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Castiel Zachariah Bolten


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a character in “S H E L T E R”, as played by InakoUchiha



{"Great power, comes with great need to take a nap." }
- Nico di Angelo -

|| Lost Boy ; Ruth B ||



Castiel-Zachariah Michaelangelo Bolten


Cassie - Zach - Michael - ShyKid - Percy Jr.

Demisexual [Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which someone feels sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond.]

Homoromantic [A person who is romantically attracted to a member of the same sex or gender.]

Hades ; The Greek God of the Underworld

{"I-I'm nothing to look at." }
- Castiel-Zachariah Bolten -



120 lb.




Percy Jr. Percy Jr. That's normally all Castiel gets from other campers. That he's a carbon copy of one of the Great Seven. Castiel to begin with, has dark black hair that is normally cut short, where it's normally left sticking up in ends and odds. He normally lets it be, considering he doesn't really leave his cabin. He often is told his eyes reflect that of the ocean, despite being a son of Hades. His eyes can range from deep blues, to amazingly light teal colors. His skin is somewhat a dark tan but also light. He normally gets told, he gets his skin coloring from Nico, despite not being fully related to him.

He is normally seen wearing a set of hoodies, and somewhat some sleeping pants. Due to him taking his classes at night, that's the only reason you could possibly see him in his fighting attire. He wears a dark black leather jacket, a gift from Nico. He also wears a shirt with the Captain America's logo. He wears a bluish-black belt. As well as dark red sneakers and black jeans. He keeps his weapon, a shield upon his back.

{“M-My m-mind is a d-dis-sorgan-nized mess.” }
- Castiel-Zachariah Bolten -


Castiel-Zachariah Michaelangelo Bolten, was born on a rainy August night. His mother, Marianne Elizabeth Crater, was an Italian/American teenager from an very religious family. She was the black sheep, often into magic and witchcraft of the likes, being a daughter of Hecate. She was raised to be a god fearing woman, but that never really set in. She had a very wild streak, and was sent to live with her family in Italy.

She arrived there, and soon she met a man named "Dis" or what she new. She fell hard for the god, and ended up sleeping with him after a few months. This is when she found out he was not only mortal. She had became pregnant from the man, who then disappeared. Her family found out, and made her give the child up for adoption. But her family while she was pregnant was terrible to the woman. She named her child, Castiel, after the angel of solitude and tears as that was the life he'd live. She would then leave back to the U.S and give birth and put him in the foster care system.

His first family, was when he was three. He was adopted by a nice woman and man, named Laura and James Evans. Or so they seemed. They would physically abuse him, and sometimes even sexually abuse him. Until he was ten years old, he lived with them. He always claimed they had one eye, and would try to kill him. He would go to teachers about this, but they never did anything. They brushed it off as imagination. When he turned ten, a friend of his, older than him by two years. But still one of his closest friends, a boy named Ridley Bolten, would see this for his own eyes. He told Castiel, he didn't think he was crazy. He got him out of there. He was then, at eleven, adopted by Ridley's family. He was a social recluse, from what their family is normally seen as. He was the quietest, all the kids tried to make him happy. The only two successful were Gabriel and Ridley. They made him laugh, and he developed a close bond with them. For two years, he was with the Bolten's. They eventually sent him to a boarding school, after the parents and his siblings died in a car wreck, while he was at the school. Left with no-one to call his family, he stayed his days in the school. A set of two kids eventually came to the school, and told him to follow them. One kid had goat legs! The other kid had yellow eyes. They said they'd take him to a place where he would be safe. They would immediately leave, being trailed by a few monsters. They didn't know, until they got to Camp Half-Blood's borders. Both of his protectors died, and he became emotionally overwhelmed, and for the first time, summoned several skeletal hands and dragged the monsters down. He was found unconscious outside the borders, and later claimed by Hades upon his awakening.

✄ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


shyemotionally overwhelmedkindinsecure afraidsolitary silent

Castiel is a very odd male. He has a very overwhelming personality in his words. One word that you can use to describe Castiel, is silent. He barely talks to anyone. He keeps to himself, and reads countless novels he has. He doesn't really speak to anyone, and when he does it's normally in stutters, and only to Nico. He's commonly seen as a weird kid, due to his silence. He's also very shy, and tends to back away from social interactions. Reasons being, he hates physical and social contact due to his past. Insecure and Afraid, can also be words to describe him. He's pretty insecure about his skills as a talented fighter, and he's afraid of being hurt like he was when he was little.

Whenever he brings it up, he refers to it as when he was "bad". When his basic emotions overwhelmed him into not speaking, or capable of it. For this, Castiel is a selective mute. He mainly keeps himself quiet, even in lessons. He doesn't really do "social" things. But one thing the male is, is a hopeless romantic. Doing nothing but reading books about it, kind of makes it somewhat impossible not to. He hopes to find his one soul mate, but doesn't want to get hurt.

{“QUOTE” }


◖ LIKES Solitary
◖ LIKES Reading
◖ LIKES Singing
◖ LIKES Music


◖ DISLIKES Crowded Spaces
◖ DISLIKES Physical Contact
◖ DISLIKES Being Insecure



Hiding "I...I kinda blend in with the shadows."
Running"I mean, why wouldn't I?"
Flexible"I-It's like a hidden talent of mine..."
Dark Rooms"Again, I'm a child of Hades. Darkness is my thing."


Physical Battles"I-I don't know, I just freeze."
Certain Circumstances""Like, being hugged or anything. It just makes me freak out. I..I have problems okay?"
Strength"I-I'm not a strong person."


Castiel, has a few. He's ambidextrous, but prefers his left hand. He always has a copy of Beautiful Creatures with him. He tends to chew on his bracelet and necklace.


He fears basically every thing. Spiders. Physical Contact. The Ocean. Heights. Bugs in general. You name it, there's a guarantee he might be afraid of it. He just lives in fear, thanks to his fucked up backstory.



✄ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
  • Geokinesis- Due to his father being lord of the Underworld. Castiel has some degree of control of the earth. While this power is uncontrolled, with time, he could open up fissures in the earth. Manipulate rock structures. Become one with the earth, as of now, he can only direct himself when underground, He knows where secret passage ways are etc; all by touching the ground. Beginner.
  • Necromancy- As a child of Hades, by theory, the male can talk to ghosts. He can sense when people die. He has power over the undead. Can release souls, control them mentally. He can see other's life aura's and even turn people to ghosts. But of course, this has only seen happening by extreme emotion. It is currently unknown if the male can tap into his fullest potential with these powers. Beginner.
  • Osteokinesis- He can manipulate bones. Well, not currently, but he can eventually do so. As of now, while he can only summon small bones. Soon he will be able to turn them into traps, like his elder demigod brother, Nico di Angelo. It is theorized he can also manipulate the human skeleton making him a worthy adversary if he harnesses his power. Beginner.
    [*} Umbrakinesis- The complete and utter ideal power for a child of Hades. Something Castiel is quite good at. He can fully manipulate the dark, even for seconds travel throughout it. He can blend in with it, and sometimes create it in a light room. He's very talented. The male will eventually be able to absorb dark auras, and protect others from them. As this is said, he is a perfect fighter in the dark. He can see through it as if it were day. Advanced.
  • Limited Cryokinesis- An uncontrollable thing, this normally drops the temperature in the area. When a child of Hades is filled with a enormous amount of a dark emotion, they can freeze the ground and surrounding area. Nothing really able to use offensively.
  • Hypnokinesis- Children of Hades, are capable of walking into other people's dreams. Due to the dark space of the dream, they can travel through them. They are only surpassed by children of Hypnos. To say the least, they can project themselves into other's dreams. But this does cause them to fall into a heavy sleep, and gives the a degreee of control over their own dreams. Beginner
  • Fear Inducement- Like his brother, and father. Castiel generates an aura of fear, making unsuspecting demigods fear him and see him as completely dangerous. He tends to try to control it, but this is not a very easily controlled ability. They can also generate an aura of death, which can kill plants around them, or even harm people if they feel strong enough.

⋯ ⋯ ⋯

  • Peak-Human Reflexes- Commonly mistaken in a demigod for ADHD. But this is their natural battlefield responses. They are always waiting for a moment where they can move, duck and roll. This actually also gives them close to Peak Human Speed and Strength. This is the natural reflex level of a demigod.
  • Shield Proficiency- Castiel is a very good fighter with his shield. While most use it defensively, he takes the Captain America route, and uses it in an offensive manner. He can, due to it's materials, even manipulate the shield to come back to him. He has actually been able to beat Ares kids with his shield and shadows.

⋯ ⋯ ⋯

  • Ridley- Is a shield made out of iron, and Stygian Iron. It radiates a cold energy, when other's aside from children of Hades touch it. It is designed to look and be similar to Captain America's shield, but instead of the star in the middle, it's name reads in Greek. This shield is always seen on Castiel's back strapped there for safety and easy access. He named it after his adoptive brother, to honor him. It's themed black and slate gray, with the letters in white.

⋯ ⋯ ⋯



✄ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Nico di Angelo // Elder Half-Brother
Marianne Elizabeth Crater// Mother
Hazel Levesque // Elder Sister Figure (Roman Half-Sibling)

⋯ ⋯ ⋯
Chiron// Teacher & Father Figure

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So begins...

Castiel Zachariah Bolten's Story