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Elliot Freling

"All things, in time. Though we're young, there's no need to rush."

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a character in “Safe Haven: Regeneration”, as played by XShishioX



Theme Song: Pompeii || Bastille

"Oh, where do we begin? The rubble or our sins?"

ImageName: "My name is Elliot Freling."

Nicknames: Elliot has quite a few nicknames, but the most common are: "L", "Frelliot", and "Two-Face".

Age: 18 years old. "I suppose that makes me an adult, eh?"

Gender: Male "Obviously..."

Sexuality: Heterosexual. "The grass is quite green over here, thanks very much."

Face Claim/Physical Appearance: Hayden Christensen


Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Elliot has a no birthmarks to speak of, and he has never sat down to get a tattoo, crippling fear of needles as it were. In fact, his skin would be flawless if it weren't for the myriad of scars that cover a large portion of his body. Though he has a fair few scars, they don't completely cover his skin. In fact, you almost wouldn't notice them at all if there weren't a few that jut out from the cuffs of his sleeves, or the collars of his shirts. Miraculously, his face is free of any imperfections, and his clothes cover the vast majority of his scars. He likes to keep it that way. The most prominent scars are as follows: an archipelago of large dots on his left collarbone that extend up his neck which look suspiciously like bite marks, the majority of his back is covered in a single, angry, red burn mark, there's a sickle-shaped gash on his stomach, and a great many lines at both his wrists.

Height: Elliot is of decent size, standing at exactly 5' 8". He was a late bloomer, and a small child, not getting much taller than 4 ½ - 5 feet tall until a year ago.

Weight: Elliot is at a very healthy weight, approximately 160 lbs of muscle give or take a few. He has very little body fat, and measures roughly 6.2% on the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale.

Usual Outfit/Clothing: Elliot likes to keep himself covered. He will often wear long sleeved shirts and pants even if it seems much too hot for such attire. Elliot never feels the heat, no matter the season, don't ask why, he doesn't quite know the reason. In his younger days, this meant depressing hoodies, distressed jeans, converse high tops, and fingerless gloves. Nowadays, while he still harbors a similar penchant for being fully clothed, he does like to look his very best. His wardrobe consists of somewhat comical t-shirts, long sleeved dress shirts, a fantastic assortment of vests, sweaters, cardigans, and blazers, and a fair few pairs of well-fitting pants in various styles. He wears all his clothes tight but not overly so. While this accentuates his athletic build, it doesn't make him look like a complete tool. He has a vast collection of ties and belts, and doesn't like to wear the same one more than once a month. Lastly, he has the male equivalent of a valley girl's shoe closet. He has, at least, half a dozen pairs of boots, dress shoes, casual footwear, trainers, and sandals, each.

~ Elliot's shards aren't very durable, and can be smashed easily. If one were to continually break them with, for example, high intensity temperature extremes, electric currents, or sonic vibrations, the shards would shatter, and become useless to Elliot. Having no shards means that Elliot's out of ammo and open to counter attack. Further, once he's exhausted his supply of shards, Elliot will be forced to rest for a few minutes to regain enough energy to make more usable shards, or rely on his physical strength to smash enough material until he can create more shards.
~ Due to the shard's wicked sharpness, Elliot has, unconsciously, developed a zone in which no shards are allowed to be over the course of a couple of years. This zone is spherical in shape with a radius of five feet centered at Elliot's hips. This keeps the shards from hurting Elliot, as well as providing a safe zone for any allies who Elliot might be helping. However, should a physically inclined fighter get in this area, Elliot will be forced to use his compression ability, which is his most tiring, and least effective in direct combat.
~ Excessive Loyalty. Elliot didn't have many friends growing up. Now, he cherishes each one as if they were the only friend he'd ever have.
~ Harmful Energies. Things such as extreme heat, or lack thereof, powerful electricity, strong sound, and multitudinous vibrations are very harmful to Elliot, and as useful as his shards are, they can't quite negate such powerful energies.

Fears/Irrational Puzzlements:
~ Clowns. They're unnatural. No one's ever that happy. Elliot has secretly vowed to kill them all.
~ Cupcakes. While delicious, they are neither cups, nor cakes. Blasphemy. Delicious, succulent blasphemy.
~ Needles, specifically of the doctor's variety, but they all scare him to some extent. Though he doesn't yet know it, it is because of this fear of needles that Elliot has yet to fully step into his powers. The shards unconsciously remind him of needles, and he will never truly master them until he has overcome this fear.

Image Elliot is an odd duck, as his past might imply.

Though some within the Haven call him, “Two-Face,” he appears to be a kind, well-mannered, and soft-spoken individual. He’s very polite and considerate, opening doors for those who follow behind him, helping to carry heavy burdens, either emotional or physical, and he’s always seen wearing a smile. He’s kind to those who are kind to him, and fiercely loyal to his friends. He’s a bit slow to open up, but if he does, rest assured, you will have a friend for life. Elliot never had a lot of friends growing up, so he truly cherishes each one he makes. He’ll often go out of his way to protect, help, and just be nice to his friends, offering up suggestions for activities, music, and books he thinks they might like. Further, he often makes frequent inquiries as to how his friends are doing, asking how their day was, what they’re up to next, and if they need his help with anything, even offering monetary assistance for groceries, trinkets, and other various odds and ends. He’d be somewhat smothering if it weren’t for his wide smile and his authentic concern. Having never made friends until very recently, so he’s still not entirely sure how to act with the people he cherishes.

He’s studious and hardworking, always assisting any others who might ask him for help. He never seems to tire from work, whether it be for his classes, frequent work-outs, and general busy-body type activities. He appears to be something of a superhuman, eating very little, always drinking copious amounts of water, and rushing around to get things done. It’s not that he likes to be nosy, heaven forbid that he act impolite, no, he just likes to be busy. Activity is the best way or him to relieve stress, and getting things done helps him to feel like he’s not just sitting around, wasting his life away.

Image However, for all his kindness, generosity, and general joie d’vivre, Elliot has a dark, and brooding temper. His anger boils up from a dark place inside of him, due to the trauma of his youth. Not a lot of things can make him very angry, but just in case you’re wondering, he hates bullies and arrogant disrespect. Further, because he so deeply cherishes his friends, their persecution is the fastest way to earn a spot on his hit list. Elliot is a staunch supporter of those who cannot stand up for themselves, and goes out of his way to punish any bully he personally catches. Elliot is a huge fan of classic chivalry and strives to be polite and respectable in all he does. He hates people who would look down on others for any reason, and whenever he is present, he demands respectful conversation on the part of all parties involved. Though he tries his hardest to put on his usual smiling face and keep his cool, when something pushes him over the edge, he makes sure to drag everything down with him. His fury is somewhat terrifying to behold, but it isn’t loud, or aggressive, like rage is usually assumed to be. Instead, Elliot’s anger is wicked cold, composed, calm even. He’ll find out your weaknesses, turn your strengths against you, and crush you into nothingness. Though he’s become strong enough, wise enough, and kind enough to avoid or ignore the kinds of situations that make him exceedingly angry, Elliot’s temper can still get the better of him, but only if provoked with extreme tenacity.

Lastly, Elliot is, surprisingly, very shy around attractive women, or at least, women whom he considers attractive. As stated previously, he is a chivalrous and pure soul, despite the wickedness that found him in his youth. Though he will bend over backwards for just about anyone, his kindness and concern seem to vanish in the presence of someone he likes. Though he tries his hardest to keep his cool, Elliot’s interactions with women are somewhat comical; very akin to what you might see on TV. He sweats, turns bright red, can’t keep himself from stuttering, and becomes so frustrated with himself that he might even run away if the pressure is high enough. This shyness stems not from a sense of perversion, or lust, but rather, social awkwardness. As stated previously, Elliot hasn’t made many friends until recently, only making his first real friend during his first year of school when he was fifteen years old. Though he can interact well enough with boys, if you can call his foolish generosity genuine friendship, girls are a different matter. Due to his sense of chivalry, Elliot tends to treat girls much more gently. He isn’t so disrespectful as to imply weakness or inferiority, but rather, he isn’t quite sure how to be confident about himself in front of them, without sounding like an arrogant jerk face. Further, though he knows that the girls at the Haven are strong enough to protect themselves, he can’t help but try to make life easier for the ones he likes, and who are close to him, offering his assistance with difficult problems, and attempting to act like an older brother might. This, combined with his inability to produce words in the presence of pretty women, along with his tendency to clam up, make for hilarious misunderstandings that often get him slapped.

~ Shard Manipulation: This odd power allows the wielder, in this case Elliot, to generate, freely manipulate, and otherwise control shards of matter. Though Elliot is capable of producing his own shards simply by willing it, if he creates shards, for example, by smashing something, then he could manipulate those shards as well. However, due to his own pride, as well as his wish for things to look beautiful, Elliot usually sticks to the shards he makes. That being said, the shards Elliot makes are very strange. They're made of a super thin, wicked sharp crystal, which reflects light in a very strange way. Because of the transparency, thinness, and the angles at which light refracts through the shard itself, these shards appear to be pink, cherry blossom petals. Though they are beautiful, don't let their appearance deceive you. The shards Elliot creates are crazy sharp. They are capable of easily cutting human skin, as well as piercing most any organic, living substance when moving at any amount of speed. Currently, Elliot has not yet tested the upper limit as to the number of shards he could create. However, if his estimates are accurate, Elliot theorizes that his grand maximum lies somewhere within the ten thousands, though he's become far too tired even upon reaching two thousand to even think about going any higher. The shards are capable of being manipulated by Elliot without somatic direction, but their movement becomes much faster when he directs his shards with his hands. They have topped out at a maximum speed of 320 fps, the speed of a standard crossbow bolt. Further, and somewhat astoundingly, the shards create forces equivalent to the impact of a crossbow bolt on an individual basis. Even more surprising, the shards have a hardness rating of equivalent to diamonds, measuring a perfect 10 on the Moh's Hardness scale. However, as hard as the shards are, they are very brittle, and will break under the right conditions. Due to the supernatural qualities of the shards, when they move en masse, the shards are capable of bowling through just about anything, as they rip through almost material, and create a fair bit of force on impact. Due to their sharpness, hardness, and the speed at which they move, Elliot's shards are particularly devastating to living matter. This makes them deadly not only to Elliot's enemies, but Elliot himself. If he isn't careful, the shards could do just as much damage to his allies and himself as they do to his enemies.

Things Elliot Can Do:
~ Generate a visibly massive number of shards.
~ Increase/Decrease the amount of active shards at will.
~ Increase/Decrease the sharpness each of his shards possess at will.
~ Manipulate any existing shards at will, whether he generated them, or created them via smashing, with his conscious thoughts.
~ Increase the speed his shards move by directing them with his hands.
~ Consolidate the shards into constructs made of crystal. By aligning the shards carefully, Elliot can created pointed, edged, or blunt weapons or objects. Doing so takes massive concentration and a huge amount of shards, as the individual shards Elliot generates are rather small, roughly the size of an American dime, but as thin as paper. Elliot is currently only capable of producing weapons no larger than a standard katana. (4.5-5 feet long, 3 inches thick, 3 inches wide) Bladed weapons and pointed weapons produced this way are rather effective, as the individual shards are wicked sharp. Further, by aligning them exceedingly precisely, Elliot can make blades that approximate mono-filament edges. This means that a single file atomic string makes up the cutting edge, making the blade supernaturally keen, able to slice through almost anything that has a physical form. Doing so requires a tremendous effort, and cannot be done for extended periods of time. Only one such weapon can exist at once. Finally, Elliot cannot make such a weapon more than three times a day, for periods longer than about five minutes.

Things Elliot Is working on:
~Creating more shards all at once, as well as over a period of time. He still tops out at about 2,000-2,500 shards being actively used at once.
~Making his shards more durable. As it is, they're only powerful if they're being used for offense. Elliot can't generate enough shards to make barriers of any usable size or durability. At most, Elliot could create a one inch thick, circular shield, but it would have a radius of only one foot, and wouldn't be thick enough to be useful. Further, as stated previously, though incredibly hard, the shards are rather brittle, and can still be broken if the right conditions are met.
~Creating shards by using his shards. Elliot theorizes that he should be able to use his shards to carve more shards out of the surrounding available materials, such as stone, glass, metal, etc. However, the precise method by which to pierce an object so as to generate the largest amount of usable shards is still out of Elliot's grasp.

Things Elliot is capable of, but cannot currently do:
~Using his shards to refract and reflect light in such a way as to focus any available sunlight light into a massively condensed and focused array, essentially making a massive magnifying glass with which to burn things. It's really more of a science hold-up, as Elliot doesn't quite understand how he could get it to work. Further, the precise angles at which the shards would need to be held, and their overall position in relation to each other, is still unknown to Elliot.
~Using his shards for defensive/strategic purposes. The amount of shards to successfully and completely surround himself or an enemy, is still much to large for Elliot to generate on his own. Further, if he attempted to do so with a small amount of brittle shards, a durable enemy could simply step out of the prison he's made. To do so on his own would be even more taking, as he would need assistance in making the required amount of shards on top of a boost in raw energy and control. This ability will be beyond him for quite some time.

History: Elliot's story is a strange, sad tale.

Image Elliot's parents were decently well off. His father was a businessman, a venture capitalist who surfed the dangerous waters of the stock market professionally. Though he was subject to the volatile market, he always came out on top, even if only just. Elliot's mother was a scientist and a surgeon, a brilliant doctor who was making fantastic advances in the field of smart prosthesis. Though the field was only just developing, her contributions were key in making affordable, dependable products. The couple were married young, each just having finished their educations, but they were successful, and they loved each other more than anything. After a year's extended vacation, which started as a simple honeymoon in France, they decided to settle down, and raise a family together. Elliot's mother quit her job as soon as her final paper was published. Though she was still in the prime of her youth, she was devoted to being a stay at home mother, as she had been since high school. Elliot's father started a new business, with the help of some friends, right there in Lyons, France. Their lives were finally knitting together, and they were headed for a lifetime of smooth sailing and lasting happiness. That was the moment when it all began, and then ended.

Elliot's mother died after his birth. She had developed lung cancer, but refused treatment until Elliot was born. Aggressive, life-saving, anti-cancer treatments would have killed baby Elliot. Though her resolve saved her child's life, she was too weak to fight the disease. She only lasted a few hours after giving birth, barely enough time to hold the perfectly healthy Elliot, to name him, and kiss him goodbye. Though he keeps a locket of her picture with him at all times, Elliot never knew her. His father never remarried. He retreated emotionally, coping with alcohol. He irrationally blamed Elliot for his mother's death, often neglecting, and sometimes, even beating the little boy who so reminded him of his deceased wife. Little Elliot was only seven when he got the scars on his stomach and back. That particular incident sent Elliot to the emergency room. Having realized what he'd done, Elliot's father sent him away to boarding school in Italy. Hopefully there he would grow up in a healthy environment, away from a abusive, though penitent, father. Though misguided, and much too late to repair their relationship, Mr. Freling's actions saved his son's life. Only a week later, Elliot found out that his father's apartment had sprung a gas leak. The explosion caused by the simple flicking of a light switch had leveled the entire flat. With no extended family to call upon, Elliot was alone in the world. He was shunted into foster care, too young to inherit his parent's estate and wealth.

Foster care changed Elliot. What might have been a kind, and happy child became truculent, and taciturn. Elliot retreated emotionally from anyone and everyone. The only time he ever spoke was to ask simple questions, where he could eat, use the bathroom, and other necessities. This attitude, coupled with a small stature, made Elliot the perfect target for bullies. From Elementary to Middle School, Elliot was plagued by insults, foul pranks, theft, and even physical beatings. The bullies weren't content to make his life miserable, they sought to make him try to end his own life, and they succeeded.

As dark, and depressing as the moment where you decide to end your life should be, for Elliot, it completely turned his life around. That was the day he discovered his powers. Elliot slit his wrists by thinking it, he had been wishing so hard for his life to end, that a single, beautiful shard came into existence. Horrifyingly, it flicked across Elliot's wrists lazily, and his skin split open like an overripe fruit. With but a thought, even more small, pink petals shimmered into existence, slicing Elliot's inhibitions to ribbons. Elliot was admitted to the hospital for stitches, but even as the foster care officials scolded him, Elliot smiled. His world was new, and bright, and razor sharp.

As soon as Elliot realized there was nothing the bullies could do to him, he stopped taking their crap. His tormentors didn't take to kindly to being told to jump off a bridge, so they put Elliot in a sealed trash can and pushed him down a hill. Halfway down, the can exploded, as if it were ripped to shreds. From the inside out. Since the can wasn't rolling any more, neither was Elliot. He stopped rolling only a few meters from the top of the hill. Elliot got out smiling and walked away. He was intent on being better than them. Though they came after him the next day, he never threw a single punch, and he never used his powers against them. Simply by thinking it, Elliot could have eviscerated them. His compassion, and arrogance, saved their lives.

By the time Elliot turned 15, his bullies had become increasingly put up with him. They had beat him, stolen from him, and given him hell for weeks, and all the while, he smiled at them. The nerve of that kid. Becoming worried, they called for backup. Local gang members, associated with an older brother of one of Elliot's bullies, showed up, knives and guns in hand, a few were even holding into leashed Rottweilers, attack dogs. Scared out of his mind, and unable feel anything but fear, Elliot's powers reacted for him... violently. Suddenly, like an explosion of color, hundreds of petals burst forth from Elliot's hands and back, flooding the back alley with their pink hue. They were beautiful. They were serene. They were sharp enough to shred apart the oncoming knives that threatened to stab Elliot's eyes out.

ImageAfter all this time, and only just awakening after experiencing so much hate, Elliot's powers moved on their own, and rather vehemently at that. The dancing petals tore through the guns, bats, chains, and even the dog's leashes like a hot knife through butter. Terrified, the dogs ran, they knew a monster when they saw one. His assailants weren't so smart. They rushed at him, fists raised. Elliot shouted, "No!" He raised his hand, as if to tell them to stop, but it was too late. As Elliot watched, within a few short seconds, the leading bully's right arm disintegrated. While it was actually being ground off, piece by piece at rapid speed, to Elliot it happened in slow motion. It was horrifying. The bullies who weren't throwing up we're running away. Scared out of his wits, Elliot's only thought was to call the cops, digging in the pocket of the fallen bully, who vainly clutched his stump of an arm, Elliot grabbed his cell phone and dialed the police. Luckily, his assailant still had everything from the wrist down, so he wouldn't need an extensive prosthesis. The doctors managed to save the boy's life, but Elliot was in shock. He never thought... his powers were so... dangerous. They were so beautiful and hopeful, and they were so powerful and bright. They needed controlling. Elliot didn't know how to. He couldn't do it on his own, he needed help.

As Elliot waited in the adjoining room, he heard footsteps approaching him. Looking up, Elliot gazed into the eyes of a beautiful girl, but he had no idea who she was. She smiled, saying nothing, and handed Elliot a letter, before walking away without another word. Somewhat shocked, and more than a little flustered, Elliot called after her, wanting an explanation, but she didn't hear him, or didn't want to hear him. She just kept on walking. With a sigh, Elliot opened the letter, and began to read. With an expression of slowly dawning horror, Elliot only nodded. He was scared, because this was something he had never even dreamed of before, and the prospect of leaving behind everyone and everything he ever knew was daunting. However, the potential rewards, the control, and the offer of help was more than Elliot could have ever hoped for. The next day, he packed his bags and left for the Haven. There, he met with Atheya, the girl who'd offered him the letter. She was one of the founding members of the Haven, and had been scouting him a couple days prior to the incident. Smiling awkwardly, Elliot shook her hand. He was a member of the Haven now.

Elliot has been living in the Haven ever since. He's finished his high school education, but thanks to his father's business, which Elliot still holds the controlling interest in, Elliot never needed to go out into the world and work, his expenses were covered by the company, as a form of child care. When he came of age over the last summer, Elliot inherited the remainder of his father's company, gaining the controlling interest and the position of CEO. Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, dying was the best thing Elliot's father ever did for him. Though Elliot immediately stepped down from his position as the CEO, Elliot still does freelance work for the boss whenever he gets the chance, conducting studies into profitable companies that could use the help of his Father's venture capitalism conglomerate. Elliot has a way of finding the best aspiring businesses, and his reports are incredibly thorough. Further, Elliot's interest in language has helped facilitate this expansion, and his services as an interpreter are invaluable. There isn't another one like Elliot within the company, and for his efforts, he gets paid handsomely. Thanks to Elliot, Freling Investing Associate's revenue has grown by three percent quarterly, like clockwork, but has stabilized since. The business makes a large profit, and Elliot's salary is considerable, but it will never be enough to allow Elliot to retire young. Elliot's monthly paycheck, however, doesn't go directly into his own private bank account. Instead, Elliot gives the majority of the funds to the Haven, allowing it to run smoothly. This helps to pay for any expenses the Haven might accrue. Elliot uses whatever money that's left to maintain his fabulous wardrobe, as well as pay for any other personal expenses. After all, those two, and this amazing house, have done so much more for Elliot than he feels capable of expressing, whatever money he has belongs to them, whatever help he can offer will be given. Elliot would do anything for them.

However, being eighteen, Elliot decided that to pursue his true passions in life, which most assuredly aren't venture capitalism, he would need a degree, so he participates in home study through a local university. Elliot still isn't sure what exactly he wants to do, but general classes are as good of a place to start as Elliot can think of. Currently he's a rising sophomore, with a G.P.A. of 3.6.

Theme Song:
Pompeii || Bastille. Lyrics are here.
Other: Having grown up in France, Elliot is fluent in French, but, having moved to Italy when he was 9, Elliot picked up Italian quickly enough to get by, but only achieved true fluency once he moved to the Haven. Elliot is also fluent in English, Latin, Spanish, and German. Somewhat of a savant in the area of language, Elliot has mildly pursued an interest in languages, but hasn't given it much real thought.

So begins...

Elliot Freling's Story


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"So let's go to bed before you say something real, let's go to bed before you say how you feel...” rang the lyrics of I Always Knew by The Vaccines in Atheyas relentlessly processing mind. This was the hum she woke up to, and she was a little dazed and confused to why she had for a few moments, before she realized she had fallen asleep with her headphones on, and it was the song that was in fact playing. Groaning, she sat up and pushed her jumbled and snarled dark chocolate coloured hair out of her eyes that was drained from her restless sleep that always seemed to take its toll on her in the early of the mornings, and slipped off the headphones, setting them on the side table beside her bed. Elongating her arms up into the air, she stretched them out, shaking the stiffness out that the five hour sleep she got caused.

She never really did ever get that much sleep, her psyche always seemed to be ticking and it was extremely hard to settle it down. She was constantly processing through her thoughts of every situation, whether it was happening in the present, had happened in the past, or even a possible state for the future. It had always been this way for her, and she had gotten quite used to the idea that it would ceaselessly stay this way. She self diagnosed herself with Insomnia. Of course she couldn’t exactly go to the doctor to get it professional diagnosed. For one, she didn’t want to get pills prescribed because she highly doubted they would actually work, and then there would be the explanation of why she just couldn’t turn her mind off. She wasn’t exactly going to tell him she could mind link with others so it was always actively functioning at larger percentage than others.

Mind linking is her ability, yes. She can create a link between herself and with the minds of others. The metaphor she often uses to paint and image of it is like a signal from one phone, to another. Like an invisible wire connecting the two. With this link, she can do many things, but it hadn’t always been that way. She grew up in Hereford, England up until the age of five. Both her parents were doctors, her father a neurologist, her mother a paediatrics. It was simply put that the family was fairly healthily, but that was until the death of the two. All Atheya knew of the death was that the car simply ran off a bridge, she was never told where they were headed, or why they tipped over the bridge. It had always just been that way. Unfortunately, both sides of the family had no close relatives, only holding distant cousins and such. The family didn’t even have any close friends that could take her in, so she was shipped off to London by Child Services and placed into a lonesome and low budget orphanage. But this is where she discovered her ability.

No child in the orphanage was happy and befriending. They were categorized into two groups, the shy, and the rampaging bullies. Atheya was one of the shy ones, so she was always targeted along with some others. But when she got targeted, she got mad or upset, and when that happened a mind link she couldn’t control would always form and then she would cause excruciating pain to whomever child tortured her during the day. Needless to say after awhile everyone left her alone, calling her freak, but at the same time being equally frightened by her.

When she reached the age of eleven, she had developed another branch off the mind link she had yet to understand. Now through a mind link, she could access others thoughts. But it was a good thing she learned also how to cover it up. Not very well, but she would do a decent enough job of it. She pokes fun at herself as she’s oblivious to many things around her and others emotions, yet she can learn secrets so easily.

Not only did that happen when she was eleven, but she was also moved down to the USA when they transferred her through the foster system there. She would last around two months through foster homes before she freaked them out when she would accidentally reveal her power. But the last foster home she had been in was the one she lasted the longest in, two years. She was thirteen at the time, and was more careful than ever, always shy and quiet; tip toeing around people, seeming almost frightened most of the time. In this new foster home, the people where kind and she even made a good friend in the school, she had never done that before. His name was Julian Klein, and no his family didn’t own the Calvin Klein brand. In fact, he was a foster kid like herself. He was a year older then her, and she noticed his lonerness when she went into school. She herself was the same loner type. Not necessarily because she wanted to be, but because she had to tip toe not to let her ability to get caught. She was shy around him, until one day his thoughts just seemed to ring through her head as it must have been a pretty misery filled day. It was that moment that she, accidently, learned everything about his foster issues, and damn well especially about his power. So, she told him. She didn’t know how he was going to react, appalled, depressed, or maybe happy? She freaked out a bit when he never said anything, and she was about to laugh it off and say she was kidding, but he just accepted her at that point. This was when Atheya opened more in depth into her life, as he did also, and they became close and inseparable. At this point now, she knew that she had a tiny crush on him. That’s when she’s thankful she’s the mind reader.

A year passed in which Atheya had been in a pure, comfortable bliss. Then it stopped when the foster parents didn’t want her. Being told that her and Julian would be separated was hard. And they reacted by simply running away and travelling together. Pretty normal reaction. One of the places in which they fell in love with on their many travels was Rome, Italy, and they stayed within an old building on top of a hill, and renovated it. This is where they have made their roots and stayed permanently. Yet it wasn’t only them, it was a group of people they found and protected, protected because they all also held abilities. They called the home the Safe Haven.

Swinging her legs off the edge of the bed, she slid out and her exposed feet touched the firm ground, and her sketch book slid off her chest and fell onto the ground. She had fallen asleep drawing late into the night. Putting on her exercise outfit, she looked at herself in the elongated mirror that leaned against the way beside the large arched window that streamed in the light of the rising sun, and put her hair in a pony tail. She turned to move away, before she noticed the look of a grey smudged lead showed on the side of her face. Guess she had actually slept on her pencil. Running out of her room still barefoot and across the hall, she tried to be quiet as to not wake anyone up, as it was about five thirty in the early morning, and everyone was still sleeping. Running the cool tap water, she splashed her face and rubbed the grey smudge off her face. Convinced it had all vanished she ran down the steps and to the front door, where she slipped on her shoes and walked out the door, making her way to the small, barn cottage that sat on the property. It really was just a large room made of stone and concrete, beams all holding it up. They did training in here sometimes, but it was mostly just known as ‘Theyas little hide away. Inside she had paint canvases, her adored punching bag, and a very old, cracked wooden piano that she had the other help drag inside for her. The thing was free on the street. Yeah, it was a really weird set up.

There was also small table with slightly padded boxing gloves on top of it, and a set of speakers beside it. Walking over to that small table, she plugged in her phone to the rather large set of speakers that had took her about half an hour to haul down the house steps, through the yard, and into here when she first got them. She refused to accept help, because she was stubborn. Considering the weight of the speakers, half an hour wasn’t a bad time at all really. Scrolling through her music playlists, she pressed the one that simply read out “Workout.” It consisted of music that carried a heavy, heart pumping tone, one that would bring out the frustrating and aggravated side of Atheya she needed to get in a decent workout. Metallica, Def leopard, some White Stripes, some of her more edgier hard indie rock, and anything like the type was what consisted of the playlist.

At this point Atheya went through her regular routine of stretches, that took her about ten minutes to execute. She stretched her arms, did some neck rolls, core stretches, and some lunges so her legs muscles wouldn’t get pulled, and she was all good. Grabbing from the table her black gloves, she strapped them on, and moved over to the heavy duty black bag. She gave a small smile as she took in a deep breath. This was one of the two things that she could focus on, and was something she enjoyed to do. The other thing was her drawing. When she was a kid, she was always in the MMA clubs or art clubs in whatever school she went to before she hopped foster parents. It was a weird mix, but both helped her. This just let her get her frustrations out that she held in. It wasn’t frustration against the group of course, but on her own self and of her past that she never really let anyone know.

After getting into the mental state she needed to be in, she put herself in her proper stance, and began hitting and kicking the bag, gradually warming up to it more and more, hitting harder every time. A half an hour must have passed before she stopped, and went back inside taking her phone with her. Now the time was around, 6:15 and nobody was up yet from what she could tell.
Moving to one of the bathrooms, she took a short shower, dried her hair, and made her way back into her room in which she changed into normal clothes. Time? 6:30. I think I have time to go into the city. She thought to herself, making it back out the door and down the ten minute walk down the steps. Entering into the quiet morning city, all the cafe’s and markets were just opening. Walking into one of her favorite cafe’s, she grabbed some croissants and other breakfast foods. Once picking out enough for the whole group, getting a variety of things for their different tastes, she handed them to the person at the till, smiling brightly, saying “Ciao, io prendo questi per favore.” Which just meant I'll take these please in Italian. At that point Atheya tried to switch out her British accent for an Italian on. Her Italian just sounded odd in her accent.

When he weighed them, she paid him the correct amount of cash she owned him, grabbed the two doggy bags everything was placed in, and walked out the door, calling back “Arrivederci!”

The time now was about 6:50 in the morning, and she sat down on a bench near a fountain, and opened the bag to grab one of the sweet bread rolls she had bought. Chewing it slowly, she made sure to take her time. When she finished, she went on a small walk around, the city coming to its morning life by the minute. She noticed a lot of them where tourist who woke bright in the morning. She could just saw the wonder in all their eyes. When it reached Seven fifteen, she decided to head back.

Walking through the old oak doorway, she made her way into the kitchen that was just around the corner from the main stairway. Placing the two doggy bags on the island, she continued then to sit on one of the hard wood stools. Propping her arms up on the counter, she set her head down on top of her warmer skin instead of the hard granite counter. She began day dreaming a bit, but that just turned to her promptly falling asleep once more right smack in the kitchen.


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The whistle of the tea kettle broke through Atheyas sleep and she woke up, giving a tiny groan. She kept her head down, looking as if she was still sleeping especially as her eyes were still closed. Yeah, she really didn’t feel like getting up. Soon after, she heard the heavy footsteps of someone else entering the kitchen area, and heard the voice of Julian. She was going to lift her head up and maybe look like she was awake, but that was before she heard whispers in her ear. “Hey, Theya? We’re out of firewood, what do you say we chop up that old piano in the barn and get toasty?” Opening her eyes, and turning her gaze to look at him, she gave a very enunciated, and sarcastic “Ha ha ha.” Patting his check twice, she moved to slip off the stool, and went over to grab some tea, all the while saying “Julie, you’re always so funny.” Using the nickname he wasn’t exactly fond of. Opening one of the tiny jars on the counter, she grabbed one of the black tea bags and dropped it into the mug she pulled out of the cupboard. Pouring some of the hot water from the kettle, she waited a minute before removing the little bag filled with the tea, mumbling under her breath in almost a question to herself, “Who even says get toasty?” in reference to Julian’s whisper.

Leaning against the counter, she held the porcelain mug with both of her hands, the warm seeming to radiate through her arms. “Morning, by the way,” she said in a warm voice to all three, Penelope, Julian, and Mike who walked in shortly after. Taking a sip from her tea, she lowered it from her lips soon after. “Oh,” She said, a thought coming to her head. “I need to go get that girl today, she has a foster family right now so I’m not sure she will come with us, but we best give her the option.” She stated.

Atheya about a week ago had crossed paths with an icy haired girl, and it seemed that she was having a pretty miserable day, and when that happened her mind just automatically clicked with hers. So, by accident, Atheya found out about her “icy” powers, and got a quick clash of her past. The good thing about her was that she was literally right at home in Italy, so there was no plane ride or anything to have to creepily stalk and hand a letter to the person. Once she got home that day, she had informed everyone of the situation so they knew what was coming. The girls name was Reyna.

What usually happened when they brought a new person in was just hand them a letter with a bit of information and chat for a bit, leaving to let them decide upon themselves if they would follow or not, but since she lived right in the city Atheya, and Julian if he was coming as well, could discuss it to her more in depth, They could explain why they started it, who the others are, what the others do, all the basics.

Glancing up at the extremely taller boy, she said to Julian. “If you want you can come, but it really won’t take too long to talk to her.” She smiled, taking yet another sip of her tea. Looking over at the weirdly artsy clock on the wall, that she can’t even remember who got, she saw the time and poured the rest of the tea she had out. “Probably should leave soon, give her a day to think about it.” Pushing herself away from the counter, she glanced around for a second, saying, “Elliots still asleep?” Noticing the one less person in the room.


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"Drat..." Elliot said with a yawn. After stretching for a moment, he continued whining to himself, albeit very sleepily. "I was having such a nice dream, too." Half open eyes stared blankly at the wall opposite his bed. Though Elliot was awake, he really didn't want to be. He smacked his lips absentmindedly and scratched his chest as his gaze turned towards the alarm clock at his bedside. It was already six thirty. Knowing the others at the Haven, Elliot was, most likely, the last one out of bed. "One of these days," Elliot mumbled, stretching once more before flopping out of his bed and promptly losing his balance. He landed with a pronounced, 'thud,' face first. "One of these days, I'm locking my door, barring the windows, and sleeping 'till noon." Even though he had said it, Elliot didn't mean it in the slightest. With everyone's clocks set to as early as they were, and Elliot just being used to getting up early, he knew that such a decadent amount of sleep was beyond his reach. At least for another couple years, anyway. Managing to best gravity, and rising, slowly, from the cold floor, Elliot grabbed his towel, his clothes for the day, which were laid out neatly in a lovely little stack on his desk, and his shower supplies. Sliding into a pair of pink, fuzzy slippers, Elliot closed the door to his room behind him, and made his way to the bathroom. He would have to fit in a work out some other time. His friends were surely wondering where he was by now.

Unfortunately, by the time Elliot got into the showers, the hot water had been almost entirely used up. Or, perhaps, his late awakening had saved him from the worst of the cold water, and the boiler had already made some hot water to replace the obviously empty tanks. Elliot disrobed quickly, not wanting to waste any of the lukewarm water. Stepping into the water, Elliot swore rather loudly. The whole house might have heard, but he didn't care. While it was certainly better than the freezing showers he'd taken before, the water was bloody cold, and he felt everyone in the house ought to know of his disapproval. Washing himself as quickly as humanly possible, Elliot washed away the sweat of the previous night. He always tended to sweat heavily while sleeping, as his sleeping body was, according to some of the members in the house, "hotter than a shirtless supermodel." Though he smiled at the comparison, he wished that his water was as warm as all that. Finishing quickly, Elliot got out of the shower and wrapped his towel around his waist. He padded over to the sink, where he shaved, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and flossed. Elliot had always been pretty particular about his appearance, but having fully come into his own as a young adult, he liked the ritual aspect of getting ready in the morning. Doing the same, mundane morning tasks helped him imagine that his life wasn't as... different, as any other kid his age might be.

Regardless, Elliot finished his preparations in a timely manner, then threw on a pair of black, dress socks, black slacks, and shiny black dress shoes. He had just been putting on his shirt when his scars caught his attention. He had always hated them. They made him unnatural; ugly. Just seeing them made him feel nauseas. With a look of barely concealed disgust, Elliot pulled a white, button up shirt over his head, and tucked it into his pants. He buttoned up smartly, and wrapped a thin, black tie around his neck, knotting it deftly. Pleased with himself, Elliott held up his chosen blazer and vest simultaneously. "Hmm... Decisions, decisions..." Elliot joked to himself. He ended up choosing the blazer, as it was supposed to get somewhat windy today, and he'd want the extra layer if he needed to go outside. Finally pleased with himself, Elliot nodded before stepping swiftly from the bathroom, and down the stairs to the kitchen. Apparently just in time too. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he heard Atheya speak. "Elliot's still asleep?" She asked. Turning the corner, and adjusting his tie, Elliot answered. "Unfortunately, Sweetheart, no, I'm not. It was a late night for some of us." Elliot said with a chuckle. He was, of course, referring to the project his old boss had asked him to look into. This same project would, if completed in a timely manner, would double Elliot's monthly paycheck, providing much needed funds for the Haven. Luckily, Elliot was almost finished. He'd only need to spend another night or two crunching numbers and writing furiously in his notebook. Afterwards, he could simply mail the whole thing to his boss and they'd be good as gold, at least for a while. Returning his thoughts to the conversation around him, Elliot spoke again. "Fortunately, the cold shower water was most... invigorating. Who do I get to thank for that?" Elliot continued, chuckling again, he wasn't actually angry, really only teasing. His tone of voice would make that rather clear. Making his way over to the kettle, Elliot poured himself a cup of tea. Once he had finished, he turned, facing the rest of the group, and leaned against the counter, holding his warm mug with both hands. He blew on the tea before gingerly sipping the hot liquid. Opening up to the rest of the group, he asked, "So, what's on the docket today? Anything fun happening? Plans to go cycling? Perhaps there's an event in town? I'm up for anything!"


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Julian, the second of the two who are the leaders of this little band of misfits, is the next to come down into the kitchen. He promptly prepares his own cup of tea and grabs a pastry out of the bags which Atheya has presumably brought. Penelope quietly applauds Atheya for the medley of sweets she has brought, for all of them look rather delicious, save for a cheese danish, but that's simply a personal dislike. Then, Atheya has always seemed, in the time Penelope has known her, to be very in touch with the desires of others, and not only due to her ability to look into minds. She seems to sort who thinks of others very regularly, would be the idea Penelope is approaching. For this, she has gained the thief's respect and, eventually, friendship of sorts. Still, there always seems a little bubble around Atheya and Julian, when around each other, into which outsiders may not trespass. This is something Penelope has noted several times before, mostly with indifference, but has, of course, never commented on. It's simply logical that the two who have been together the longest should have this sort of connection into which the rest of them, regardless of how long they've been around, cannot go.

It is because of this bubble that Penelope merely shrugs at Julian's vague question, for he has already moved on to teasing the sleeping Atheya. She does smile, a turn of the corners of her mouth that brings back to asymmetrical smile of hers. There is little doubt that Atheya will have some reaction to Julian's proposal, after all. Atheya's immediate reaction means that the smile grows a little bit on Penelope's face. She freely teases Julian, not an uncommon reaction between the two. Mike's entry draws her attention away from the two, as does his question upon sitting down- directed towards her, probably because the others are occupied. "Pretty well. You?" she responds, taking another sip of her tea.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," Penelope smiles over at Atheya, though the smile dims slightly at the mention of going to find another person- one who has a foster home. That seems like the type of things that might complicate business. Penelope had been out of the foster system [though not legally, really] for a while before being found by Julian and Atheya. It's a minimum one person task, as implied by Atheya's comment that it's not completely necessary for her to be accompanied, but Penelope very much doubts that at least one other person won't volunteer to go with Theya.

Just as the absence of one person is noted, this person turns around the corner, adjusting his tie as he does so. Elliot is certainly a character, with a dynamic personality that can go from one end to the other without much of a warning at times. Even Penelope, a master of escape and someone who has dealt with all varieties of criminals before, is quite glad to not be on his bad side, having witnessed his temper before.

"The cold shower was most invigorating. Who do I get to thank for that?" There's no real question that it is Penelope's fault the hot water has run out- everyone knows she has a fondness for water so hot it burns one's skin red. Even her tea is drunken before it can cool in the slightest, scalding on her tongue. "I can't imagine. My shower was quite hot," she comments, causing her tea to swirl a bit by moving the cup. She then smiles up at Elliot, her smile not the least bit apologetic.


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“Faker” Julian said with a shake of his head as he leaned back onto his stool and took a healthy bite out of his pastry. He could hear Atheya over there muttering to herself and congratulated himself on confusing her at the very least. Inhaling the rest of his breakfast he cradled his cup of tea in his large hands and solemnly regarded the rest of the group as they convened in the kitchen.

Sometimes he couldn’t believe that they were here, living in Italy with people who understood what it was like to born with a little something extra. They were actually providing a safe haven for the poor, unfortunates of the world, people who are just like them and needed their help. Not exactly the life Julian foresaw for himself but one that he wouldn’t give up, not without a fight.

Now that the kitchen was full and the room buzzed with plans for the day, Julian drained his cup and went for a refill. He knew of the girl Reyna and wasn’t sure if he should be the one to tag along. Julian was often described as intimidating or cold, but in his opinion everyone did in comparison to Atheya, who was the epitome of warmth and understanding. He knew it to be true when he first met her and even more so now. She always impressed him and he was pretty sure she knew it.

“Well, seems like we’ve got a prospective recruit to court. I’d say we could make it a big happy family and all go but we want her to join us not flee in terror.” Julian offered with a lopsided smirk, turning to face the others. Crossing his arms across his chest Julian leaned back against the counter and weighed the options. It seemed like an alternative plan would have to be made.

“Maybe we should split up? Theya and one or two others go and track down this girl and me and whoever’s left will head into town. We need supplies, especially if our lil family is growing.”Julian offered with a shrug, setting his tea cup near the sink.