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Willa Martin

I can only find my way by moonlight

0 · 395 views · located in San Francisco, California

a character in “SA: Superhumans Anonymous”, as played by PutAnotherX


Willa Astrid Martin




concussive energy blasts


Image{"maybe you ran with the wolves and refused to settle down;"}

There's no denying that Willa is beautiful. She even worked as a model a bit in her teen years, but she got bored of it. She has mid-length, light brown hair and dark brown eyes framed by full brows. Her wide smile transforms her face from dark and mysterious to bright and warm. She's a bit taller than average at 5'7'' and very slender at 120 pounds.

Willa is always wearing the latest girly, flirty fashions, and strongly prefers dresses or shorts–anything that shows off those long, long legs. Whether it's Stella McCartney, Ralph & Russo, or Kate Spade, her outfits are always designer and always perfect down to the minute details. Even a casual look is carefully planned and usually costs more than the average person's rent.

Face Claim:
Lily James

Image{"maybe i've stormed out of every single room in this town."}

charming || wild || emotional || open || ingratiating
xxxWild, emotional, and mysterious, Willa Martin is no stranger to adventure. She is a free spirit who easily forms emotional attachments, but they are not so easily left behind. Her emotions come on strong and leave lasting impressions, which gives her plenty to talk about. She is warm and generous to friends and strangers alike, and any party she throws or attends is bound to be the talk of the town.
xxxWilla hates emotional conflict, and will bend over backwards to avoid stepping on anyone's feelings. She has difficulties being direct and honest when she knows that someone may get hurt. Her privileged upbringing means that she is often out of touch with reality and the needs of others, but she works hard to change that about herself. Wearing her heart on her sleeve comes with an open turbulence, bearing her soul for all to see. She has a difficult time disguising her emotions.

conversation|| if there's anyone who knows how to hold a conversation, it's Willa.

kindness|| Willa is an incredibly generous and loving person.

wealth|| money has power, and Willa comes from an extremely powerful family.

intelligence|| Willa's naturally high intelligence is enhanced by the best education availble.
people-pleasing|| Willa does not do well asserting herself with friends and family.

emotion|| Willa's emotions often get in the way of her thoughts, and lately things have been getting explosive.

control|| Willa has not even begun to control her powers. she has injured herself and others with concussive blasts of pure energy.


Humphrey Martin||Father||Close

Barbara Martin (née Carter)||Mother||Distant

Willa's family life, while incredibly cushy and privileged, is not as rosy as it seems. Though she is close with her father, her mother is judgmental and demanding of her. Humphrey's mother was an actress that died of an overdose soon after he was born, leaving behind a large estate and even more royalties coming in. Barbara is a Hollywood starlet and socialite from an old money family.


{"throw out our cloaks and our daggers because it's morning now."}

Willa Astrid Martin was born in London to Humphrey and Barbara Martin on July 7th in perfect health. Her family split their time between London, her mother’s hometown, and Los Angeles, her father’s hometown, but she always preferred LA. Something about the sun and the wild happenings appealed to her more than rain and buttoned up society gatherings. As was the Carter family way, Willa would have been taken care of primarily by a team of nannies and tutors, if it had not been for the steady defiance of her father, who had her with him as often as he could, bringing her to meetings and events more often than was really appropriate for the upright philanthropist he was supposed to be. She grew up privileged and sheltered but with high expectations to live up to her families.

Willa’s primary and secondary education came from a mix of exclusive private schools and dedicated tutors for every subject. Her bachelors degree is in Classics and French from Magdalen College at Oxford University. She quickly became known as a party girl and career socialite. Though her Alpha Bitch reputation didn’t really fit her, she learned to play to expectations to keep people from being disappointed. When she got sick, her parents desperately searched for answers. They flew in top doctors from around the world to try to cure her, but they couldn’t stop the fever, the bleeding, or the seizures. And they couldn’t stop her from dying. Through it all, her parents, especially her father, never left her side. When she woke up, she vowed to change her life, even after her newfound “abilities” broke more than a few things around her parents house.

She bought an apartment in San Fransisco, and worked to be the person she always wanted to be. Herself, unapologetically.

Willa’s energy blasts can come from anywhere on her body. She has even managed (on accident) to throw an energy projection of herself. The blast typically come at times of high emotion. They can break furniture and bones and throw a person, even Willa, across a room. When it happens, the air seems to ripple like heat off pavement.

So begins...

Willa Martin's Story