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Anne Bonny

"I am sorry to see ye there Jack, but if ye had fought like a man, ye needn't die like a dog!"

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a character in “Saint Kleio”, as played by Nowfaleena


Name: Anne Bonny
Gender: Female
Age(16 to 18): 17
Description/ Picture:
Personality: She is a rough and tough girl, she tends to get into fights.
Background: She was raised in the school system, she found out around the age of thirteen that she was a clone, around the time the teachers thought she was able to handle the news.
Originals past:
When your original died and how: Unknown ((Some speculate that her father smuggled her out or used his influence to get her out of jail, where she may have gone to South Carolina and lived to be around 80 years old.))
Fears: Being hanged
Likes: Treasure, high seas, boats, alcohol
Dislikes: Cowards, nooses, being trapped inside
Dreams or goal: To find ancient treasure, to roam the seas
What is your original famous for: Being one of the most famous female pirates,
Orientation: Bisexual (Male lean)
Crush: (TBA)
Theme song(Optional): The Ballad of Anne Bonny and Mary Reed ( ... -and-read/ ) ((Link to the lyrics))

So begins...

Anne Bonny's Story


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Character Portrait: Anne Bonny
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She was standing on the crows nest, the salt air blowing through her red hair. Anne looked at the galleon below her, at the people scurrying on the deck, they looked so small, like ants. Her green eyes fell on the blue waves of the sea, tipped with white foam and she let out a hearty laugh, turning her head sky ward. She was home! A seagull flew next to her, opened its beak and...BZZZZZZZZZTTT!!

Anne Bonny shoot out of bed with a jolt, cursing the foul noise rather loudly. She was furious! She had been HOME! On the sea at last, one with the sea even! She let out a frustrated sob, tears welling in her eyes for a moment before she chucked the alarm clock out the window. Anne quickly showered, brushed her teeth and got dressed before walking out of her room and slamming her door shut. She only turned around to lock it, before she stormed down the hallaway. She heard some non clones would be coming to the school, it didn't really bother her. She just hoped they wouldn't bother her to much. She didn't mind if they judged her on her originals past, she was rather proud of her past, she had been a feared pirate, one of the few female pirates.

But how was she going to live up to her originals name with no captain to guide her, no friend to be with her, no ship to be on. She wasn't even allowed outside the school! She slammed her fist against the wall in anger, she had woken up in a bad mood after that teasing dream. Why did she have to have that dream again! It always promised her things that would never happen. She didn't notice the other students around her, she just kept walking, shoving people aside when need be. Most of them stepped out of her way, the could tell Anne was in a bad mood, and when she was in a bad mood she had a tendency to get into fights with others. Recently she had punched out the two front teeth of another classmate who had insulted her, much like her original had at one point. The poor classmate had to go to the dentist to get a bridge for her missing teeth. But that was awhile back, and had sent a bit of a message to not mess with Anne...but it also meant that Anne didn't have many friends. She had no Calico for her Bonny, no Mary for her Anne...

Anne was thinking all of these things, she didn't notice the person in front of her, one of the students hadn't got the message to move out of the way it seemed. And she didn't see them until she slammed into them.


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#, as written by Shakoa
Always an early riser, but never one to take much of anything too seriously, Pocahontas had just been admiring something in the distance, something that she had already forgotten what it was. That morning had gone like any other morning -- careful waking, pulling at her long hair to get it untangled, brushing the mess, and fixing up her appearance, a little breakfast, after getting properly dressed, of course, and the normal hygiene routine -- but there was something she was feeling; she was feeling anxious, and she didn't have any idea why she was.

There were rumors: non-clones coming to the school, participating in the place she had grown up in, living along side them in the dorms. Was it all true? Pocahontas hoped so, in a way, if only to see what the real difference was between those that lived before and those that were living now. Did they laugh as happily as any of the clones? Did they play around and tease like the clones? Did they have mean ones mixed in? She would just have to find out. If nothing else, she knew they were all living, breathing creatures, all trying to get along on a basic level, all trying to survive, but she felt that the non-clone people were biased just because the clones were a little different. For some reason, that picked at her emotions more than it should have. It was probably the blatant racism that she found surrounding not only her past, but portraits of her former life. She clearly did not have English characteristics.

They weren't normal, weren't like the rest of the world, weren't natural births. They were a "threat" to the human race, and a liable one at that. How many other creatures thought on the same, if not a higher, level than every-day people? None that Pocahontas knew of. The clones, though, had the best and the brightest among them, and she relished in the thought of meeting greater minds every day. The modern world was simply amazing; technology and nature would always go hand-in-hand in her mind. Hearing the great thinkers of the ages come up with "smart" things just sent her into giggles; smart people were so fun.

She was suddenly pushed out of her deep thought when something hit her. It hit her hard. She, Pocahontas mentally corrected herself as she got a glimpse of another girl while plopping down on her bottom. Picking herself up, she brushed off her dress and looked to the other girl, brow furrowed in confusion as to why someone would bump into her. Had she made them upset? "Hey," she started to say in a slightly agitated tone, but she decided to deviate from her previous plan of chewing the other person out. "Something on your mind?"


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Character Portrait: Pocahontas Character Portrait: Frédéric François Chopin Character Portrait: Anne Bonny
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#, as written by Zenia
Frédéric reached the doctors and sat there as they performed the usual tests on him. “You need a shot after school. Be sure to come here straight after class.” They told him. With a sigh Frédéric nodded and put his shirt back on as he walked out and opened the main doorway weakly, he felt very tired as he always did after the checkups. “wish I didn’t need them…” he said as he walked into someone. “Oh I am sorry!” he proclaimed as he saw it was the headmaster who was standing next to an older man, he heard Sweeney in the distants, his feet tapping out a beat to a song only he heard. He then turned to the Headmaster, “I may need more time on the music… I have been in a slump. I promise it will be ready in time for the cultural festival sir.” He told him with a bow as he started to walk away and towards the two females he recongized, Anne and Pochantos, "Everyone okay?" he asked them with a charming smile as he looked down at Anne, "Hope you are not hurt miss Anne." he commented as he bowed to Pochantos, "How are you doing Miss. Pochantos?" he asked, "I do hope you are well. It is no surprise that you are here early, but I must say it is a surprise to see you are up Miss. Anne." he remarked with a chuckle not letting on that he was worried about his upcoming appointment.