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Frédéric François Chopin

Death is a reality that is far too real

0 · 176 views · located in St. Kleio

a character in “Saint Kleio”, as played by Zenia


Charrie Skeleton for St. Kleio clones

Name: Frédéric François Chopin (He doesn’t mind his name being spelled Fredrick)
Gender: Male
Age(16 to 18): 17
Description/ Picture: Image (wearing the school uniform and yes I know it is from eternal sonata. I love that game and it is the only anime Chopin I can find) Image
Personality: A calm student, he is most often found in the music room or in the library, though he will remain calm in most situations he will get angry eventually and lash out. He has an adventurous side to him as well and will show it. He can be easy or hard to get along to depending on how he is feeling or how you act to him.
Background: He was raised in the school system knowing he was the clone of Chopin, like most if not all of the clones. He had known what was expected of him and doing as he was told. He has never really been in town for his life but he has always dreamed of it. He wants to be outside and explore nature drawing inspiration from it. He has his originals remarkable abilities in observation and sketching, a keen wit and sense of humor, and an uncommon talent for mimicry.
Originals past:
When your original died and how: Wednesday October 17th 1849 age thirty nine died of pulmonary tuberculosis, his heart is in Warsaw
Fears: Getting severely sick again, his shots not working, dying, being locked in all his life, being left alone and abandoned.
Likes: Nature, Prelude op. 28 No. 15 in D flat major otherwise none as raindrops (Yes he likes his originals song.), the rain, snow, outdoors, the piano, some people, learning
Dislikes: People forcing him to write music at a moment’s notice, not being able to go out to the town, people interrupting his playing or his music writing, people telling him what to write about, playing in concerts, (He’d much rather just play for a small group of friends.) Taking shots for his pulmonary tuberculosis
Dreams or goal: To go outside and be a pianist, or to live a normal life.
What is your original famous for: A famous Pianist, called the poet of the piano
Orientation: Straight

theme song Optional:

So begins...

Frédéric François Chopin's Story


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#, as written by Zenia
Frédéric François Chopin woke up to the birds chirping out his window. He let out a soft yawn as he pushed himself out of bed and checked the schedule for today. He sighed as he looked at his first thing to do, his black wavy hair covering his eyes briefly. “…So today is the check up for me? I thought it was tomorrow…” he muttered his voice soft and light. He quickly took a shower and got dressed drying his hair with a towel before combing it and looking on his desk, mainly at the black sheet music there and seemed almost to have a scornful look on his face. “How can they ask me to write a new song on such short notice? There is no inspiration here… I am not even allowed to go into the park in the city… and the courtyard is closed off for renovations for another two days… which by then it will be to late…” he thought to himself. He quickly hung the towel to dry out and exited his room where he headed straight for the doctor’s office. He hated going there, always afraid they’d tell him his pulmonary tuberculosis has become active and there was nothing they could do. He still didn’t understand why they couldn’t just take the disease out of his DNA when he was cloned, but then again he was no scientist. He got outside the schools' main doors and made his way to the Doctors’ building, separated from the rest of the school. Notes of music flooding his head as he did so, though he’d yet found the right places for them. He saw in the distance the small salon run by one of the students, Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber himself and wondered what he was doing at the moment. “probably waking up like me, he is the early riser.” he thought to himself. He didn’t mind Sweeneys’ company in fact he enjoyed it, Sweeney was actually a very nice young man, though he sometimes did have an episode of anger. Then again who didn’t here? “After all we have been stuck in this school system for most of our lives…” he thought to himself as his mind then turned towards the rumors of non-clone students that may start to come here. “I wonder if that is true…” he wondered as he slowed his steps and rubbed his hand against a brick wall as he neared the doctors building, he knew he was just stalling for time, but he couldn’t help it. He always got a little afraid here. A slight shiver runs up his spine.


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Character Portrait: Pocahontas Character Portrait: Frédéric François Chopin Character Portrait: Anne Bonny
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#, as written by Zenia
Frédéric reached the doctors and sat there as they performed the usual tests on him. “You need a shot after school. Be sure to come here straight after class.” They told him. With a sigh Frédéric nodded and put his shirt back on as he walked out and opened the main doorway weakly, he felt very tired as he always did after the checkups. “wish I didn’t need them…” he said as he walked into someone. “Oh I am sorry!” he proclaimed as he saw it was the headmaster who was standing next to an older man, he heard Sweeney in the distants, his feet tapping out a beat to a song only he heard. He then turned to the Headmaster, “I may need more time on the music… I have been in a slump. I promise it will be ready in time for the cultural festival sir.” He told him with a bow as he started to walk away and towards the two females he recongized, Anne and Pochantos, "Everyone okay?" he asked them with a charming smile as he looked down at Anne, "Hope you are not hurt miss Anne." he commented as he bowed to Pochantos, "How are you doing Miss. Pochantos?" he asked, "I do hope you are well. It is no surprise that you are here early, but I must say it is a surprise to see you are up Miss. Anne." he remarked with a chuckle not letting on that he was worried about his upcoming appointment.