Adrian Pierces Olive


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a character in “S.C.E.S.S.”, as played by Chulance



Name: Adrian Orlando Parker. Goes by Some guy/SG SG
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Religion: Christianity
Sexuality: Hetero-sexual

Adrian has a very athletic built a lean figure, not too buff, however not as skinny as a skeleton either. He stands at almost 6'1 in height, and has a light brown skin tone. His eyes are dark brown nearly matching the color of his skin, and he has low cut black hair. He nearly always keeps a pocket knife stashed on him, and his main weapon on hand is a standard hand gun.

Personality: Adrian is a charismatic individual one who people will always want to talk to, and who will keep the ladies interested. A Charmer at heart he often uses his persuasive nature for his own benefit whether to charm the ladies out of their outer wear or to make allies out of important individuals. He is a tactician meaning he always likes to analyze and think about a situation before heading out, and believes working in a group makes a situation easier to handle then to attempt something solo. However he is no coward, and has no problem putting his life on the line, and often the lives of others around him. Despite his line of work he believes in putting a smile on his face, and staying happy, thinking of reasons to keep living reasons. Dedicated to the company, the only thing more important then S.C.E.S.S in his his family and God.

Specialties: Adrian is a people's person meaning he can use his charms to win people over, and manipulate them to serve his and the organization's purpose. Acting is second hand nature to him, allowing him to take on and handle multiple identities. He's also very knowledgeable about religion and matters of faith which has helped him take on other faiths to make some of his identities more realistic. His most useful skill perhaps is his photographic memory which is the final asset that contributes him to being a master of disguise. Once he acquires information it remains in his mind as if trapped by a metallic cage. This skill has allowed him to learn advanced hand to hand combat, foreign languages, and more.

Notable Accomplishments: Classified. Rumor has it that his skills have helped him infiltrate numerous questionable organizations, and aiding in bringing them down from within.

Other: A Man of many names, Adrian Orlando Parker is his "Civilian identity". The Title name his birth name, and Some-Guy/SG are his most common code names.

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