Indie Darmon

'Let's fly away and be friends!'

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a character in “RWBY: Grimm Awakening”, as played by afreerobin



Name: Indie Darmon
Age: Twenty. She looks very young for her age and is easily mistaken for a teen.
Species: Bird-Faunus, amber wings.
Physical Gender: Female,
Dominant Hand: Right
Height: 5'5
Weight: 109
Skin tone: Pale and clear
Eye Color: Sea blue
Hair Color: Amber
Hair Style: Long and flowing
Tattoos and Scars: None
Aura Color: Indigo
Fashion Sense: Simple and easy

Personality Type: Happy-go-lucky | Kind | Sweetheart | Naive |
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Meal: Salads, tofu. Indie is a vegetarian.
Likes: Animals, friends, dancing.
Dislikes: Death, meat, laziness.
Strengths: Can easily make people think she's weak. Able to talk most people into anything.
Fears: Losing her friends. Seeing someone die.

Weapon Name: Lizzy and Keth

Weapon Description:Two long blades, one black and the other pink. Folds in if she needs to go into the air.
Dust Type: Dust like slashes
Armour: Light blue and dark blue breastplate.
Semblance: Able to manipulate feelings for a short time.


History: Indie grew up very happy. Her mother and father loved her and as did the whole village she grew up in. Basically she had everything she could ever want. Sadly when she was fourteen a whole herd of different types of Grim attacked them. Her father stayed behind to protect the village while she and her mother ran. Unfortunately the village was destroyed along with her father. Now she lives in a small home with her mother and vows to never let Grim pull a family apart again.


So begins...

Indie Darmon's Story


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Arian watched on an adjacent roof as Indie encountered the other faunus. How can I help her? He wondered as he placed his hand in his pack. I have three shards of incendiary dust, Lillith, Evadne, some jerky, and some minor parts and pieces. I can make a slingshot, and aim for her wings and arms.

The wolf faunus quickly put the random pieces and parts together as a quietly as he could. He aligned the shot and waited for his prime opportunity to land a shot.