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Jack Lance

A "normal" man with a abnormal power, which is not in his favor.

0 · 265 views · located in San Francisco, California

a character in “SA: Superhumans Anonymous”, as played by madpro63




Jack Lance

Jackass, JL.





Face Claim:
Ben Barnes

Jack Lance is a white male, who is 6'1 and weighs 172 pounds. He has a clean face, with a long brown beard, a stubby mustache, brown eyes and soft-combed brown hair. He currently works for retail and is saving up for university at MIT. He lives in San Francisco. He is currently twenty-four and resides at a small apartment, about the size of a nuclear home living room. He usually can be seen wearing sweaters and t-shirts, occasionally wearing formal wear (such as tuxedos) to special events.

friendly || open || faithful || loyal

He can be seen as nice and friendly to friends and mutual. Though, he can also be seen as uneasy and quiet, which can make him prone to anxiety attacks and sudden nightmares. He can also be very pessimistic during bad situations/emergencies, which can be found to be unhelpful or/and useless. Throughout his life, he has been constantly pushed down, and is still attempting to find good will in his own body. He loves being social, as he feels being lonely is the worst feeling.

Life: Jack may have a life that's unwanted by most, but he feels it shouldn't end sad and depressing. One goal of his is to make the most out of his only life.
Reading: Reading is Jack's favorite pastime. He mostly enjoys Steampunk, but also adds in a taste of Fantasy every now and then.
Being Social: Jack loves being social as he finds it's the only way he can connect and won't feel isolated. This is also a reason he takes group therapy.

Unfamiliarity: Jack tends to stay away from unfamiliar places or activities due to him feeling awkward or out of place. This can lead to problems.
Driving: Jack finds it hard to drive as he can get anxious when driving. He resorts to public transport or walking.
Being Isolated: Jack has a fear of being isolated, and tends to do the opposite of it.

support // Jack holds strong support for friends and mutual, so if you ever need help, Jack would be a great option to hit up.

loyalty // Jack can have loyalty to anybody he finds close enough to him. This loyalty is tough to break, and is as firm as steel.

careful // While Jack can be unhelpful in situations, he sure can be careful, alerting friends and himself about upcoming things to be alert about.

intelligent // While as Jack may not be Einstein smart, he sure can think of a plan quick. He can make quick observations to help the team out.

pessimistic // Jack is certainly not always helpful. He can be quick to point out the flaws of the group, and without no need to do so.

anxious // Jack can be found to be extremely anxious in dark and unfamiliar places.

weak // While he has strength in smarts, he doesn't hold much physical strength. The only true move he has is his power, which can take a toll on his body.

busy // Jack is usually dedicated to work too much, and can overwork himself easily. This can take time off his activity in the group.

power // Jack barely can use his power and barely can even use it. He has gotten skinnier and had made a mental note NOT to use it.

Jack has emotion-powered telekinesis. This has a many positives and negatives. Using this takes energy away, along with manpower. Along with that, it also is emotion-powered, meaning it is weaker or stronger based off how happy or sad Jack is. The weakest point of power is when Jack is sad, where he can move about a pencil or a small pebble, while the strongest point of power is when Jack is happy, where he can move about a large table or a small SUV. Jack has made a mental-note about using this power sparingly, due to him getting more skinny or more tired as a effect of using this move.


Born on September 7th, 1998 in San Francisco, CA, he was a middle child in a family of five. (Holding two parents, and three children.) Jack saw himself being a prime subject of bullying and abuse, with both his parents and siblings. (Verbal bullying, victim of sibling-given beatings, and hurtful pranks.) This suffering didn't just stay at home, it followed him at school, where he was rejected and left isolated. This continued on until Middle School, where he found himself lonely and sad. In 7th grade, he got angry at everything that put him down, and wanted revenge. He soon became a trouble maker, and apart of numerous groups and cliques that go beyond school rules. He became a culprit of many cruel pranks to teachers, and usually found himself being accepted finally. It all ended in 8th grade, where during prom night where the group he was in dispersed, which allowed Jack to discover something important that could possibly change his life forever, technology.

Throughout high school, Jack had a strong love for technology, and it's development. His dream was to go to MIT and become a computer engineer. He worked hard, and attempted to get the best of grades. This hard work lead into senior year of high school, where he stood eagerly in his class, waiting for a scholarship calling. Sadly, he learned a cold truth. He learned that he didn't make it, and his best didn't work out. The week after graduation was spent mourning his own loss. He soon got up, and aimed fro college, not giving up. He found a job in retail, and bought a small apartment for himself. He was on track, and everything worked out. He had plans for the future, and was ready for what was to come next. What came next was something different...

He woke up with a high fever. He learned this was a worldwide epidemic, and he was shocked. He immediately head to the E.R, but it was filled. The next few days were spent in fear of his own life, and he was terrified. The fever turned into internal bleeding, and many nosebleeds. He felt like he couldn't eat anything. On a fateful evening, he sat on his bed, and soon would lay down. He'd slowly close his eyes for what he thought would be his last sight. He woke up again, feeling better than ever, like a rebirth. He'd spend time walking down his house, enjoying life for what it was, all his fear was gone in that moment. He soon realized something, his abnormality. He lifted a pencil, then a book, then a bowl! He walked out of his room with this newfound ability, and talked to his neighbors, who had much different abilities. Many weeks later, riots started. Mass genocide has started, and it was blamed on Jack and his "species". Jack found himself with a small group of people, with help from Dr. Benjamin Savino. Whatever was coming, Jack knew nothing was going to be the same.

???? Lance\\Father\\Unknown
Jessica Lance\\Mother\\Close

So begins...

Jack Lance's Story