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San Francisco, California


a part of SA: Superhumans Anonymous, by CutUp.


CutUp holds sovereignty over San Francisco, California, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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San Francisco, California is a part of SA: Superhumans Anonymous.

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Krish Trivedi [0] "I'd like to help, but I don't know if there's anything I can do."
Yvonne Martin [0] In the end, you only have two choices - what you should do and what I say you should do.
Echo Enyo [0] "If you get knocked down, always - ALWAYS - get back up."
Metori Sun [0] the meaning of desire isn't always greed
Willa Martin [0] I can only find my way by moonlight
Jack Lance [0] A "normal" man with a abnormal power, which is not in his favor.
CΓ©sar Cruz [0] "Everything I do, I do for my familia."

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