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James Grimori

"His wish is my command. No, not yours."

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a character in “S.C.I.O.N”, as played by ianna_334



Full Name:James. Just James. But if you push, he'll tell you it's "Grimori"

Nicknames/Aliases:Still just James, though Damien will occasionally call him Jamie

Age: He’s lost track, as periods between contracts are spent in a timeless limbo, but he’s old.



Post/Rank:Not really a SCION employee, he’s just not going to let Dami go off on his own

Description:James has curly black hair and striking bright violet eyes. He is tanned, as if he spends all his time in the sun. His favourite colours to wear are purple and green, and he often wears open vests and harem pants in accordance to Dami’s whims. When dressing himself, he prefers t-shirts and jeans and looks down at his feet, trying to hide the colour of his eyes. He likes to lean against walls with his arms crossed over his chest, or hover midair in the lotus position with his arms on top one another.[

Personality: After years of dealing directly with people's’ greed, James had become cynical, then apathetic towards it. He is tired of his life of forced servitude but despairs of finding someone who would use their wish to free him. James claims to have seen everything and rarely is surprised. Damien, with his combination of both age and joy in life, is the only one who can consistently get him to show genuine emotion.
James is charismatic and appears friendly, and is skilled at getting others to open up and reveal their desires. He isn't the sort to judge, but appreciates honesty.

-Various effects with his magic

-He can’t use his magic freely, he can only use it in conjunction with Damien’s wishes or for his protection.
-He can be recalled to his “magic lamp” at any time

Brief History: James doesn’t remember when he was born, as it’s been a while. Though he’s existed for most of history, periods between contracts are spent in a timeless limbo that is both eternity and no time at all, so he hasn't seen much of it firsthand. Having front row exposure with human greed, James grew very disillusioned. He didn’t expect anything much different when his “lamp” fell into the hands of Damien Moore, an incubus, but somehow the cheerful creature managed to lend James some of his own joy for life. As Dami pondered over his wishes, James got the chance to get to know the personality and mind behind the airheaded act and found himself falling in love. Although he’ll occasionally nudge Dami towards making his final wish, he secretly doesn’t mind waiting and getting to spend time with with the incubus, whom he cuddles often, indulging in such things for the first time.


So begins...

James Grimori's Story


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Kreios got up from the couch at the sound of the Intercom buzzing in.

"Good morning SCION. Would all field and research teams please report to Meeting Room B for a briefing in five minutes. Five minutes in Meeting Room B. Thank you!"

Well, it was something, at least. He hoped it would bring him out into the field again, he missed being able to let a little loose, really push his limits. He had been getting bored of the recent "Milk-runs" he'd been sent on. Combat was his specialty, and quite frankly, he held a lust for it. Some might have called it a bloodlust, but it wasn't the gore that drew Kreios in. It was, something far more primal.

As he approached the meeting room, he adjusted his shirt-sleeve, in a vein attempt to stretch it so it would comfortably hold his arm. He was beginning to find this a problem, and would need to have a meeting for a "New clothes" bonus. Not that it was news to the higher ups, they had this meeting once a year.

He walked in the room, sliding a few chairs over to avoid physical contact with his co-workers. Not that there aren't a few he wouldn't mind brushing up against, but this was a professional setting, no time for such thoughts. He sat down, and waited for his team-mates to arrive.