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Viola Amantius

"Sorry if I shock you!"

0 · 758 views · located in Japan, Ryouichi Academy.

a character in “Ryouichi Academy”, as played by Starlight77


Viola Amantius


❝I love my powers. They make me unique. I don’t think I could live a single day being normal.❞

Bottle It Up || Sara Bareilles
Your Guardian Angel || The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I May Fall || Jeff Williams

❝I promise I’ll do my best not to shock you!❞

∞ Full Name ∞
Viola || Meaning ‘violet’ in Latin, her mother named her this due to her bright purple eyes.
Kenta || Meaning ‘healthy and strong’ in Japanese, her father gave her this middle name because she was born healthy and happy.
Amantius || Meaning ‘loving’ in Latin

"Even though it is a bit odd, I think my name is pretty cool."

∞ Nickname ∞
Violet || The name is very similar to Viola
Vi || Just short for Viola

"I really don’t care what I’m called, as long as its not rude or anything."

∞ Age & Year ∞
Sixteen || Junior
"Not much of highschool left… " *sigh*

∞ Gender ∞
"Ehh!? You really couldn’t tell!?"

∞ Sexuality ∞
"I really don’t know why you need to know that… pervert..."

∞ Nationality ∞
"Its an odd combination of nationalities… but I think it's unique."

∞ Face Claim ∞
Charlotte Dunois || Infinite Stratos
“I think I look pretty good."


❝I’m usually not very happy with my body...❞

∞ Height & Weight ∞
Viola is 5’7’’ and weighs about 109 pounds
"I can understand why you need my height… but do you need to know my weight?!"

∞ Hair color/Length/Quality ∞
Viola has waist length golden hair that she usually keeps in a loose braid. Its always silk and soft and smells of oranges.
"I love the color of my hair."

∞ Eye color ∞
Viola has purple irises that change to different shades of violet depending on her mood.
"Purple eyes are said to be one of the rarest eye colors ever!"

∞ Distinguishable Facial Features ∞
Viola doesn’t have very distinguishable facial features, other than the color of her eyes. Her nose is rather dainty and accompanies her cutesy face, but other than that Viola is rather forgettable.
"To be honest, I’m glad I’m not more unique."

∞ Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings ∞
Viola really doesn’t have an types of piercings or tattoos, but she does have scars on the palms of her hands and a few on her shoulder blades.
"The scars are odd, but I don’t think I could ever go through the pain of getting a tattoo or a piercing!"

∞ Physical Description ∞
Viola actually reaches a half decent height of 5’7’’ and weighs only around 109 pounds. She’s got a curvy, girlish body shape, with a slightly-over-the-average-sized bust and a curved bum. Her bright purple eyes seem to glow with happiness and energy. She has a small nose and thin, pale lips that complement her cute face. Her hands seem so dainty and little, despite the scars that run jagged across her palm. Her waist-length golden blonde hair is always clean and orderly, smelling somewhat of citrus, particularly oranges. Her smile can literally light up an entire room. Underneath her almost flawless skin are lean, powerful muscles that pack quite the punch.
"... You didn’t need to go that far into detail..."


❝Don’t judge a book by its cover, even if the cover is tattered and worn.❞

∞ Habits/Quirks ∞
✦ Nervousness || Viola tends to get rather nervous over certain things, and you can tell when she gets nervous. She bites her bottom lip and tugs on her bangs. Her eyes dart around as if they cannot settle on one thing.
✦ Fidgeting || Viola never stops moving. She always has some sort of twitch, like her finger or her foot.
✦ Smiling || Viola is a generally happy person, so she is almost always seen smiling. She smiles so much that she uses fake happiness to mask all of her other feelings. If she’s not smiling, then something is very wrong.

"I know… I’m weird..."

∞ Likes ∞
♥ Swimming
♥ Electronics
♥ Athletics
♥ Sweets
♥ Singing
♥ Dancing
♥ Guitar and Piano
♥ Thunderstorms

"I like a lot of stuff.. though some of it is stereotypical girly stuff.. sorry…"

∞ Dislikes ∞
✖ Loud Sounds
✖ Judgmental People
✖ Stereotypes
✖ The Cold
✖ Blood
✖ Public Speaking

"I really do hate these things. Like a lot!"

∞ Talents ∞
✔ Athletics || Viola has always been a very energetic child, and athletics is something that she can vent her energy into in more ways than one. She quick on her feet and a lot stronger than she looks.
✔ Piano, Guitar and Singing || Viola has tried playing a multitude of instruments, and has failed miserably. She has only had success with the guitar and piano, and only really because they are so similar. Her singing voice is rather smooth and melodious, and she loves the sound of it and can be found singing and playing guitar by herself.
✔ Martial Arts || Viola has been practicing martial arts ever since she was a little girl. It would not be in your best interest to try to pick a fight with her.

"These skills can be really helpful!"

∞ Hobbies ∞
✔ Athletics
✔ Cooking
✔ Piano and Guitar
✔ Singing
✔ Martial Arts

"Why do you need to know what I like to do? Are signing me up for a dating site or something?!"

∞ Fears ∞
✘ Death of Others || The one thing Viola fears the most is that of the death of someone important to her. Currently, she only has one important person in her life and that is her uncle. If she were to lose him, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. He is all she has left.
✘ Needles || Ever since she was a little girl, Viola has hated going to the doctors’ office. And the only reason why is because she hates getting shots. She had a bad experience with needles before, and now does whatever she can to avoid getting her vaccinations.
✘ Snakes || Snakes scare the living daylights out of Viola, and she’s not sure why. She’s never had any traumatic experiences with one, they just scare her ridiculously.
✘ The Dark || Viola has always hated the dark to so much of an extent that she developed a fear of it.

"The only thing to fear is fear itself."

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ Anxiety || Viola is the kind of person who gets nervous about very little things, like forgetting to do her homework or accidentally knocking someone over. As stated before, when she gets nervous she tends to bit her lip and pull on her hair, as well as glance around as if she was guilty of some crime.
✘ Secret Anger || Viola is always hiding her true emotion behind a smile. So if she’s angry, one might not notice and make her angrier. If her anger surpasses a certain level, her powers go out of control and some one could get hurt.
✘ Too Kind || Some might say that Viola is too nice of a person. She doesn’t like to think that there are evil people in the world; just some people who traveled down a wrong path. She thinks that just because someone traveled down the wrong path that they could backtrack and make the right decisions. She doesn’t seem to realize that some people are just too far gone. Unless enraged, Viola is nice to everyone, including her enemies.

"I’m glad I have flaws. I’d hate to be perfect."

∞ Secrets ∞
⌛ Her Insecurities || Although this one might not be a huge secret, Viola has always hated her body. She was teased a lot in middle school because she was a ‘late bloomer’ and didn’t grow very much until around age 14. Making a comment about her body shape or her weight crushes her and could even make her cry.
⌛ Her Teddy Bear || Because of Viola’s fear of the dark, she needs a teddy bear to fall asleep. Without her little bear, she cannot fall asleep.

"What?! You aren’t supposed to know about this stuff!"


❝I like being different. Though many others might not, I think that its something that makes me an individual, not someone who blends in with the crowd.❞

∞ Unnatural Ability ∞
Electrokinesis || ”Electrokinesis is the psychic power to manipulate energies, electrical currents, and generate electricity with the mind. Users are able to absorb, conduct, generate and manipulate a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.”

Viola possesses what is known as ‘electrokinesis.’ She can absorb and store certain amounts of electricity and expel the stored electricity in some form of attack. Viola also has the ability to convert pure electricity into energy, but it is a very slow process. She has different ‘charges’. If at a low charge, she isn’t bouncing off the walls like usual. If at a medium charge, she’s joyful and energetic, and usually very happy. However, Viola’s body has a certain amount of electricity that can be stored, and if she reaches her limit, or is at a high charge, it can be very bad for her health and cause some pretty bad damage to anything in the area. Viola can immediately tell when she has absorbed too much electricity for her body to handle. First, her fingers begin to tingle. After a few minutes, the tingling slowly spreads up her arms and travels to the rest of her body. If she doesn’t expel the excess electricity immediately, she gets a splitting headache and her vision gets blurry. Anything that conducts electricity that she might touch would be shocked on contact, whether Viola wants that or not. It could be any type of metal, an electronic or a person. After the electricity is expelled, Viola gets rather lethargic due to the fact that she got rid of all of the electricity and energy that was stored inside of her. Any electricity stored in her body is immediately being turned into energy Viola can use. She cannot turn off this process, so if she wishes to get a good night sleep she would need to get rid of most of the electricity in her body.

Viola is constantly absorbing electricity, whether it be from static or some sort of electronic she touches. She really has to watch herself when around things that use electricity as a power source, which is quite a lot of things. She’s gone through dozens of phones that she short circuited because she accidentally released some electricity into the phone. If she doesn’t pay attention when using and electronic she can practically destroy it by letting some of the electricity bottled up in her body into the device, shorting it out.

"It can be a bit of a nuisance, but I don’t mind!"

∞ Clubs ∞
Music || Viola joined the music club because, well.. she loves music! She can sing and play piano and guitar, so that’s gotta count for something.
"I only joined one club because I joined so many sports… "

∞ Sports ∞
Soccer || Viola never seemed to be interested in soccer when she was younger, but decided to sign up this year because it seemed kind of interesting and fun.
Swimming || Swimming was huge controversy between her and her uncle. He made her promise that if she participated that she had to get rid of all of the electricity in her body before getting in the water. The last thing she needs to to electrocute a bunch of kids in a pool.
Track and Field || Exploiting her endless energy, Viola is an amazing long distance runner. She’s naturally quick on her feet, so she’s a decent sprinter as well.

"My powers are good and bad!"

∞ Personality ∞
When describing Viola Kenta Amantuis, one might use words like endearing, sweet and clumsy. Viola is, in fact, just that. She’s kind and generous and loves to see others happy, and goes out of her way just to make someone so. Sometimes it seems as if she has no coordination. She seems to bump into everything, people or objects alike. A lot of people find this sorta of attitude endearing and cute, but others find it annoying and fake. And that makes Viola sad. Its not her fault she acts this way.

Viola is rather happy-go-lucky, and is almost always seen smiling and humming, even when she’s doing things like homework or just walking alone. If you do catch her without a smile, you should probably ask her what’s wrong, because something catastrophic could be happening. Viola is prone to crying a lot, but its usually over certain things. She gets really emotional when she hurts someone by accident, and sheds a few tears while frantically apologizing. If she gets yelled at or extremely embarrassed, she’ll cry and run away.

On the outside, it seems as if Viola never shows anything but over exaggerated, childish emotions. She acts so innocent and naive, but that only masks the true chaos of emotions brewing and bubbling beneath her skin. Sadness and anger crash into each other like tidal waves and Viola does her best to keep it contained. Sometimes she just has to let it all out. If enraged, she can get very violent and destructive, attacking whatever angered her without mercy. However, she almost always is able to control her practically feral impulses and take her anger out on something that isn’t human.

"That's me and there really is nothing I can do about it..."


❝Getting a bit more personal now, aren’t we?❞

∞ Romantic Interest ∞
Someone may have caught her eye~
"W-what are you talking about!? I don’t like anyone, I-I swear!"

∞ Most Precious Person ∞
Her Uncle
"He's raised me and loved me ever since I was little, despite me being.. different."

∞ Family ∞
|| Summer Amantuis || Mother || Status Unknown
|| Derek Amantuis || Father || Deceased
|| Bryson Amantuis || Uncle || Alive

"Its not a big family... at least not any more..."

∞ History ∞
Viola was born in late August to two loving, happy parents. And for the first five years of Viola’s life, everything was practically perfect for the small, happy family of three. They had a cozy house, lived in a nice neighborhood and everyone was health. Until something odd happened.
One day, little four year old Viola was toddling around her house, when she stuck her finger into a socket. Instead of the child leaping back in pain, suddenly all of the light shut off. And not just the house, the next three houses next to them lost power as well. Viola’s father ran to his daughter lying on the ground, and went to pick her up. All of the electricity Viola has spontaneously absorbed was transferred into her father’s body. He collapsed as the electricity coursed through his body, stopping his somewhat-frail heart. What a shock it must have been for Viola’s mother to come home to.

After her father was buried, Viola moved from their old house and to a new, smaller one with her mother. Her mother didn’t understand how her husband could have just dropped dead. She grew depressed and took it out on Viola verbally, blaming her even though she really didn’t realize it was actually her fault. For the next few years this went on until one day her mother couldn’t take it anymore. She took Viola to her Uncle’s house and just dumped her there without even saying anything. She disappeared and no one ever heard of her again.

Viola was crushed. She now not only had to live with the guilt of killing her father but also driving her mother away. Her uncle, however, took in the little girl with open arms, and was more of a parent then both of Viola’s. He was quite wealthy, so Viola was a bit spoiled. Her powers increased in strength continuously throughout the years. She went through middle school small and underdeveloped, and was constantly bullied because of her petite size. In her last year of middle school however, she had a massive growth spurt, which also increased the strength of her powers. Once when she went to go unplug her phone charger, she accidentally touched the outlet. The energy was sucked into her body, and it knocked out the power on the entire block. The large amount of electricity had almost killed her, and her uncle had to try to remove the electricity from her body without getting shocked himself.

He then discovered Ryouichi. Her told Viola about how they could help her and she agreed eagerly, but the school was some ways away. She would have to board there, but that would mean she wouldn’t get to see her uncle. She told him she would write, and that was that. Now in her Junior year, Viola is ready to head back.

"These things… I have never really shared them with anyone else..."

∞ Other ∞



So begins...

Viola Amantius's Story

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Viola Amantius

“I hope things go well… but it wouldn’t be very shocking if they didn’t. Heh… get it?”



Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep.

“Guuaaghgg…” An odd gurgling type sound came from amongst the lavender smelling sheet. I dainty little hand emerged from the soft blankets and smacked the alarm clock off of the nightstand, making it clatter on the floor.

Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep.

“Gaaaahhhhh!” A drowsy Viola flung her entire body from the sheet, sliding simply off of the bed and onto the floor where her alarm clock sat. She pressed the button to stop the alarm, blinking slowly to clear her blurry vision. As soon as she could see straight, her eyes widened in shock as she jolted to her feet, letting the poor, abused alarm clock fell to the floor once more. Viola had an woken up hour late. Class was starting in less than thirty minutes.

In a flurry of blonde hair and flailing arms, Viola managed to slip into a plaid pink button up shirt, some black skinny jeans and black combat boots. She brushed her hair and tied it in a braid in a matter of seconds. Grabbing her bag, she tossed all of her things into it and darted out the door, slamming it shut behind her.

Lucky for Vi, she was boarding at the school. Her feet slammed down against the ground below her as she sprinted to the main building. Mid-sprint, she slipped on her special headphones. Viola is rather spoiled by her uncle, but even that rarely seems to show through her dazzling smile and generous attitude. The headphones were actually a joke gift, mainly because of how they were styled. Viola accepted them anyways, embracing the little comical side to the present. They were nice, expensive headphones, but she would take anything her uncle had to offer her.

Viola managed the sustain her sprint for a long time, darting through the halls, narrowly missing slamming into someone and sending them both flying. Some Fall Out Boy pounding into her ears, shaking her soul. She literally skidded to a stop in front of the classroom door, grabbing the door handle to halt her in her sprinting. Viola almost literally flung the door open, a joyful grin spread across her face. She was happy just because she made it to class on time.

With a skip to her step and swing to her arms, she plopped down on a chair next to Charlie, a tomboyish girl with short blue hair. Viola had known Charlie for quite some time, meeting her first in middle school. The two had remained good friends since then.

Viola silently put her headphones into her bag, then pushing it under her chair. The smile was still plastered on her face as she turned to face her blue-haired friend, only to stop short slightly when she saw someone else. Charlie didn’t seem to be paying attention anyways, which made Viola chuckle softly.

“Good morning, Char-chan! I hope I’m not interrupting you…” Her voice had started out strong but faded softly at the end as Viola rested her chin on the palm of her hand, her elbow propped up on the desk. She then shifted in her chair, crossing her legs and lacing her fingers together. Her foot twitched a bit as she stared at the ground. “Do you have any gum? I didn’t have enough time to brush my teeth this morning…” She muttered, suddenly feeling very shy in the presence of the other boy.


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#, as written by A_Man
"Ha ha, you won't get Charlie's attention with such a quiet voice, er..." Yasuo said, and chuckled at how the blond girl seemed so shy.

"He's in his own world when he's wearing those headphones. I'm Kuwabara Yasuo, just call me Yas though. We've met in swimming, I do believe." Yasuo added, smiling.
hopefully this year will be a good one. Certainly shaping that way. With Vince and Charlie, and this cute girl, though she's probably into Charlie, acting so shy like that... Hmm, seems logical.

"Anyways, if I remember correctly, you are Amantius Viola, or is it Violet?, right? Mind if I called you Vi?" Yasuo asked.

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#, as written by Miyer

Charlie raised her head to look at the two who had sat down next to her, and offered up a warm smile towards Vi as she pulled out her headphones, summer of 69 coming through before they were cut off as she pressed pause.

"Stop being an idiot Yas." She commented, she was talking more about him mistaking her for a guy again instead of his comment about her music. If she had any musical talent she probably would of been in the music club but sadly it was something she lacked. "Hay Vi, don't mind this big dumbass over here, he can be way to intimidating and stupid but don't hold it against him, he's a sweetheart really." She said jokingly as she paused her friend a pack of spearmint gum before digging around and retrieving a different pack, popping one into her mouth as the bell sounded in the background and people began to move back to their seats as the teacher entered.

Ripping up two pieces of paper from her notebook, she wrote a message on each before throwing them at the addressed people.

Bet you juice at practice that Vince will scare away all the new recruits with his kick ass skills. See you at practice later."

Want to eat lunch together, meet you on the roof later?"

After each had received their letters, Charlie turned back to the front of the classroom as the teacher began to call roll.

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Viola Amantius

“Class is starting already?!”


"He's in his own world when he's wearing those headphones. I'm Kuwabara Yasuo, just call me Yas though. We've met in swimming, I do believe. Anyways, if I remember correctly, you are Amantius Viola, or is it Violet?, right? Mind if I called you Vi?"

“Ahh, yes, I do believe we have. Well, its nice to meet you.” Viola flashed a friendly smile in his direction. “Sure, call me whatever you’d like. You know, as long as its not rude or anything…” She trailed off slightly, tucking a piece of loose hair behind her ear. Viola thought quietly to herself. He? She covered her mouth to stifle a giggle. Ignorance is bliss I guess… She chuckled under her breath, wondering what Charlie would have thought if she had said it out loud.

"Stop being an idiot Yas."

“Oh look, Char-chan has finally joined us in the land of the living.” Viola giggled playfully, leaning her elbow on her desk.

"Hay Vi, don't mind this big dumbass over here, he can be way too intimidating and stupid but don't hold it against him, he's a sweetheart really."

“Alright, I’ll take your word for it.” Viola said with a soft hum, taking the gum gladly and popping a piece into her mouth.

As the bell rang, Viola put the rest of the gum package into her bag for later, just in case. Class had just started and Viola was barely awake. She hadn’t gotten much rest that night for two reasons, one was because she was nervous, the other because she had accidentally drained the battery in her phone because she got over-excited thinking about school the next day. Most of the energy that was from the phone was still inside of her body, just waiting to be released, accidentally or not.

After only a few minutes into the class, a paper landed on Viola’s desk, making her flinch and jump back slightly. She opened it up and quickly read the contents of the note and jotted down an answer: Sure! Meet you on the roof later then.

Viola then leaned forward on the desk, her hands hanging off of the front, an inch from the person in front of her’s back. She then flicked the paper in Charlie’s direction, it bouncing off of her forehead before landed on the desk in front of the blue-haired girl. Viola leaned back in her seat and covered her mouth as she giggled silently.

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#, as written by A_Man

"Hay Vi, don't mind this big dumbass over here, he can be way to intimidating and stupid but don't hold it against him, he's a sweetheart really." Charlie said,

"Ha ha, how kind of you, Charlie." Yas replied, chuckling, as he reached out for his notebook. Of course, he wouldn't write notes, but just doodle, but it is always good to keep the farce. He'll have someone explain the class later, but writing notes takes too much time.

As soon as he opened the notebook and began drawing stick figures, (if you could even call those lines and 'circles' stick figures) a small paper landed on his desk, talking about the Vince.

"Ha ha" Yasuo said softly, smiling, and then returned back to doodiling. It was kinda stupid to allow Vince to play on the first day. The soccer team hasn't gotten many new guys due to that. But, not having Vince show off was not an option. Yasuo lived in fear of the man on the court, pissing him off would be a life altering mistake. Yasuo had a hidden demon in him, but Vince... that guy was a demon. On the court, at least.

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#, as written by Zalgo
Sound. From the sonic vibrations to the psychology of it's interpretation, he embodied it all. Whatever sound was made, is made and has yet to be made becomes him. Or at least, that is how he saw it. While the truth eluded him he could only construct a reality from the pieces of his mind left over from the fall. Yes, the fall, the moment he hit the ground and the world shattered with him. He did try to piece himself back together but many of the pieces didn't fit back in evenly. He could of asked the handymen but they both forsook him right before the fall. He couldn't blame them, he didn't respect them like he should of. If only they'd forgive him.

Sleeping wasn't fun for him. He tried to dream but all he could see was the world around him, colorless shapes defined by sonic ricochets. While eyes work by seeing light reflected off objects he saw both with his eyes and with his mind, and the mind's eye could see beyond the walls around him to an extent. He didn't fully control this method of perception, his grasp on how to look around was still tenuous. All he could definitely see was his room, the hall and the rooms adjacent and parallel to his own and a small distance outside his window.

Hearing on the other hand was a beast of a different complexity. Had he not practiced the art of silence he would be hearing all sounds within a several mile radius. He would hear literally everything, from the ever present thunder of footsteps down to the slightest rustling of the grass and even other waves passing through the area, such as radio waves. Ah yes, the artificial waves. Sounds born of nightmare machines, machines designed to imprison sounds and corrupt them until they are nothing but electronic insanity.

Many years of enduring the sounds had taught him how to cope with it all. He learned the art of silence, the golden sound. In his mind he concentrated on emitting the golden sound from himself, fighting back the noises. This way, he was finally able to sleep at last. Of course it wasn't perfect, not yet anyways. Loud enough sounds could still overpower the golden sound much to his chagrin. It was another technique he was working hard to perfect but as anyone knows, perfection is not easy.

His eyes groggily opened as he awoke from his restless slumber. It was another night of poor rest but at least poor rest was better than none. He went about his usual routine for the morning in his new life. Brushing his teeth while holding the toothbrush with his feet was quite a task, he was still a little clumsy with the brush despite the practice. Back in the asylum the staff didn't trust him with a toothbrush so they did all the work for him. Afterwords he wasn't exactly worried about hygiene being all alone with the whole asylum to himself. Now he was expected to look at least reasonably presentable and he didn't have hands to work with. Half of the toothpaste and saliva mixture found itself on his pajama top, older stains attesting to the fact that this wasn't the first time.

As for breakfast he had his favorite: a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. He wasn't brave enough to use a knife to try and cut some slices of bread to use considering his history with sharp objects so he used the only thing he could rely on.

Shk Shk

The sound of a knife cutting focused into a point finer than a needle and exerting enough pressure to break apart bread. He sliced himself two pieces of bread and put the rest back into it's bag. He didn't fully know just how powerful he could make his sounds cut but he reckoned it would be fun to find out some time. For now though it was time for the peanut butter and jelly. He managed to unscrew the lid to the jar with his feet after a couple minutes of working with it. With a very subtle sound he excited the peanut butter within causing the delicious, smooth, creamy butter goodness to pour out like a liquid. He poured himself just enough peanut butter for his sandwich. Now done with that he tipped the jar back up, licking the excess peanut butter which clung to the rim of the jar up. Taking the lid off was a bit fiddly but putting it back on with his feet took him twice as long as he had to get the lid and screw it on without it falling off.

The matter of applying the jelly was not really different in any significant fashion. Just a matter of working with the cap and putting the jelly on without spilling any. It went with just as much success as the peanut butter. Now with both the peanut butter and the jelly on he could finally taste the fruits of his efforts as he bit into the soft doughy surface of his sandwich. It was practically everything he loved in life. It was soft, it was easy to eat with his feet in lieu of hands, the grape was sweet, the peanut butter was nutty and smooth, it was filling and best of all was that it was quiet. Every other food he's known has been noisier than the good ole' peanut butter jelly sandwich. Breakfast cereal always rattled around like crazy while the milk sloshed and burbled, steaks tended to sizzle and squish most disgustingly and don't get him started on potato chips.

After he was done with his most delectable breakfast he put the jars back in the cabinets which were lined with rows of jars containing both peanut butter and grape jelly. He went ahead and changed out of his pajamas into his usual apparel. It was quite difficult for him to get dressed without hands so he had picked clothes which were rather simple to get into. Even with the simplistic clothing it was still a daily challenge he had to put up with for public decencies sake. Didn't want to go and anger the big head, make it grow large and red and possibly make it explode! That would be bad. He wanted to stay here where he was allowed to live and there was a modicum of safety. Out in the street he was fair game for people like the one who ruined his nice, quiet asylum before making him go ruin his hands and fall out a window onto nasty stabbing glass, made particularly for poking. In order to stay he had to be good, only use the sounds he needed, nothing more. It was a huge sacrifice, giving up free reign of his own domain but it was simply an offer he couldn't refuse.

Still, he tried to not let mean ole' mister big head ruin his super awesome days with his big headiness. Dressed in some relatively boring attire he opened the door with his mouth since his feet were now clad in boots. The doorknob didn't taste very good but there was little he could do about it. If he wanted security he couldn't just make the knob and all it's little bits wiggle loose and fall off. He had to do everything in what he considered to be

excruciatingly long and annoying manners. Still, now that his door was shut it was time to run! But not shuffle, no that would be bad and he had to be good. "Always good, never bad. No play and all work make johnnies day go grey." He repeated to himself in the voice of a creepy little girl, his mouth shut the whole time while he chanted his little mantra and skipped girlishly down the halls and out the doors towards the school. He lived on the schools dormitories because that was the only place he could stay but fortunately that meant his school wasn't too far away. Still, his little skipping trip seemed to take centuries in comparison to the speeds he's shuffled back in the good ole' days.

Finally! In what seemed like forever he finally made it to the class he was supposed to be at. No longer repeating his little saying he looked at the door for at least a solid minute, wondering if he should just run into it and see if it would open that way.



The door shook as he threw himself at it, simply relying on fates capricious hand to determine the result. Turns out the door really was closed after all. His body bounced back from the door, reeling from the impact. He wasn't badly hurt in any real sense but it did sting. Then again, he was familiar with pain to say the least.

He took the time to shake his boot off and open the door with his foot before sliding his footwear back on. He strode into the classroom quite triumphantly, acting as though nothing abrupt just occurred. Weaving through the small maze of desks he quickly found one that wasn't occupied which he assumed was his by process of elimination. He dropped himself into his seat and looked around with one eyebrow quirked up, his eyes following the odd stares accompanying the awkward silence that followed after his rather unorthodox entrance. He failed to notice the bruise which was already starting to develop on his forehead.

Things started to normalize after the moment passed, people resuming their studies. Inevitably it came to his sudden realization that he was under equipped for the class, possessing neither a pencil nor paper on his person. He looked around at all the other people who were writing on their paper, more or less. Hmm, seems to be quite the pickle. Good thing I'm a pickleologist! He started to ponder a solution to his current quandary.

He theorized that he could try and hold on to the sound of the teacher speaking, taking an echo of his words home and then studying the sound instead. Sounds good! But not too good, no. Much too loud. So much noise... He really didn't appreciate being stuck inside a building full of people. People itching, moving, speaking, pencils rubbing, chalk squeaking, chairs sliding, blood running, hearts pumping, eyes blinking, cells gurgling and much more. He was permitted use of the golden sound on himself alone, that was the deal he made after all. He couldn't take the full effect of all these sounds in his head all the time if he wasn't allowed to manage it.

The golden sound dulled the incoming sounds as they approached him, filtering out the quieter sounds so he could focus on what was going on. He listened to the teacher speak, taking an echo of the words so he could listen to it after school was over and done with. He looked around at the other students around him. He knew little about most of them. He had a passing knowledge of the other people who were in Track and Field.

Art wasn't very popular it seemed as he didn't see a lot of people in it. There were a few people here he recalled seeing on the roster for art. There was Haruki, Kaori and Norio just to name a few.

He wondered just how long until fate would flip this day upside down, or perhaps right side up considering how dull it was already. With his golden sound up and functional it was harder for him to get distracted by the noises around. him. Even the scratching of the pencils were alleviated by this most familiar golden sound, the absence of sound. It was just quiet enough in this room for him to properly listen to the teacher. There were other people talking in the classroom, not being all too considerate he believed. All he could do was sit, his eyes darting about suspiciously, and pretend he was doing something instead of just sitting there. Gotta be good... Not bad...