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Kamar Lucifer

The current survival instructor at Faith academy and once member of Team Kuro. A kind yet terrifying man.

0 · 443 views · located in Reverie

a character in “RWBY - Keep the Faith”, as played by K0VIP3R


Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height: 6”1’

Weight: 227lbs

Hair and Eye Colour: Short, spiky black hair and bright yellow eyes. The pupils change into slits when he uses his semblance.

Personality: Kamar is a very charismatic individual. Often referred to as a born leader by many of his colleagues and superiors, he once led Team KURO before he became an instructor. His outwardly confident and pleasant nature leads many to trust him with great ease and he in turn respects the trust others place in him highly. modest man to a fault, he will often defer praise in order to not inflate his own ego. However, he has a very scary temper and can often be very strict and reprimanding with his students. The one thing a person must never question is how intelligent Kamar is. Boasting an incredibly high IQ, this is the only thing his pride will not allow to be insulted.

Physical Appearance: Kamar is a very handsome man, no wrinkles, blemishes or scars are visible on his body. He has a very muscular build but this is typically covered by the suits he wears when teaching, typically taking the form of either white, blue or grey dress shirts, a black or navy tie, grey or brown trousers and black or brown shoes, both of which are well polished. Every piece of clothing fits him perfectly as each is hand-made by a personal tailor. Around his left wrist he has a silver watch which is slightly tarnished with age and has a multitude of scratches across both the face and silver strap.

When in battle he wears a black T-shirt, black combat trousers and black boots with fingerless black gloves. He covers his upper body with a black trench coat that has the collar turned up covering most of his neck and wears a grey scarf around his neck, hanging behind him, ending at his lower back. On his belt he has two scabbards containing his weapons and a chunky steel box that covers his lower back.

Dust Affinity: No

Weapon: Kusarigama (Reaper’s Pride) - Two Kusarigama (Scythe) blades linked together with a chain. They are placed in individual scabbards each on one side of Kamar’s waist with the chains attached to the handles. The chain then goes into the steel box on Kamar’s back which will retract the chain and extend it. The scythe blades are wrought silver with obsidian black steel acting as the frame for both the blade and handle. The top of the scythes and handles are covered in silver ivy. The blades of the scythe fold backwards along the handles to reveal gun barrels. The guns fire when there is an opposite force exerted on the chain.

Aura Colour: Bright Silver

Semblance: Distortion - Kamar is able to seemingly adjust the area around him. It's almost like refracting light, making the light almost bend away from something, however in this case Kamar can almost refract reality so he can adjust distances between himself and objects within a small area. It will almost make him seemingly dodge impossible to miss attacks and close distance between people as if he had super speed.

This semblance take a lot of concentration to use properly and is fairly taxing mentally. While Kamar can use it for long battles if he needs to, mental fatigue and stress can negatively affect it.

It is also rumour that using this ability he can create minor illusions.

Faunus: No

So begins...

Kamar Lucifer's Story


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#, as written by K0VIP3R
Yet Again in the Cafeteria

While the rest of the cafeteria was a humdrum of casual chatter as the new teams were desperately trying to make the most out of their one day of relaxation talking with one another to try and start gelling (With one very clear exception), there was one table that was maybe a little too rambunctious.

"Time to get this party started!" Shouted Jasper as he leaped onto Team JADE's table almost knocking aside their food and began air guitaring as if he were on a live stage, garnering much laughter from the tables around them and from Arsenic who was holding her sides.

"Stop monkeying around," Said Ecru sternly as he pulled Jasper down by his belt onto his chair, ending Jasper's fun as he did so, much to the relief of Damask. Talon then went about resuming eating his meal in what little peace he had managed to make for himself.

"To think we've got you as a team leader," Damask sighed heavily. "At least we'll gel well on the battlefield."

"That we will, Dama." giggled Arsenic, "And we'll have a blast while we do it. Man the parties we could have..."

"I hear you there Sister!" Cried Jasper who quickly shoved a banana in his mouth, wolfing it down with a noticeable lack of manners. "Though I can tell you and me are gonna be the life of the party, Talon isn't exactly what you'd call a party animal." He gestured with his thumb towards the silent young man, who quite blatantly ignored him in favour of the steak laying on his plate.

"He doesn't talk much, does he?" Damask asked Jasper. "I get the feeling he's one of those strong, silent types."

"You're definitely right there Dama!" Jasper laughed, wolfing down another banana as he did so, almost choking on it, making Ecru has to pound his back to stop him choking to death, whereupon, Ecru returned to his food, much to the laughter of Arsenic.

"I never said you could call me that, Jasper!" Damask hissed angrily. "Only Nic gets to call me that."

"Well Talon is one of those guys who only speaks when it's necessary," Explained Jasper, completely blanking Damask to her annoyance. "He's always been this quiet, grouchy guy since I met him back when I was a kid."

"Damn, you two have been together a while, huh?" Arsenic said in awe. There weren't many who attended these schools who had such long standing relationships.

"You both must be pretty close." Damask said expecting a similar response in return.

Talon wiped his mouth with a napkin, folding neatly and placing it on his empty plate. "Not really, he's a pest I haven't had the luxury of shaking off yet." He then presumed to start sipping his tea.

"That was cold Talon!" Jasper cried as Damask and Arsenic start laughing. "If that's the way you feel take this!" He quickly grabbed a pudding from a passing student jumped back from his chair and threw it at Talon, who casually swayed his head out of the way. The pudding carried on soaring past before striking Viridian as she was leaving the cafeteria. She stood stock still, glancing at her now pudding clad shoulder, watching it drip down her arm onto the floor beneath her. The cafeteria began roaring with laughter, although there was a few teams who did not join in down to three very clear factors:

1) The look in Viridian's eyes was anything less than friendly.
2) Those teams had seen her fight and were not too thrilled about pissing her off
3) Those teams also knew of her more than fiery temper, which was quite clearly about to boil over

"Who threw that?" She asked in a tone of controlled rage. The room immediately falling silent as she opened her mouth. With no one being forthcoming with an answer she looked around her and then spotted Jasper, trying to sneak away through the crowd. Even she knew that no one would try and run away unless they were guilty. Almost as quick as lightning she sprung over to JADE's table, and quickly grabbed Jasper by his jacket collar.

"Hey let go you crazy bitch!" Jasper shouted as he struggled to get free of Vi's death grasp on his coat. "I didn't do anything!"

"My shoulder says otherwise, monkey boy!" Vi shouted angrily as she reach over and grasped his shoulder with her left hand, sending waves of pain through Jasper's shoulder as she did so. "You're gonna pay for throwing that at me."

"Ouch, you're crushing my arm!" Jasper cried in pain, he swung out with his leg, bu missed Vi completely as she moved out of the way of the oncoming appendage. "You know guys, this might be a nice time to...."

"Put him down," ordered Talon as he placed the knife he was using against Vi's neck, his cold eyes burrowing into the back of her skull.

"You're Ecru Talon right?" She asked in curiosity as she threw Jasper forward, he landed heavily on the floor and lay groaning from the impact. "Well this is a fight I'd want to have." Vi said in an excited voice.

"If you attack him then you'll have us to deal with too!" Shouted Arsenic as her and Damask stood up from the table and approached her and Talon.

"Works for me." Vi stated bluntly, cracking her knuckles and neck as she did so, causing a few winces from the other people watching the confrontation. At that point a voice sounded from behind Vi.

"Vi what's going on?" Asked Indu as she rushed to her teammate's side.

"I'm about to pound these guys into the earth. And if you try and stop me, I'll do the same to you." Vi said without taking her eyes off of what she considered her foes in front of her. Indu was not too pleased by Vi's comments but then noticed the pudding stain on her left shoulder and then looked down at the now rising Jasper, who had just gotten off his back after Vi had thrown him.

"Did that boy do that to you?" She asked sternly, causing Vi to look at her leader in a confused manner.

"Uh, yeah...why do you care?" Vi asked quizzically.

"Because despite the fact, I don't want to have a fight, I cannot overlook any form of disrespect to my teammates now, can I?" She said flatly.

"Oh so my big bad teammate got disrespected, did she?" Said a male voice from the door. By this point some of the casual chatter had returned to the cafeteria but there was a still a fair few onlookers for the altercation. "I'm unsure whether I should care or not. I mean, I wasn't offended but what I saw, in fact I laughed a bit." Raven stepped out of the crowd, his charismatic demeanor drawing a lot of attention. "I'm more surprised you haven't actually hit anyone yet, Viridian. This isn't exactly a great showing for team IVRY is it?"

"Wait those three are from Team IVRY?!" Said an onlooker.

"Oh god, JADE's dropped themselves in it now." Said another.

"That team is a bunch of jerks right? I heard they weren't exactly the most friendly people in the entrance exams."

"Friendly? They're dicks!"

Raven looked around at the gossiping onlookers and sighed. "I wonder if it's jealousy or what, but we're definitely above them in terms of skill and strength. It might go a long way to remind these peasants who they're dealing with."

"I thought you said we wouldn't get along?" Said Indu with a small smirk on her face.

"Who said I'm doing for you? It's all about reputation. Vi here was disrespected and I'm not having my team's reputation tarnished because of some layabout lowlife." Jasper looked at Raven with a gaze of indignation in his eyes. "And I'm fairly sure that if Mr Yale was here, he'd join in because a Faunus was involved in disrespecting us." Raven gestured smugly at Indu, while Vi smiled simply. "Quite honestly the only one who cares about camaraderie here is you, my fearless leader. The three of us, do not care in the slightest about each other, just our reputations and our standing. As long as we're the strongest, we don't care about each other, or this place."

"Never thought I'd be agreeing with you twice." Laughed Vi.

"God I feel sorry for Indu right now." Arsenic said sadly. "That team is full of jerks from the sound of it."

"BREAK IT UP!" Shouted an authoritative voice from the crowd, who immediately began returning to their seats as quickly as they could, leaving the small group of IVRY and JADE alone. "Ecru drop that knife immediately." Ecru immediately placed his knife down next to his plate and resumed sitting in his chair.

"Well that's put a dampener of things." Sighed Vi. "Although what's to stop me from whacking that Faunus dick over there?"

"Well that would be me, Miss Boudic now wouldn't it?" Said the same voice from beside her. She turned to find Kamar Lucifer standing beside her, causing her to jump back a few feet.

"Jesus teach, don't do that." She said as she tried to regain her composure.

"I think I'm well within my rights, Viridian." Kamar spoke in a very pleasant yet eerily commanding tone. His presence radiated authority and power, much like the headmaster's did. "Now leave the cafeteria if you wouldn't mind? I'm sure you've had enough excitement for today."

"I'm sorry sir, but we can't leave at such a time." Raven proclaimed, his ego dripping from his words. "I'm pretty sure you can, you pompous blowhard." Laughed Jasper, eliciting a ripple of laughter from the tables around them. Raven glared at Jasper, his rage begin to seethe through him. The same could have been said of Vi at the remark as the person who had insulted her was being protected by this figure in front of her. Even Indu was getting irritated by the insults being flung at her teammates.

"That does it! I'm going to knock your teeth down your throat you mealy mouthed whelp!" Screamed Vi as she tried to rush past Kamar to get to Jasper.

"I said stop." Kamar spoke flatly, causing Vi to stop in her tracks. The hair on the nape of her neck began to stand on end. "When I say you should do something, I expect it to be obeyed. Now for the last time, leave the cafeteria and take your teammates with you."


Moments Later

Team IVRY had left the cafeteria under escort by Kamar, leaving the rest of the Teams to carry on enjoying themselves in their absence.

"That teacher was scary, wasn't he?" Jasper said as he shook a little from a bit of lingering fear.

"Well he would be. That was Kamar Lucifer, the leader of Team Kuro, one of the strongest teams not just in Reverie but in the entire world. Most of the teachers here were in such powerful teams. I wouldn't really wanna tick off any of them if I could help it." Arsenic explained.

"But to think that IVRY were planning on disobeying him." Damask said in disbelief.

"They were? Wasn't it only Vi who decided to go for me?" Jasper asked with quite blatant curiosity.

"She might have been, but you weren't paying attention to the other two were you?" Damask explained.

"It's all explained by the look on their faces." Talon stated calmly. "Team IVRY would be one of, if not THE, strongest team in our year. You have three people who are very prideful and egocentric who will not have their pride be besmirched or their reputations. And their leader is someone who would do anything for her teammates. While there aren't any ties of friendship, they will fight anyone who disrespects their team. That's the only bit of cohesion they have," Her resumed drinking, allowing Damask to finish off his explanation.

"Basically, by disrespecting Raven and Viridian, you disrespected their team. For such a prideful team, they can't and won't overlook it.

"So what you're saying is?" Jasper asked much to Damask's displeasure, shown quite clearly by her ead dropping to the table with a large sigh.

"Don't be an idiot and we might actually survive this year." Arsenic stated bluntly.

"Ah, why didn't you just say that sooner?!" Jasper said with quite a large laugh following, causing Arsenic and Damask to join in.


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Somewhere within the cafeteria... (before the time skip)

Team KOHL sat in their table, awkwardly. While most of the new teams were excitedly trying to get to know each other, the four freshmen sat there, eating in silence. Krimm Sohn, the team's unwilling leader, scanned the surroundings, trying to figure out his course of action.

Krimm cleared his throat. "So..." he began, "...uh, anyone..?"

Before Krimm could continue, a fight erupted somewhere near them. Apparently, two members of teams IVRY and JADE crossed paths, and it did not seem to go well. Laurel and Oxford carefully watched the two in their exchange, and decided to intervene. As they stood up, Krimm grabbed them by their wrists.

"Hey!" Oxford yelled, "What gives? Don't you see that that witch is being a bit unreasonable?"

Krimm remained expressionless. "Aren't you a bit unreasonable for drawing your weapon to deal with the situation?" he pointed out, shifting his eyes to Oxford's free, right hand, which was reaching for the short sword. Oxford growled at Krimm, the former's Semblance beginning to manifest. Krimm remained undaunted, simply staring back at him, tightening his grip while he was at it.

Oxford's semblance has emerged only its right arm, which was reaching for Krimm's neck. Krimm let Laurel free of his grasp, but the Faunus did not leave. He, as well as Honey, stared at Krimm and Oxford as they engaged in a stand-off. Krimm pointed the fingers of his left hand at Oxford, whose semblance grabbed Krimm's shirt. The former's fingertips began to glow, and Oxford's semblance began to rise...

"Stop it, both of you!" Honey shouted, standing from her seat. Krimm's fingers stopped glowing, and he let Oxford go. Oxford, in turn, withdrew his Semblance and sat down. Seconds after the latter's Fighting Spirit vanished, Laurel seated. Honey remained standing, looking at the two with clear disappointment.

"Guys, a fight just broke out," she said, "let's not make another one, got it?!"

"Yes, ma'am." Krimm and Oxford replied, as if being spoken to by a teacher.

The four watched on as a teacher escorted the members of Team IVRY out of the cafeteria. Honey then sat down and sighed in relief. Krimm looked at Team JADE, seeing that they have grown closer together, in comparison to his team.

Oxford, however, shook his head. "Well, at least they've been dealt with."

Laurel, seeing Oxford's disappointment, chuckled a little. "Can't believe they even tried to get the joker, especially after he showed up." he said, sipping his drink, "That's Kamar Lucifer for ya. He showed 'em, alright."

"Ka-Kam-Kamar Lucifer?!" Oxford stuttered, "Here?! No way!"

"He just walked outside. If you're lucky, you can get his autograph." Laurel joked.

"Shut up!" Oxford yelled, slumping in his chair, mumbling on about missed opportunities and something about justice.

"If ya wanna beat IVRY..." Krimm started, peeling off the skin of his banana, "...there is one thing you could do, Oxford."

"Yeah? What'd that be?" Oxford asked sarcastically, much to Krimm's annoyance.

"Maybe..." Krimm said, putting down the peeling of his finished banana, "...just maybe, we could defeat them if we start working as a team..."

Oxford looked at Honey, Laurel and, lastly, Krimm. "So...what exactly are we gonna do?"

"Simple." Laurel interrupted, finishing his drink before slamming the glass onto the table. "Be a team."


"Yeah, really." Honey added, "If IVRY is weak as a team, we could at least be better than them with that before we get to anything else!"

"So..." Krimm spoke, resting his chin on his fingers, "...what'd you say?"

Oxford grinned. "Let's get started."

"See?" Laurel chuckled, slapping Krimm and Oxford's backs, "We're startin' to get to like each other a bit more!"


Merkur was walking around the campus, happily humming to himself. "This is it...This is it!" he thought to himself, smiling as he did, "This is his first day! wonder how he..."

He heard some commotion from the cafeteria. Readying Bite the Dust, Merkur rushed to the cafeteria, only to find Kamar and three students. Curious, he went closer to them.

"Yo, Kamar!" he said with much pep, "What's going on here?"


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In the Mess Hall

As Sienna led her companion through the cafeteria, she strode with her arms behind her back. Her sharp features and cold gaze should have been intimidating to the younger teacher, but the auburn-haired woman kept striding forward as though she weren’t in the presence of one of the most dangerous Huntresses in the world. Her black-haired companion trailed a step behind her, allowing herself the space to be able to both listen, and to survey the eating space. Her eyes scanned as a machine would have, taking in the more notable faces of the first years as she passed them. Her heels clicked on the cement floor as the tables around her would whisper of her coming, some of them in awe and others in fear. Sometimes, she couldn’t actually tell the difference. She had often noticed that teenagers were harder to read than most people.

“I’m telling you,” Sienna gushed. “That team is going places.” Her darker haired companion frowned and furrowed her brow a bit.

“I agree,” she stated in a quiet, yet authoritative tone. "Although, you shouldn't play favorites." Sienna looked back at her, a patient smile ever present on her features.

“Team PWTR is a gem,” she repeated, the pride evident in her voice. “They’re a very well coordinated and balanced team, and that is rare among first year students.”

As the two of them continued walking, a commotion drew their attention to the edge of the cafeteria. Both of them looked on, one in slight indifference and the other in irritation, as the members of team IVRY and team JADE faced off in a verbal confrontation. Or, at least what looked like a verbal confrontation that had yet to turn physical.

Of course, Sienna had turned the corner so to speak, her smile and patience both gone in a flash. The older woman at her side couldn’t help but raise a brow slightly as she watched the young teacher fume about in her way. It was then that the two of them noticed Kamar, another colleague, breaking up what would have soon turned into a violent and destructive deathmatch. Sienna was noticeably calmer at the sight of him, and turned on her heel to leave the cafeteria as Kamar escorted team IVRY away, leaving team JADE behind to talk amongst themselves. The older woman stood, looking quite uncomfortable and awkward, her black hair twisted into a tight, braided bun, and her heels suddenly feeling less stable than they had a moment ago. She crossed her arms, her yellow eyes following the six figures that disappeared behind the doors of the mess hall entrance.

She was well aware that the students were watching her. She was tall, very tall with her heels, and quite intimidating with her broad shoulders and hardened muscles. Her jaw clenched as she exhaled sharply through her nostrils, causing a few of the nearer teens to flinch, and she made her way outside and into the hall to find Kamar and Sienna confronted my Merkur, who had idiotically drawn his weapon. She waited for the inevitable, and stifled a quiet snort of irritation when it came.

“How dare you draw your weapon on campus, Mister Quinton,” Sienna scolded. He frowned, looking quite taken aback.

“Wha? I was just-”

“A-bup-bup,” she interrupted sharply, holding a single, accusatory finger inches from his face. “I don’t care what you were doing, Merkur. You know the rules! Teacher nor student is ever allowed to draw their weapon on campus unless in sanctioned areas.” She scowled when he refused to respond, lowering her hand and placing it on her hip. “I think you should come with me,” she said, leading him away by his ear. By this point he had put his weapon away and was complaining that she was pulling too hard. He was hunched over as she led him towards Ijsbrand’s office, making him look rather pathetic.

The three delinquent students of team IVRY stood not far off, two of them watching with amused faces as Sienna and Merkur eventually walked out of sight. It was then that the older woman approached Kamar quietly, his gaze shifting to her as she moved to his line of sight. He smiled to her.

“Ebony, hello,” he greeted with a wave and a forced smile. “I see you’ve returned,” he remarked, gesturing to the small travel pack that hung from her left shoulder. She grunted. “How did everything fare? The job went well, I presume?” She shifted the bag a bit and looked away before answering.

“About as well as it can go when the only thing your patron wants you to do is gather the bone masks of dead Beowolves. It was rather disgusting, actually,” she spat, bile rising in her throat. Kamar gestured to the bag.

“I assume that’s what lies in there?”

“Yes,” she deadpanned, her stare just as blank and expressionless as her words. Kamar laughed before he turned to look through the windows at the clocktower that lay on the other side of the courtyard. “Ah, I should be going. Classes will be starting tomorrow, and lesson plans are always a good thing to have. I’ll see you later, Ebony.” He nodded his farewell to her as he turned, heading to the largest winding staircase a little faster than was necessary.

Ebony turned, catching the eyes of Indu, Viridian, and Raven. She cocked her head at them for a moment, and the largest of them spoke up.

“Ebony? As in, Ebony Azoth?” Viridian asked, almost sounding impressed. Almost.

“Indeed I am. You would do well to remember that while in my class,” she remarked. She shot a look at each of them in turn, her eyes lingering on Viridian before she followed in Kamar’s footsteps, making her way to the central staircase of the Academy.

In the Dorms

Phen collapsed onto her bed with a heaving sigh, while T’wulf sat by her with a much less audible one. Wynn and Regalia both inspected their side of the room, looking at the knick knacks that had been used to decorate it. There were several writing utensils scattered on dressers and desks, and many packets of unopened paper. Both sides of the room looked as though they had been poorly prepared for their new inhabitants, and it was visibly irritating the four of them. They had all expected a nicely kept room with four beds, not two. Regalia turned to Phen and T’wulf.

“These rooms seem a little small for four people, don’t you think?” she asked earnestly, twirling one of several ownerless pens between her fingers. Phen shrugged.

“I’d say it would be reasonable for two people, maybe three.”

“Four is a stretch, though,” Wynn finished for her. He turned to face them as well, gazing around the room as a whole. “Classes start tomorrow, sure, but how are we supposed to wake up on time if we can’t even sleep?”

“That’s a good question,” Regalia agreed, humoring him. “We can’t share beds can we? It would end up being quite awkward because of the one boy we have on our team,” she said, gesturing passively to Wynn, who nodded his agreement vigorously.

“I’d rather not be bedded on the first night.” He waggled his brows, causing Phen and Regalia to laugh.

“It’d be easier if we had the correct number of beds, too,” T’wulf added, causing another round of laughter. Wynn smiled.

“I’m only hoping that IVRY has accommodations as annoying as ours,” he joked.

“Wynn.” His eyes shot to T’wulf, who had spoken rather quietly.

“Yes?” he questioned, forcing them all to become aware of the deafening moment of silence T’wulf had caused.

“What was with Yale?” She cocked her head to the side curiously, as though she were a dog. “He seemed to be very impatient towards you.”

“I know him. He’s a real prick, that one,” Regalia answered for him. “Like I said, he’s racist. Dislikes Faunus to his very core.” T’wulf frowned, and so did Wynn. “But I’ve never heard of someone getting so irritated by a faunus so quickly, not even Yale.” Phen nodded.

“It seems to me that you in particular are more maddening to him,” the redhead observed. “Maybe he knows you from somewhere?”

“Or maybe he’s just bitter,” T’wulf reasoned quietly, her eyes sliding to the window and drinking in the night sky carefully. Wynn watched her for a moment before looking to Phen quizzically.

All she could do was smile and wave his unspoken question aside.

“I’m sorry, I can be a downer sometimes,” T’wulf apologized, freeing her gaze from the moon. “Just comes with the lack of social skills, I guess.”

“Nah, you’re not as bad as some people I’ve met,” Regalia reassured her. “Despite it being the first day, I’ve noticed a lot of people already talking about you.”

“Who, me?” T’wulf said incredulously, sincerely confused.

“Well, you are a looker, and you seem to have a following already,” Phen answered, nudging her with a playful elbow. Regalia, Wynn, and Phen all laughed at T’wulf’s innocent blush.

“That’s not funny, Phen,” she sighed with a light and exhausted smile, placing her head in her hands. Phen patted her on the back.

“Aw, Cub. Don’t worry about anything. We’re all kinda awkward on the first day.” Phen kept a reassuring hand on her shoulder as T’wulf looked up at each of them in turn.

“No more fanclub jokes,” she insisted, shooting a glare at her longtime friend. Phen laughed.

“Alright, Cub. Alright.”

Central Tower

Ebony looked over her papers, studying the name and face of each first year student. Her eyes scanned their profiles systematically, only shifting from paper to paper every so often, and lingering on those she found intriguing. As she finished, she quietly swiveled in her chair, taking in the night sky through her large office window. She took a deep and calming breath, standing from her chair to move soundlessly closer to the glass, her heels having been long discarded underneath her desk. Her bare feet thanked her every step, and she curled her toes as she stood before the open expanse of the autumn forest. She placed her fingers upon the cool surface, leaving nary a fingerprint behind as she studied the land outside, as she had done thousands of times before, before allowing her eyes to find their favorite sight: the moon.

She contemplated the day to come as the clock struck midnight and let it’s chime ring throughout the campus. It’s melody reminded her of her own first night as a student, feeling both fear and anticipation of what was to pass. Her eyes softened as they found the silvered light washing over her as a cloud moved by. Her heart beat in the rhythm of the clock tower’s song, and her teeth chattered every time a new note was struck. After what seemed a rather enjoyable eternity, it ended. The tune echoed for several seconds afterwards, leaving her with an empty thought of sleep.

She didn’t outwardly react to the shuffling she heard, instead allowing it to continue for a moment longer before acknowledging it. Shaking her head to rid it of tiredness and turning it slightly to see behind her, she regarded Sienna with little more than an exhausted grunt.

“You seem tired,” the younger teacher remarked, stating the obvious as she stepped around Ebony’s desk to join her by the window. Her words were met with silence - an occurrence that was not uncommon when talking to the world-weary huntress. For most, the silence would have been awkward and uncomfortable, but Ebony knew that Sienna didn’t mind it. “I know you turn it down every time, as you have ever since I began working here, but my offer for a neck rub still stands, you know,” she spoke with a noticeable tone of mirth, breaking Ebony’s quiet stupor. The older of the two allowed her eyes to meet Sienna’s for a moment, fully acknowledging her for the first time since she had entered the room.

“When have I ever said yes to your neck rubs, kid?” she replied, demonstrating her rare sense of humor. Sienna laughed.

“I knew you’d say no. Just thought I’d continue my routine of checking on you to make sure you aren’t being all broody.” She turned, her socked feet making hardly a sound against the marble floor of Ebony’s office.

“Those notes you left,” Ebony whispered suddenly, yet quietly. “You want me to use them, correct?”

“Yep,” Sienna affirmed with a nod, not turning to look back as she opened the door with a slight squeak. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Ebony. Or rather, today,” she whispered, throwing her a smile as she shut the door behind her with a soft click.

Ebony looked at the black lacquered door for a moment before she returned her gaze to the vast expanse of dangerous forest and hillside. She listened through the glass to the howls of Beowolves and the screeches of Nevermores.It was shaping up to be an interesting year - in more ways than one.