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Winter Blake [29] "I constantly try to forget my past, and I have to remind myself that it's not doing me any good."
Aiden Connors [29] A pyrokinetic who is running from his past while chasing his future.
William Lewis [27] "I may not seem like I can do much, but I am far more deadly than many things."
Chad Hughes [26] "All this time I've been trying to find myself but now I know that I've been lost."
Robin Lewis [25] "Death is not on my to do list, and neither is rolling over."
Valerie Weiss [20] "We're more than the sins of our past"
Danny Griffin [20] "Bad things happen, you just got to keep moving."
Lucien Stafford [2] "There's nothing more frustrating in this world than human instinct."
Elliot Morgan [0] "I shall fear no evil."

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Will and Robin look to each other as had comes downstairs and asks them what they're up to. Robin seemed to consider his words first before shrugging and doing it slowly so he didn't move too much too fast. William watched him carefully before he turned his entire attention to Chad with a lazy grin on his face.

"Chad, darling, you see, technically I have only four senses. My hearing and taste senses are both growing bored with the hearing and taste options around me, so I want to go out so I can hear more," William stated as if trying to explain to a judge why he shot someone he didn't like. Because he didn't like them. Duh.

Robin looked confused for a moment, opening and closing his mouth a few times before finding the words he wanted to use. "William, you can literally see everything but colors and words. That is it. You can even see through walls. Technically you have better sight than all of us," Robin states as if he was unsure how Will could think of himself that way.

Will paused his guitar playing, seeming to consider the words for a moment before shaking his head. "Nope. Uh uh. Because eye doctors use letter charts to judge vision, and I can't see the letters to tell them, I technically have zero twenty vision. I am legally blind." Will gives a nod of his head as if to cement what he said to everyone else. He then "glanced" down at his guitar to line up his fingers to the strings again before beginning to play again.

Robin sighed. "If you are legally blind, why were you cutting fruit...Whatever. You are basically color blind to every color except one, and I don't even know what color that is since you can't tell me," Robin stated with a sigh as he adjusted how he was sitting in his chair again.

Robin looked up to Chad and stated simply, "Dude, we need to get out. Going out for groceries is only temporarily satisfying and Will hasn't even gotten out for a few days. He's blind not dead," Robin explained in a better way. Will nods, not looking up from where he was watching his fingers on the guitar as he responded with an "Amen brother."

"Plus, Chad, we can get take out food. We can even pick up stuff to make dessert. I can make some mean desserts to celebrate our new kid. What does new kid like? Tiramisu? Chocolate Cake? S'mores? Straight up icing?" Robin asks with a lazy grin as he sits back, his sleeves coming up a bit as he forgot why he wanted them so far down on his arms and moved to give his hands more mobility.

William smiled, looking to his brother, exactly where Robin's scars were though he couldn't see the variation in his brother's skin tones. He could always feel the scars his brother had on his wrists, but he couldn't see the difference. "Funfetti icing is the absolute best,"
William stated with a nod. Robin nodded back in return before looking to Chad for confirmation.

Everyone who knew Robin saw the scars sometime or another. He used to wear bandages around them so it wasn't out there, but then people believed he had done it recently. William didn't see them but he knew why Robin had the scars. The only other people who really knew why, or had an idea why, was Winter and Chad. Winter because the twins told her everything when they first went to the haven, Chad because Robin was embarrassed when Chad first saw them and wanted to explain he wasn't suicidal and that he shouldn't be treated differently just because he had scars where he would normally have scars should he have been suicidal.

The twins looked to Chad and made a double "Pwease" at the fellow before William continued his paused guitar strumming and Robin glanced at the book before him as he waited for a response from Chad so he could keep reading his book. It was a good one too. It was a fiction thing that was about some person that designed clothing but spent a couple years in the wilderness before being found.

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Scarlett slightly shrugged when Will asked what her drawing was about and made her way over to the fridge. She opened it and took out what she wanted which was the bottle of cranberry juice. "I don't know, something weird from a dream of mines." she answered him while pouring herself a glass. The blonde walked back over to the table and sat down pulling off her glasses and rubbing her forehead before taking a big gulp of the refreshing juice. "Um....H-h-hi.....Sc-c-c-carlett." Her head rose from her glass to look at Danny with a smile. "Hey, what's up?" Honestly Scar knew that the boy could be nervous around the ladies but she really didn't mind at all, he was a sweet kid.

" a new b-b-book. It's....uh...2-2-2-206-61 Ody-yssey...Th-th-ree. It...not new new....just......t-t-o me. Ha-have it?" Scarlett slowly nodded as she thought about the book he was talking about. "Yeah, actually I think I have." she took another sip of her juice while twirling her pencil in between her fingers. "Arthur C. Clarke right? His third book in his little space series no?" A soft smile appeared on her lips. "It's a good book, anyhow have you taken any new pictures lately?" she asked curiously. Scarlett's attention way taken away though by a wet Chad who made his way up the steps then Val passing behind him down the hall. Just like Danny her eyebrow quirked upward in confusion. "Huh," Her gaze went over to the kitchen window and saw all the skies grey with clear droplets pouring down. "It's raining? I was just out there and it looked fine . . ."

Realization kicked in when Winter walked in also dripping wet, Chad's dead, she thought before returning Winter's greeting. "Morning you soggy british biscuit." Scarlett laughed a bit, it was a tease, a loving one from the bottom of her heart because she loved messing with the one person that was basically a sister to her. As soon as Winter left the room Scar nudged Will. "He's totally dead." she laughed. To her surprise though Chad made it back downstairs a couple of minutes in one piece.

"Oh man, I thought you'd be dead for sure!" the blonde chuckled before finishing off her juice. "How'd you get away? You must tell me your secret so I can use it the next time me and Winter get into a fight." she teased. She observed the whole conversation between the twins before she cut in at the end with a clap of her hands and a swift point of her finger toward them. "There ya go, I want out too." Her feet planted themselves steadily on the floor before she stood up, she placed her hand lightly on Danny's head and softly ruffled his hair. "I bet Danny agrees to, right Danny?"

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#, as written by Savader
Aiden walked back into the house after Winter had, just as soaked as any who were out there during the spontaneous shower. He was hesitant and a bit nervous as he entered the general vicinity of those hanging out in and around the kitchen, forcing him to slow down into something of a shy pace, his head slightly lowered as he approached them, finally stopping, and after a few seconds of waiting for them to finish talking to one another, spoke up upon seeing Chad come back downstairs. Winter and Valerie had still yet to resurface, but he figured this was as good a chance to apologize as any.

"Um..." he hummed, shifting his eyes to and fro between each of them. "I... I just wanted to say 'sorry' for..." He paused again, not sure how to label it, and so he simply just pointed with a thumb behind him, indicating the backyard. "That," he gave them a wry chuckle, as if to lighten the air over the topic. "Almost threatening to burn the place down doesn't make a very good first impression, does it..." He smiled, again wryly, never keeping his eyes on any of theirs more than a few seconds before switching to another pair. "I mean, I didn't even get a chance to introduce myself. Name's Aiden, by the way. And as I'm sure most of you likely noticed..." He paused again, looking behind him to the backdoor for a second before turning to face them once more, giving a bit of a shrug. "I kinda...set things on fire."

As far as first-time introductions went, this was Aiden's best, worst, and most peculiar -- all wrapped in the same package. In the past, had Aiden shown an accidental display of his powers to anyone, he would have had to bail on them immediately, whether he'd already introduced himself or not. However, he was adamant in never having messed up so badly that he had to leave before giving them his name. That made this specific situation a rather strange one to him. He wasn't used to not taking off at the first sign of a flame, for one thing; he wasn't used to anyone not thinking it was 'abnormal' or 'scary' that he could possibly and quite literally catch on fire upon the slightest amount of discomfort. But that's why he was so embarrassed -- so nervous -- talking to them like this. And Aiden loved it. He certainly wasn't showing it, on account of just how nervous he was coming off, but Aiden was happy. Making a friend in Winter, no one acting afraid of him when he caught fire, not having to run away after they did, feeling embarrassed over openly apologizing to them because of it-- feeling nervous, not from fearing them finding out about what he really is, not because he doesn't want to accidentally cause them harm or grief, but because they were new people that he wanted to befriend. It was the most normal he'd felt in years...

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#, as written by CutUp
Danny nodded to confirm that it was Arthur C. Clarke who wrote the book in question. " p-p-p-ictures. L-last night. S-stars....and stuff." Danny stated as he struggled to get out. He turned to face Winter, and Aiden as they were soaked as well. He glanced outside to see it was drizzling. "Chad." Danny concluded. He wondered if he did it on purpose, or if it was on accident. He slightly jumped at Scarlett clapping to interrupt the twins. He lightly groaned as she ruffled his hair as if he was a child. He's only the youngest by a year after all, but sometimes it feels as if it's like ten. He nodded to agree with Scarlett about ordering out.

He restraightened his hair, and watched as Aiden apologized for his actions, thinking it wildly unnecessary, and uneeded. He remembers when he first arrived here as well, and how little, or less, control he had on his powers as well. Danny quickly teleported over to Aiden, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "N-no worries.....I u-used t-t-to....pop i-in pe-peoples beds a-at night. I u-used to tel-teleport during m-m-m-my sleep." He stated, hoping it might make him feel better. He teleported again, returning to his previous spot.

"I-I-I could p-pop into" Danny stated. It'd only take a few teleports before he'd be in town. Sometimes it's handy to be able to teleport, as he'll never need a car. "A-Aiden c-ould come. See t-the town. I-if he wants." He added. Though he wasn't sure how much of the town the pryo saw before he got there. "P-pizza s-sounds good. B-but it's u-up to you g-g-guys." He voiced his opinion. Of course he'd just go along with whatever they decided. He's not one to rock the boat after all.

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"No!" She sputtered out, holding her hand out and shaking it, "no, you don't have to get rid of it," she murmured, lowering her tone of voice a bit. She was pretty sure most of Lucine's other stuff was on the property, so one single book wasn't a big deal. She wasn't going to get rid of perfectly good things that he had used within the house during his time here. That seemed too extreme, considering others could use it and recycle it for their own. She just wouldn't be one of those people who did. Maybe.

Eyeing the floor as he spoke, she started gnawing on her lip when she thought back to what did bring Lucien to the house. She knew Chad knew what happened, why he was at the sea in the first place, but wasn't too sure if Lucien himself told the other residents of the house. It wasn't necessarily for her to tell. It was his story after all.

It was all by chance, meeting Lucien and bringing him to the haven. She had been down by her designated spot at the harbor, going there after having one of her worse nightmares. She didn't bring anything with her. Not her drawing materials, or music, she just sat there and stared at the larger than usual waves. She wasn't even paying much attention to her surroundings, only to what was placed in front of her in the ultimate picturesque scene, but then... something happened. She didn't even know anyone was around her until her mind, as it does, slipped into someone else's. She was surprised, she had better control than that over her powers usually, but between her own high running emotions and the obvious ones the boy was experiencing, it just happened naturally. But she didn't expect to see what she saw. Instead of the sleepy early morning thoughts most humans had, that either contemplated the wisest things in the world, or thought about the most primal things, his was repeated on a recurring memory. All Winter saw was flames, and screaming, and she could feel the loneliness the boy felt, She could feel his want to just end it all, see why he came to the rocky waters. She could see him mimic other peoples powers in that god forsaken test lab, and she spurted out what she did practically every god damn time, always feeling embarrassed of it afterwards. "you're one of us!" Seriously, who says that, she always sounded like some crazy person when she did. But, the things that happened afterwards went pretty fast She explained to him what she was, and what she was doing there. What and who was in the harbor, and then just invited him to stay. Imagine everyones shock when Winter showed up at the door with another person. Usually she had some warnings to give to the house as to who she and Chad was tracking, who was bringing in, but this was just as spontaneous as the boy, Lucien's, nature.

She knew about his past, so she knew where his hatred of humans could stem from what was done to him. She just had no idea what set him off, what made him do what he did. "I guess..." she mumbled again, with a small shrug of her shoulders at his statement. She should have seen he could have ended up this way. It would have saved all of them a lot of pain and time.

Leaning into his hug, she still kept her own arms wrapped around herself. "My backs fine, just have to make sure to sleep on my side." She smiled weakly. The incident occurred almost a year ago, but her back still never healed right. It healed enough so there was no infection or severe muscle damage, but she really should have seen a doctor instead of just having a healer go at it. She didn't car, however. How was she supposed to explain what had happened to a doctor? Not that she would have gone anyways. In all honesty she didn't care much about what happened to her back that night, if it hadn't have been her, he probably would have struck Chad with the knife with a more fatal wound than what he gave her. There was no regret in what she did.

Letting out a weak chuckle at his statement, she turned her head slightly to see him walk out of his room. Pacing around for a couple of seconds, she flopped herself onto his bed, and opened the book he had to a random page, tracing her dainty fingers over the off-white pages. Flipping to the last page, she eyed it without reading, as she never fully finished her books. She never ever read the last pages, so the story never ended. In a moment of instinctive action, she ripped the page out of the book and folded it neatly, tucking it up her sleeve. Chad, if he ever finished the book, would know where to find it. Winter just would keep it safe with her. A momento of sorts.

Making her way down the steps, to her surprise seeing everyone but the ominous Val, she kept silent as she listened to them talk. They acted as if they were forcibly kept in the house, which in reality, was not even remotely true. It was kind of funny seeing them this way. It really did make them seem like a family.

"There's not much to do in town for fun," she pointed out, "we could go to the beach or to the little shopping village," she suggested, to those who looks like puppies desperate to go on a walk. In all honestly, she wouldn't mind at all herself, as long as it wasn't over crowded. They could also afterwards have dinner, as the pizza Danny suggested sounded awesome, and just chill around, introducing themselves to Aiden. Some peoples powers took more explanation than others, but it was all fair for everyone in the house to know of each other abilities and such. As for knowing each other histories however, that was a matter of trust.

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Will smiled only slightly when Scarlett stated that. He hated when people wouldn't describe things to him. He knew it wasn't Scarlett's fault that she didn't know this, only Robin did, but it didn't make him feel any better. He couldn't even muster up a sarcastic remark, instead falling silent except for the soft guitar playing.

Robin took a look at the drawing before touching Will's arm that was offered. Robin and Will are silent a moment before Will nods his understanding and relaxes slightly. It was a blessing that the two could talk without talking. It kept things that embarrassed both boys from being announced, which was so very important.

Will and Robin both smiled without looking up from their hobbies as they listened to Danny and Scarlett interacting. The two were both interested in getting girlfriends though neither were really interested in any of the girls in the house that way. Will had been dating someone for a while until they broke up around a year ago. He wasn't necessarily ready for a new girlfriend, but Robin was. He wasn't hunting for one, but he wasn't ignoring girls either.

Robin and Will shook their heads at Scarlett's question, instead stating simply that it was Chad. When Scarlett, moments later, ruffled Danny's hair, both boys winced inwardly. They weren't sure who Danny liked, but if it was Scarlett, it was clear to both boys she wasn't interested in the youngest of the household. It was strange, Will and Robin weren't the oldest, but they were the third and forth longest guests at Safe Haven, loosing the challenge only to Winter and Chad, two of the founders.

Aiden entered after Winter and stood soaking in the kitchen area. Will was careful to keep himself distanced from Aiden though since Robin was on the other side of the table, he wasn't as obvious to his being careful. Both refrained from moving for a moment while they concentrated until both relaxed visibly. If Aiden cared or asked about it later, they'd tell him why, but it didn't seem to be the right time as of right then.

When Aiden began speaking bout nearly burning the place down, both Will and Robin smiled and tried to conceal a few of their giggles before giving up and just laughing. Robin shook his head slightly as he moved his back again, stating, "Dude, don't worry." Winter and him. Winter by accident, him deliberately. Thank whoever watched over the world that the attack hadn't been three inches to the left, lest Robin wasn't there.

"Yeah Aiden, really. Robin and I nearly burned down the house when we arrived. We didn't know how to control ourselves and kind of, might have, lit the... Um... Kitchen on fire... We put it out though. Nothing happened really," Will stated with a smile as his tone slowed slightly and his tone became reminiscent. They all nodded when Aiden said he could set things on fire, knowing perfectly well what he could do without even having really talked to him about it.

Both Will and Robin were chill, neither really judging Aiden. Robin was studying him openly over his book, not really caring what he thought about the open staring. It was only that he wanted to be sure this guy was good, not bad, and nothing like certain people he knew and was thinking of. Will on the other had, was able to tilt his head back and let Robin make the decision on whether or not Aiden was cool or not. He was a better judge of character usually.

When Danny suggested pizza, both twins nodded and gave a chorus of "Sounds good", "I like pizza", and "Only if we go to the best pizza place near us". The group would know what pizza place they were referring to, neither actually knew the name, just referenced it as that. Will watched as Winter flopped on her bed before standing up a little bit later and coming downstairs.

Will gave Winter a wink before strumming on his guitar crazily and finishing, setting the guitar on the table then. He relaxed, smiling contently at his satisfaction of playing. Will and Robin both nodded as they listened to Winter, not even looking up from their nods. When she was done talking, Will leaned over and put his hand on Robin's shoulder so he would have to move again. The two nodded, looking each other in they eyes before sitting back again.

"We have decided we both would like to go to the beach tomorrow and the shopping village today. That's where the best pizza place ever is anyway," Will stated with confidence as if it was a congressional meeting. Robin nodded his agreement as he attempted to stand, paused in pain, then moved on. His face did little to reveal what was going on, only going blank for a moment before standing.

"Hey Will, come on, I'll help you download those books on your phone before we head out. We can meet you all down at the shopping place in half an hour if you feel like it," Robin declared as he motioned for Will to join him, leaving his book behind as he began down the hall. Will stood, nodding, smiling, giving a little excited wave goodbye, then heading down the hall with his guitar. He made sure to nonchalantly grab the bandages, sneaking it into his pocket and hoping nobody noticed. If they asked, he sprained his shoulder.

Will entered their shared room a minute later to see Robin sitting on a chair the wrong way. He wasn't wearing his shirt anymore, the thing tossed on the ground. Will could tell it was wet though he was sure nobody else could tell since it was the same color as Robin's blood. Robin was shuddering and shivering, freezing and hoping his back would stop burning. It wasn't just on hi back though, it wrapped from the middle of his back down to the right and ended right above his right hip bone near his stomach.

"Sh*t Robin. Why can't we just tell Winter? You know I can't tell where it opens with so much blood," Will stated, running his hands through his hair after tossing his guitar on his bed. Robin sighed, his breathing ragged.

"We can't Will, you know it as well as I do. She'd freak. She wouldn't do anything. I can't go to the hospital, and whatever is making it stay so long needs me to go there. It's easier to just deal with it," He groaned out softly. Will nodded slightly, sighing himself. He really didn't want to make Robin go to the hospital. They both got treated terribly, Robin especially. Normally, they were last to be seen when it was an emergency, even though others came in after them and their emergency was bigger, they were last, because they were supernatural. It sucked.

Will stood behind Robin as he tried to discern where the cut was again, not seeing the gruesome colors and torn skin, only the blood everywhere on Robin and the general area of the cut. He took deep breaths as he went to grab a wet washcloth and began washing Robin's cut. It was bleeding a lot more as of recently. Just yesterday they had to wrap it twice. Today, they'd wrap it twice again. Probably the time they were doing it now, and later that night when the bandage was soaked through again.

Two or three minutes later, Will heard the door creak, but didn't look up right away, busy with trying to gently probe Robin's back to find the cut without making his brother scream in pain. He was holding it in, biting down on a sleeve of one of his shirts as he struggled to keep silent. Blood was all over Will's arms from his clumsy movements with the inability to see where his hands were moving, only being able to feel since he couldn't channel electricity though them in order to avoid shocking him or Robin from the wet blood. Robin was drenched in sweat from controlling his electricity so carefully and the pain.

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#, as written by Savader
Watching everyone's individual reaction to his apology, which they all seemed to just wave off as unnecessary, Aiden stood there with an amused smile on his face. Danny suddenly popped over to his side, although he was far more used to it than the first time. He turned his head to face him as he fumbled around his words, the hand on his shoulder feeling comforting indeed, before he whisked off back to his starting position. Robin and Will were more unforgiving in their inability to control their laughter, which made Aiden, too, laugh a little. They explained how little easy they themselves had it when first arriving. Aiden was glad he hadn't lit the kitchen on fire as they had, because fortunately for everyone there, it would have been a thousand times worse...

Everyone appeared to be left with the decision of whether to go to the beach or the shopping village nearby. Beaches weren't ordinarily Aiden's scene, but then again, he'd never really had the chance in the past, so it was safe to say that he was looking forward to giving it a go. He threw in his vote, but made sure to mention that whatever everyone else wanted to do was okay with him in the end. It was then that Robin mentioned something about downloading some books for Will before they all head out, leaving the book he was reading behind. Aiden's eye was attracted to its familiar cover, and upon closer inspection, he discovered that he had in fact read it before. A smile appearing on his face, he picked the book up and gave it a once-over, looking at both the cover and back while reminiscing over his time with it.

Aiden had the sudden idea that he could use this opportunity to try getting to know the twins a little better, and he wanted to thank them for being so friendly anyway. Thus, he announced that he was going to chase after them and make sure Robin wouldn't forget where he'd placed his book, and took off up the stairs, giving Winter a smile as he passed her, letting her know that he was in fact feeling much better now.

He reached the top of the stairs and looked around at the doors placed on either side of the reasonably long hallway in front of him. A frown formed on his face as he realized he didn't actually know which door belonged to the twins' room, forcing him to shrug and figure he'd just knock on each one until either they answered or someone else did. Aiden wasn't actually too sure about how many people lived in the house, but if it were everyone he'd seen, then that meant there would only be a total of 3 people currently upstairs, not including himself, of course. He walked up to the first door on the left and gave it a light tap with his knuckles, asking if anyone was in. Upon not getting an answer after a few seconds, he then moved onto the next. Eventually, he found his way to what turned out to be Valerie's room.

"Oh," said Aiden, having not expected to get her room before the twins'. "Sorry. I didn't mean to bother you-- I was actually looking for Robin and Will's room... but I still haven't taken a tour of the house, so..." He gave out a wry chuckle, trying to come off as normal he could over such a normal situation, which was, admittedly, very abnormal for Aiden. "Robin kinda forgot his book downstairs and I just wanted to make sure he didn't lose it," he paused, holding up the book in question and giving it a little shake. "It's a good book, after all..." Giving another curt laugh, Aiden suddenly felt very awkward standing face-to-face with this incredibly quiet girl, who had yet to utter a single word. It didn't help that he found her rather stunning to look at, which was something the boy rarely ever gave much thought toward. Thoughts on the opposite sex only ever came up when he found himself in situations like these. He was beginning to fear he might start having trouble getting his words out as Danny had whenever he spoke up around girls. What with how many of them there were living under the same roof, not to mention how each of them were all good looking, Aiden didn't necessarily blame the guy. Far from it; he understood him quite well.

"So..." he continued, the awkward silence between them growing to be too much for him to handle. "Could you maybe...point me in the right direction, or...?" He trailed off, hoping beyond hope that she would choose that moment to finally chime in.

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XXXXXXXVᴀʟᴇʀɪᴇ Wᴇɪss
XXɪPᴏᴅ : Wonderwall by Oasis
XXMᴏᴏᴅ : Interested
XXXAs she plucked her guitar strings she only had the time to think. She'd played the song so many times it didn't take thought. And the thoughts that began to invade her mind were far from pleasant. Valerie knew all to well where it was going, and she tried hard to ensure that from happening.

The memories of her life before practically stunned her. Things that reminded her of it did as well. It was like she was back there, reliving it. The pain, the abuse, the names. It floods back in a moment. Those moments she can't breathe. Not that she wanted to back then. Now she could say with confidence she likes her life. Just not the recovery of what once was.

Thoughts were stopped when she heard the knocking of her door. Placing the guitar against her wall she stood up off her bed and went to the door to open it. She guessed it would have been Chad or Winter, but her guess was incorrect when she saw the sandy colored pyro at her door.

He looked just as shocked as she did when she opened the door, and it was then he began babbling. Much like Danny, but more coherent. Not that she minded Danny at all. She wished she could think of a way to help his strange estrogen induced speech impediment. It wouldn't serve him well to have later in life. Valerie didn't want to imagine what would happen to the guy if the boss of his work was ever a female.

Aiden wiggled the book in his hands and she looked at in before nodding at him. She looked down the hallway to the staircase before looking back at him, cracking her knuckles behind her back.
"You have the wrong floor. The twin's room is on the first floor. By the living room, there's a hallway. They're the only room there. The house is easy to navigate once you go through it. You'll get there" she simply said offering a small half smile, responding to his question. Her face went straight once again.

She took a step forward before closing the door behind her and walking past Aiden, leaving him upstairs as she traveled down to the living room where people were gathered, the exception being the twins and well...Aiden. Valerie took a seat on the floor in front of the couch, wondering as to what everyone was planning to do. If she could help it, she wouldn't be out in the living room long. She just thought that people found her presence slightly strange, being she didn't uphold conversations like many.

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#, as written by Savader
Aiden nodded along to Valerie's words, making sure to pay attention, and thanked her before she walked away completely. He soon followed after her downstairs, but turned not to the kitchen, but to where the living room was located, and almost immediately spotted the hallway she had been talking about. He quickly made his way down it and stopped at the door at the end, which was slightly ajar. Aiden heard talking coming from within, and so assumed everything was okay, but he still made sure to try and let them know someone was there by knocking on the door with the back of his hand, forcing it to slide open further until he personally carried out the action by curling a hand around it and gently moving it forward enough to allow him to enter the room. But once he had been in full view of what was going on, he'd wished he hadn't...

"Hey guys," he said, not noticing at first glance. "I just wanted to make...sure..." Aiden trailed off upon noticing in full Robin's blood-soaked bandages, followed by the nasty tears in his flesh. He was still holding the book up in the air slightly, as he was in the midst of explaining why he initially came down there, but all of that was forgotten and replaced by his immediate and natural concern for the boy. "Oh my God-- Robin..." His tone of voice was one of calm shock, yet resonated obvious worry. Aiden took a step closer, almost reaching a hand out to him as though he were trying to stop someone from jumping off of a 10 story high building. "You need to see a doctor...!" His brow knitted seriously, eying the damage to Robin's body once more, until he was cut off by the twins.

Aiden listened to their qualms with seeing a doctor, which was more Robin's issue than Will's, and he soon understood and somewhat related to their caution over it. After all, Aiden had been on the road for nearly all his young life, and he himself had been in situations where seeing a doctor was out of the question. Of course, Aiden was also aware that he was likely nowhere near as experienced in handling his own ability as Robin might be, so accidental use during proper medical treatment shouldn't have been a problem, but that didn't rule out the issue of giving forth an identity. Aiden didn't know whether or not Robin and Will were still minors, and if they were, going to the hospital really was out of the question... Either way, it was clear to Aiden that Robin was adamant in his firm belief that the hospital wasn't a viable option for him. Aiden looked around a bit, thinking, allowing a bit of silence to grow between the two obviously uncomfortable twins who were standing side-by-side of each other, and Aiden who was still standing opposite them. After a few seconds, he turned back towards the door, placing a hand on it and looking down the hall from the space between the door and its frame.

"Am I the only one who knows about this...?" he asked them, his brows furrowing slightly upon hearing the answer they gave him. Great. Now he would be in charge of keeping a rather serious secret from the rest of the group, and it was, again, only his first day. Aiden sighed, thinking to himself that the day couldn't get much worse, before closing the door gently and taking a moment before turning back around to face the twins again. He leaned his back against the door and placed the book he was still holding atop the small nightstand to his right, and concealed his hands within his pockets. He looked at the twins seriously for a moment, but quickly shook off such an expression upon realizing he hadn't yet acquired the right to scold anyone in that house. "Well, I won't ask how you got those wounds, since I'm the newbie, and it really isn't any of my business in the first place, but I at least feel like I should advise you to tell someone else about all this-- someone who's lived in this house for a whole lot longer than just an hour..." Aiden paused, turning his head to the right and looking down at the carpet, his brows furrowing uneasily. "And... I don't know how comfortable I'd be keeping a secret like this from everyone... If Winter or Chad were to ever ask me..." Aiden appeared to no longer be talking to the twins, so much as he was expressing his own thoughts aloud to himself. He brought his left hand out of its respective pocket and brought it up to the back of his neck, rubbing the spot out of nervous habit, and continued. "I knew I shouldn't have just barged in here like that... Dammit."

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When Robin heard Aiden, he glanced up in horror. The first person who’d found out. It was a miracle that others hadn’t found out already. The twins’ room was open for people to go in and out of so long as their door was open and it was only closed during times such as these and when the twins were sleeping or changing. Nothing more. They were sociable creatures, why close their door?

Will jumped and let out a little yelp as Robin’s electricity flowed through the blood and made it’ way onto Will, burning his finger tips as Robin slammed the door closed using his magnetism on the doorknob. Better Aiden than anyone else in the house. He would care, but he wouldn’t be devastated since they weren’t ready friendly friends in a close relationship.

”Robin, sh- that hurt. You have to stay turned off,” Will exclaimed as he went to the bathroom and shut off all his electricity as he blindly tried to wipe of Robin’s blood before nursing his new wound.

Robin kept his dulled eyes on Aiden as he spoke, ”Sorry Will. Aiden, calm down. The doctor won’t do a thing and I could electrocute everyone there and then I’d go to jail and die from this stupid thing anyway since they definitely won’t take care of me there,” Robin finished in a calm voice that was huffy and at times harder to understand than others.

Will hated that he couldn’t do the thing his brother could with the pain, Robin couldn’t ease his own pain without electrocuting whoever was helping him. He came out from the bathroom and took a seat by his brother as he rested his head on Robin’s shoulder the way they did when they were hurt or scared.

When Aiden opened the door to look out, as soon as he pulled his head back in, Robin slammed the door again, this time, concentrating to lock the stupid thing by magnetizing the door frame’s small metal piece and the doorknob. This time,his concentration better, only his hand conducted the electricity.

Will nodded slowly, sighing as he stepped back and finally was able to allow the electricity flow through his body so he could see what was moving where instead of just moving and hoping.

”Thanks Aiden, I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough how though,” Robin stated with a sigh before he grimaced and tried to move to a more comfortable position. ”Will, please get this thing closed up,” Robin moaned though Will sighed and looked between Aiden and Robin.

”Dude, I know you barely know us, but please help me. I can’t wrap it properly because I can’t see what’s what and where without electrocuting us both. Please help us. This once. We won’t ask again,” Will pleaded to Aiden as he looked at his brother who wouldn’t look up from where he was now gazing at the floor feeling pitiful.

”We can’t tell anyone else in the house because only two people know how I could have gotten this and I can’t worry Winter or Chad. They have enough to worry about already. And Will, don’t ask him to do that,” Robin admitted guiltily, grumbling the last part. He didn’t like not telling Winter or Chad, but it wouldn’t do either of the any good to know.

”Rob, what’s that face?” Will asked as he could make out the odd movements of electricity Robin’s face made as he screwed it up, thinking.

”Don’t keep the secret so much as not tell people. They have no reason to suspect I’m hurt if they haven’t suspected it so far. If either ask you though, tell them. I wouldn’t lie to them about it either, they just have never asked the right questions…” Robin stated, guilt lacing his tone as he admitted that he had never told the whole truth but never lied either.

Will nodded his understanding of Robin’s words without saying it out loud, adding a shoulder roll back as well. Will shrugged again at Aiden’s proclamation of regret. ”I believe in fate, you entered for a reason. It might have been to sell us out or to help us, but whatever it is, it’s up to you. Plus, normally our room is open to everyone, but when the door is closed, that’s when you shouldn’t enter… so… fate,” Will finished with a nod as if his words explained everything that confused everybody.

Robin thought this over before screwing up his face in confusion and looking at his brother. ”What? Since when did you believe in fate?” Robin asked and Will just shrugged again before offering the bandages to Aiden with a hopeful glance.

”Dude, please. Please, please, please. I’m begging you, please. Just this once. Doesn’t have to be pretty, just has to cover it and be clean so that it doesn’t get worse,” Will proclaimed honestly. ”You could even just guide my hands and I could do it,” Will offered eager to have someone help him make Robin healthier. He already worried about his brother too much.

Robin grumbled something that sounded a lot like rubid fidiot swin though Will knew he didn’t mean it, that the pain and fear was talking. It was stupid, and weird, and sucky. Robin was thankful that Will was doing what he was doing though. Will was a proud guy, but he wasn’t too proud to keep himself from asking for help to help his own brother.

”Thanks for returning the book at least. I hate leaving my stuff lying around,” Robin admitted with a grateful smile that turned into a grimace which he tried to hide by ducking his head. Will moved to get tylenol which he handed to his brother. Robin took the capsules out and placed them in his mouth before accepting the cup of water Will had just brought him. It wouldn’t do much, but hopefully it would keep away the dizziness and the aching that came with the wound.

Will moved to stand behind Robin, ready to help Aiden by allowing the guy to move his hands, or to pass Aiden what he might need. Will figured since he was a supernatural and like them, had probably been on the run, Aiden also probably knew how to care for someone else’s wound. Probably not to the degree Robin’s was at, but enough to keep the infection from killing him.