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Reyna King

Why does being different make one hated?

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a character in “Safe Haven: Regeneration”, originally authored by Masquerade (Skye), as played by RolePlayGateway


Reyna King

Reyna, her last name is technically King, but she doesn't actually use it.












Her hair is so blonde it is almost white.


She has blue eyes that seem to change shade with her emotions.

Reyna is quite shy and she starts out quiet, but she gets to know you a little bit more, she blossoms into a bubbly chatter box who is very curious about the world. Even as a teenager, she still has a childish sense of wonder and hopes that the world isn't as bad as it seems. Even though she has been bounced around from foster house to foster house, she has never given up and is confident that she will one day find her forever home.

She's very loyal to her friends and isn't very trusting of strangers. After years of being thrown around like a rag doll, her trust isn't given out as easily as it once was. Despite all the friends and the fact that she puts on a smile, Reyna is lonely. These odd abilities keep interfering with her life and as much as she tries to hide them, sometimes it is hard and they get out of control. Like most teenage girls, she can get moody and has mood swings and sometimes craves random sweets. She loves chocolate and candy, those two foods are her main staple.

Reyna is a bit of a neat freak, because of her frequent moving she has devised a system on how to pack her things/keep them from getting wrinkled in a suitcase. She hates having things on the floor or strewn around and is very meticulous with her things. She doesn't like it when other people touch her stuff and can sometimes seem a bit possessive or a control freak. Reyna is also very scared of her abilities, they keep getting stronger and she doesn't know how to control them, which freaks her out and causes her abilities to react against her will.

She has the ability to manipulate water; if she's mad it'll freeze and one time she even made it snow (however that took a lot of energy out of her even though she didn't do it on purpose).


The rain
The color purple
Sewing (it comes in handy when you can't by new clothes)

The dark
Having to start over
Talking to strangers
Being alone

When Reyna was just five years old, her parents died in a tragic helicopter overseas. Her Grandmother had been watching her and simultaneously suffered from a stroke; she had to bury her parents alone. At first, Reyna didn't understand what was going on. She was moved from place to place, people kept telling her that everything would be alright, that she would find her forever home. Reyna didn't realize her parents weren't going to come back until she had a fight at one of her foster homes. You're parents didn't love you and I was kind enough to take you in! It was like a slap in the face. Mommy and Daddy don't love me? That's when the social worker finally explained what happened, her mother and father were dead. She would never get to see them again.

Reyna couldn't remember what happened after that, but when she thinks about it, she remembers the pain and heart throb. That's when her abilities blossomed. She impaled her next set of foster parents with ice. She didn't realize what she had done, little Reyna was sitting in a heap in the corner, covered in their blood, passed out from exertion. No one would say anything to her for a long time, the social worker wouldn't meet her eyes. For a while, Reyna was in a group home where the other children taunted and teased her. Then one of the children mysteriously drowned and all fingers pointed at Reyna. They couldn't prove anything though and decided it was safer to send her to a place with no large bodies of water. They sent her to Nevada where her foster parents gambled away whatever money they got from housing her.

She was bounced around from home to home, Reyna tried to make friends and be outgoing and optimistic, but rejection was never far away and she would soon move again. She felt unwanted and unloved, like a toy past its use that had seen one too many garage sales. She had, had just about enough of that feeling was so overwhelmed and her emotions exploded, causing a snow storm. Reyna woke up in the hospital, the social worker shaking her head as if to say you're such a failure. She wanted to die. Her next few homes were nice one, the people liked her well enough and their children tolerated Reyna's presence.

That's when the miracle happened, someone wanted to adopt her. She was so happy, she had been living with the couple for three months and they had been her favorite by far. Then tragedy struck and the wife got sick, they told Reyna she deserved better and once again she whisked away from what she thought would be her forever home. It was at this point that Reyna stopped trusting people, she hopes that she'll find a family within the next two years, Reyna doesn't want to be alone.



When Reyna gets mad, her eyes will suddenly turn gray and her hair will turn white like ice, because of her water abilities she also gets very deadly, but after one of these "episodes" Reyna will have no memory of the event. She wants to be able to control her abilities, but is also deathly afraid of them.

Face Claim: None, her profile is made up of various images of blonde girls with similar facial features.

So begins...

Reyna King's Story


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"So let's go to bed before you say something real, let's go to bed before you say how you feel...” rang the lyrics of I Always Knew by The Vaccines in Atheyas relentlessly processing mind. This was the hum she woke up to, and she was a little dazed and confused to why she had for a few moments, before she realized she had fallen asleep with her headphones on, and it was the song that was in fact playing. Groaning, she sat up and pushed her jumbled and snarled dark chocolate coloured hair out of her eyes that was drained from her restless sleep that always seemed to take its toll on her in the early of the mornings, and slipped off the headphones, setting them on the side table beside her bed. Elongating her arms up into the air, she stretched them out, shaking the stiffness out that the five hour sleep she got caused.

She never really did ever get that much sleep, her psyche always seemed to be ticking and it was extremely hard to settle it down. She was constantly processing through her thoughts of every situation, whether it was happening in the present, had happened in the past, or even a possible state for the future. It had always been this way for her, and she had gotten quite used to the idea that it would ceaselessly stay this way. She self diagnosed herself with Insomnia. Of course she couldn’t exactly go to the doctor to get it professional diagnosed. For one, she didn’t want to get pills prescribed because she highly doubted they would actually work, and then there would be the explanation of why she just couldn’t turn her mind off. She wasn’t exactly going to tell him she could mind link with others so it was always actively functioning at larger percentage than others.

Mind linking is her ability, yes. She can create a link between herself and with the minds of others. The metaphor she often uses to paint and image of it is like a signal from one phone, to another. Like an invisible wire connecting the two. With this link, she can do many things, but it hadn’t always been that way. She grew up in Hereford, England up until the age of five. Both her parents were doctors, her father a neurologist, her mother a paediatrics. It was simply put that the family was fairly healthily, but that was until the death of the two. All Atheya knew of the death was that the car simply ran off a bridge, she was never told where they were headed, or why they tipped over the bridge. It had always just been that way. Unfortunately, both sides of the family had no close relatives, only holding distant cousins and such. The family didn’t even have any close friends that could take her in, so she was shipped off to London by Child Services and placed into a lonesome and low budget orphanage. But this is where she discovered her ability.

No child in the orphanage was happy and befriending. They were categorized into two groups, the shy, and the rampaging bullies. Atheya was one of the shy ones, so she was always targeted along with some others. But when she got targeted, she got mad or upset, and when that happened a mind link she couldn’t control would always form and then she would cause excruciating pain to whomever child tortured her during the day. Needless to say after awhile everyone left her alone, calling her freak, but at the same time being equally frightened by her.

When she reached the age of eleven, she had developed another branch off the mind link she had yet to understand. Now through a mind link, she could access others thoughts. But it was a good thing she learned also how to cover it up. Not very well, but she would do a decent enough job of it. She pokes fun at herself as she’s oblivious to many things around her and others emotions, yet she can learn secrets so easily.

Not only did that happen when she was eleven, but she was also moved down to the USA when they transferred her through the foster system there. She would last around two months through foster homes before she freaked them out when she would accidentally reveal her power. But the last foster home she had been in was the one she lasted the longest in, two years. She was thirteen at the time, and was more careful than ever, always shy and quiet; tip toeing around people, seeming almost frightened most of the time. In this new foster home, the people where kind and she even made a good friend in the school, she had never done that before. His name was Julian Klein, and no his family didn’t own the Calvin Klein brand. In fact, he was a foster kid like herself. He was a year older then her, and she noticed his lonerness when she went into school. She herself was the same loner type. Not necessarily because she wanted to be, but because she had to tip toe not to let her ability to get caught. She was shy around him, until one day his thoughts just seemed to ring through her head as it must have been a pretty misery filled day. It was that moment that she, accidently, learned everything about his foster issues, and damn well especially about his power. So, she told him. She didn’t know how he was going to react, appalled, depressed, or maybe happy? She freaked out a bit when he never said anything, and she was about to laugh it off and say she was kidding, but he just accepted her at that point. This was when Atheya opened more in depth into her life, as he did also, and they became close and inseparable. At this point now, she knew that she had a tiny crush on him. That’s when she’s thankful she’s the mind reader.

A year passed in which Atheya had been in a pure, comfortable bliss. Then it stopped when the foster parents didn’t want her. Being told that her and Julian would be separated was hard. And they reacted by simply running away and travelling together. Pretty normal reaction. One of the places in which they fell in love with on their many travels was Rome, Italy, and they stayed within an old building on top of a hill, and renovated it. This is where they have made their roots and stayed permanently. Yet it wasn’t only them, it was a group of people they found and protected, protected because they all also held abilities. They called the home the Safe Haven.

Swinging her legs off the edge of the bed, she slid out and her exposed feet touched the firm ground, and her sketch book slid off her chest and fell onto the ground. She had fallen asleep drawing late into the night. Putting on her exercise outfit, she looked at herself in the elongated mirror that leaned against the way beside the large arched window that streamed in the light of the rising sun, and put her hair in a pony tail. She turned to move away, before she noticed the look of a grey smudged lead showed on the side of her face. Guess she had actually slept on her pencil. Running out of her room still barefoot and across the hall, she tried to be quiet as to not wake anyone up, as it was about five thirty in the early morning, and everyone was still sleeping. Running the cool tap water, she splashed her face and rubbed the grey smudge off her face. Convinced it had all vanished she ran down the steps and to the front door, where she slipped on her shoes and walked out the door, making her way to the small, barn cottage that sat on the property. It really was just a large room made of stone and concrete, beams all holding it up. They did training in here sometimes, but it was mostly just known as ‘Theyas little hide away. Inside she had paint canvases, her adored punching bag, and a very old, cracked wooden piano that she had the other help drag inside for her. The thing was free on the street. Yeah, it was a really weird set up.

There was also small table with slightly padded boxing gloves on top of it, and a set of speakers beside it. Walking over to that small table, she plugged in her phone to the rather large set of speakers that had took her about half an hour to haul down the house steps, through the yard, and into here when she first got them. She refused to accept help, because she was stubborn. Considering the weight of the speakers, half an hour wasn’t a bad time at all really. Scrolling through her music playlists, she pressed the one that simply read out “Workout.” It consisted of music that carried a heavy, heart pumping tone, one that would bring out the frustrating and aggravated side of Atheya she needed to get in a decent workout. Metallica, Def leopard, some White Stripes, some of her more edgier hard indie rock, and anything like the type was what consisted of the playlist.

At this point Atheya went through her regular routine of stretches, that took her about ten minutes to execute. She stretched her arms, did some neck rolls, core stretches, and some lunges so her legs muscles wouldn’t get pulled, and she was all good. Grabbing from the table her black gloves, she strapped them on, and moved over to the heavy duty black bag. She gave a small smile as she took in a deep breath. This was one of the two things that she could focus on, and was something she enjoyed to do. The other thing was her drawing. When she was a kid, she was always in the MMA clubs or art clubs in whatever school she went to before she hopped foster parents. It was a weird mix, but both helped her. This just let her get her frustrations out that she held in. It wasn’t frustration against the group of course, but on her own self and of her past that she never really let anyone know.

After getting into the mental state she needed to be in, she put herself in her proper stance, and began hitting and kicking the bag, gradually warming up to it more and more, hitting harder every time. A half an hour must have passed before she stopped, and went back inside taking her phone with her. Now the time was around, 6:15 and nobody was up yet from what she could tell.
Moving to one of the bathrooms, she took a short shower, dried her hair, and made her way back into her room in which she changed into normal clothes. Time? 6:30. I think I have time to go into the city. She thought to herself, making it back out the door and down the ten minute walk down the steps. Entering into the quiet morning city, all the cafe’s and markets were just opening. Walking into one of her favorite cafe’s, she grabbed some croissants and other breakfast foods. Once picking out enough for the whole group, getting a variety of things for their different tastes, she handed them to the person at the till, smiling brightly, saying “Ciao, io prendo questi per favore.” Which just meant I'll take these please in Italian. At that point Atheya tried to switch out her British accent for an Italian on. Her Italian just sounded odd in her accent.

When he weighed them, she paid him the correct amount of cash she owned him, grabbed the two doggy bags everything was placed in, and walked out the door, calling back “Arrivederci!”

The time now was about 6:50 in the morning, and she sat down on a bench near a fountain, and opened the bag to grab one of the sweet bread rolls she had bought. Chewing it slowly, she made sure to take her time. When she finished, she went on a small walk around, the city coming to its morning life by the minute. She noticed a lot of them where tourist who woke bright in the morning. She could just saw the wonder in all their eyes. When it reached Seven fifteen, she decided to head back.

Walking through the old oak doorway, she made her way into the kitchen that was just around the corner from the main stairway. Placing the two doggy bags on the island, she continued then to sit on one of the hard wood stools. Propping her arms up on the counter, she set her head down on top of her warmer skin instead of the hard granite counter. She began day dreaming a bit, but that just turned to her promptly falling asleep once more right smack in the kitchen.


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The sky was a motif of reds and yellows, orange with light streaks of pink reflected off the mottled clouds that traveled at their own speed, never in a hurry, always on time. The air smelled like dew and the early morning fog rolled across the lakes and plains of the farm; a roosters crow could be heard somewhere in the distance. Other than that crowing it was silent on the farm, the whole place had been up late earlier the night before, celebrating the last day of the harvest.

All was silent except for a rather muffled noise that came from the second floor of the four floored house that was home to a very rich couple and all of the workers who took care of the animals and oversaw the harvesting of crops. The muffled sound was a sob, but not a sob of death, or a sob of loss; it was a sob of sorrow. One that shook the bones to the core and came from the deepest, darkest part of the heart. It was a sob that could be traced back to a haunted past, belonging to a girl who had unknowingly hurt so many and who just wanted to stop feeling their pain.

The room she was in was large with big drapes covering a window that overlooked the backyard of the mansion, a lake with a tree and a tire swing that no doubt had been swung by the happiest of children who had long since moved away. The floor was wooden except for a white throw rug in the middle of the room, a large bed crowded with beautiful silk pillows and a blanket with a thread count so high it had trouble staying on the mattress. Tucked between the sheets was an old bear that had been well worn and was missing part of it's ear and in the corner of the beautiful bedroom with the light blue walls was a girl. The room was not hers, no, nothing she had was really hers, everything was borrowed. From the soft pair of socks that adorned the girl's feet to the hair pin that kept her icy blonde hair in a neat bun on top of her head.

Her hair wasn't the only icy thing in the room; everything seemed frozen, snowflakes suspended in mid air, a sheet of ice spreading out from under her, thickest where she sat and thinnest in the edges of the room. She was the source of the only sound coming from the otherwise silent Victorian era mansion that still had servant corridors and secret staircases butlers and maids had once used.

There was a knock on the door, once, twice, someone tried the door handle but it was stuck, the door was frozen shut. A pair of crystal blue eyes peaked out from the bundle in the corner, eyes that had seen and experienced far too much for someone her age. "Reyna, are you alright?" Someone outside called with a thick accent, the one called Reyna sniffled and wiped her eyes, standing up on shaky legs and trying not to slip on the ice as she picked her way over to the door. "I'm fine, just naked!" She called and went into the bathroom, turning on the sink to splash her face with cold water. By the time she reentered the bedroom the ice had already melted and Reyna could turn the brass doorknob with ease.

"Sorry," she smiled sheepishly, "just getting ready for morning." Her foster mom pushed past her into the room and looked around from the bed made neatly to the thick drapes keeping any signs of morning from spilling into the room. "I heard some awful noises, I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Her face showed genuine concern and for a moment Reyna felt bad; here she was in this beautiful mansion on such a lovely property, sobbing about how alone she was. Reyna smiled and nodded, truly grateful for the woman's kindness.

"Yes, everything is fine." It was a lie she said not to convince her foster mother that she was alright, but to convince herself. "If you say so," the woman finally relented and left, her soft footsteps hardly making a sound. Reyna closed the door and went to her suitcase that was still packed; she never unpacked because normally she would be moved within a week. Her meager belongings stared back at her, a sad amount of things she could actually call hers. She stepped over her bag and opened the door to the closet, her foster parent's children had moved out long ago and had told her to take anything she wanted, but Reyna didn't feel right and so she only borrowed, always returning the expensive items back to the hanger.

She could hear the squeak of the sink from where she was and realized she was doing it again, controlling the water without meaning to. When she was upset, the water would turn to ice and she could grow very dangerous. Reyna didn't like it though, she wanted to be normal, have a family and parents that loved her; normal people couldn't control liquid.

She got ready for the day, putting on a pair of skinny jeans and a soft blue cotton V-neck. Reyna pulled off the super soft socks and walked downstairs as the house began to stir, she went straight to the mud room and slipped her feet into a pair of rain boots, grabbing a bucket on her way out and figuring that she might as well do something now that she was awake.


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The whistle of the tea kettle broke through Atheyas sleep and she woke up, giving a tiny groan. She kept her head down, looking as if she was still sleeping especially as her eyes were still closed. Yeah, she really didn’t feel like getting up. Soon after, she heard the heavy footsteps of someone else entering the kitchen area, and heard the voice of Julian. She was going to lift her head up and maybe look like she was awake, but that was before she heard whispers in her ear. “Hey, Theya? We’re out of firewood, what do you say we chop up that old piano in the barn and get toasty?” Opening her eyes, and turning her gaze to look at him, she gave a very enunciated, and sarcastic “Ha ha ha.” Patting his check twice, she moved to slip off the stool, and went over to grab some tea, all the while saying “Julie, you’re always so funny.” Using the nickname he wasn’t exactly fond of. Opening one of the tiny jars on the counter, she grabbed one of the black tea bags and dropped it into the mug she pulled out of the cupboard. Pouring some of the hot water from the kettle, she waited a minute before removing the little bag filled with the tea, mumbling under her breath in almost a question to herself, “Who even says get toasty?” in reference to Julian’s whisper.

Leaning against the counter, she held the porcelain mug with both of her hands, the warm seeming to radiate through her arms. “Morning, by the way,” she said in a warm voice to all three, Penelope, Julian, and Mike who walked in shortly after. Taking a sip from her tea, she lowered it from her lips soon after. “Oh,” She said, a thought coming to her head. “I need to go get that girl today, she has a foster family right now so I’m not sure she will come with us, but we best give her the option.” She stated.

Atheya about a week ago had crossed paths with an icy haired girl, and it seemed that she was having a pretty miserable day, and when that happened her mind just automatically clicked with hers. So, by accident, Atheya found out about her “icy” powers, and got a quick clash of her past. The good thing about her was that she was literally right at home in Italy, so there was no plane ride or anything to have to creepily stalk and hand a letter to the person. Once she got home that day, she had informed everyone of the situation so they knew what was coming. The girls name was Reyna.

What usually happened when they brought a new person in was just hand them a letter with a bit of information and chat for a bit, leaving to let them decide upon themselves if they would follow or not, but since she lived right in the city Atheya, and Julian if he was coming as well, could discuss it to her more in depth, They could explain why they started it, who the others are, what the others do, all the basics.

Glancing up at the extremely taller boy, she said to Julian. “If you want you can come, but it really won’t take too long to talk to her.” She smiled, taking yet another sip of her tea. Looking over at the weirdly artsy clock on the wall, that she can’t even remember who got, she saw the time and poured the rest of the tea she had out. “Probably should leave soon, give her a day to think about it.” Pushing herself away from the counter, she glanced around for a second, saying, “Elliots still asleep?” Noticing the one less person in the room.


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Reyna was walking back to the house with the bucket full of milk. From where she stood in the field she could hear the roosters crowing and could tell that soon the house would begin to stir with early morning excitement. The sun's beautiful motif was beginning to give way to blue sky and white clouds; Reyna could feel the moisture in the air and could tell that later it was going to rain.

Reyna had always loved the rain, it was one of the few times when she felt truly happy. She carefully opened the door to the mud room and took off her boots, she headed to the kitchen and placed the bucket on the table. Her foster mother was already awake and making breakfast, her foster father was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. "Good morning Reyna!" He stood up to greet the girl and took the bucket to filter the fat out of the milk (they used the fat to make pastries because the fat on top of the milk was very sweet).

Reyna took a seat and wondered where the farm hands and stable boy were. A lot of people inhabited the massive house, it was almost never this quiet. "Morning," Reyna smiled and took a seat. The stable boy, Leon, a kid who had come from America to pursue his dreams as an archaeologist came into the kitchen next. Rey had always thought that he was cute, brown hair sparkling green eyes; strong too.

What was she thinking? Reyna could never be with a guy like him, especially not with her... flaws. Reyna stared at the table, purposely trying to avoid eye contact. When her foster mother put the food on the table Rey served herself and ate quickly, what day was it? Did she have school today? She never really payed attention to her schedule, she usually relied on her foster mother reminding her that she was going to miss the bus if she didn't finish breakfast.

"When you're done eating Reyna I'd like you and Leon to go take Zues and Athena for a ride," Zues and Athena were two of the resident horses. Both were very high energy and needed to be taken out a lot. "Alright," Reyna buttered the role on her plate and bit into it, the crispy flakiness of the dough melting on her tongue. If baking was an art Reyna was sure that her foster mother would be the equivalent to Picasso. It looks like there was no school today.