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Rhoswen Lilith

Faith academy's History lecturer. Beautiful, friendly, flirty and terrifying all wrapped up un one dangerous package

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a character in “RWBY - Keep the Faith”, as played by K0VIP3R


Age: 30

Gender: Female

Height: 5”8’

Hair and Eye Colour: White, long hair, falling to just below her rear, the ends fade into a bright pink colour. Her bangs are swept over her left eye, stopping just below her left cheek. Her eye colour is pink. When using her semblance, her eyes become slitted.

Personality: Rhoswen has a bubbly and friendly personality. Boasting a very cheerful disposition, she is often considered one of the favourites of the students because of how friendly and welcoming her lessons often are, despite the more boring topic of history. Much like her teammate, Kamar, she boasts an extraordinarily high level of charisma and a very polarising personality, able to inspire students to succeed past their own expectations. On top of this she has a flirtatious streak in her, often with her teammate. Like Kamar, she can sometimes have moments of terrifying proportions, while her words and speech seem normal and sweet, her presence instills such dread in people they can often be struck dumb in fear or on some occasions even collapse from fright.

Personal Appearance: Rhoswen is an extremely attractive woman. Like her teammate, no wrinkles, blemishes or scars disfigure her body in any way. Her frame is a perfect hourglass, sporting toned muscles where visible. Her breasts are larger than average and she likes to flaunt them within the bounds her profession would allow.

She wears smart outfits while teaching, typically a grey coat covering a red V-neck dress shirt, exposing some of her cleavage. She wears a black skirt that comes to just above her knee, black, translucent stockings and black high heels.

In combat she sports similar clothing to Kamar, only in white with pink highlights. The only difference is the trousers and shirt are similar to her school clothes, meaning they are slightly more revealing than her male counterpart. Unlike Kamar however, instead of a scarf, her coat has a hood which she usually keeps up at all times. Her coat and boots also sport fur trim which is coloured pink.

Dust Affinity: Yes

Weapon: (Warrior’s Bane) - A double headed katana with a short stave in between the two blades. The blades are made from wrought dark steel, sporting silver ivy bejeweled with rubies and sapphires. On pressing a button, one of the blades will turn so both are facing the same direction and fold back slightly. A metal string becomes revealed as the blades fold back and a small chamber opens one the left side of the bow. Upon drawing the bow string back, a dust arrow will appear and fire as the string is released. The effect the arrow has depends on the dust used.

Aura: A light pink

Semblance: Serpent’s Eye - This semblance gives Rhoswen enhanced sight. Her eyes are sharper, able to discern small movements better as well as giving her a serpent's pit vision. This enables her archery skill to be almost unsurpassable.

Faunus: No

So begins...

Rhoswen Lilith's Story


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#, as written by K0VIP3R
The Journey

To say the trip from the Dust Studies classroom was almost like a small expedition was nothing short of an unstatement. The first years literally had 5 minutes to clamber up 4 floors of a steep staircase, leading to many, if not all, of the students panting from exertion on arriving at the classroom door. Not seeing their teacher anywhere and with mere seconds to spare, they all rushed into the classroom and proceeded to make their way to which ever seats they decided they wanted to occupy. As they all sat down, many of the students looked around the classroom, finding their teacher still absent. That was until an authoritative, overly feminine voice came from behind them.

“Would you all please stand? I want you sitting in a specific manner.” As the heads turned to see the voice’s owner, many jaws dropped when the awe inspiring sight of Rhoswen Lilith greeted their eyes. Many male and a few females eyes were roving her constantly, although a few were locked onto a very specific area.

“Oh my god, she’s so hot!” Wynn shouted, without any lack of restraint or embarrassment in doing so. While a few of the other students just nodded, Jasper was still cognitive enough to agree with Wynn.

“You’re telling me..damn girl!” Jasper exclaimed with a wolf whistle afterwards. “Oww...seriously Talon? What’s up with you?” Jasper started clutching the back of his head after Talon had given him a rather sharp punch, before turning his eyes to Rhoswen, being one of the only people in the room not taken in by her appearance.

“Well now that we have the usual gawking out of the way,” Rhoswen began noticing Jasper was still staring at her. “My eyes are up here, Mr McTavish.” Rhoswen said with a cheeky smile adorning her lips, amidst a smattering of giggling at a non-phased Jasper. “Now I want you all to be sitting in your teams. You’ll find that myself and Kamar, Mr Lucifer to you guys, have a very high emphasis on teamwork, so my classes are not just about knowledge. Think of it as a class to team build. Now to your seats please, we are behind by five minutes as it is.”

While the majority of the teams sat together without any problems, one team in particular seemed to do so in a rather disgruntled fashion, trying to ignore one another as they did so.

Rhoswen placed down her notes on the wooden desk situated at the front of the classroom, looking up at her now settled students and began her lecture.

“So to begin with, as you know, this is your history class.” Her sweet voice floated around the room in a soft yet clear way, immediately grabbing the attention of her listeners. “In this classroom, I do not value your individual intellect so much as your team’s collective knowledge. But don’t think for a moment that any of you will get an easy ride in this class. While answering my questions correctly will give your team bonus points in my eyes, if any of you fail to answer a question your team will be punished as a whole. After all, a team is only as strong as its weakest part.” Rhoswen noticed that IVRY and JADE looked towards a single member each, Raven and Yale made glaring looks at Viridian whereas Indu was trying to reassure her now venomous teammate while Arsenic and Damask were staring at Jasper who merely shrugged his shoulders, nonplussed by their lack of faith, Talon blatantly ignored the stares that he was between and remained focus on the front of the classroom, eliciting a small smirk from Rhoswen.

“Eyes forward IVRY and JADE, you’re here to learn not stare at each other.” Their attention was immediately drawn back to the front, not without some disgruntled muttering from IVRY. “Thank you, now to the main lesson. As you know, our country’s origins are known through writings from our ancestors who originally settled here from Vacuo and Vale. The island we call home was originally and for the most part still is infested by a veritable hoard of Grimm. Now how did the original settlers deal with this….. Indu?” She looked to Indu for the answer and smiled as she immediately received the answer.

“They were nomadic tribes to begin with, moving whenever the Grimm hoard got dangerously close. At the time combat was even more important than it is today as every able bodied person was required to be able to kill a Grimm in the event of an attack.” Indu sounded like she was almost reciting this from a book, the answer was perfect.

“Very nice Miss Tzu. You have a fine resource there IVRY, I hope you use it wisely.” Rhoswen commented with a small giggle. “You are absolutely correct Indu, roaming tribes were at the original time of settlement the way our ancestors essentially survived the early years against the Grimm. There were thirteen known clans which later assembled into the main city. There were of course more clans than those thirteen however they remain as nomadic tribes to this day.

“Now on the initial settling of the city there were both Faunus and Humans within the main settlement. Now this might be a little much for the Faunus in the room but … well let’s allow one of you to explain...T’wulf? I did say your name right, didn’t I?” Rhoswen asked as she watched the Faunus female stand to answer.

“Yes you did, ma’am.” T’wulf responded in a kindly tone. “Well while both humans and faunus jointly created the settlement, somewhere along the early years of the settlement, the humans began taking faunus as slaves. The city was basically built out of faunus slave labour, which is one of the main drivers behind the Faunus Liberation Party. It wasn’t until 20 years into the initial founding of the city and city building that the faunus took a stand to fight their captors which resulted in the first civil war of our civilisation.” T’wulf sat down as she finished receiving welcoming pats on the back from her teammates who were in proud admiration of her.

Rhoswen nearly applauded T’wulf. It was more than what she had expected out of her student. “I did not expect that level of knowledge. I’m thoroughly impressed Miss Lupus. You are right on all counts. I’ll elaborate on the last point however as I know it’s a rather sore subject at least where Faunus are concerned.” Rhoswen stepped away from her desk to a map that was the the right of the chalkboard at the front of the classroom. The map displayed the entirety of Reverie.

She pointed to an area just outside of the city border. “This area here is were the Civil War took a dramatic turn..I’ll make this one of the last parts of the lesson so you guys can shoot off to an early lunch, thank Miss Lupus for that.” She gave T’wulf a quick wink before continuing causing the student to blush a little. “The Faunus Resistance movement had been winning battles throughout the city, driving out the majority of humans from the city into the Grimm infested forests. Now as most wars do, the Faunus wanted to put an end to the war so they went in for one final battle to try and put down the humans that were left fighting. That’s the way of the world guys, war sucks.” There was a smattering of laughs around the room from the students but Rhoswen was not smiling, her face was completely devoid of the charm it had earlier held. “That wasn’t a joke. War is not something so easily trifled with or forgotten. There are still places within the city that haven’t fully recovered from the war and that was a long time ago.” She noticed IVRY were taking increased interest in the lecture. Not out of bloodthirst but it seemed to hit closer to home than she had wanted it to. “The battle was the shortest of the war. It was a complete and utter loss for the Faunus. When the Faunus arrived at what they assumed to be where the human army was located they found themselves arriving at an empty clearing in the forest which was full of scraps of meat and that had attracted Grimm.”

“The faunus army lost a considerable number to the Grimm, the humans had outwitted the main army and killed or captured any of those who had managed to escape the massacre. After this the faunus quickly fell and the war went in favour of the humans, ending up with the humans becoming the victors of the war and conditions for faunus becoming much worse.” Rhoswen stopped speaking after that. With a sigh she looked around the class. “Because of the following wars, faunus were eventually considered an equal species when the Equalist party came into power. We have one of the most bloody histories in Remnant. It’s also the reason our school is regarded so highly. Warfare and fighting seems to be in our DNA.” She gave one more cheery smile. “So with that rather depressing note I will let you all go. Enjoy the rest of your day, you shouldn’t have anymore lessons for today as far as I’m aware but I’m sure Sienna will come and correct me if you do.”

With that the teams began dispersing through the doors. Some students walked off immediately while other thanked Rhoswen for the lesson. It was not until the last student left that Rhoswen heard a familiar voice.

“Well that was definitely a cheery lecture. Blood and gore on the first day, aren’t they fortunate?” They was a rather manly chuckle that came after that sentence but there was not much warmth to the sound. Even then, the voice brought a warm sense of happiness to Rhoswen as she looked up at the back of the lecture theatre to see Kamar standing up in one of the corners having gone completely unnoticed by every other person in the room.

“You really need to show me how to do that. I’m sure I could really use that sneakiness of yours when I’m fighting.” Rhoswen chuckled as she quickly gathered her belongings and walked out of the room with Kamar.

“You were the one who taught me how to do it Rhos. I can’t help just being able to do it better than you.” Kamar laughed as he tucked his hands into his trouser pockets, knowing Rhoswen was going to wrap one of her arms around his own. Any ordinary passer by would have thought they were a couple from how they looked, but that is not quite the case.

“So I’m assuming you came to pay attention to your favourites then?” Rhoswen asked with feigned innocence.

“You should know me well enough by now that I don’t play favourites. It’s just…” Kamar did not even need to finish his sentence before Rhoswen finished it for him.

“They remind you a lot of us, don’t they?” She asked while her brain thought back nostalgically to her student life when team KURO was still together. “A bunch of strong individuals with equally strong personalities. Seems too good to be true.” She chuckled again but the sound was empty. Almost false.

“I’m not going to give them an easy time. The sooner those four actually become a team, the better.” Kamar’s face became grim. “While there is no real animosity between Sienna and I now, I still hate the idea that her favourites are actually in a better state as a team than IVRY is. When we were all their age we had two teams of close knit members but who worked under two different philosophies. Instead we have a team who’s teamwork is almost flawless, remarkable for first years and then a team of people who seem like they could implode at any juncture. I will not allow that to happen.”

“Oh so you do care?” Rhoswen laughed before she released hold on Kamar’s arm and started skipping down the stairs in her highheels. “And although I’m pretty sure you’re already aware but the others will be arriving back here within the next month.”

Kamar smiled visibly. “Team KURO together again. Just like old times.”

What a surprise, we’re here again - CAFETERIA TIME!

Due to the students early departure from their lesson, they were amoung the first the reach the cafeteria alongside some of the older students and teachers. Quite quickly the teams grabbed their food and sat down at their usual tables. However, due to some intermingling before and during classes, many friendship circles were developing outside of the teams themselves.

A shining example of this was PWTR and JADE, being drawn together by the joint efforts of both Jasper and Wynn, the most hyperactive of their respective teams. JADE at that point decided to relocate tables to the one next to PWTR and began chatting in earnest, all but Talon opening up to each other, sharing their dreams, past experiences and observations of the two days they had now been a part of the school.

“So me and Talon were trapped in this corner with no escape and these guys surrounding us…” Jasper was relating one story from his past exploits with Talon. Jasper while not an eloquent wordsmith was still a great story teller as both teams listened intently while Talon sat with his eyes closed and arms folded, his hidden face giving little away as he listened to the account.

“How many guys was it?” Wynn asked excitedly, completely enraptured by the slightly false tale.

Jasper rubbed his nose in a confident smile. “I’d say about eight in total. All of them big muscle bound clods like Miss Bitch over there.” He laughed as he pointed a thumb in the direction of Viridian as she sat eating her rather large meal of steak and other assorted meat and vegetables. She completly ignored the jibe, as did the rest of IVRY, all except one pair of ears.

“Anyway, where was I? Ah yes so these eight guys were all holding these metal bars, knives, you know the usual thug crap. So Talon just stands there watching these guys all calm like which somehow pissed them off and I just charged forward and knocked the first guy clean out with a right hook and took the second down with a swift kick to the balls.” While the girls laughed at this statement, Wynn winced in moderate sympathy with the man.

“And then what happened?” Regalia asked in a slightly disconcerting manner throwing Jasper off a little.

“What do you mean what happened? I kicked the crap outta them!” Jasper exclaimed jumping up from his seat in indignation.

Regalia turned her eyes to Talon. “What really happened?” She asked with a slight smirk on her face.

“Yeah come on Ecru, he’s gotta be joking right?” T’wulf asked in a laugh.

“There’s no way he took down eight guys without your help, Talon.” Arsenic said with a snicker which Damask joined in with.

“Talon back a guy up here.” Jasper implored his friend however…

“He knocked out the first guy and then got jumped by the others. Had I not stepped in he would have been in the hospital.” Talon responded without a shred of emotion escaping his lips.

The others immediately began to laugh and a crest fallen Jasper slumped back in his chair and then proceeded to grab Talon’s desert away from him.

“Screw you Talon!” Jasper shouted as he threw the desert, plate and all. Unfortunately as luck would have it. The same events recurred as they had done the previous day. The desert plate was easily dodged by Talon and both teams watched as the plate not only struck Vi clean on the back of the head, but the plate fragments and splattering desert also covered the rest of team IVRY in an assortment of ceramic chips and cheesecake.

“Oh shit…” Jasper said in exasperation before he leapt up from his chair and cannoned through the cafeteria door. As PWTR and the remaining members of JADE stood up to follow, they watched the members of IVRY rise from their seats. While they seemed non-plussed excluding Viridian who was shaking in rage, the atmosphere that came from their table was nothing short of terrifying.

“That little cunt! He’s done it this time! I’m gonna kill the fucker!” Viridian then stormed out of the cafeteria.

“She doesn’t even know which way he went, does she?” Raven asked as he wiped food from his front.

“No she doesn’t.” Indu responded with a sigh. “Okay we’re going to find her and then find that little pest and settle this disrespect.”

“You know what? I agree.” Raven said with a grim smile. “I’m going to help her murder that little bastard and then go back to hating her guts.”

They all left the cafeteria together, even Yale following along, angrier than the rest of his team would have imagined.

“This is bad isn’t it?” Wynn said as both teams ran to the door.

“Bad? You kidding? This is a disaster!” Regalia said as they quickly followed in hot pursuit, Talon outstripping the rest, his cold eyes hiding the concern he really felt.

Dueling Arena, First Year Tower

Jasper sat down on one of the seats in the viewing area, panting heavily.

“Damn I need to exercise more. Phew!” He tried to calm his breathing down. “At least those clowns can’t have followed me, there’s no way they could have…”

“Clowns eh?” A voice came from behind him. A voice he did not want to hear. “So apparently throwing food at me isn’t just what he does to disrespect me. Clowns?! I think the only one here who’s a clown is you!” Viridian’s increasingly rage filled voice shot alarm bells of in Jasper’s head and he leapt over the seat in front of him, narrowly dodging a right hook as he did. Upon turning around, he was met with the furious faces of team IVRY. Each one of them glaring daggers at him.

“Hey, this is just all…” He took another leap back balancing neatly on a chair top as Yale lunged towards him with a swift kick. “Hey can’t I at least…” Again he dodged another blow as Raven threw himself at Jasper, his body colliding with the open air where Jasper had been a moment ago.

“You just keep your mouth shut and take your beating like a man.” Raven spat venomously.

“OI! ASSHOLES!!!” Came a shout from the doorway as PWTR and JADE erupted through the door attracting the attention of IVRY and Jasper, except from one individual.

“You let your guard down…” Jasper found himself in a painful hold, his arm pinned behind him and his knee gave way as a foot struck it powerfully with surgical precision as Indu grabbed him in that second of lost concentration.

“JASPER!” Regalia shouted.

“If you move I’ll break each one of his ribs one by one.” Vi shouted back angrily. The threat worked however that did not stop Vi from clenching her fist and striking Jasper hard across his left cheek, leaving a large red mark and a small cut where her glove had caught him. His neck had spun, jarring the joint and he cried out in pain.

“Now I’m going to break all of your ribs in one go!” She clenched her fist a second time.

“Viridian look out!” Indu shouted but it was too late. Raven and Yale turned to find Vi in a very dangerous position, much like that of Jasper. Talon had surged towards the group and yanked back Vi’s arm, hyper extending the shoulder painfully, locking it in place and held a small hunting knife to her throat. His eyes appeared calm, but his covered face again gave nothing away.

“Release Jasper.” He asked in a cold monotone. Indu however tightened her grasp, fury starting to bubble beneath her skin.

“Release Vi first!” She said with authority.

“Release Jasper.” Talon repeated in the same calm voice but pressed his knife against Vi’s neck hard enough to draw blood.

“I think he’s serious Indu.” Raven said in urgency.

“I said release VI!” Indu said again in an authoritative and slightly angrier voice. Tightening her grip enough to hear Jasper’s joints creak.

“Argh this hurts bad Talon!” Jasper cried as tears of pain sprung into his eyes.

“Release Jasper or I will break this woman.” Talon responded again coldly. Extremely coldly. He tightened his grip on Vi’s shoulder causing the same creaking that Jasper experienced and similar pain along with it.

“Shit this hurts!” Vi shouted but she didn’t struggle being in the more dangerous position than Jasper. “Indu seriously, let him go. This guy isn’t bluffing, trust me!” Vi said urgently.

Indu released Jasper there and then. Jasper quickly ran to the teams waiting for him, clutching his arm painfully. Talon then removed the blade from Vi’s neck and span her around by her arm, kicking her square in the chest. She went sailing into Raven and lay groaning in pain on top of him.

Talon turned to return to his teammates but found his path blocked by Indu who was glaring daggers at Talon. Talon coolly returned the stare.

“I cannot allow you to leave unpunished, Ecru Talon. No one gets away with treating my teammate like that.” Indu said in controlled rage. “I challenge you to a duel. The arena is just there so we can start immediately.”

Talon just kept on staring at her which started to unnerve her slightly. His stare was so cold and emotionless, like the eyes of a killer. “Don’t waste my time.” He said flatly, trying to walk past her. She however carried on blocking his path.

“I will not accept your declination, Ecru Talon. Fight me you coward!” She shouted. And she swear she saw a glimmer of anger pop into his eyes but that inquisitive thought vanished with his answer.

“I accept.” He stated the two words in cold authority. He kept his gaze with her. His eyes offering his next question without even having to speak.

"Why are you just staring at me, shouldn't we proceed to the arena?" Indu asked in a state of mild confusion.

"I...honestly wonder how picked to be our leader sometimes, Indu?" Vi groaned. She stood up, casually stamping on Raven's leg as she did. Ignoring his cursing and shouting, she continued to speak. "You didn't come from where we grew up. A spoiled rich kid like yourself wouldn't have a clue how fights work down in the slums."

"What do you mean, Viridian?" Indu asked, the insults while hurtful, did not show on her face.

"I mean we fight for something. Pride and honour? Ha, what use do people like us have for that?" Vi spat in contempt. "He wants to hear what you get for winning and what he gets if he wins. Simple as that."

"So a wager?" Indu said in thought.

"Well because you're fighting for me, for whatever reason. I think I should decide don't you?" Vi eyed Indu who just bowed humbly. "How about, I get Jasper as a slave for a month if she wins." Raven almost broke out in laughter hearing that, whereas Indu looked at Vi in disbelief.

"You what..." Indu started.

"What d'ya say Talon?" Vi smirked.

Talon just eyed her before shaking his head.

"No? You refuse?" Vi asked critically, quite unsure what was running through Talon's mind.

"I'm not refusing." Talon said as he approached Vi until they were face to face (Or face to hood and scarf) "I'll take Jasper's place."

"Wait Talon..." Jasper shouted but he was thoroughly ignored by the group.

"I'll take that. Now what do you..."

“You never touch Jasper again.” Talon interrupted her in the same cold monotone.

Vi offered out her hand and Talon gave a curt, powerful handshake; sealing the bargain. Indu looked out of her depth.

"I don't like the idea of this." Indu complained. Her upbringing and nature was fighting against the idea of almost owning someone.

"Well just shut up and get on with it Indu. He's in full agreement. Backing out now would be disrespectful." Vi said in an almost commanding tone. Indu again bowed her head and walked onto the dueling arena with talon following silently behind her.