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Jackson "Taint" Slate

Gunman, assassin, Slightly Insane, and a whole lot of piss and vinegar.

0 · 483 views · located in Armament

a character in “RWBY: Bloodmoon Rising”, as played by Booker_Dewit47




The ability to think and process information
4 = Gifted X


The maximum ability to lift (press) weight over one's head (under optimal conditions)
3 = Peak human: able to lift over twice own body weight, up to 800 lbs. X

The ability to move over land by running or flight
4 = Speed of sound: peak velocity between Mach-1 to Mach-2 X
The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
6 = Superhuman X

The ability to discharge energy
2 = Ability to discharge energy on contact X

Proficiency (skill) in combat
6 = Master of several forms of combat X

Name: Jackson Slate
Age: 19
Species: Faunus and his exact type is unknown, but it is most likely that of a Dire wolf.
Physical Gender: Male
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches
Weight: 129 lbs
Skin tone:
Eye Color: Slate grey
Hair Color: Jet black with a small hint of grey at the edges
Hair Style: He keeps it shaggy, going past his ears, but no longer than that.
Tattoos and Scars: One Tattoo on his left arm the reads “Gott Mitt Uns” Image
and two on his right arm the read “Attero Dominatus” and just below that “Denique Interimo”
Aura Color: his Aura manifests its self as a shadowy, smoky grey wisp around him, not unlike gun smoke.
Fashion Sense: He tends to stick to Grey and white as his main colors. Wearing a white duster coat, a white undershirt, and a pair of black combat boots. He wears a wide brimmed gypsy hat as (to hide his ears) and a grey bandana around his face (To hide his “Fangs)

| Intelligence = 4
| Strength = 3
| Speed = 4
| Durability = 6
| Energy Projection = 2
| Fighting Skills = 6
Personality Type: Jackson is…unstable to say the least. His history combined with the horrible conditions of his childhood has brought about an unstable person, one who enjoys gun fights and doesn’t mind civilian damage. (Think of a slightly less colorful Rev from Black Lagoon) He is prone to have slight mental “Cracks” were he loses sight of who is friend and who is foe and will go on a rampage, however, as he’s gotten older, these have happened less and less. Behind this mask of partial insanity, is a quick witted and even quicker gunslinger who has achieved a master assassin status do to his work with the White Fang.
Favorite Color: you guessed it: Slate grey.
Favorite Meal: Funnel Cake
Likes: Funnel Cake, Redheads (not like any one knows that) Books, Toffee, Sour apples
Dislikes: Being bothered for no reason, Jerks, Bigots, people in general
Strengths: He Is extreamy durable, having an inhuman tolerance to pain and stress, he can take blows that would gravely wound, and even kill lesser men and get up and fight again.
Fears: Dying a death not worth the effort put in to the fight

Weapon Name: Geisterwolf


Weapon Description: “Geisterwolf“is a pair of guantlets that have three forms. Form 1: Blades. His main Wepon form, they retrack in to the gauntlets when not in use and messure 9.5 inches past his hand. Form 2: Guns. The second most used form, they transform in to a set of dust pistols, 10 round magizines each (they seem to pop out of his sleeves) Form 3: Fists. This third and final form transforms them in to a pair of iron fists.

Dust Type: When in Blade form, the dust used is Fire, burning his enemy, giving them a faint red glow. When in gun form, the fire a mix of Fire and lightning. When in Fist form, they use a mix of Earth and Lava, hitting the foe as it someone threw a Volcano at them.
Armour: None, He relies on his speed and tolerance to get him through a fight.
Semblance: “Time Skip” He can slow down his perception of time and allow him to plan and act in hyper fast time. 3 seconds to any other then him is equal to a minuet thirty seconds. This comes at an extremely high cost of using up most of his Aura.
History: Being born on a small island country out in the sea, he’s has grown up in a rather primitive life, until arriving in Vale with his older sister, Liz Slate (Think an older, less cocky Rev from Black Lagoon) He also spoke a different tong when he first got to Vale, his native tong, Russo. For the first 5 years of living in Vale (11-16) he worked with his sister as hitmen taking contracts before finally being taken in by the White Fang and were employed as assassins. However, his sister when on a solo Op and never came back, he waited 2 years (16-18) to find out why, and come to find out, she was betrayed by a prominent White Fang commander and murdered. When he found this out, he naturally wanted revenge…which he got, by hunting down and killing each and every White Fang who worked with or under this Commander, before shooting/slashing/punching his way through said crime bosses HQ, and killing the man himself. He has since tried to get his life together, staying away from the White Fang and has applied, and gotten accepted in to Beacon.

So begins...

Jackson "Taint" Slate's Story

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The setting changes from The Kingdom of Vale on Remnant to Armament


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Character Portrait: Jackson "Taint" Slate
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By the gods, did he hate the country. Growing up as a city kid, even in his home were it was nothing more then slums, still was better then living "In the sticks" as his dear sister had put it. He shifted his footing and absently flicked his blades in and out.

"You sure its coming through here?" the skeptical White Fang Lieutenant pointed through the trees to the trains tracks.

"Yes, im sure, I have good intel from a good source" "From who-" he didn't get to finish his sentence, as he suddenly found one of Jackson's blades at his throat. "DO not question were I get my intel, ever " he let his blade down and set up for his jump.