tail flicking around showing her frustration. "You guys haven't seen Veronica yet have you" She said her team leader's name with tone of disgust like she had just taken a bite of something really gross. No sooner had she said that than the voice of the rich girl that lead team VVID. Dani clenched her fists, she had wanted to be team leader, she wanted it so bad she could taste it and she wanted to prove herself to everyone she knew and this school that a faunus was good enough.

"So what are we talking about?" Veronica asks with a smile.

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Violet nodded in greeting and Ida replied with a bright "Hey, Dani."
Violet was shaking her head "no" to Danielle's question when Veronica approached. She went momentarily stiff, glancing at Danielle With a look of dark understanding. With a small grunt of greeting, then went back to drawing. There was absolutely no way that she was getting dragged into a conversation with her leader.
"Nothing really; we all just got here," Ida said, intending to broker peace between her teammates. The tension was palpable. Still, if they were going to be on a team, they might as well try to get along. It really just pointed out the flaws in the way teams were made. She glanced at Danielle's tail before continuing. "Why don't you join us?" She put her things on her lap, clearing a space. "I could try and tell your fortune."