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Dei Furoris

"You can call me a coward, a villain, or a hero; I don't care."

0 · 727 views · located in Japan, Ryouichi Academy.

a character in “Ryouichi Academy”, as played by libidinosus




❝My eye? It'll grow back, don't worry.❞

Let's Kill Tonight | Panic At The Disco
Turn Off The Lights | Panic At The Disco

❝The Student❞

∞ Full Name ∞
Dei Caelestis Furoris
"It's pretty funny if you know Latin."

∞ Nickname ∞
"People just call me by my first name, it's not that long."

∞ Age & Year ∞
17 || Junior
"Shouldn't you already know this?"

∞ Gender ∞
"I'm pretty sure I'm a male."


∞ Sexuality ∞
Asexual || Panromantic
"Just not my metaphorical cup of coffee."

∞ Nationality ∞
25% Mexican, 50% Greek , 25% Japanese
"It doesn't matter either way, I speak most languages."

∞ Face Claim ∞
Hibikli Kuze || Devil Survivor 2
"Beautiful, aren't I?"

❝If hell ends up being real and I end up there, then I'll burn proudly.❞

∞ Height & Weight ∞
6'0" || 160lbs
"I'm not tall, you're just short."

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞
Dei's hair is unkempt and seems to curl of its own volition. His hair seems to black most of the time but occasionally seems to have a blue glint.
"All natural."

∞ Eye color ∞
Dei's eyes are a simple blue. He wears no contacts or glasses due to his near-perfect physical build.
"I think it's pretty obvious."

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞


∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
Believe it or not, Dei does not scar. Most wounds heal quickly and leave behind no traces.
"I don't scar."

∞ Physical Description ∞
Dei is not an intimidating person from first glance. He might even seem friendly and approachable. He is of above average height and is easy to find in a crowd. He has a slender build and is muscular under his clothes, as a result of his abilities. He has 'perfect' skin with no blemishes of any kind on it. most people agree that Bei is an 'attractive' person, but not one that is unapproachable.

Callin him weak however, would be a wrong assumption. He, due to his ability, has healed a ridiculous amount of times. His body has subsequently adapted by giving him a high pain tolerance and a formidable amount of strain. He's able to comfortably carry 150% of his weight, but will still most likely break his body if he does so for too long. He is not however, afraid of pain.

"Come to swimming practice, you can see all you want to there."

❝I'm not a hero, nor should you assume anyone else is.❞

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Phone obssessed - Dei has a slight obsession with using his phone and has it on him at nearly all times.
✦ Devil's Advocate - Dei has an annoying habit of going against someone's point of view for the sole purpose of having an argument.
✦ Ambidextural - Dei uses both hands habitually, due to having quite a workload in the Student Council.

"Character Thought"

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Languages
♥ Mythology
♥ Horror
♥ Theology
♥ Psychology
♥ Video Games
♥ Rabbits
♥ Control
♥ Technology
♥ Tumblr
♥ Computers
♥ Phones

"Wouldn't you like to know."

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Cold
✖ Garlic
✖ Raisins
✖ Ants
✖ Responsibility
✖ Large wounds
✖ Sleep
✖ Religion

"Character Thought"

∞ Talents ∞
✔ Eidetic Memory - Due to his body's regenerative capabilities, Dei's brain is better than most people's. He doesn't loose the parts of his brain where memories are stored. Whether or not this is considered a talent is debatable, but it sure as hell is useful. Dei mostly uses this talent in the student council and is considered a 'database' of sorts. He takes care of remembering important things that others might forget. If you wanted to be sure you problem was addressed at the next council meeting, you'd most likely come to him for help. This talent does however, have its flaws. Dei cannot choose what he wants to remember, so he can't just block out painful memories.
✔ Observant - Dei has senses that are nearly always on alert. He processes these senses faster than the average person would. If you were to speak to him, he'd analyze your every move and deduce what to do from there.
✔ Lying - Dei is a very capable liar. He tunes his body language to match any lie he wants and can easily fool the less observant.
✔ Physically fit - Dei's body keeps itself at a peak physical state. His body can rebuild itself better than before after rigorous training, meaning that he can train however he wants. He's the 'perfect' athlete, able to run miles without tiring and able to do things the average person could not.

✔ Language Expert - Dei is capable of speaking most languages as a result of being in the student council. Most foreign exchange students come to him for help adapting to the school.
✔ Manipulation - Dei has been raised by two CEOs, it's only natural that he'd have picked up ways to use others like tools.
"Amazing isnt it?"

∞ Hobbies ∞
✔ Reading
✔ Cooking
✔ Training
✔ Doing stupid and dangerous things.
✔ Playing piano.

"My parents are away, so I can pretty much do whatever I want."

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Death - Yes, even he fears death. He may not find most wounds terrifying, but he does fear that his ability will one day fail him. After all, what's to say there's something out there that can't kill him instantly?
✘ Ants - Due to an incident in his childhood involving very poisonous ants, Dei fears them terribly. He wont however, act out unless an ant is directly touching him.
✘ Torture - Sure, Dei doesn't feel most pain, but torture is still a terrifying concept. After all, he wont die from most things. He'd be a psychopath's heaven. Pain itself doesn't bother him, but the idea of it does. You'd probably be able to mess with him more by telling him you'll torture him instead of actually doing it.

"I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. I'm not joking."

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Blunt - Dei has a habit of being a bit too harsh when speaking to others. He tells the truth when he feels no need to lie, regardless of how the truth affects others.
✘ Reckless - When fighting, Dei has a habit of going overboard and putting himself in danger. This is a result of him never actually experiencing permanent injuries.
✘ Lacks control over ability - Dei, as shown, has no idea that his 'ability' is in fact shapeshifting. He has mistaken it for being an improved healing factor. He can shapeshift, but he doesn't know he can or how to do it. His body however, does know this and will eventually reveal it.
✘ Unnecessarily Violent - Dei most likely wont throw the first punch, but he wont stop fighting you once you bother him. He might end up breaking your arm if you punch him once.

"You act as if I'd know my own flaws."
∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ Dei is in fact, quite sadistic.
⌛ Dei has taken a strange liking to pain. It does make him stronger after all. Although he wont be admitting this anytime soon, he doesn't even know it himself.
⌛ Dei has no problem killing others.

"You're an idiot if you expect me to tell you."

❝You're going to have to file a formal request if you want a booth at the next festival.❞

∞ Unnatural Ability ∞
Shapeshifting - Dei has in actuality, not completely figured out his ability. He has, due to his body's reaction to damage, assumed his ability is advanced regeneration. It is however, shapeshifting. His form of shapeshifting is biological shapeshifting and uses energy to create matter. He's capable of turning thermal, solar, and electrical energy into matter he's able to use in his shapeshifting. He doesn't however, know this and instead lets his body heal him. His body is capable of healing most wounds with ease, although bone does take longer to repair than flesh. Dei will eventually figure out what his ability actually consists of, but when he will is yet to be revealed.
"Yeah I know, healing, kind of lame."

∞ Clubs ∞
Student Council - Dei has joined this club simply for the fact that he'll get power.
Video Game - Dei is kind of obsessed with video games.
Computer - Dei enjoys using computers, simple as that.

"I would join more, but I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it."

∞ Sports ∞
Swimming - Dei likes the water. It's calm, cool, and quiet most of the time.
Track & Field - Dei might as well. He is an amazing runner after all.

"They're okay sports."

∞ Personality ∞

The lie
Dei is an approachable and friendly person. He smiles a lot of the time and seems to be the average teenage boy. He seems to attract people to him like moths to a fly and is well-known around the school. He holds an important role in the student council and is considered to be a great influence in the school. He does involve himself in school competitions and is considered an above-average athlete. Overall, he seems to what you'd imagine to be the stereotypical teenage boy.

The Truth
Dei is not a hero. He is a manipulative genius that uses others to the advantage of himself and those he cares about. He has no qualms lying to someone or killing somebody to further his goals. It's not due to how he was raised, he's just naturally like this. He adapts to a situation easily. He wont go out of his way to save or bother somebody he doesn't need to. He uses his looks and popularity to win people to his side and uses loyalty as a weapon. He is not however, the sort of person that is obsessed with world domination and the such. He just wants to survive and will do whatever it takes to ensure that he and the people he cares about do so.

Dei is not a merciful person. He, if you have the idiocy to bother with bullying him, will not hesitate cause you tremendous pain. He will not stop at just retaliating, he will kick you when you're down. He knows the unspoken rule of honorable warfare. It is forbidden to strike the opponent who lay helpless on the ground; only an animal would do that. Therefore, Dei takes up the role of an animal. After all, people fear animals, not other people. The point is, he will make sure you never bother him again if you have the audacity to do so once. "An arm for an eye, that way the can't take your other eye." That's the philosophy he takes his vengeance by.

Dei, due to his father's company, has gotten used to the idea of weapons and technology. He is able to use most guns with average expertise and is versed in weapon manufacturing. His real expertise however, lies in using others and being a leader. If he were to be a general, he would most likely never lose any battles, but he'd definitely lose soldiers. He's willing to sacrifice people for his goals after all.

"I'm pretty boring to be honest..."[/font]

❝You can call me selfish and villainous, but I'll be the one that survives in the end.❞

∞ Romantic Interest ∞
To be Added
"Definitely not you."

∞ Most Precious Person ∞
Himself - Dei does however, give the impression that he finds some girl at the school precious. This is however, a lie.
"Don't you ever touch her."

∞ Family ∞
Oscar Telum Caelestis - Father - Alive
Mirabelle Lutum Furoris - Mother - Alive

"There off on vacation."

∞ History ∞
Dei was born to two very caring and loving parents, at least when he was concerned. They were pretty much jerks to anyone but him.

He was not an ordinary child. Dei did however, manage to pretend to be one. He was raised in a caring environment from a young age and had always had his ability. He hadn't developed it from a radioactive spider or the sort. This allowed him time to get used to it and to learn how to hide it easily. He didn't get himself involved in sports that could cause too serious of injuries from the request of his understanding parents and instead did sports that weren't notorious for causing injuries.

Dei's parents were, to his luck, not lacking money. His father was the CEO of a weapon's manufacturing company his mother the CEO of a Medicinal Corporation. Dei, of his own volition, volunteered to be exposed to experiments. These experiments tested the range of his healing abilities and pushed him to his limits, giving him his high pain tolerance. It wasn't forced experimentation, he was completely lucid when he asked to be experimented on.

Dei did not have a bad childhood. He lied to students in schools and easily manipulated them to be on his side. He made his life enjoyable. He didn't wait for someone to save him. He emotionally destroyed anyone that dared attempt to harm him.

A day in middle school, Dei did show his volatile personality. It was in the hallway. He had just transferred to a new school and has managed to adapt easily. School had ended and he had already grabbed his stuff to go home. He had left the building and, unbeknowest to him, been followed out. It was inevitable that he would eventually be introduced to the 'bullies' of the school, he had just not expected it to be the first day.

He had not noticed that he had been followed until he reached an intersection and was suddenly surrounded. "I wasn't aware that the Canius genus found me to be a delicacy." Dei subtly insulted them. Shut up." There response wasn't sugarcoated or even entertaining. It was meant to be threatening, but all it did was make him laugh. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you weren't dogs. The similarities are striking." Dei wasn't as subtle this time. He had full on insulted them. This caused retaliation on their part.

They had weapons, he didn't. He managed to take two out of five down, but had most of his body broken. Had he not insulted them, he most likely would have gotten away cleanly. He did not however, ever stand down. Dei's body soon after being beaten, rebuilt itself easily. The remaining three children were left beaten and never seen again after that day, supposedly having been subjected to experimentation by the Furoris Medical Company. Then again, those are just rumors, aren't they?

Dei lived the rest of his life with similar, but not necessary to mention, situations and continued with the experiments he had asked his mother's company to perform on him. These experiments reinforced the idea that his ability was advanced healing and surprising fortitude. He lived a normal life, not counting these aforementioned details, for a while.

Eventually however, he was found by a strange school and asked to join it. Dei, being the sort of person he is, decided to go ahead and do so.

"I'm sorry to disappoint, but I have no sob story. I grew up in a perfectly fine home and around perfectly normal parents; no illegal experiments, torture, abandonment, or the sort."

∞ Other ∞
"You don't really need anything else."

Character Opinions
Sora||"I don't find Sora herself threatening nor annoying. It's Sore that I'm worried about. She's dangerous. She might be a problem if I don't make her my ally."||
Kaori Harada||"I'm indifferent. She is a good swimmer though."||
Michelle Oscars||"She and I haven't really met, other than in Track And Field. Even then, we're just in the same sport."||
Haruki Shinobu||"Usefu- he seems like an ally I'd like to have."||
Charlie Rae Stewart||"H- sorry, she seems agreeable. Although a bit too heroic for my liking."||
Yasuo Kuwabara||"I don't really feel threatened by him, so im okay with him."||
Kageno Hikari||"He annoys me. I don't know why, but he just does."||
Norio Higure||"People really shouldn't so easily show what bothers them. On an unrelated note, do you know if someone can die of terror?"||


So begins...

Dei Furoris's Story

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Dei's Family Estate

Dei did not sleep very much, ranging from one or two hours a day, but he still had a ridiculous amount of energy. This is assumed to be a result of his natural ability to passively consume energy, or it could just be a result of healing. He didn't ever and wont ever care, some things aren't necessary to understand.

This is the sole reason he had been awake at a very early time. He would have otherwise been asleep and laying in a bed. He was at that moment however, taking care of paperwork for the student council. He had an acceptable rate of completion, averaging at six papers finished per every 30 seconds, and 3 papers per hand every 30 seconds. He finished all of the papers he had taken up himself and re-checked every single one of them in a few hours. It was admittedly boring, but he had nothing else to do until he arrived at school. Besides, he had taken up the papers himself.

Dei neatly stacked all the papers he had finished, organized them into seperate folders and put them in a bag. He sat up from the desk he had been working at, turned off the light he was using, and headed outside. It wasn't quite daytime yet, but he didn't particularly care. He was after all, the peak of human perfection, or so he was told. There was that and the fact that he couldn't easily be killed. After heading outside and stepping through the gates, he neatly locked them behind him and got into his car. He had managed to legally get a Japanese Driver's liscence through manipulation of international laws and the use of loopholes. It was actually quite easy.


Ryouichi Academy - Student Council Room


Dei arrived without fault to the student council, a place where he could simply relax. He had a key to the school, so he could enter whenever needed. The work he took on during the day was ridiculously easy for him, so he didn't find it to be much of a bother.

He didn't pay attention to anyone in the room and instead focused on what he was there for, turning in papers and looking over the schedule for the day. "Fu** me." He cursed to himself under his breath, seemingly annoyed by what he saw. It was the beginning of a new year and it was going to be annoying. Annoying, annoying, and full of work. Nope, no rest for him. He stopped his mind from going onto a rant and instead focused on the task at hand, memorizing every single time on the schedule. He did so in a few seconds.

Dei assumed that there would be new students and began formulating a plan of action. He wrote a notice that he would be putting something on the bulletin board at the entrance of the school. He then headed towards said bulletin board and put a piece of paper up that read 'All students unsure of what to do, report to Dei Caelestis Furoris' in many common languages.

Dei figured that anybody worth helping could figure out who he was, and left with the message on the bulletin board. He rerturned to the student council room in time to hear what some Junior boys were doing. He smirked, then headed towards the entrance of the Gym after seeing who was being told this piece of information. He wasn't going to interfere, he just wanted to watch. He hid around a corner and awaited for Sore, as he assumed would come, to arrive. He waited until a bit after he heard the tell-tell stomping of the girl's feet. No one was hurt, so Dei left for the student council as soon as he saw that no action was going to happen.

He sat at a table in the Student Council room and began drinking some coffee he had bought. He didn't really 'need' the energy, but it was good to have surplus.


He very much preferred to stay in the council room before class started officially. He closed his eyes, and waved(wove?) to where the door was at after he heard what he assumed to be someone entering the clubroom. He wasn't in the mood to make mindless chatter. He instead, stood up from where he was at and left the clubroom to go into the hallway. He did of course, throw away his coffee before leaving. He aimlessly walked around the school until it was 7:05am, then headed into his homeroom. He sat near the center of where the students would be sitting, with nothing but a binder. He brought little else than paper, pencils, a few pens, lead, and other necessary objects. He didn't bring one textbook with him. He didn't need any. He had literally read every textbook he had been asked to get and could recite any passage of the books, so he was allowed to go without them. Class itself didn't start until, 7:15am, so he really didn't have reason to be there, but he didn't particularly care. There wasn't a reason for him not to be there.
((OOC:)There's not really any direct interaction between Sora and Dei, but I figured I might as well tag her, seeing as he does observe her.)


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The digital alarm clock shone brightly from its perch on his side-table, mimicking the sound of an android rooster and flashing an eye-sore blue colour from its black plastic hide. The alarm acted somewhat like a beacon, illuminating an otherwise pitch-dark room with no other light whatsoever. Even with what little light the early mornings provided, they were instantly warded off, the block-out curtains doing their job keeping the sunlight away.

However, perhaps a point has been missed; instead of wondering why this small apartment room was so dark, perhaps one should be wondering why any sixteen-year-old sophomore student was willing and committed to get up with so much dedication at such an unforgivable hour. Yes, indeed, there was a student there, amidst the shadows, still sitting there, yet to turn his alarm clock off. Truthfully, he arose an hour earlier, with the odd notion that he would wake up earlier than his designated alarm, which… was only set up so he could get up earlier for school?

It made, or makes, little sense, however, to Norio Higure, it was a reasonable logic. Being punctual was noteworthy, being early required hard-work but being early to be early in the first place; that required skill! Nonetheless, Norio did not get up at this hour just to be seen as noteworthy or hard-working or even skilled in the least, instead it was the last preparation of war. He did not get up at this hour every morning, nor did he not fall to sleep at midnight every night for the past three weeks just out of whimsical fancy, no.

One could not just prepare for the first day of school simply a week before, no, that would not do. Norio had an apartment to sterilise, books to buy and then sterilise, stationary to buy and then sterilise… a lot of the preparation surprisingly required sterilisation.

However the preparation paid off, as Norio was able to sleep in ease the night before, calm with the knowledge that an alarm awaited him, clean clothes were set out neatly, a clean bag with clean contents sat on his clean bedroom door. It was a delight to turn his alarm clock off with a motion of his plastic-gloved hand, any smile he was expressing cloaked by a surgical mask he wore even when asleep. Yes, his fear of spiders crawling into his mouth and spawning it’s eggs were much more greater than the fear of, maybe, suffocating in his mask by an odd turn of events.
The mask’s fate, now after finishing its duty, was destined for the bin; one must not use one mask in excess! With a clap of his still gloved hands, Norio’s bedroom lights spurted on, stinging the youth’s eyes in its brilliance, which was highlighted greatly after Norio grew accustomed to the darkness of his room.

Sitting upright from his bed, Norio began getting ready for school; he got dressed, discarded the mask he slept with with a fresh one, double-checked his school bag in case he forgot anything. When he found everything in order he turned the lights off in his room and left it, once more, in its shadows, never opening the curtains in fear that the natural light would show any dust particles in the room.

Norio Higure lived in a modest apartment, a four minute and thirty-nine second long walk from Ryouichi Academy. It wasn’t much; a ground-floor flat with one bedroom, one small toilet and one kitchen/living room space. It wasn’t large but it did the trick and did not take Norio long to clean everyday, especially when the only furniture, minus the kitchen counters and whatnot, was only two fold-out chairs in the living room and a lamp standing on a side-table in the corner. It was enough of a space for Norio to eat his bland cereal in peace.

After he washed what little dishes there were thoroughly it was already half five ante meridiem. He supposed it was his dilly-dallying getting up earlier that caused him to be running a tad bit late, as Norio picked up his school-bag and apartment keys, leaving for the first day of his sophomore year.


Norio arrived in time for the first Student Council meeting, which was simply a large lump of people loitering in the same room, slowly organising for the new year… Why was the Student Council organising to begin with? Did Norio not leave the files last year in perfect condition, all set out in the right order and place, all labelled clearly and neatly for easier utilisation? Unless they were dealing with the files of the freshmen? Norio could not help but feel a bit anxious and paranoid as he entered the classroom, walking around the people to get to a set of filing cabinets at one end of the room.

The People; he forgot how gross it was to be so close to others, however his paranoia of organising all that was disorganised was far greater than fearing the germs of those around him. Pulling out a pair of disposable plastic gloves from his pockets and putting them on, Norio opened the filing cabinet to horror; indeed, new files were added with new students, and simply placed there in any fashion or form! Norio was begin to feel light-headed, looking down at the floor in an effort to calm himself down. No, he had to organise these without fainting, it was his destiny.

Thus Norio set about the disgusting task of reorganise the new files and for a good while he did not pay attention to what was occurring around him. Alas, once he did look up from his task, he noticed a curious, if not dangerous, sight; on the other end of the room, someone was going through the files. There were filing cabinets scattering the room, however this person was not just dumping the files in there, he was actually sorting through them.

Norio was unsure whether this was admirable act or a very bad idea; he even struggled to find a name to the face. Who was it again? Day? Day Fury, Oh Is? The day of fury, or is it? Was that Shakespearian? Was that even a name? It took a while until Norio figured out who it was; the junior Student Council member, Dei Furoris. Yes, the one with the memory and was seemingly ordinary… or too ordinary, Norio could not help to think. However, Norio’s doubts were mostly sprouted from the fact that someone was actually organising, causing a mixed reaction with the obsessive youth.

After a while, Dei left the room, only to return after a while, something that sparked suspicion in Norio, who was clearly either harbouring animosity or curiosity to this junior. Not because the person in question interested him, rather, once Mr. Furoris left the room once more to check on an incident occurring in the gym Norio, with the stealthiness of a cat intent to catch a fish, crossed the room and inspected the poor, spoiled filing cabinets and… Norio was not ready to admit that the job was done alright, albeit not to a perfect tee.

No, some files were mislaid, something Norio was more than happy to reorganise. Finally, peace was restored, although the room carried on as usual as if nothing had happened. As Norio was finishing off his job he could not help but freeze on the spot at the sight of Mr. Furoris returning to the room. Hiding behind the cabinets to avoid looking suspiciously, only becoming suspicious by those who passed by doing so, he wondered if the changes were to be noted. Alas, Mr. Furoris showed little interest in the job he was doing prior to leaving, loitering in the room like some bum, drinking his coffee.

As he had finished his job, in record time, Norio took the liberty of leaving the room when everything was finally putt into it’s place, heading for the classroom for homeroom, a scowl hidden under his face as he availed, to the best of his efforts, to avoid everyone in the school halls.


Norio took a seat in the classroom, to which students were trickling into. He recognised a few faces however he did not have any friends; no, he did not require any to participate in school. All they did was carry and pass along their illness without a care in the world; what happy thoughts to begin a school year with. The masked student could not help but feel paranoid in such a crowded setting and, thus, began to, unconsciously, trace shapes on his hand.

Starting off easy with a square, carrying on with a circle, then a rectangle, triangle, quatrefoil, trapezoid, parallelogram, crescent… The names came naturally to him, they all had interesting traits, unlike most of the people around him. Yes, shapes were much easier to deal with, all you needed was a formula or two to figure them out… It calmed Norio a lot, sitting there, thinking about all this, ignoring the buzz of those around him.

However, after a while, a new sound entered his hearing range; it was not quite a buzz, more so an annoying little hum for a tune Norio could not pin-point. It snapped Norio from his concentration to see who was; a female student had seated herself beside him, humming away nonchalantly. He actually recognised her, off the bat; it was Michelle Oscars, from the Music club, although people rarely called her by her first name.
Maybe she was getting bullied, and returning to school was reigniting those days to which people called her something else besides her first name; perhaps that was why she got quite angry once at someone who called her Michelle, thinking they were codding her once more?

Alas, Norio would be lying if he said he knew how people his own age worked and, to some extent, he didn’t really care. What he did care about was how someone was humming casually right beside him, as if they did not notice so themselves.

”Your humming… it is audible…” Norio muttered, his words muffled in his mask, as he turned his full gaze on the girl. Norio’s metal-grey eyes looked quite disinterested, although he himself instigated a conversation of sorts, his mask concealing whatever facial expression he might have been pulling at the time. He had yet to realise he, himself, looked a tad bit strange in the classroom, still continueing tracing shapes on the palm of his hand, yet to realise his on-going habit.

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Academy - Homeroom

It was boring, really, sitting in class. Dei may have been a 'good' student, but that didn't mean he liked classes. They were, to be frank, a waste of his time. He rarely, if ever, learned any new materials at school. It was one of the few cons that came with his amazing memory.

That's why he stood up from his seat when the teacher came in and left immediately. He wasn't stopped, mostly due to the fact that he'd have everything he needed done tomorrow and that he could easily make millions of excuses. People didn't have the patience to sit through an argument with him. It's not like he ever stayed too long in class anyway. Not unless he had something to entertain him that is. Either way, the point is that he left class. Or to be blunt, he decided to skip class. I'ts not like he had anything important to do, it was near the beginning of the school year. He still expected to be chastised, but that didn't' stop him from leaving. He could easily bribe teachers into letting him skip class convince teachers that he didn't need to be there.

He decided that he would see if there was anything to do in the club room, for the student council that is. He managed to get to the room in a minute or so, arriving just in time to see the person feared most by the school's populace. Sore, last name unknown, seemed to be the person of the two personalities in control. It was cliche, really, the split personality thing, but he didn't let his opinion show.

He smiled, hiding the annoyance that bubbled deep within him. He would have most likely have been beaten nearly everyday if he didn't know how to hide his emotions. "Skipping homeroom too? I can see why'd you want to do that." He acted as if he was friendly with her. He was one of the few people at the school that weren't afraid of her, mostly due to his proficiency in healing that is. He wasn't however, an idiot. He knew that she was most likely more powerful than him and that he shouldn't pick a needless fight. It would be a waste of time and probably hurt like hell.

"Is there anything that needs to be done?" Dei didn't mind doing student council work. It was, after all, done of his own volition. Either way, he asked a simple question towards Sore. Or at least he assumed that Sore was currently in control, the whole personality thing confused him. He stood up and headed towards the coffee machine he had, with permission, put in the room. He was still listening to any response from Sore of course, he just wanted some more coffee. "Oh sorry, do you want some coffee too?" He could have cared less about manners, but he needed to keep his appearance up for the meantime. Otherwise he would have never asked a person if they wanted some 'coffee'. He wasn't a very nice person.

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Time: 7:18 AM

Sore sighed into her arm and started dozing off a bit. Ah, she really should go and start heading to the gym- also to check up on those boys. They'd be doing laps all day due to the fighting and instigating. This school really needed more strong-headed teachers. Sometimes she felt like she was the one running the school- maybe she was. Her eye lids felt heavier as she started breathing lightly. Well until suddenly...

"Skipping homeroom too? I can see why'd you want to do that."

"Putain de merde quoi-?!" Sore squealed out as she quickly scrabbled to get up- thinking it was the vice principal that came to check on her. That stupid sexist pig always popped in randomly to find things to yell at her about. He clearly didn't like the fact that the student council president was a women. After a full minute she realized who exactly was standing in the door way- her whole face turning red in embarrassment for swearing in French, but mostly just pure anger.

Who did he think he was, just waltzing in here like he owned the place? Her attitude started to raise but she held it in somewhat as she managed to calm herself and put a smile on her face, but her anger wouldn't go unnoticed. She didn't bother answering his question, it probably didn't need a answer anyways. It was obvious what she was doing here in the first place, she had work that needed to be done. If she was truly skipping Homeroom she would spend the twenty or so minute she had far away from the school as she possibly could.

"Is there anything that needs to be done?"
The guy asked as he stood up and walked toward the coffee machine and began pouring himself some.

This question immediately placed an idea and Sore's mind and a devilish grin instantly grew on her face. She took little care trying to conceal it, giving that the young man was facing the coffee machine at the time. "Well quite a lot of organization still needs to be done since we have more then a handful of freshmen." Sore began as she stood up from behind the desk. "And I have to go and set up the girls pole vaulting, so how about you go get started on that organization and I'll be back in a moment." With that said, she quickly made her way over to the club door pushed it open and walked out. She didn't even wait for his response, though she could hear him asking her yet another question but she payed no mind. She could quickly get the pole vaulting set up and then the rest of the thirteen minutes to herself, it probably wouldn't take him long to notice that she wasn't going to be coming back. Hell, he probably would've already noticed that by now, and if he didn' one could possibly be that stupid..hopefully..

Time: 7:20 AM

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Academy - Student Council Room

"Putain de merde quoi-?!" Sore, the very vulgar and most likely capable-of-torturing-him girl cursed in French. It was expected, really, the cursing part that is. The cursing in French part however, was a surprise. Not enough of a surprise to warrant an expression of so however.

What really made his little heart glow was the fact that he had pissed her off. It was funny, really, to see her face turn red. Funny and most likely suicidal had he not had his specific ability. Her little forced smile aftewards made him internally smirk.

His internal smile immediately disappated as soon as he managed to catch a glimpse of her grin. He would have cursed, but he wasn't one to do so with little provocation. Still, he internally berated himself for letting himself be at the mercy of Sore. ""Well quite a lot of organization still needs to be done since we have more then a handful of freshmen." She asked him to do something that wasn't too bad. It wasn't like it was anything serious, in his opinion at least. Either way, it would probably have been better suited for the kid obssessed with cleaning, but he couldn't exactly pin the job on the kid considering that they were probably in class or something. ""And I have to go and set up the girls pole vaulting, so how about you go get started on that organization and I'll be back in a moment." she seemed to think that he cared whether or not she came back. It was actually refreshing that he got the room to himself. And all he had to do was ask if there was anything to be done. Either way, it wasn't like he expected her to be back. He most certainly would not have came back or even bothered to say that he would had he been in her shoes, and she wasn't any better than him.

Dei started getting to work on organizing the room, not exactly sure what he was supposed to be organizing, you know, cause she didn't bother to tell him. He managed to get his not-so-tedious work done in a few minutes and had by then organized most of the room according to a very comforting system. He had however, left one file out of order, just to annoy the kid obssessed with organizing. Much to his surprise, he had taken longer than expected, but he still had time left over to enjoy himself. Although enjoying himself mostly consisted of him using his phone to play games and use social media, and drinking the coffee he had ended up making.