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Han Xue

Quiet but likes to make jokes, often at inappropriate times.

0 · 324 views · located in Remnant

a character in “RWBY: Grimm Awakening”, as played by ForestD


Fushis, Umbra, Sable, Han


Name: Han Xue (Mandarin for Dark Snow)
Age: 19
Species: Human
Physical Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Dominant Hand: Ambedextrious
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 160lb
Skin tone: Caucasian not pale but not tan
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown with light brown highlights
Hair Style: Short with bangs that are finger-combed up and to the right
Tattoos and Scars: Large scar under left forearm
Aura Color: Gold
Fashion Sense: White button down shirt (top button unbuttoned), Black tie (loosened about an inch from the neck), black hoodie over it that is zipped down 2/3 of the way (Sleeves a bit short to show cuffs of white shirt), black jeans, white running shoes

Personality Type: Quiet except when he wants to make a joke. Doesn't like talking about his past.
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Meal: Fish and Chips
Likes: Fingerstyle guitar, beating up bullies, alternative music
Dislikes: Close minded people, Selfish people
Strengths: Agile, Quick, Perceptive
Fears: People leaving him because of his sexuality

Weapon Name: Untrennbar (Inseparable in German)
Weapon Description: Two split-blade daggers whose hilts have triggers at the bottom (if you wield them upside down it's like you are holding the handle of a pistol) and a button on the butt. The triggers shoot fire rounds from in between the split-blades and the button fires a blast of fire that propels the wielder in whichever direction the blades are facing.
Dust Type: Fire
Armour: None
Semblance: Can slow down time (for himself only) by a factor of 5 for 2 seconds at a time in order to make previously impossible blocks, dodges, and hits possible

Han is the only child of a middle class family. Both of his parents work and don't see him much. He worked in a weapon manufacturing plant when he was younger. He plays acoustic guitar. One day, when he was 15, his parents heard him playing a song that he wrote. They noticed that it was a love song to another guy in his school so they told him that he could only live with them if he stopped being gay so Han left with his few belongings. His boss learned that Han had been kicked out and let him live at the factory in an unused office.

One night he heard people breaking in to the building and he went to investigate and was attacked by hooded robbers with knives. One of them slashed his left forearm and left a scare from the inside of his elbow to the underside of his wrist. He discovered his semblance through the pain and slowed down time, disarmed the thugs, knocked them out, and brought them to the police. It turned out that they were wanted for multiple robberies and Han was given a sizable amount of lien for their capture. He used some of the money to buy weapon parts from the company he worked at to build Untrennbar along with ammo and saved the rest. He continued to work and live in the company (training with his new weapons during his breaks) until he became seventeen and passed Beacon's admissions test.

So begins...

Han Xue's Story


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"To all alumni, Mission Posting have been sent to Team Leader's scrolls for review. Please once accepted, head to the Airship bays for deployment, please be advised,your missions are yours to take but you do not have to take it if you believe your team is capable of handling it." Ozpin announced over the loud speaker system.

Several alumnus scrolls chimed as they received their fated messages.

Team BITA Mission One: A Massive insect-type Grimm hives have been causing massive disruptions at the Mountain Glenn reconstruction site.

Team FUSH Mission One: A caravan needs an escort through the wilds of Forever Fall Forest, many different kinds of Grimm are known to live in the forest including Harpies, Goliath, and Deathstalkers. The caravan must be taken to a cave near the ocean that leads to a secret village outside the kingdom.

The setting changes from Remnant to Beacon Academy


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Sable was reading through recent news through his scroll when the first announcements started. He let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding back as he stood up to go find the rest of his team. Finally. At least people are finally willing to acknowledge that the Grimm are a problem. It just took hordes of them massing up outside Vale for anyone to take action.

He didn't find his team, the team found him. Fushia was walking over with a grin on her face like it was the happiest moment of her life, which managed to annoy him to this day. He still wasn't sure to this day why shes was made the leader of the team. A show-boater like her tends to act first and think later, and she did plenty of that still. At least she was willing to acknowledge that, and deferred a ton of the more subtle stuff to him.

As she read the mission statement, he mentally drew up each of the types of Grimm listed in the mission briefing, plus a few other more uncommon ones just to be safe, and drew up their weaknesses. He thought about how each member of the team could maximize their effectiveness...not that it would help a lot. Umbra and Fushia would probably ignore his recommendations in the heat of battle to engage in another contest of flashy finishers, and he'd have to bail them out again.

At least he could count on Han Xue to listen to him. He was the only other person on the team that seemed to take things seriously.

One thing was bugging him though.

"A...secret village? How is it a secret village if there's practically a trade route established?" It was a rhetorical question but his teammates all opened their mouths to answer him."Never mind, forget it. I'm just gonna go grab my gear."

There was Grimm killing involved. That's all he needed to know.

The setting changes from Beacon Academy to Remnant


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
Umbra had been walking behind the others to go review their mission, it was weird to think that they wouldn't be at school anymore. She was sure that she left a good worn spot in her favourite punching bag and she knew she was going to miss the training room. Not going to miss the idiots that roamed the damned hall though, that was an obvious fact. She wrinkled her face, so Che looked like she had just smelled something foul, when she read their first big mission. Guarding civilians was always a hassle because not only are they fighting Grimm but they're fighting with the civvies too.


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#, as written by ForestD
'I hope we're ready' Han thought to himself as he was nervously loading and unloading half of Untrennbar. He looked down and immediately stopped. 'I need to kick that habit. If I don't it's going to blow up in my face. Literally'.

Even though he didn't often show it, Han liked his teammates, a lot. He grew up as an only child and was later disowned by his parents so he really took comfort in finally having a real family, even if he wasn't technically related to them. He connected with them mostly by playing guitar, as that was really his only other talent besides fighting. He played low, bass-y music for Sable, upbeat alternative music for Fushia, and melodic fingerstyle for Umbra. Han tried to play what his teammates wanted and was, though physically straight-faced, overwhelmed with joy when they complemented him on his playing.

Han's left leg started to bounce up and down while he sat. 'I've been training a long time for this and I think I'm ready'. He thought about how during his Beacon initiation he propelled himself through the air with the explosive feature of his daggers and upon landing was able to use the speed he gathered to cut through three whole beowolves. "I got this" Han said and as if he was cursed he accidentally kneed one of his daggers into the air and away from him. Han reached for it with an outstretched hand and caught it, though not without falling face first into the ground in the process.

'Smooth' Han thought as he got up and brushed himself off.

Han cursed under his breath. That word reminded him of his secret. 'I don't not trust them' Han reassured himself, 'I just don't want to risk them hating me. If they hate me we can't work well as a team'. Although Han didn't possess any homosexual stereotypes, he was, in fact, gay.

"Let's not think about that" Han said to himself as he snapped both halves of Untrennbar to his sides. "Time to meet up with my teammates and prepare for the mission". Han ran over to the rest of his team and forgot all about his secret as he thought about the adventure they were about to have.