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Penny Dresden

"Hi my names Penny!"

0 · 146 views · located in St. Kleio

a character in “Saint Kleio”, as played by animebrat17


Name: Penelope Dresden
Nickname: Penny
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Personality: Penny is spunky and easy going, she always has a smile on her face and is excited about life. She however acts very childish and has a habit of pouting when she doesn't get what she wants. And her always optimistic attitude can get on peoples nerves sometimes. She also tends to be a bit naive to anything anything that a normal sixteen year old is aware of. Whether it's romance, or violence, she really is oblivious to it.

Background: Penny is the daughter of a rich genetic scientist, that has made his money on his genetic research. She is the only child and has a debutante mother who is always worried about what her social status is. Penny has lead a sheltered life and has spent most of her time being home schooled. But since the divorce of her parents Penny has been shipped away to St Kleio so her parents can concentrate on their own lives and not their daughter. Her father having donated a substantial amount of money to the school and being once being one of their top scientists, was glad to have his daughter somewhere, where she didn't have to deal with the drama of his and her mother's divorce. But Penny loves both of her parents and not happy about the divorce, sometimes she even blames herself for it believing that her behavior is some how connected.

Fears: Lightning storms, being alone, cramped places
Likes: Candy, having lots of friends, shopping, clothes
Dislikes: Having her hair brushed, beansprouts, being cold

Dreams or goal: She really has no idea what she wants to do yet and doesn't like to think about it.
Do you mind clones: "Clones whats that?"

So begins...

Penny Dresden's Story


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Penny smiled as she walked up the the school, her father talking to an administrator next to her and her butler Schultz carrying her luggage behind her. She wasn't really paying attention to the conversation other then the administrator acting like he was frustrated with her father. The school grounds were beautiful, trees and flowers everywhere, she knew she was going to love it here.

"Daddy am I going to have my own room or do I have to share with someone?" she asked, her father just waived her off and continued talking with the other man. Penny shrugged and decided to explore alone since her father wasn't paying attention to her, she opened one of the double doors and stepped inside. It was big Penny just looked around with her mouth agape, her parents mansion was huge but this was much bigger. She smiled really big and just started wandering the halls of the school. Thats when she came across what looked like a salon, she couldn't believe it how could they have their own salon.

She went to peep in the door of the salon and saw two boys in the room "Oh, hello my names Penny I'm new to the school I can't believe there's actually a salon in the school. It's neat but I would never cut my hair cause my daddy says my hair is pretty when it's long. So which one of you cut hair, I've never had a boy do my hair is that weird. What is this what that Oh boy what does this do!" she spewed out words and question like a faucet that was turned on to fast and someone was scrambling to turn it off but couldn't get it off. She stopped for a moment and slapped her hands over her mouth "Oh sorry sometimes I talk too much when I'm nervous" she said with a smile.


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#, as written by Zenia
Sweeney Todd turned around hearing a familiar voice and smiled before frowning, "Julius your hair is a bloody mess! Did you even comb it?" he asked him chidely with a shake of his head, "I swear you are as bad as Anne..." he remarked with a shake of his head before he smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, "It is good to see you though." he told him as he nodded his head in reply, "Yes I did, it is the damn penny dreadful I have. Keeps me up at night cause I want to know how it ends... It is called the string of pearls." he told him, it was an early book about The Demon Barber, his original. He heard the door open and grinned as he saw his friend Margery Lovett, "Marge! So good to see you! Yes I did and I thank you for it. You look absolutely lovely as usual, love what you did with your hair." he commented with a grin, he liked Marge though others found her mean he found her quite enjoyable, "If you want I can cut it for you at a discount." he told her. "Julius I'd give you a haircut for free." he added. Again he heard the door open and to his surprise it was a person he had never seen, though that didn't mean much he didn't know all the clones, usually they came here only every so often, they didn't like the history behind his original, some in fact thought he was trying to kill them when all he was trying to do was cut their hair or give them a shave. He heard her name Penny and as she babbled, putting to his equipment. He raised his arms up and tapped his fingers against each other a bit nervously afraid she was gonna destroy something when she stopped and apologized, "Ummm Pleasure to meet you Miss. Penny, to answer your questions, that is the coloring supplies and the mixing bowl, and the lathering bowl for shaves. Um it isn't that weird that you never had a boy do your hair, most salonist are girls, and I am the barber I do hair and shaves, I am Todd." He offered her not saying his first name, she'd find out soon enough, "You do look good with long hair, but might I suggest a trim or a hair cut later on?" he offered to her as he turned off the music, "pardon the music, I use it to pass the time as I clean and set up shop, or close shop." he told her.