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G. J. C. A. G. "Caligula"

"I couldn't sleep last night. I tried counting horses, but that just didn't work..."

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a character in “Saint Kleio”, as played by FalloutRomanae


Name: Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus "Caligula"
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Description: Uhhh... I kinda found a picture... Here it is:
But I will just describe him anyway.
Caligula is a tall boy with pale skin and dirty blonde hair. His brown, sunken eyes sit below a broad forehead. His neck is unusually long and his legs unusually thin.

Personality: Caligula, though he hates that name, is an irritable boy who wants attention. That's who he really is. On top, he is a scheming conniving weirdo. If you're his friend, you're his best buddy in the whole world. But if you're his enemy, he will blackmail you and get back at you for every little thing you ever do 'til kingdom come. He is extremely ambitious, and often talks of how he wants to rule the country. He wants everyone to be proud they know him, so he is very concerned with what people think of him. He might have some sort of mental disease, but no one really knows what. He suffers from insomnia and only sleeps three hours every night. When he does sleep, he has terrible dreams. He sometimes has these "dreams" in the daytime. And if you really want to hear something funny, ('cause this is just a laugh riot already.) how about the fact that he has epilepsy that is triggered by sleep deprivation. Ha. Ha.
He has mixed feelings about his original. He doesn't believe the stories of Caligula's sexual perversity and believes them to be political propaganda. Worried that he will prove the myths of Caligula's bisexuality true, he avoids any romantic relatioinships that come his way, and is especially squeamish around girls. He does believe the stories of extreme charisma and leadership, and wants to emulate that. But he also follows in the footsteps of his original in the way that he is never direct. He always tells half-truths, or prevericates.
He also has an odd habit of talking to the full moon.

Background: He was raised in the school and educated at length about his original. He has joined drama club and latin club.

Original's past: Here it is!

When your original died and how: On 24 January 41, conspirators stabbed Caligula 30 times on the Palatine Hill, assassinating him as he was speaking to a group of actors. His last words were, "Atqui vivo!" or, "I am still alive!"

Fears: romantic relationships, fading into the background, his seizures, people thinking he is stupid

Likes: animals (esp. horses :D ), dancing, acting, attention, singing, being better than everyone else, seashells, the full moon.

Dislikes: his nick-name, Caligula. being ignored. women/girls. being bored.

Dreams or goal: ruling the country, proving that Caligula was not insane

What is your original famous for: Being the craziest emporer of Rome (besides Nero, of course.)

Orientation: N/A (bisexual?)

Crush: None. And he will never have one because he is frightened by his original's sexual perversity.

Theme song: Viva La Vida by Coldplay

So begins...

G. J. C. A. G. "Caligula"'s Story


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Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, or Caligula, was studying. He was always studying, whether it was studying for a subject in school or studying people. His insomnia had been particularly bad recently, and last night he was not able to sleep at all. He hadn't even changed out of his uniform from yesterday. Now he was crouched like a vulture over his Latin 5 book and his copy of Suetonius. But he was not studying for a class. He was studying to prove his dream. His dream that Caligula, his original, was not insane.

Frustrated, he sat back and huffed. Everything Suetonius said pointed to some sort of mental disorder. And in the original Latin, it all seemed to match. So it was not made up from translation errors into the English or anything. There just wasn't anything that pointed to propaganda. Gaius pounded on Suetonius' Twelve Caesars with his fist. "Fat lot you know, propagandist. One of these days, I'm gonna prove you wrong." He had worked all through the night, and his search had yielded nothing. He had also done this several days in a row, so he was tired, irritable, and disappointed. Not to mention hungry. He hadn't eaten all of the day before because whenever he had free time he had been studying for his Psychology test, which was first hour today. He had chosen Psychology as one of his electives so that he could have a good knowledge of mental aberrations and disorders when he read about Caligula. Gaius' eyes wandered around the room half in a daze, until they came to rest on his clock. It was still two hours before school started. Sighing, he got up and got ready for school.

When he had showered and changed, Gaius didn't bother drying his hair or combing it. He was too tired to care, so he just grabbed his bag and headed out. On his way to the main school building, he always passed by Sweeney's salon. Usually he avoioded it because Sweeney was constantly bugging him about his shaggy hair, but today Gaius was going to be very early to school, and he heard music coming from the shop. So he walked over to find Sweeney walking out.

"Hey, Sweeney." he said groggily. "Sleep here again?"


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Margery Lovett was angry. She had stayed up all night making her lovely meat pies again. She gas awoken with dough in her hair, which was really tangled to her dismay. Also the plain dress she was wearing still had her apron and was covered in meat stains. "Ah...Bloody freaking hell. I need to find another hobby...something less time consuming and dirty." She immediately jumped off her bed, suddenly feeling all of the overworked muscles. She rubbed her arms before making her way to her wardrobe and opened the mini closet, her clothing feeling duller than her muscles. She picks out a dusty pink turtle neck dress, pulling out a clean white apron. She also grabbed her other necessaries before making her way to her bathroom. Oh, how she was ready to take this shower. Turning the water on at a high temparture, but not enough to really hurt herself. She shredded herself of her messy clothing and hurried into her scolding shower. She let out a long sigh of content as she felt the hot water fall down on her. He felt so good and dot relaxed herstiff muscles perfectly. She didn't want to leave this feeling.

After fully scrubbing her skin and washing her hair thoroughly, she shifted out of the shower and dried herself. She put her still wet hair up in her towel before putting her new and clean clothes on her body. The dress actually looked refreshing on her, seeing as this dress had more color than the rest of the dresses. She threw her dirty clothes in a forgotten hamper in the bathroom before approaching her mirror, ready to work on her face. She took the towel off her head and shook out her now dry hair. Shaking it made her hair almost look like an Afro, with her hair being very frizzy. She quickly brushed hair as much as she can before pinning her hair to make better looking than an Afro. She quickly added on some blush, lipgloss, and eyelinrr before deeming herself worthy foelr the student body of misfits. Walking out of her bathroom and right out of her bedroom, she made her way to the cafeteria. She always loved helping the lunch ladies with cooking food. Her demeanor can be quite frightening, but past the sarcasm and rudeness, she actually quite nice. Before making it to the cafeteria, she heard music and saw Sweeney Todd and Gaius walk into the salon. She didn't despise Sweeney, but ever since she found out about her past and saw the movie where her original person was starred in, she got bad vibes from him. Deciding to at least say hi, she walks over and pops in slowly. She waves and scoffs. "I'm guessing you got my present this morning? Anyways...just thought I'd. Drop in and say hi."


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#, as written by Zenia
Sweeney Todd turned around hearing a familiar voice and smiled before frowning, "Julius your hair is a bloody mess! Did you even comb it?" he asked him chidely with a shake of his head, "I swear you are as bad as Anne..." he remarked with a shake of his head before he smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, "It is good to see you though." he told him as he nodded his head in reply, "Yes I did, it is the damn penny dreadful I have. Keeps me up at night cause I want to know how it ends... It is called the string of pearls." he told him, it was an early book about The Demon Barber, his original. He heard the door open and grinned as he saw his friend Margery Lovett, "Marge! So good to see you! Yes I did and I thank you for it. You look absolutely lovely as usual, love what you did with your hair." he commented with a grin, he liked Marge though others found her mean he found her quite enjoyable, "If you want I can cut it for you at a discount." he told her. "Julius I'd give you a haircut for free." he added. Again he heard the door open and to his surprise it was a person he had never seen, though that didn't mean much he didn't know all the clones, usually they came here only every so often, they didn't like the history behind his original, some in fact thought he was trying to kill them when all he was trying to do was cut their hair or give them a shave. He heard her name Penny and as she babbled, putting to his equipment. He raised his arms up and tapped his fingers against each other a bit nervously afraid she was gonna destroy something when she stopped and apologized, "Ummm Pleasure to meet you Miss. Penny, to answer your questions, that is the coloring supplies and the mixing bowl, and the lathering bowl for shaves. Um it isn't that weird that you never had a boy do your hair, most salonist are girls, and I am the barber I do hair and shaves, I am Todd." He offered her not saying his first name, she'd find out soon enough, "You do look good with long hair, but might I suggest a trim or a hair cut later on?" he offered to her as he turned off the music, "pardon the music, I use it to pass the time as I clean and set up shop, or close shop." he told her.


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Character Portrait: G. J. C. A. G. "Caligula"
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Gaius smiled slightly, then mock-shuddered. "Don't compare me to that red-headed lunatic!" he laughed softly. "And good morning to you, too." But then Gaius' brow furrowed when Sweeney mentioned The String of Pearls. Gaius was all about educating yourself about your original, but something about Sweeney doing so put him on edge. He opened his mouth to say something, but then Sweeney greeted Margery behind him. Gaius turned to see the baker presenting herself with her usual snarky manner. "Hello, Margery." he said. "How are -"

'Oh, hello my names Penny I'm new to the school I can't believe...' the brown-haired girl swept in with a rush of words and questions before Gaius could finish his question. He stared at her strangely. He didn't recognize her. And she said that she didn't have anything to be doing in the salon, really. So she must have just wandered in, which meant that she was probably a little ditzy. Gaius looked at Sweeney, who seemed very nervous. But then he recovered with his usual social grace and began to speak. Gaius smiled as he eluded telling her his whole name and gave her little hints with the music. It was all very fun, meeting new people. Speaking of new people, was this new girl a clone? Was she possibly one of the new non-clones? Now dying with curiosity, Gaius put out his hand for her to shake. "I'm Gaius, but you can call me Gus, or Julius, or Augi, or Cal." He grinned. "Or you could just call me Gaius."