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Sage University: Prophecies Chosen

The Realm : Sage University


a part of Sage University: Prophecies Chosen, by AvalonKnight.


AvalonKnight holds sovereignty over The Realm : Sage University, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Realm : Sage University is a part of Sage University: Prophecies Chosen.

8 Characters Here

Autumn Hunter [18] "Isn't nature lovely"
Tobias Black [17] "....What?"
Grace Sandler [13] "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I am invincible!" (WIP)
Katherine Everett [13] "Do not touch my junk pile... Ever"
Blaine Harris [12] "Greetings, my child" *Smiles wickedly*
Frost UnderGim [11] "I'm studying, please leave."
Phoebe Carson [11] "Willow tree's aren't as nice as you may think they are. Honestly, they're pretty rude." WIP
Jake Knight [1] "Hey there, you. How you doing?"

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#, as written by Arisato

Frost, but his lip and softly touched his chin as his hair was ruffled, seeing his friends smile made him feel happy inside, even for a demon it felt kind of nice. Tobias felt like his older brother in a lot of ways, that was nice too. "Your name is on it, so it is linked to you. you can always find it. Only time it will or could break is if you use it on a demon."

He looked away from Tobais and bowed to the girls. "I can go now, thank you for waiting on me." Frost stepped to the side and turned his back on them just to let out a soft yawn and a rub to his eyes. He didn't sleep well much last night so it was taking a turn on him this morning.

"Lady Grace" Frost reached out to her and smiled taking her hands in his politely. "How was your morning?" He always thought her to be very pretty and he loved her blue hair and cute style. She was like a charm to him. And very cute emotionally.

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Blaine turned his attention to the door opening up. He grimaced when he heard the comment by it.

"Oh, it's you", Katherine said and opened the door fully before turning and heading to get changed. 'Sorry I am not your Dog of a prince.' He thought to himself, not wanting to comment. Or really bother with anyone at all this morning, he didn't waste his time walking inside the house either. He waited outside where it was more relaxing.

Blaine squinted his eyes when he heard the noise in the house, he could tell it came from the kitchen and from what he could see at the door. Frost had made his escape through the back way. He could smell the freshly burnt skin and hit made his stomach turn un a weird way. He tried to turn around as his eyes flashed a bit of a red color, he tried to take a deep breath to calm himself but it hardly worked. 'Easy Blaine, relax, he is just a kid, don't kill him yet.' He tried to calm himself down.

Suddenly the sound of Frost's foot steps ran up the stairs and past him in a rush, he could hear all the noise that came from his room and all the shouting. And he could smell the dog's arrival when he was able to focused again. In this time he was wondering what took Jacob so long. He refused to step inside that house at least right now he did.

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Phoebe Carson

Phoebe had been eating and enjoying her breakfast when Katherine finally decided to show up. The girl was her best friend, but tardiness was an unwanted quality in everyone.
"Well good morning." Phoebe said casually as Katherine ran into the kitchen, stealing food from both Frost and Jacob while she was at it.
"Katherine is officially back with the living." Phoebe announced before glancing at Frost and then back to her friend, Though I'm not sure the two of them really count... demons being demons and vampires being immortal and all. She added silently.
She took another sip of her tea exactly when there was knock at the door. The sudden sound surprised her and Phoebe found herself spitting her drink back into the cup. She scowled.
"Who in their right mind comes waltzing on over here at a time like this?!" Phoebe demanded, shooting up from her chair. Before the elf was able to, Katherine made her way over to the door, opened it, made a comment to the rude visitor, then walked away.
Nearly at the same time, Frost completely froze what he was doing and literally fled the scene.
What got into him? Phoebe thought, staring after the demon in confusion.
Curious, Phoebe looked over to see who it was.
Oh, of course. The lady thought, immediately looking away, Leave it to Blaine to ruin a perfectly fine morning! The man was extremely handsome, no doubt, but he managed to get on her nerves every now and then.
Like now, for example. He had shown up randomly and caused Phoebe to backwash into her tea. She couldn't drink that now!
Still, the man was charming in his own way. Holding a grudge against such a good looking creature would be horrific, a crime, in Phoebe's sense.

"Come on in, Prince-Boy!" Phoebe called at him as she dumped what was left of her tea into the sink. "Jacob, be a dear and go give your friend some company. We don't want him to get lonely" She snapped, already heading up to her room.
Now motivated by Blaine's appearance, she had an entire outfit to plan. Shirt, pants, shoes, hairstyle, accessories, all the 'must haves' that Phoebe needed to start the day were unknown to her. What colour scheme did she want? Yellow? Beige? Purple? She had to look magnificent, like a royal should. Any less would be... well, less.
The elf princess let out a sigh, mornings were so terrible.

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#, as written by Iezobel
As soon as Katherine had closed the door she had dived on her sweet pile rummaging through it to find a piece of chewing gum. She did find a bit but it was already used. A small moan escaped her lips. What the hell was that doing there. She decided to give up search and headed to get changed. She rummaged through her wardrobe. 50% of her clothes were black the rest were either purple, red or jeans. She decided on a casual outfit. It consisted of a skirt, shirt, thin ripped leggings and a cross necklace. She straightened her hair roughly and spiked a few bits so,the stuck out at the sides nicely. The dressing table caught her eye. Kathrine hated make up, she never had the time to do it but she always managed to. It was so difficult to get on.

After Katherine had layered on the makeup and washed herself, she walked over to Phoebes room. Not wanting to walk in and find Phoebe not dressed Kathrine hammered on the door almost breaking it in the process.
"Phoebe you'd better get changed if you want to go to the town with me I'm not wasting an hour on waiting," knowing her friend wouldn't rush she had to convince her to come out and Katherine knew the perfect way to get her out,"Phoebe?" she said quietly, "The Haunting Willow is having a sale today, I'll be in the car,"

Katherine casually skipped down the stairs and headed to the door to find Blaine still there. "Excuse me but either get in or piss off," she said and shoved him inside past her as she walked out. Katherine shut the door behind her and smelt the unmistakeable smell of wolf. She immediately spotted Frost, Tobias, Grace and ugh... Autumn. She walked over her expression darkening. Great a which and a wolf. "Woof, woof" she said particularly to Tobias. She was here for one reason only. She kicked Autumns feet out from under her and walked off. Maybe you'll think again before coming near me,"

Kathrine sat in her black Porsche and turned on the radio. After a while she got bored and inserted a CD. She turned the volume up to full and heavy meta blasted from the speakers. The music could be heard from the house.

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#, as written by Lorawr

Jake was half way through enjoying his breakfast when the soft, familiar knock came from the door, and his eyes lit up in an almost childlike way. He grinned, and hastily pushed his plate away, nearly tripping over his chair in his rush to get back upstairs. He knew that outside, Blaine would be waiting, and he couldn't have come at a better moment. Today, Jacob wasn't really in the mood for lessons and being cooped up in a classroom. He wanted to feel the wind in his wings, or in other words...simply skip.

Back in his room, Jake started humming lightly to himself as he crossed to the window and flung it open, welcoming the warmth of the day outside, and the breeze that beckoned him. Sticking his head out of the window, not worrying about falling at all, he looked down at the front door, to see Blaine there, looking impatient and irritated. Jake smirked and withdrew his head. His friend looked like he had had a long night, albeit a good one. He'd seen that look on his face before, and it promised a good day ahead.

Clearing a space in the middle of his room, Jake stopped humming, and closed his eyes, and focused. Inhaling slowly, and then exhaling, Jake went through the familiar transformation, and took on his phoenix form. The change had always come as natural to the Phoenix Prince, and it was a part of him that he wouldn't be able to live without. His sheer, unhindered joy in flight was a common sight in these parts, and the freedom felt better than anything.

Jake looked around his room, blinking a couple of times as he became accustomed to the rapid change in height and sight. In this form, his sight was both better, and worse. For one, red colors were more prominent, standing out irresistibly and making all other colors appear dull and boring in comparison. But he could see further, and shapes were sharper. Clicking a couple of times in his new form, Jake hopped up onto the post of his bed, where he could see himself in the mirror.

Cocking his head, his chest visibly swelled as he checked himself out. Even as a phoenix he was kind of hot. His feathers were of purest gold and scarlet, crimson, vermilion, and his wing span was more than twice the length of his body. To his enhanced eyes, he was a blaze of red feathers, with bright black eyes.

It was only then he remembered Blaine outside, and he ruffled his feathers with unbridled excitement. He had decided when he left breakfast that he would fly out of the window and land on his friend's shoulder. He wouldn't stay in this form long around Blaine as it did tend to make conversation difficult, however it had never stopped amusing him each time he made him jump.

Making the small jump from his bed to his window, Jake perched there, and for a moment he just enjoyed the feel of the breeze in his feathers, but then he flew. The transition between perching on the windowsill and letting the wind take the burden of his small weight, was nothing to him, as the breeze bore him up.

He let out a call of unchecked joy, and the sound of his cry would draw all eyes to him. He soared in the air, effortlessly bearing himself upwards, before he changed his course, and landed neatly on Blaine's shoulder. There, he looked at his friend with an expression that said 'You should have just come in', before playfully nipping his ear and ruffling his feathers.