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Slate Quatermain

The Horned Hunter

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a character in “RWBY - Keep the Faith”, as played by Robinwing


Strictly speaking, a middle ranking team, but close knit with strong teamwork dynamics


Team: SSHL (Seashell)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Faunus, he has large ram horns. And a tendency to headbutt if you annoy him enough.

Height: 190cm

Weight: 74kg

Hair: Very dark brown in long dreadlocks that he ties back into a ponytail that reaches his mid back

Eyes: Hazel

Personality: Quiet and serious, Slate is a consummate hunter. He's vigilant, clever, and a brilliant tracker. He can be distrusting and distant, since he's unused to being around other people. Even so, Slate is actually very compassionate and once he cares about someone, he's extremely protective. He tends to take it onto himself to make sure the people around him are safe and looked after, a trait which is exacerbated by being SSHL's leader. He's very brave, and nothing seems to intimidate him after being raised nomadically in the wilderness.

Appearance: Slate is a very tall, very broad guy. He's heavyset with dark skin, and pretty muscular. He's the worse for wear, with calloused hands and a nose that definitely shows signs of having been broken at some point. He mostly wears heavy duty boots, beige pants tucked into them, and a white button down shirt. He also often wears various belts with various handy bits and pieces attached or in small bags. He tends to end up carrying enough stuff with him that he could survive in the wilderness for a good week at a moment's notice. On top of all that he wears a long brown duster, which is beat to all hell from years of wilderness survival.

Symbol: Slate's symbol is branded on the back of his duster, and the butt of his gun. You never know when you might lose that.


Colour scheme: Khaki, white, brown

Dust affinity: Next to none

Weapon: Herne's Hymn
Herne's Hymn is a powerful hunting rifle, similar to an elephant gun, which can turn into a somewhat oversized machete. He can use the gun to fire Dust cartridges, but he can't make much use of them himself. Instead, he uses that functionality to throw Dust to his teammates as and when they may need them.

Aura: Slate's Aura manifests as an almost invisible dusty brown

Semblance: Vanish; Slate's semblance allows him to become almost unnoticeable. He blends into his environment almost like a chameleon, and the sounds of his movement are muffled. His Aura can be sensed if his enemy has a particularly good sensitivity to such a thing. He can be smelled, but he's a skilled enough survivalist/hunter to avoid being upwind.

Fighting Style: Slate's fighting style is very heavily based around life-or-death encounters, where there are no rules and stakes are high. He makes good use of his strength, but even better use of his cunning and stealth. He uses his environment very effectively, finding sniper style perches and deep shadows where his semblance is most effective. However, in a straight fight, Slate tends to rely on his strength over skill.

So begins...

Slate Quatermain's Story


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And yet elsewhere in the Cafeteria

Slate couldn't help the half smile, even if it was a nervous one. His team sat around him, the girls listening to Hart's... Vibrant... Retelling of what he and Slate had been doing before they'd ran into the girls. The skinny boy had some problems on the field they'd need to work on, though you wouldn't think it from his story. The girls shared a sideways glance, holding down their giggles. Slate looked down at the table, and blinked.
"Is that all you've got?" He said. Hart fell quiet, and quickly looked down at his, mostly junk, food and back at Slate.
"Uhhh, yeah?" He replied. With a huff, Slate passed an apple and half of his sandwich to Hart. He pointedly ignored Lavender's smirk.
"Already taking the team leader stuff seriously, huh?" She said.
"I'm gonna need the practice." Slate replied.

Why he'd been the one picked to lead SSHL, Slate really couldn't say. From what he'd seen of their work during team selection, Sherry's easy misdirection and Lavender's bravado, even Hart's technique, despite his problems. They all had an area of expertise, but surely one of the others had to be better with people than the faunus who'd barely ever talked to another person beyond his family.

"You might need less practice than you think." Sherry commented. Slate blinked.
"You picked out this table, where you can see every exit, while still being between them and us. You're also already making Hart feed himself like an actual human being." She explained. Hart nodded enthusiastically, cheeks filled like a chipmunk. Lavender draped herself with one arm over his shoulders.
"Then you've got the fact that you were more worried about keeping me and Sherry flush in dust cartridges. Why do you even carry them if you can't use them, seriously? Face it, you're already acting like you're our dad." She added with a smirk. Slate flushed a little, chuckled and half heartedly pushed Lavender off. The girls backed off, satisfied with their handiwork.


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#, as written by Senato
South Tower

It was early in the morning and, as expected, the southern tower was mostly silent, save for the few early birds who were already up and getting ready for their first official day. One of these early birds was, of course, the hyperactive lion of team PWTR; Wynn.
“I should probably wake the others up soon.” he thought to himself as he stepped out of the warm shower, quickly drying himself off. He had woken up far earlier than he needed to, but he couldn’t help it, he was just so excited about his first day.
He slipped into his uniform, which was a white, long-sleeved button-up with the school’s insignia on the breast pocket, over that, a dark purple school blazer with black accents, long black slacks, and neat black shoes before stepping back into the main room, where the rest of his team was still sleeping.
“Hmm, how to wake them up…” he wondered, before a mischievous smile crossed his lips. He quietly tip-toed over to the bed in which Phenix and T’wulf were sleeping and lowered himself to be eye-level with the sleeping T’wulf before tapping on her nose, “Wakey wakey, Wulfie!”
T’wulf awoke with a start, jumping back and pushing Phenix out of the bed; causing her to land on the floor with a thump.

“Uuuugh…” Phen began, lifting herself off the floor

“What was that for!?” T’wulf shouted, glaring at Wynn who was basically keeling over in laughter

“Wha-whats going on?” Regalia said sleepily as she rose from her bed, eyes still half closed

“Hahahaha, I’m, haha, sor-haha-ry” Wynn replied unable to contain his laughter, “That reaction-hahaha, was just haha, so golden!”

“It's not funny.” T’wulf deadpanned

“Well,” Regalia yawned, “At least we’re all awake.”

“That was the goal.” Wynn giggled, “Plus, you three should start getting ready.”

“True.” Phenix replied as she stretched

T’wulf looked around at the other two girls, “Are you really gonna act like this is normal??” though her only reply was a playful wink from Wynn.

“While you three get ready, I’ll go get us all some breakfast in the cafeteria!” Wynn announced before leaving the room, closing the door a little too loudly behind him.

“C’mon pup.” Phen began, drawing T’wulf’s attention, “Time to get ready for the first day.” She smiled

T’wulf crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, “I’m not a pup.” she mumbled as she got off the bed and made her way to the closet, eliciting a slight giggle from both Phen and Regalia.

Welcome back to the Cafeteria

The Cafeteria was slowly coming to life as one by one the student body dripped into the enormous room. Some tables already had their full teams present and were digging into their breakfast, whilst others, like Wynn, were waiting for the rest of their team to arrive before eating.

“Over here guys!” Wynn called out whilst waving his hands to Regalia, Phen and T’wulf whom had just entered from the hall. Each wearing their own slightly personalised version of their school uniforms; Regalia wearing a dark purple skirt, with white button up, a tie and a blazer, Phen wore the v-neck variant of the sweater, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, and black slacks, finally, T-wulf was wearing a white button up, blazer and slacks.

“He was actually able to get us a table.” Regalia said with sarcastic surprise as they began heading in his direction

“I am curious what he got us though,” Phen relied, “Considering he didn’t even ask before heading out…”

“It shouldn’t be anything bad, it’s only breakfast.” T’wulf answered, as she started to think about all the kinds of breakfast he could have gotten for them. She ended up so deep in thought that she didn’t even realize there was someone in front of her, until she bumped into the taller, blond boy, which resulted in her falling to the ground with an ‘oof’. “Oh, sorry…” she began before looking up at the boy she had bumped into, her nose wrinkled as she noticed his trademark scarf, “Never mind, I’m not sorry after all.” She muttered.

“Tch, watch where you’re going next time, Mutt.” He said venomously as he adjusted his scarf, before he continued walking forward, ignoring her.

“Hey!” Phen began, reaching out to grab his shoulder, “You don’t need to be so rude!” Though just before she grabbed his shoulder, her arm was captured by a somewhat smaller hand, she turned to see the stern gaze of Indu. The boy, Yale, turned to look at the two before he continued walking to one of the empty tables, leaving Indu and Phen to continue their minor confrontation.

“Phenix,” Regalia placed her hand on her team leader’s shoulder, “Let’s not let our first day get ruined.”

Phen looked down and sighed, though, to her surprise, Indu was first to break off the encounter. As she refocused on Indu’s face, she noticed that the stern, somewhat threatening look was replaced with a friendly smile.

“Regalia,” Indu began in a friendly tone, “It’s been a while.” She turned to look at Phen who was helping T’wulf up off the ground, “I’m sorry for my teammate’s actions.” She said with a bow.

“You don’t have to apologize for something he did.” T’wulf said softly

“I do.” Indu responded swiftly, “He is a member of my team, and thus his actions are my responsibility.”

“Come now,” Regalia interjected, “No need to be so serious. How have you been Indi?”

“You still haven’t given up on that nickname, have you?” Indu giggled, “I’m doing fine, though I’m afraid I have to go get my breakfast now,” She turned to look at her team, which were silently sitting at their table, eating. “I’m looking forward to seeing you in class.” She said before heading off.

“You too!” Regalia responded, as she, Phen and T’wulf began heading to Wynn who was patiently waiting for them still.

“I feel sorry for her…” T’wulf suddenly began, “Being stuck with that group of jerks.”

“She’ll be fine.” Regalia replied, “If anyone can take on a team like that, it’d be her, trust me.”

“FINALLY!” Wynn burst out as the three had arrived at the table, “I thought I was gonna die of hunger before you’d finally get here!”

“Don’t be so dramatic.” Phen laughed

“Well, if you had died, it would leave more food for us…” Regalia joked

“So cruel!” Wynn replied, dramatically falling backwards, before stopping himself by hooking his foot around the bottom of the table. “Anyway, food time!” he shouted as he shoot back up and began devouring his food.

At IVRY’s table

“You didn’t seriously bow in front of those weaklings.” Raven scoffed as Indu returned to their table.

“It’s my family’s custom.” Indu replied, “It would be better for us to not go through another scuffle on our first official day of...”

“Pathetic.” Raven interrupted, “You don’t even try to act like a leader. I’m sure you only got the position because the school owes your family something, don’t they?”

With this both Vi and Yale lifted their heads to see Indu’s response, but she did not react. She remained quiet with a neutral facial expression. She stood up and within seconds the bell rang, “We should get going, we don’t want to be late for class.” She stated, turning to Raven she saw some visible irritation at the fact that she was ignoring him, but nothing became of this.

Dust Studies Classroom

Students slowly filed into the semi-circular shaped lecture room; it was rather standard in appearance, rows of desks with chairs, each row slightly higher than the one in front of it. All the furniture was made from a rather dark coloured wood and the desks were covered in small damages, from scratches to scorched areas, with small beige coloured pillows on each of the chairs. Down at the center, where the teacher will no doubt stand, was a large blackboard, a desk, and a locked cabinet, likely filled with dust for demonstrational purposes.

Indu was one of the first to take a seat on the right side of the classroom, at the 3rd of the 6 rows, her team taking seats somewhat scattered around where they felt most comfortable. Obviously it wasn't required that teams sit together, but a number of other teams were taking seats near one another, such as PWTR and SSHL, she watched the door patiently as she awaited the last members of her class and, of course, the teacher to enter. Team KOHL was among the last students to enter the class, but she could still not see the teacher anywhere.

“Cmon little ones,” A voice sounded from the door, “To your seats!” A group of students standing at the door stepped aside to reveal a short, brightly dressed man with a multitude of colours streaked through his short hair. He hopped down the stairs as the class stared at the strangely energetic man; he wore a light-blue long sleeved button up with the cuffs unbuttoned, dark green slacks, black shoes and a dark red jacket. “Welcome to your first lesson at Faith Academy!” He said rather happily, “My name is Phlox Cherubim, Professor of Dust Studies, and you better make a good impression, cause y’all are going to be stuck with me for the next 4 years!” He arrived at the center of the classroom, and looked around at all the new students, “Yup, most, if not all, of you are here.” He nodded to himself. “So!” he began as he lifted his right hand and opened his palm facing upwards, “How many of you use dust?” His red jacket began to dissolve away from the bottom up, “Any form is fine, from dust cartridges in your guns, to full on manipulation.” Most of the class raised their hands, as they continued to stare at his dissolving jacket, which was soon completely dissolved, and in his right palm now lay a small pile of reddish coloured dust. He stepped forward and began placing a small amount on the desks in front of each student. “And how many of you actually manipulate dust?” He asked, and a much smaller number of students rose their hands. “Well, this class seems to be more dust-savvy than usual!” he laughed, having now placed small amounts of reddish dust in front of about half the class. “Now for those of you who don’t know,” he began, “Dust in non-crystallised form is very volatile, almost anything can cause a reaction, even the slightest…”

Phlox’s lecture was interrupted by a loud sneeze from Jasper, which caused the small pile of dust in front of him to explode, singeing his face and setting a small section of the table alight. Phlox quickly turned and aimed his left hand at the small fire, with a flick of his thumb and middle finger, a small stream of water flew from his hand and quickly subdued the flame. “...sneeze.” Phlox sighed, as a large portion of the class began to laugh at Jasper, who had been knocked over by the small explosion and somewhat soaked by the following stream of water. Through his laughter, Jasper turned to look at Talon, who simply sighed.

Phlox made his way back to the front of the room, all the students, excluding Jasper, now had a small pile of dust in front of them. “Now the Mr. McTavish has shown us the extent of his control of dust,” He began, eliciting a final giggle from part of the class, “I want all of you to try to channel your aura and use this dust in any way you can; ignite it, reform it into an object, fuse it with your semblance, whatever you’re capable of.” Slowly students began using the dust in front of them, some students including Indu, Lavender and Phenix displayed good mastery of dust, by being able to reform it into an object, whilst the majority of the class simply set the dust alight. Of course there were also a few who were completely incapable of bringing any reaction out of the dust, such as Viridian, Slate and Krimm.
With a few flicks of his fingers, Phlox put out the flames that had been produced, “Woohoo!” Phlox shouted, “This means we’ll get to skip through most of the boring starters stuff, since most of you have got that down.” He threw his arms into the air with joy, before turning to see the clock which warned that the lesson was nearing its end. “Oh!” He said with surprise, “before the lesson ends, Sienn- I mean, Miss Seraphim told me, to tell you, that we realised some of your dorms were lacking in beds or other furniture so those will be delivered to your dorms today during classes.” The bell rang just as he finished informing them, “Well, run along now! Tomorrow the real classes begin!”

All the students began making their way out of the lecture room. Yale stood as most of the class had already left, he exited the room and turned to go left, “Yale,” Indu called from behind him, “We have history next, and it's this way.” She said pointing in the opposite direction to where he was going, he turned and silently began walking behind Indu towards the history classroom, not another word was exchanged between them the whole way there.


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Cafeteria, a few moments ago...

Team KOHL gathered at a table, eating lunch. Well...most of them were.

"Hey, Krimm," Laurel said with a mouthful of steak, "you ought to eat, pal."

Krimm said nothing. Everyone else noticed that he had been a bit dreary since their Dust Studies class, and it seemed to have gotten worse during History. "I'm not hungry." he finally said.

Laurel shook his head. He hurriedly sliced what was left of his steak and impaled the larger cut with a fork. "Here." he said, offering the piece of steak to Krimm.

Krimm stared at the piece of steak for a while then, in one swift motion, took the fork from Laurel's hand and tore the meat off of it with his mouth. He then chewed on the meat, though still looked a bit sad.

It took a while before Krimm finished the steak, then it appeared that only Honey had not finished eating. She seemed to be entranced by the flavor of the soup she ordered, and Oxford and Laurel were getting impatient. The two were about to (jokingly) fall asleep when-

"Come on, not again!" Oxford whined as it appeared Teams JADE and IVRY were going to fight, "Geez, this is making me feel like I'm in some poorly-written, modern shonen manga..." He was a bit disappointed when Jasper ran out of the cafeteria, but was surprised when all of IVRY followed in hot pursuit. Oxford turned to Laurel and the two nodded in agreement, rushing out of the cafeteria after PWTR and the rest of JADE.

Krimm thought for a minute, blocking out Honey's slurps, then ran after his teammates. Honey, caught by surprised, stood up as well, hesitated, then ran too. "Wait for meeee!" she said as she hurried after Krimm whilst holding her bowl of soup. She almost rammed herself into a table occupied by another team with one member having large horns on his head. "Sorry..." she said, nervously backing away then running to the exit, avoiding everyone in her way.

Some time before that, in the hallways

Merkur was taking another leisurely stroll around Faith Academy. "Lunch..." he hummed to himself, looking at his wristwatch. He quickly paced towards the cafeteria, hoping he could bump into Krimm and his team. Oh how he would embarrass his "nephew".

"Merkur!" Merkur turned and saw Phlox.

"'s...Cherubim, right?" he replied, struggling to remember the man's first name.

"Cherubim. Phlox Cherubim."

"Oh, Phlox? I...yeah, er...hi." Merkur said, scratching his head.

"Where're you off to? I'm headed for lunch. Sweeping up Dust residue is exhausting." Phlox jokingly said.

"I'm getting myself some lunch, too." Merkur said. The two started walking towards the cafeteria. "I'm also hoping on seeing my nephew before his break ends." he snickered.

"Oh..." Phlox said, "...Krimm, was it?"

"Yep, saw that he was in your class. How'd he do?"

Phlox scratched is head and thought for a while. "Well, he..."

"...did he blow something up? Darn kid! Oh-hoh, he's gonna get-"

"No, no, no..." Phlox interrupted, "He didn't. He couldn't even make it glow."

Merkur seemed to be surprised. He nodded then went silent for a while. He then looked at Phlox, who looked back at him with a puzzled look.

" there something on my face?" Phlox nervously asked, pointing around his cheek.

Merkur shook his head. "Your...your hair..."

"...what about it?" Phlox said. He was surprised when Merkur touched his hair, playing around with it for a few seconds.

"It's so...magical..." Merkur said with a soft voice, his eyes twinkling with wonder. He reached into his pockets and took out his scroll. "Hey, you mind if I took a video?"

Phlox looked puzzled. Merkur had been working at Faith Academy for at least two years by now, and only then did he have any interest in his hair. The man shrugged.

"Okay, just do this sort of rocking motion..." Merkur continued. He then told Phlox that he thought of making a short video, and all Phlox had to do was bend backwards a bit, go back upright, and repeat a few times. When they were done recording, Merkur laughed to himself and made sure he saved the video. "I'll show ya the finished product."

"Sure..." Phlox smiled, as if he knew what Merkur was making. They continued their way towards the cafeteria, until they saw Honey rushing out of it with a bowl of soup. The two, puzzled, watched her run off until she was out of sight. "What was that about?"

"Beats me." Merkur said, smacking his lips at the smell of food that crept from the cafeteria, "But boy, am I hungry..."

Dueling Arena, First Year Tower. Sort-of present.

"What's going on?" Krimm asked Oxford and Laurel.

"Seems Talon of JADE and Indu of IVRY are gonna have a duel." Oxford replied, sounding mildly interested.

"They've got some stakes on the line." Laurel said, " Indu wins, Talon's their slave for a month. Talon wins, IVRY doesn't touch the monkey kid again. Even if the guy wins, I doubt IVRY's gonna comply..."

Krimm looked at the two combatants, their teams, and the arena. He smiled inside. Honey, who had just arrived, bumped into Krimm, exhausted.

"Wha's...happn'n?" she said, collapsing onto the floor but keeping her bowl safe. After the rest of her team filled her in, she suddenly jumped into the air and went infront of PWTR, who were watching Indu and Talon. Honey seemed to be energetic, reaching into her bag for a bag of potato chips, which she tore open and spilled the contents into the bowl that was once filled with soup. Her teammates, puzzled, assembled near her.

Krimm sighed. "Stay here. You three keep your eyes on JADE, IVRY and PWTR. I'm getting a closer look." he then proceeded to look for higher ground. He found it at the large screen that displayed Aura levels. He then worked his way through hallways, staircases and ledges before standing on top of the board, watching Indu and Talon from above.

"So we're just gonna sit back and watch?!" Oxford said, " gotta be kidding me, Krimm!"

"He's crazy..." Laurel said, staring at his team's leader standing on the board. He took out his scroll and huddled with Oxford and Honey. Krimm appeared on the screen.

"Keep a close eye on the spectators. If they try to interfere, stop them." Krimm said.

"What're you gonna do? Honey said, munching on potato chips.

"If the fight gets out of hand, I'll intervene..." Krimm said, "Stay there, got it?"

The three nodded. "Over and out." Krimm said. He turned his attention to the two fighters. "Now...what do you have to show us?" he thought to himself.